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Rochdale grooming case - what really happened

  1. Speaking in 2012 Judge Gerald Clifton said the men treated the girls "as though they were worthless and beyond respect".
  2. al issue. “It is a social problem that we are working closely with our partners to tackle on many levels. Cri
  3. For two years from early 2008, girls as young as 12 were plied with alcohol and drugs and gang-raped in rooms above takeaway shops and ferried to different flats in taxis where cash was paid to use the girls.
  4. g girls earlier this year. One victim's experience. Jim Taylor, chief executive of Rochdale Borough Council, said the council accepted the findings of the review. There was more that could, and should have been done to protect the.

Who were the men in the Rochdale grooming gang and what

Rochdale between 2007 and 2010. A second serious case review looked at a separate case involving a seventh girl. Nine men from Rochdale and Oldham were sentenced for up to 19 years in prison in May 2012 Practice case review 10: Rochdale grooming: 'Shocking'. She told a friend: 'Oh my God, he's been in Asda. I've never been so scared in all my life. I feel like my heart just stopped beating.' 

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Taxi drivers were a "common thread", picking up children for sex from schools and care homes.[18][161][162] The inquiry team found examples where "a child was doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, children who were threatened with guns, children who witnessed brutally violent rapes and were threatened that they would be the next victim if they told anyone. Girls as young as 11 were raped by large numbers of male perpetrators, one after the other."[163][164] According to the report: Former taxi driver Khan, known as Billy, began a relationship with the woman when she was school-aged, a few weeks after his wife had delivered their first child.The Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal consisted of the organised child sexual abuse that occurred in the town of Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Northern England from the late 1980s until the 2010s and the failure of local authorities to act on reports of the abuse throughout most of that period.[8] Researcher Angie Heal, who was hired by local officials and warned them about child exploitation occurring between 2002 and 2007, has since described it as the "biggest child protection scandal in UK history".[9] Evidence of the abuse was first noted in the early 1990s, when care home managers investigated reports that children in their care were being picked up by taxi drivers.[10] From at least 2001, multiple reports passed names of alleged perpetrators, several from one family, to the police and Rotherham Council. The first group conviction took place in 2010, when five British-Pakistani men were convicted of sexual offences against girls aged 12–16.[11] From January 2011 Andrew Norfolk of The Times pressed the issue, reporting in 2012 that the abuse in the town was widespread, and that the police and council had known about it for over ten years.[a] Rochdale grooming gang victim left horrified after bumping into paedo abuser in Asda despite him being 'deported' A TERRIFIED victim of the Rochdale grooming gang has revealed how her heart stopped beating when she bumped into her abuser in Asda despite him losing a deportation appeal According to Andrew Norfolk in The Times, one Rotherham police officer had been in regular contact with one of the perpetrators. In one incident in March 2000, he and a local taxi driver—who later became a Rotherham councillor—are alleged to have arranged for Arshid Hussain, arguably the gang's ringleader, to hand a girl over to police at a petrol station "in exchange for immunity".[238][239] Another complaint concerned the same officer, who reportedly asked two of the victims out on a date. One victim reported this to police in August 2013, but no action was taken. The IPCC was also investigating the officer who failed to act on the report.[240][241] The first officer died in January 2015 after being hit by a car in Sheffield, in an unrelated accident.[240]

Khan and two others who were jailed, Abdul Aziz, 49, and Qari Abdul Rauf, 51, were told they would be deported after their British citizenship was revoked.She said you must never refer to that again. You must never refer to Asian men. And her other response was to book me on a two-day ethnicity and diversity course to raise my awareness of ethnic issues.[90][101]A terrified victim of Rochdale's child sex grooming gang has revealed how her heart 'stopped beating' when she bumped into her freed abuser while shopping at Asda.The third, Adil Khan, 50, was given eight years for conspiracy and trafficking a 13-year-old girl who fell pregnant.

Rochdale grooming gang victim left horrified after bumping

  1. "The question is why are they still here? Why are they back in Rochdale? What about the rights of the children they abused? It really is outrageous."
  2. g salon where your pet is our..
  3. g gang victim bumps into abuser who should have been deported talkRADIO 15 May 2020 youtu.be/Eel_3PElrMc VIDEO DESCRIPTION A victim of the infamous Rochdale groo

