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Hulk is a 2003 superhero film based on the fictional Marvel Comics character of the same name. Ang Lee directed the film, which stars Eric Bana as Dr. Bruce Banner, as well as Jennifer Connelly, Sam Elliott, Nick Nolte and Josh Lucas which follows Banner becoming the Green giant monster and battling the Army and his father. The budget of the film was$139 million and the film grossed. Multilingual: Banner has learned Russian while getting his Ph.D.[498] He also speaks Austro-Bavarian.[513] As the fight escalated into catastrophic damage, Iron Man grabbed the elevator wire before it crashed, allowing the people to escape. Hulk jumped on him but the Hulkbuster flip-kicked him away before smashing him with the elevator and punching him full in the face, making him lose a tooth. Hulk angrily spit out the tooth, scaring Iron Man enough to apologize. The fight spilled out once again, with Hulk angrily gliding the Hulkbuster across a tall building before ripping out vital components off of it.

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As the two were almost finished, Steve Rogers with Wanda and Pietro Maximoff came and ordered them to shut it down. After Banner and Stark refused, the two and Barton fight against the three with Banner personally threatening Wanda and assuring her that he could kill her without losing control and transforming into Hulk. As Stark and Rogers began attacking one another, suddenly Thor came in and revived the synthetic body with his lightning. Because Hulk has never lost a fight before; his experience and growing intelligence in Sakaar reinforced the idea and image so much that he believed himself to be invincible, no longer a primitive rage monster like when he first came into existence, and now capable of grasping a wide spectrum of emotions, the defeat at Thanos' hands traumatized Hulk tremendously; he has since grown fed up of being used as a weapon by Banner and the Avengers that he outright leaves Banner alone to fend for himself for the first time since his creation, to the extent staunchly refusing to transform and come out to fight even when told to. Shadow Base has declared total war on Bruce Banner, and one by one, death is touching everyone he ever knew – except for one. The one monster who never dies, who returns, again and again, to hate and destroy. But it is not the Immortal Hulk. The gamma radiation that transformed Bruce Banner into the Hulk all those years ago did not just create one monstrous superhero, it was also a catalyst for dozens more gamma-powered characters, from villains like the Abomination to heroes like She-Hulk. The Abomination is back, and Banner is in deep trouble, in The Immortal Hulk #19. Previously, Banner was being hunted by a shadow organization in the U.S. government, while manifesting a new, darker, and more cunning Hulk persona than he had ever shown before. Now, a confused Hulk squares off with his old friend, and Jones is far more dangerous than any Abomination Banner has confronted before. Banner and Betty are reunited in the most disturbing way possible in The Immortal Hulk #20. It is a trip down memory lane with Banner’s current number one enemy, General Reginald Fortean, in The Immortal Hulk #21. The horrific, critically acclaimed saga of the Immortal Hulk continues...

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In response to the controversy, Mattel stopped producing Hogan action figures, while Hogan's merchandise was taken down from online stores of Target, Toys "R" Us, and Walmart.[224] On July 28, Radar Online reported that Hogan had also used homophobic slurs on the leaked sex tape.[225] Days later, it was reported that Hogan had used racist language in a 2008 call to his then-imprisoned son, Nick, and also said that he hoped they would not be reincarnated as black males.[226] With the team gathered any suspicions on Ultron, Stark began examining the robot to understand what caused it. He learned that it had destroyed J.A.R.V.I.S.' mainframe in a rage. Thor stormed in and grabbed Stark by the throat, accusing him of bringing destruction to the Earth. As Thor dropped from his grasp, Stark defended himself however claiming that he was coming up with a solution to end a war that would destroy the Earth. Hulk and McGee traveled through Below-Place and found the One Below All. The One Below All taunted Hulk with manifestations of Rick Jones and General Ross. This caused the Savage Hulk persona to emerge, resulting in Bruce Banner separating from the Hulk. The One Below All planned to use the separated Banner and the gamma energy it absorbed to open a gateway that would lead to the rest of Earth and allow it to take it over. Hulk and the Rick Jones manifestation opposed the One Below All, but they were overwhelmed by a massive army of demons the One Below All sent against them. Then Carl Creel appeared before the One Below All, absorbed its gamma energy, and gave the energy to Hulk to restore Hulk's strength. The empowered Hulk dispersed the One Below All with a single thunderclap, stopping the demon's scheme and returning the surrounding area to Earth. Before fleeing the scene, the Hulk merged back with Bruce Banner, who revealed that he genuinely cared for his other half.[319]