What happened to the Rochdale grooming ring and how many

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Rochdale sex grooming gang face deportation Four members of a child sex grooming gang are facing deportation after losing a legal challenge in their battle to remain in the UK. Read the full story Six men, including three brothers, went on trial in January 2017 before Judge Sarah Wright, with Sophie Drake prosecuting. All were convicted of 21 offences in relation to assaults between 1999 and 2001 on two girls, aged 11 and 13 when the abuse began. The girls were assaulted in a fireworks shop and in a flat above a row of shops, both owned by the brothers' father. One girl, aged 12 at the time, was locked in the "extremely dirty" flat overnight with no electricity or running water. A rape by Basharat Hussain was reported to the police in 2001; he was questioned but released without charge.[212] One of the girls became pregnant at age 12, but she had been raped by five men and did not know who the father was; DNA tests established that it was one of the defendants.[23] After sentencing, two of the men shouted "Allahu Akbar" as they were led out of the court.[213] The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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Rochdale grooming gang victim bumped into freed abuser

  1. g Scandal: Where Are We Now? It's the sad and sick story of how a group of men from Rochdale groomed girls as young as 14 and passed them around for sex
  2. g gang remain in the UK more than 18 months after they lost an appeal against losing their British citizenship, it has emerged.
  3. g the streets.
  4. 0 CommentsLatestKNIFE RAMPAGE Young woman stabbed to death & hero who tried to save her seriously injured
  5. ority ethnic communities" should be addressed.[h]

Rochdale grooming gang members remain in UK 18 months

It defended the deportation flight to Jamaica, saying those on board were serious or persistent criminals and included men convicted of rape, violent crimes and drug offences.Roger Stone was suspended from the Labour Party, as were councillors Gwendoline Russell and Shaukat Ali, and former deputy council leader Jahangir Akhtar, who had lost his council seat in 2014.[174] Malcolm Newsam was appointed as Children's Social Care Commissioner in October 2014, and subsequently Ian Thomas was appointed as interim director of children's services.[175][176] In December 2013 a further five men were jailed after an investigation into the sexual abuse of a girl was reopened following the exposure of police failings. The victim of a Bradford grooming gang has said that most girls at the children's care home where she lived were being sexually exploited and has called for an inquiry, alleging that child rape gangs across the country — including Rochdale and Rotherham — are linked

Dog Grooming in Rochdale on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Pet Grooming in Rochdale, MA The BBC reports Kabeer  Hassan, then 25, of Oldham, was sentenced to nine years for rape and three years, concurrently, for the conspiracy conviction. Nazir Afzal: racism, honour killings and the Rochdale grooming ring Former chief crown prosecutor Nazir Afzal defied critics on both the far right and within his own community to bring to trial. Martin Williams (13 September 2014). "EDL supporters attack police during Rotherham sex abuse protest". The Guardian.

Sageer Hussain gave an interview to Channel 4 News in 2014, after his brother, Arshid Hussain, was named in the media as a ringleader. Sageer attributed the abuse to girls wearing miniskirts: "The biggest part of the problem you have these days is these young girls, that are dressed up, i.e. miniskirts, stuff like that, they're going into the clubs, and they're ending up going with blokes, and stuff like that, and they're waking up next morning, and they scream rape. Or groomed." Asked about the allegation that his brother had assaulted 12-year-olds, he compared having sex with 12-year-olds to "like going and eating that dog crap; they wouldn't do it", and blamed social services for having let the girls out in the first place.[207] The UK Hindu Council and the Sikh Federation asked that the perpetrators be described as Pakistani Muslims, rather than Asian.[187] Britain First and the English Defence League staged protests in Rotherham, as did Unite Against Fascism.[188] Rochdale Borough Council leader Allen Brett said: “The government must now finally act to have these men removed from the country. The council is providing support to many of the victims of these terrible crimes and have for many years now been helping to bring more perpetrators of sexual abuse to justice.

Video: Three members of Rochdale grooming gang are STILL living

Rochdale grooming case: nine men jailed for up to 25 years

The horror meeting in November 2014 was reported to Rochdale's safeguarding board, which includes police and council officials.Four members of the grooming gang – including ringleader Shabir Ahmed – faced deportation to Pakistan having dual British and Pakistani citizenship. The Rochdale sex trafficking gang was a group of men responsible for the sexual grooming of underage girls in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. In June 2011 eight men involved were accused of offences including rape, paying for the sexual services of a child and controlling child prostitution

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  1. The Rochdale child sex abuse ring involved underage teenage girls in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England.Nine men were convicted of sex trafficking and other offences including rape, trafficking girls for sex and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child in May 2012. This resulted in Greater Manchester Police launching Operation Doublet to investigate further claims of abuse with.
  2. g and sexual exploitation, citing Rochdale, Rotherham, Oxford, Bristol, Aylesbury, Newcastle and Peterborough as examples. Maajid said: The pattern in all of these, overwhel
  3. News of the men's return became public knowledge after images surfaced on social media, with people in the Rochdale area sharing the information to friends and family.
  4. The victim, who believed Khan was her boyfriend, fell pregnant with his child when she had just turned 13. 

During the sentencing, Judge John Potter said the fact that the women, now in their 20s, had given evidence was a testament to their “bravery, courage and fortitude”. Three of the victims were present in court to watch the sentencing and the public gallery erupted into applause when the sentences were read out.Khan and two others, Abdul Aziz (left) and Qari Abdul Rauf (right), were told they would be deported after their British citizenship was revoked - but remain in RochdaleBritish Muslims and members of the British-Pakistani community condemned both the abuse and that it had been covered up.[184] Nazir Afzal, Chief Crown Prosecutor of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for North West England from 2011–2015, himself a Muslim, made the decision in 2011 to prosecute the Rochdale child sex abuse ring after the CPS had turned the case down.[185] Responding to the Jay report, he argued that the abuse had no basis in Islam: "Islam says that alcohol, drugs, rape and abuse are all forbidden, yet these men were surrounded by all of these things."[186] "This is not the only incident where one of the survivors has come face-to-face with their abuser. This isn't unique."Sageer's brother Basharat Hussain, already sentenced to 25 years in February 2016, was convicted of indecent assault and given an additional seven-year sentence, to run concurrently. Two cousins of the Hussains, Asif Ali and Mohammed Whied, were convicted of rape and aiding and abetting rape, respectively. Four other men were jailed for rape or indecent assault.[207][211]

Rochdale Grooming Gang Members Remain In UK 18 Months

Grooming gang review kept secret as Home Office claims

The victims of a notorious Rochdale grooming gang have been failed again after it emerged four men have still not been deported a decade after preying on girls as young as 12. Shabir Ahmed. The Home Office announced its intention to remove the men’s British citizenship in July 2015, saying the move was in the public interest because of their “serious and organised offences”.It was said he came to the UK on a lorry in 2008 and claimed asylum and would be deported to Afghanistan at the end of his sentence.In 1997 Rotherham Council created a local youth project, Risky Business, to work with girls and women aged 11–25 thought to be at risk of sexual exploitation on the streets.[48][49] Jayne Senior, awarded an MBE in the 2016 Birthday Honours for her role in uncovering the abuse, began working for Risky Business as a coordinator around July 1999.[50][51] The users were overwhelmingly white girls: of the 268 who used the project from March 2001 to March 2002, 244 were white, 22 were British-Asian, and 2 were black.[52]

The victims of a notorious Rochdale grooming gang have been failed again after it emerged four men have still not been deported a decade after preying on girls as young as 12. Shabir Ahmed, 66, Qari Abdul Rauf, 50, Abdul Aziz, 48 and Adil Khan, 49, were among nine men convicted in 2012 of a catalogue of serious sex offences against. At least 47 young girls were sexually abused by a child grooming gang in Rochdale, Greater Manchester in the years leading up to 2012. Eight of the rapists were Pakistani, with one from Afghanistan

HIDE AND GREEKMysterious mansion belonged to Greek tycoon who vanished with familyPicturedKNIFE RAMPAGEYoung woman stabbed to death & hero who tried to save her seriously injuredTIDE HAS TURNEDBrits shrug off lockdown to pack beaches on 28C hottest day of yearBEER WE GO!Brits sneak back to pubs as landlords serve takeaway pints in lockdown loopholeTESTING TIMESSuperdrug first high street shop to sell coronavirus antibody tests - at £69ExclusivePARTRIDGE IN A PAY FREEZEMillionaire Steve Coogan furloughs staff at £4m country pile "That work will continue but only the Home Secretary can provide further closure by fulfilling the previous promises that have been made to deport the offenders whose citizenship has been removed.”Two men were charged with raping and indecently assaulting a 14-year-old girl. They were also charged with child abduction in taking two girls aged 14 and 15 to Sheffield for the purposes of sexual activity in 2002.[223] Former detective constable Margaret 'Maggie' Oliver, who played an integral role in bringing about the prosecution of a Rochdale grooming gang, has published a book telling how she helped. Andrew Norfolk of The Times first wrote about localised grooming in 2003, after moving from London to Leeds, when he wrote a brief story about the Keighley child sex abuse ring. Ann Cryer, MP for Keighley, had complained that men of Pakistani heritage were targeting teenage girls outside schools, while parents alleged that police and social services were declining to act. From then until 2010, Norfolk heard of court cases in northern England and the Midlands reporting a similar pattern. Groups of men would flatter young girls in public places, offering them alcohol, cigarettes and lifts in fancy cars. One man would become the "boyfriend", and soon the girls were expected to have sex with the whole group, including contacts out of town. Norfolk writes that most sex offenders in the UK are white men and lone offenders; these cases were distinctive because most of the men had Muslim names and were working in groups.[47]