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Using his newfound agility, Blonsky evaded being killed before being ordered by General Ross to run, causing the titan to chase him down. As he pursued Blonsky, the soldiers activated the Stark Sonic Cannons made by Stark Industries, which managed to subdue him. Ironically, Banner was one of the few individuals who improved themselves in the post-Snap world. In contrast to figures such as Tony Stark or Thor, who had quit heroism, Banner was active within the community. Consequently, he became a celebrity and a figure of safety and stability in the fragile world. Attitudes about Hulk sharply contrasted to those a decade ago. A once feared figure was now a beloved hero.

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  1. In interviews on The Tonight Show and Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Bollea claimed that the opportunity to endorse what came to be known as the George Foreman Grill was originally offered to him, but when he failed to respond in time, Foreman endorsed the grill instead. Instead, Bollea endorsed a blender, known as the Hulk Hogan Thunder Mixer. He has since endorsed a grill known as "The Hulk Hogan Ultimate Grill".
  2. Leonard Samson captured the Hulk[174] and succeeded in separating Banner's psyche and atomic structure from the larger atomic structure of the Hulk. The Hulk's body, with all personality and memory removed, was inert until Samson stimulated the brain within the body. This new incarnation of the Hulk escaped and became a greater menace than ever before.[175]
  3. The Hulk, fleeing from Captain America, had a brief clash with Hercules.[87] Then, the Hulk was used as a pawn by Tyrannus who was then at war with another underground dweller, the Mole Man, over the Fountain of Youth.[88][89] Later, the Hulk was caught in the middle of the Secret Empire agent Boomerang's attempt to steal the new Orion missile, taking Betty as his prisoner. The Hulk managed to defeat Boomerang and then repeatedly battered him to an unrecognizable stoop saving Betty.[90] The Hulk sought out the Avengers in New York, only to be hounded by the authorities.[91] While in New York, the Hulk was hounded by Spider-Man who sought to capture him in an attempt to earn membership in the Avengers, a mission in which he would fail due to his sympathy for the Hulk.[92]
  4. There is a monster raging in America’s heartland, and it is not the Hulk. When a young girl goes missing on a Kansas farm, Banner gets the itch, the one that tells him gamma is on the loose. But this town does not take kindly to strangers, especially the big, green, violent kind.
  5. One day Banner went to visit his beloved cousin, Jennifer Walters, who had become a Los Angeles-based lawyer. At that time Walters had been defending a hood named Lou Monkton, whom gangster Nicholas Trask had framed for murder. While Walters drove Banner to her home, one of Trask's henchmen shot her. To save his cousin's life, Banner improvised an emergency blood transfusion. The transfusion of Banner's blood mutated Walters, causing her to become the She-Hulk.[173]
  6. Frustrated, Banner resolved to handle Obsidian himself, managing to trap the latter's arm in the severed Hulkbuster arm. Activating the arm's repulsor thrusters, Banner sent Obsidian flying into the Wakandan energy barrier, where he violently exploded. After the Black Order and the Outriders were defeated, Thanos arrived in Wakanda where Banner confirmed his identity. Thanos began slowly advancing towards Vision and Banner made the first strike, only for him to phase Banner out of space using the Space Stone.
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Hulk is a 2003 American superhero film based on the fictional Marvel Comics character of the same name.It was directed by Ang Lee and written by James Schamus, Michael France, and John Turman, from a story by Schamus. Eric Bana stars as Bruce Banner / Hulk, alongside Jennifer Connelly, Sam Elliott, Josh Lucas, and Nick Nolte.The film explores the origins of Bruce Banner, who after a lab. Banner stayed with Valkyrie while Thor and Loki went to steal the Commodore which belonged to the Grandmaster. During their escape, Thor forced Banner to steer the ship while he assisted Valkyrie with fighting off their pursuers. Banner unwittingly made Topaz crash into a rock when he turned on the ship's fireworks in his attempts to assist his allies. Banner handed the control to Valkyrie and traveled with his allies to Asgard.[7]