Home Office pilot studyedit

News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Rochdale grooming gang victim left horrified after bumping into paedo abuser in Asda despite him being 'deported' - The Sun Posted on : May 14, 2020 A TERRIFIED victim of the Rochdale grooming gang has revealed how her heart stopped beating when she bumped into her abuser in Asda despite him losing a deportation appeal According to the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee in 2013, the first contact might be made by other children, who hand the target over to an older man. One of the adult perpetrators becomes the "boyfriend", but the girl is used for sex by the larger group and comes to view this as the norm. The abuse can involve being gang raped by dozens of men during one event. Victims are often trafficked to other towns, where sexual access to the child might be "sold" to other groups.[d] According to one victim, the perpetrators prefer children aged 12–14. As they get older, the group loses interest and may expect the child to supply younger children in exchange for continued access to the group, on which the child has come to rely for drugs, alcohol, a social life, "affection", or even a home.[46] Best Pet Grooming in Rochdale Expert recommended Top 3 Pet Grooming in Rochdale, UK. All of our pet grooming services face a rigorous 50-Point Inspection, which includes local reviews, history, trading standards, ratings, satisfaction, trust, price and their general excellence.Only the bee's knees The House of Commons Home Affairs Committee began hearing evidence about localised grooming in June 2012, as a result of the Rotherham convictions in 2010 (Operation Central), Andrew Norfolk's articles in the Times, and the Rochdale child sex abuse ring (Operation Span), which saw 12 men convicted in May 2012

Members of Rochdale grooming gang face deportation to Pakistan. Maxine Peake and Lesley Sharp to star in Rochdale abuse drama. Three Girls begins filming on Wednesday, two months after nine men. A terrified victim of Rochdale's child sex grooming gang has revealed how her heart 'stopped beating' when she bumped into her freed abuser while shopping at Asda. The woman, who cannot be identified, said she ran from the supermarket in Rochdale town centre in tears and reported Adil Khan, 50, to the authorities as he was with a 'seven. They then fought, and lost, a long legal battle against deprivation of UK citizenship, losing a final Court of Appeal ruling in 2018. The Groom Room Rochdale; phone 0345 600 5968 location_onUnit 4, Kingsway Retail Park, Wallhead Road, Rochdale, OL16 5AF. Puppy grooming. Grooming consultations. Dog grooming. Free Harness Fitting. Bath, brush & blow dry. Nail clipping. Spa treatments. near_meNearby view_list grid_on

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Rochdale grooming gang ring leader Shabir Ahmed. It took police 11 months to compile a file of evidence for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) - after interviewing the young victim from the. Cases highlighted by Norfolk included that of a 15-year-old having a broken bottle inserted into her; a 14-year-old being held in a flat and forced to have sex with five men; and a 13-year-old girl, "with disrupted clothing", found by police in a house at 3 am with a group of men who had given her vodka. A neighbour had called the police after hearing the girl scream. The girl was arrested for being drunk and disorderly, but the men were not questioned.[13][148] Rochdale Borough Council leader Allen Brett said: 'The government must now finally act to have these men removed from the country. The area has traditionally been a Labour stronghold, and until Sarah Champion was elected in 2012 it had never had a female MP.[37] The council was similarly male-dominated; one Labour insider told The Guardian in 2012: "The Rotherham political class is male, male, male."[38] In May 2014 there were 63 elected members on Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council: 57 Labour, four Conservatives, one UKIP and one Independent. The elections in August that year saw a swing to UKIP: 49 Labour, 10 UKIP, 2 Conservatives and 2 Independents.[36] The government disbanded the council in 2015 after the Casey report and replaced it with a team of five commissioners.[39] Maggie famously worked on the police investigation but resigned in disgust at how the girls were treated and now works as a campaigner.

There was a shocking inability to protect seven vulnerable girls from sexual exploitation, a report into the Rochdale grooming case has said. A serious case review by the Rochdale Safeguarding. ROCHDALE grooming gang victims have been failed again after it emerged four men have still not been deported a decade after preying on young girls. Shabir Ahmed, 66, Qari Abdul Rauf, 50. IJCJ&SD 2202-8005 Rotherham, Rochdale, and the Racialised Threat of the 'Muslim Grooming Gang' Waqas Tufail 0 0 Leeds Beckett University , United Kingdom For over a decade, British Muslims have been at the forefront of political, media and societal concerns in regards to terrorism, radicalisation, women's rights, segregation and, most recently, the sexual exploitation and abuse of young women A Home Office spokesperson added: “The government will do everything within its power to deport those who have no right to remain in the UK.”

The 10 men were charged as part of Operation Doublet, a police investigation into the alleged sexual exploitation of teenage girls by men in Rochdale. The operation has led to more than 100 people being arrested and questioned, the majority of whom had links to Rochdale.In 2008 South Yorkshire Police set up Operation Central to investigate the allegations.[100] As a result, eight men were tried at Sheffield Crown Court in October 2010 for sexual offences against girls aged 12–16. Four of the victims testified.[132] Five men were convicted, including two brothers and a cousin.[133][134] One of the brothers, Razwan Razaq, had a previous conviction for indecently assaulting a young girl in his car, and had breached a previous sexual offences prevention order.[134] His brother Umar appealed against his sentence and was released after nine months.[135] All five were placed on the sex offenders' register.[134] Rochdale has a magnificent historic town hall (built 1866-71), an arts and heritage centre (Touchstones Rochdale), and parks and recreational facilities. The town's professional football (soccer) and rugby league teams play at Spotland Stadium. Hollingworth Lake (117 acres [47 hectares]) is 3.5 miles (5.6 km) northeast

Victims of the grooming gang have expressed their horror after learning the men who haunted them were back on the doorstep, despite a judge rejecting their appeals against their British citizenship being revoked. A TERRIFIED victim of the Rochdale grooming gang has revealed how her heart stopped beating when she bumped into her abuser in Asda despite him losing a depo [...] Read full article: Rochdale grooming gang victim left horri...→ 2020-05-14 - / -. The then home secretary Theresa May ruled in 2015 that all three men - who have dual British and Pakistani nationality - should have their names deleted from the roll of British citizens. 

Rochdale grooming case: Victim's story - BBC New

In response to a complaint from police that evidence of child abuse in Rotherham was anecdotal, Weir compiled a 10-page mapping exercise in 2001 showing what appeared to be a local abuse network. In evidence to the Home Affairs Committee in 2014, she wrote that she had found "a small number of suspected abusers who were well known to all significant services in Rotherham."[86][87] Using material obtained by Risky Business, and from health services, social services, police records, a homelessness project, and substance-misuse services, Weir's report included names of suspects, the registration numbers of cars used to transport the girls, the suspects' links to local businesses and to people outside the area, and the relationships between the suspects and the girls. The suspects included members of the Hussain family, thought to be among the network's ringleaders, who were jailed in 2016. [88][89] Weir estimated at that point that there were 270 victims.[90] She confided in former GMP detective Maggie Oliver who worked on the case, but later resigned and became a whistleblower and campaigner

Betrayed Girls The Rochdale Scandal Documentary 2017

"Rotherham child abuse: Eight jailed for rape and sexual abuse of three girls". BBC News. 4 November 2016. Page 2. Rochdale grooming gang victim bumps into abuser who should have been deportedtalkRADIO 15 May 2020youtu.be/Eel_3PElrMcVIDEO DESCRIPTIONA victim of t First groomed when she was 12, the girl told the court she had been raped multiple times from the age of 13, on the first occasion in November 2002 by nine men who took photographs. On another occasion she was locked in a room while men lined up outside. She was threatened with a gun, and told they would gang-rape her mother, kill her brother and burn her home down. Every time it happened, she hid the clothes she had been wearing. In April 2003, when she was 13, she told her mother, who alerted the police;[207] the court was shown video of an interview police conducted with her that month.[208] The police collected the bags of clothes, then called two days later to say they had lost them. The family was sent £140 compensation for the clothes and advised to drop the case. Unable to find anyone to help them, they sold their business in 2005 and moved in fear to Spain for 18 months.[209][207][210]

She added: 'Their continued presence in the community will doubtless be very distressing to those affected by the appalling crimes they perpetrated.'Rauf, a married taxi driver with five children, was handed six years for trafficking a teenage girl and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child, after driving one victim to locations where she had sex with him and others up to 20 times. But in 2018 their claims were dismissed on all grounds by the Upper Tribunal of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber.