Intending to leave town, Banner and Ross returned to Culver University the following morning. However as Banner and Ross were having a moment of looking at each other, Banner noticed the United States Armed Forces soldiers surrounding the campus. After officially returning to the Avengers' ranks,[280] Bruce Banner approached S.H.I.E.L.D. to offer them a new way to put both his and the Hulk's abilities at their service. Bruce's intelligence could be used to create new technology for the betterment of humanity, and the Hulk's strength would be used against S.H.I.E.L.D.'s enemies. During his tenure working for S.H.I.E.L.D., the Hulk battled the Quintronic Man[281] and the Byzantine.[282] The Hulk even became part of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s secret splinter branch named T.I.M.E. to fight a group of time-travellers called the Chronarchists, who intended to reknit history in their image.[283] On December 5, 2009, Hogan announced on Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)'s The Ultimate Fighter that he would be making his official TNA debut on January 4, 2010, in a special live three-hour Monday night episode of Impact! to compete with WWE's Raw (which featured the return of Bret Hart).[158] Dixie Carter revealed Hogan's role in the company in an interview with The UK Sun stating when his job came to question, "He is involved with everything from looking at the talent to how we shoot the show".[159]

Hulk made his debut for Brazil on 14 November 2009 in a friendly match against England in Doha, as the Seleção managed a 1–0 victory.[49] On 26 May 2012, he scored his first three international goals in a 3–1 win against Denmark at the Imtech Arena, Hamburg.[50] Reporter Jackie McGee tracked Banner[312] and was later aided in her investigation by Banner's former colleague Walter Langkowski. After Langkowski was taken to a hospital when he was badly hurt trying to break up a fight between two men, he transformed into Sasquatch and killed the doctors treating him. Banner intervened and battled him as Hulk in order to subdue him. Hulk discovered that the source of Langkowski's rampage was the spirit of his father Brian Banner who had possessed Langkowski. Banner was able to stop Langkowski by draining him of his gamma energy, depowering him. However, Brian was able to move from Langkowski into the body of Banner.[209] Hulk rallied with his fellow Avengers during Captain America's cry and charged towards Thanos' forces. Early in the battle, Hulk smashed a Chitauri Chariot, killing its occupants. Hulk aided the rest of the Avengers in the battle, along with the Ravagers, Asgardians, and Dora Milaje. As he paced around the campus, he was approached by Dr. Ross, who was unafraid of him as she attempted to calm him down and turn him back into Banner. However, just as his anger was fading, General Ross ordered a Apache Helicopter to fire on him. With Dr. Ross in danger as she stood near him, the green beast used his makeshift metal shard to destroy the helicopter. However, despite Banner attempting to hide his face with his hood, before long Blonsky had caught sight of him and chased him down. As Banner desperately ran for his life, Blonsky and the other soldiers pursued Banner through the streets and rooftops of Rocinha, with Banner using his knowledge of pre-planned escape routes to ensure he could keep an advantage. Hiding around a corner, Banner tried to slow his heart rate to prevent his transformation before continuing to run.

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Bollea has been in a relationship with Jennifer McDaniel since early 2008.[302] The two were engaged in November 2009[302] and married on December 14, 2010, in Clearwater, Florida.[303][304] The Sentry met the Hulk and found that somehow his powers soothed the Hulk's raging temper. They were partners for a time, battling the Sentry's eternal enemy, the Void. Eventually Sentry had to erase his existence from the minds of the world, and the Hulk forgot about his one-time partnership with the Sentry for many years.[60]