Mapping exerciseedit

The report noted that babies were born as a result of the abuse. There were also miscarriages and terminations. Several girls were able to look after their babies with help from social services, but in other cases babies were permanently removed, causing further trauma to the mother and mother's family.[21] Sarah Champion, who in 2012 succeeded Denis MacShane as Labour MP for Rotherham, said this "spoke volumes about the way these children weren't seen as victims at all".[24] NINE men who ran the Rochdale child sex abuse ring were eventually jailed for a string of offences in 2012. A tweet from BNP leader Nick Griffin almost caused the trial of the Rochdale grooming gang to collapse when it led to allegations of the jury having a 'far-Right bias'. Issues of race and religion have dogged the police investigation and the trial throughout, with far-Right rallies held outside Liverpool Crown Court as it progressed In February 2015 the government replaced its elected officers with a team of five commissioners, including one tasked specifically with looking at children's services.[32] Files relating to one current and one former councillor identifying "a number of potentially criminal matters" were passed to the National Crime Agency. The leader of the council, Paul Lakin, resigned, and members of the council cabinet also stood down.[32] A jury convicted him of trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child and he was ordered to sign the sex offenders' register for life.

Nazia Parveen (9 March 2017). "Rotherham sexual abuse scandal: no misconduct found so far, IPCC says", The Guardian. Ms Oliver added: 'I don't necessarily blame the safeguarding board. These are the consequences of these sentences. These men should have had longer sentences.  Rochdale Council has gone some way towards acknowledging this: in June 2012, its new chief executive, Jim Taylor, acknowledged that Rochdale had missed some opportunities to offer support to [the grooming victims] in 2008 and 2009 and promised that staff today were better informed, to such an extent that they now see child sexual. A fifth man was convicted in early May 2018 and a sixth on the 31 May.[221][222] Tony Chapman admitted 12 charges of indecently assaulting a girl under the age of 16 between February 1998 and January 1999 when he appeared at court on the 17 April. He was also found guilty of five offences against two separate girls including rape, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and threatening to kill following a nine-day trial at Sheffield Crown Court yesterday. The offences took place between October 2013 and May 2015, when the girls were under the age of 16.

Rochdale sex grooming gang 'urgent' deportation call - BBC

Lisa O'Carroll (26 February 2016). "Ringleader of Rotherham child sexual abuse gang jailed for 35 years", The Guardian. Zen Grooming - 1095 Bosque Cres., Ottawa, Ontario K4C 1C3 - Rated 5 based on 10 Reviews Could not be happier with Franki's day at Zen Grooming. Our 11.. HMR Circle is a membership-based service open to anyone over the age of 50, working borough wide in Rochdale, Middleton, Heywood and the Pennine Villages. Previous Next. Being a member. Watch the video now. Being a member. Being a helper. Watch the video now. Being a helper. Calendar A 15-year-old girl was ordered to have sex with takeaway worker Kabeer Hassan as a birthday "treat", the judge told the court.

As Nazir Afzal, the former chief crown prosecutor who brought the Rochdale grooming gang to justice, has argued, the lack of research is being 'exploited by the far right' I have been visiting agencies, encouraging them to relay information to the police. Their responses have been identical—they have ceased passing on information as they perceive this to be a waste of time. Parents also have ceased to make missing person reports, a precursor to any child abduction investigation, as the police response is often so inappropriate. ... Children are being left at risk and their abusers unapprehended.[97][98]Two girls aged 13 and 15 and a 13-year-old boy were groomed by the three men between September and October 2014 after repeatedly going missing from care.

Maggie added: "I don't necessarily blame the safeguarding board. These are the consequences of these sentences. These men should have had longer sentences. The children who have been abused have to live with that for the rest of their lives and that's just not right.He was among nine men of mostly Pakistani heritage caged in 2012 over a string of serious sex offences against five vulnerable victims. Grooming can be defined as the process that an abuser uses to desensitise you - to make you less likely to reject or report abusive behaviour. Grooming can happen when there is a power differential within a relationship, which the abuser exploits for their own gratification. This is most commonly recognised as a tactic used by perpetrators of.

'Foreign national offenders should be in no doubt of our determination to remove them, and since 2010 we have removed more than 52,000 criminals.' Each of them challenged the decision, arguing it amounted to a breach of their human rights and the interests of their children, but their cases were rejected by both the government’s First Tier Tribunal (FTT) and Upper Tribunal.

An Asian grooming gang was free to roam the streets and abuse young girls because police officers were told to find other ethnicities to investigate, a detective has claimed Three members of a Rochdale grooming gang remain in the UK more than 18 months after they lost an appeal against losing their British citizenship, it has emerged. Victims of Abdul Aziz, Adil Khan. (508) 892-5184 · 880 Pleasant St Rochdale, MA 0154 When approached, a spokesperson for the Home Office refused to outline why the three men had not yet been deported. Rotherham, Rochdale, and the Racialised Threat of the 'Muslim Grooming Gang' Article (PDF Available) · October 2015 with 909 Reads How we measure 'reads

A former chief prosecutor who initiated charges against a grooming gang in Rochdale warned that far-right groups were using a vacuum of reliable information to spread their beliefs and gain. It became clear to Heal around this time that she was being sidelined. The drug strategy unit was disbanded, and she was told that several officers in her department were not supportive of her or her work. Given that she was reporting the rape of children, she writes that the lack of support "will never fail to astonish and sadden" her. She decided to leave the South Yorkshire Police in March 2007. Her 2003 and 2006 reports were released by South Yorkshire Police in May 2015 following a Freedom of Information Act request.[130][119][131] Khan's younger victim has revealed her outrage at the government's failure to deport him after she bumped into him in a supermarket on November 14 last year. The reaction to the Rochdale case was seen through the prism of race. But this will not bring us any nearer to understanding or stopping the problem of sexual abuse. In fact, if grooming and sexual exploitation are seen as solely a crime carried out by Pakistani men, many victims will not get the help and justice they deserve Rochdale grooming gang sex attackers still on streets as Tories urged to deport vile abusers; The vulnerable teenager came forward following widespread media coverage of the 2012 convictions at.

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She also revealed that the young woman who encountered Khan 'now feels nervous every time she goes out'.0 CommentsFollow The SunServicesSign Up To The SunAbout UsEditorial ComplaintsClarifications and CorrectionsNews LicensingAdvertisingContact UsCommissioning TermsHelp HubTopic A-ZCookie SettingsContact Preferences©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. View our online Press Pack. For other inquiries, Contact Us. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) Her real-life counterpart played a devastating role in the Rochdale grooming ring and was nicknamed The Honey Monster as she was duped, raped and in the ultimate act of cruelty, forced to recruit. Many of the offences date back 10 years and were first reported shortly after they were committed. In some cases the victims decided they no longer wanted to cooperate with police inquiries, while in other cases the police decided not to pursue the allegations. The victims were later approached by detectives to give evidence after the principal complainant came forward in 2012.He was jailed for six years and released in November 2014 after serving two years and six months of his sentence.

Three Girls - Cast and crew talk about the new BBC drama | BT

On 24 February 2016, Ali was convicted of conspiracy to rape and sentenced to 10 years.[201] Arshid "Mad Ash" Hussain, apparently the ringleader, was jailed for 35 years.[201] He appeared in court by video link and seemed to be asleep in bed when the verdict was announced. His lawyer said he had been left paraplegic by a shooting accident; the prosecution alleged that his claim to be too ill to attend was simply a ploy.[195] Arshid's brother Bannaras "Bono" Hussain was jailed for 19 years, and Basharat "Bash" Hussain for 25 years.[201] Two other men were acquitted, one of seven charges, including four rapes, and the second of one charge of indecent assault.[201] Weir's report for the Home Office evaluators linked 54 abused children to the Hussain family, as of October 2001. Eighteen children had named one of those men, Arshid Hussain (then around 25), as their "boyfriend", and several had become pregnant.[91][92] One of the 18 girls—14 years old at the time—got pregnant twice. In 2014 she told Panorama that social workers had expressed concern about Hussain being around a baby because of his history of violence, but had not, according to the victim, expressed the same concern for her; she told Panorama that they maintained her relationship with him was consensual.[93] (In February 2016 Arshid Hussain was convicted of multiple rapes and jailed for 35 years.)[33] HIDE AND GREEKMysterious mansion belonged to Greek tycoon who vanished with familyPicturedKNIFE RAMPAGEYoung woman stabbed to death & hero who tried to save her seriously injuredTIDE HAS TURNEDBrits shrug off lockdown to pack beaches on 28C hottest day of yearBEER WE GO!Brits sneak back to pubs as landlords serve takeaway pints in lockdown loopholeExclusivePARTRIDGE IN A PAY FREEZEMillionaire Steve Coogan furloughs staff at £4m country pileTESTING TIMESSuperdrug first high street shop to sell coronavirus antibody tests - at £69 TopicsExplainersRochdale child sex abuse scandalThree GirlsMore from The SunOPEN FOR BUSINESS The homeware shops that can now open as government relaxes lockdown rules

An example of this mindset was the leader of the Rochdale grooming gang, Shabir Ahmed, who failed to overturn his convictions at the European Court of Human Rights by claiming an all-white jury. The Rochdale 'Grooming' Case In May 2012 nine men from Rochdale and Oldham, Greater Manchester, were sentenced to up to 19 years imprisonment for a series of offences, including rape, against seven vulnerable teenage girls aged as young as thirteen (Carter and Siddique 2012; BBC 2013b). The investigation and criminal proceedings had receive The government would not comment on the Rochdale case but said it had deported more than 51,000 foreign national offenders since 2010.