As Rogers left to investigate, Stark and Banner continued with their research, attempting to hone in on the Tesseract's emitting gamma signature in order to determine its location. Stark declared that they would fight Loki, although Banner clarified that the others would fight and he would merely read about it. Stark replied that Banner could suit up with them, to which Banner responded that he did not have a suit of armor and that his transformation was like an exposed nerve. As Banner returned to his computer, Stark approached him and disclosed that he read up on Banner's gamma incident, citing that the exposure should have killed him. Discerning that Stark was implying that Hulk transformation had saved his life, Banner demanded what purposed there was in saving him, to which Stark replied that they would soon find out. The Leader sought to exert the Hulk to the point where the monster would die of a heart attack. He created psycho projections and led him towards the hospital where Betty Ross was, threatening to shatter Betty's fragile glass form. Thanks to interference from Jim Wilson, the Leader's plot was foiled.[143] Hulk producing incalculable strength to prevent him and all the Defenders from being sucked into a hole in the macrocosm.When Banner, Iron Man, Ant-Man, and Captain America traveled to the alternate 2012 timeline, they landed in New York City during the Battle of New York. Banner took off his shirt to make himself look like Hulk from 2012. He jumped across tall buildings to reach the New York Sanctum where the Ancient One was fighting off Chitauri. He went to the roof and began looking for Doctor Strange and encountered the Ancient One. The Avengers soon went to South Africa to keep Ultron from getting vibranium. As the others were fighting Ultron, Banner remained in the Quinjet. Banner exited the Quinjet shortly after the fighting started unsure if they called a "Code Green" which is a call for Hulk to come out during battles. Wanda Maximoff found Banner outside the Quinjet and forced him to turn into Hulk using her mental manipulation powers. Under her control, Hulk started destroying the city of Johannesburg. Iron Man called upon his Mark XLIV and Veronica in an attempt to subdue Hulk himself.

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  1. In the wake of the accident, the military closed the entire lab building for a year and shut down the entire project. Having managed to revert back to his human form, Banner tried to visit Dr. Ross while she was in the hospital, but her father made him leave. Ross admitted to Banner that the project was developed for military offense and informed him that if he did not allow his monstrous form to be used as a weapon in combat, then his troops would come after him.[2]
  2. The Hulk soon resurfaced in New York City seeking revenge against the Avengers, clashing with them as well as the Fantastic Four, leading to a rematch with the Thing. The battle ended with Hulk being swept away in the New York harbor.[65] The Hulk resurfaced back in New Mexico, where he was tricked by the Avengers into aiding them in preventing the Lava Men's attempt to eradicate human life on Earth's surface.[66]
  3. g techniques.[2]
  4. Banner confronted Skaar in the Mojave desert. After much deliberation, Skaar grudgingly agreed to allow Bruce Banner to train him on how to defeat the Hulk, should he ever return.[256] Bruce lured the Juggernaut into fighting Skaar,[257] and then Wolverine and Daken.[258] Soon after, the pair encountered Norman Osborn's Femme Fatales, Victoria Hand and Ms. Marvel.[259] Bruce discovered Betty Ross was alive, and was immediately attacked by a Harpy who turned out to be Marlo Chandler.[260] The pair come to the aid of the Fantastic Four, who were in the middle of a battle with the Mole Man and later Tyrannus.[261] Later on, Bruce saved Skaar from Doctor Doom.[262] Bruce and Skaar tried to protect Hank Pym from the Leader, but in this, they failed.
  5. Just then, Tony Stark arrived and explained what Loki needed Selvig and Hawkeye for. Banner then shook hands with Stark, having understood all of his theories, which delighted Stark who then complimented Banner on his own intelligence and ability to turn into Hulk. Nick Fury then informed them that Banner was only there to track the Tesseract and suggested that Stark and Banner work together to try and understand Loki's Scepter. Stark and Banner then departed for the lab to begin their research.
  6. In the South American nation of San Diablo, the Hulk and the Silver Surfer were recruited by the Sub-Mariner into a group called the Titans Three to destroy a weather control device that threatened Earth.[141] This led to a clash with the Avengers until the Sub-Mariner's scientist Ikthon could repair a flaw in the device. Confused, the Hulk fled the scene.[142]
  7. Banner became significantly more casual and confident in public areas after Hulk became a celebrity, openly giving autographs to his fans and joking about "Hulking out" while doing so. Despite this, Banner can still take a more aggressive form when the situation calls for it and behave more like his former Hulk self, as seen during the Battle of Earth. Additionally, during times of conflict, Banner had developed a polite sternness and authority. This was seen during his encounter with Thor on New Asgard, in which he politely asked Thor to stop holding him before forcing him to let go. Furthermore, during his encounter with the Ancient One, Banner asked for the Time Stone before calmly attempting to take it from her.
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  1. Hulk started the 2010-11 season scoring 16 times in his first 16 official matches, including a hat-trick against K.R.C. Genk in the UEFA Europa League play-off stage, on 26 August 2010 (4-2 home win, 7-2 on aggregate). From September to January, he won the Portuguese Championship Player of the Month, making him the only player to have won the award six times
  2. Hulk made his international debut in 2009, and played for Brazil at the 2012 Summer Olympics as one of the three permitted over-age players. He went on to represent the Brazilian senior team in their victory at the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup and fourth-place finish at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
  3. Aside from those promotions, Hogan also performed for the American Wrestling Association (AWA), New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). He notably won the original IWGP Heavyweight Championship, and the northern and southern iterations of the NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Championship outside WWE.[11][12][13]
  4. By this point, the Celestials had come to judge which universe would live and which one would die: Universe-616 or Franklin Richards' Counter-Earth pocket dimension. They sent their agent Ashema to Earth to show Franklin Richards his handiwork and force him to choose between one world and another.[228]
  5. gly killed in a fuel truck explosion.[105] Briefly back in human form, Banner was shot by crooks, but he transformed back into the Hulk when being chased by police. The Hulk next battled the Missing Link, an irradiated prehistoric man sent to attack America by Chinese communists. The Link was see