A think-tank report finds there is a demographic link to those who sexually exploit children in grooming gangs. Cases such as Rochdale have generated negative headlines about the Asian community Rochdale Rochdale is a town somewhere up North; just like Bolton, just like Rotherham, one heaving with Third World aliens. The Wikipedia alleges that the population is only 20% Asian. Translate that as more than 20% Pakistani including Illegal Immigrants to get nearer the truth. It is the major reason why both places are ghastly Hell Holes. Having Cyril Smith, the notorious Paedophile as. Child grooming is befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child, and sometimes the family, to lower the child's inhibitions with the objective of sexual abuse. Child grooming is also regularly used to lure minors into various illicit businesses such as child trafficking, child prostitution, or the production of child pornography Top Dog Professional Grooming 97 Oldham Road, Rochdale, OL16 5QR. Mob: 07791 461 46 In June 2019, three of the group were revealed to be still living in Britain, with no signs of any being prepared for deportation to Pakistan.

Rochdale gang jailed for total of 77 years for sexually

The committee's follow-up report on 18 October 2014 detailed the disappearance of Adele Weir's files containing data on the abuse from the Risky Business office in 2002.[104][106] The allegations were made in private hearings. Keith Vaz said: "The proliferation of revelations about files which can no longer be located gives rise to public suspicion of a deliberate cover-up. The only way to address these concerns is with a full, transparent and urgent investigation." The report called for new legislation to allow the removal of elected Police and Crime Commissioners following a vote of no confidence.[106] In 2012 Rotherham Council applied to the High Court for an injunction to stop Norfolk publishing an unredacted version of a serious case review written after the murder of a local girl, Laura Wilson.[139] South Yorkshire police set up Operation Clover in August 2013 to investigate historic cases of child sexual abuse in the town.[194] Published in February 2015, the Casey report concluded that Rotherham Council was "not fit for purpose".[190] Casey identified a culture of "bullying, sexism ... and misplaced 'political correctness'", along with a history of covering up information and silencing whistleblowers. The child-sexual-exploitation team was poorly directed, suffered from excessive case loads, and did not share information.[191] The council had a history of failing to deal with issues around race: "Staff perceived that there was only a small step between mentioning the ethnicity of perpetrators and being labelled a racist."[192] The Pakistani-heritage councillors were left to deal with all issues pertaining to that community, which left them able to exert disproportionate influence, while white councillors ignored their responsibilities. Councillor Jahangir Akhtar, in particular, was named as too influential, including regarding police matters.[193]

There were questions over proportionality when it emerged that one deportee had been convicted of dangerous driving.The victim told police in 2008 Freddie Kendakumana raped her but he was not charged until October 2012.Assessed as having an IQ of 56 and a reading and spelling age of 6,[144] Wilson had been the target of localised grooming from at least age 11. The council had referred her to Risky Business three months after her 11th birthday,[139][145][46] and when she was 13, Wilson and her family had appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show to discuss children who were out of control.[146] She had also been mentioned in the 2009 criminal inquiry that led to the first five convictions arising out of localised grooming in Rotherham.[147] In 2002–2007 South Yorkshire Police hired Angie Heal, a strategic drugs analyst, to carry out research on drug use and supply in the area.[115] Located in the drug strategy unit with two police officers, Heal wrote several reports during this period.[116][113] During her research in 2002 into the local supply of crack cocaine, she first encountered examples of organised child sexual abuse, and consulted Jayne Senior of Risky Business and Anne Lucas, the child exploitation service officer in Sheffield. Lucas explained that part of the grooming process was to give the children drugs.[117] The Rochdale grooming gang. PHOTO: AFP A court of appeal has upheld a decision to terminate British citizenship of three members of a Rochdale grooming gang and possibly deport them to Pakistan.

'Police ignored victims of Rochdale child sex groomingRochdale child abuse: Gang jailed after forcing teenageBBC First Australia Series: Three Girls (Trailer Song)Cyril Smith allegedly abused teenager in the House ofTrevor Phillips: 'We must stop fears over offendingCount Down To Zero TimeCount Down To Zero TimeMy best asset? That would be my eyes, says selfie-obsessed

Rochdale abuse gang members still in town a decade after grooming scandal Victims of a Rochdale grooming gang have been failed again after it emerged four abusers have still not been deported a. For length of sentence: Lizze Dearden (30 August 2014). "Rotherham abuse scandal: Authorities' decisions to take away babies born to abused girls caused yet more suffering", The Independent. 'The question is why are they still here? Why are they back in Rochdale? What about the rights of the children they abused? It really is outrageous.'

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