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Blonksy located Banner in the factory and approached to witness the appearance of Banner's transformation, triggered by the men beating him. Unaware that Banner had transformed, the tough guy leader attempted to kick him, only to be thrown through two windows, with the monstrous green giant managing to subdue another thug while the third escaped. Before Banner could get himself to safety, the Gamma Bomb detonated, and intense waves of radiation reached the surface. Banner was irradiated with highly charged radioactive particles. Due to an unknown genetic factor in his body, Banner was not killed by the radiation, which instead caused him to frequently transform into the vastly powerful, green-skinned, humanoid monster whom General Ross named "the Hulk."[50]

Shortly after Hogan left WWE, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) began making overtures to Hogan, culminating in Jeff Jarrett, co-founder of TNA and then NWA World Heavyweight Champion, launching an on-air attack on Hogan in Japan in October 2003. The attack was supposed to be a precursor to Hogan battling Jarrett for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at TNA's first three-hour pay-per-view. However, due to recurring knee and hip problems, Hogan did not appear in TNA. Still, the incident has been shown several times on TNA broadcasts, and was included in the TNA DVD TNA's Fifty Greatest Moments. Due to the deteriorating effects of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and the chaos ravaging his mindscape,[234] Banner struck a deal with the Hulk's three dominant personalities--the Green Hulk, the Gray "Joe Fixit" Hulk and the "Professor" Hulk--essentially to time-share their existence in return for stabilizing his fractured psyche and providing him with release from his disease.[235] Despite the intervention of General John Ryker,[236] Bruce was able to retain control until the Leader provided the means to cure Bruce,[237] using genetic samples taken from the corpse of Brian Banner and added to the Hulk's DNA by Ant-Man. The transformation back into Bruce Banner triggered a catalytic reaction that repaired the damage to Bruce's cellular structure and cured the disease.[238] When he lost his ability to turn into the Hulk, Banner reversed engineered the Leader's teleportation technology and used it as a transportation device.[256] Banner and Rocket entered Thor's house and were immediately surprised by the stench and mess they encountered. To their shock, they found an overweight and alcoholic Thor, devastated by his failure to kill Thanos before the Snap occurred. Thor embraced his old friends and reintroduced his new housemates, former Contest of Champions Korg and Miek. Korg invited Banner and Rocket to use their free wifi and drink their beer. Hulk and Rocket felt a sense of embarrassment and pity for the demigod reduced to yelling at people through online video games. Having discovered the truth about Agamemnon, the Hulk and the rest of the Pantheon made him stand trial. Agamemnon resurrected all of the dead Pantheon warriors to kill everyone in the Mount. Agamemnon tried to escape, but he was instead killed by Atalanta, which brought an end to the undead warriors. Achilles, still loyal to Agamemnon, tried killing teammate Ulysses, but the bullet ricocheted and hit Betty. The Hulk became so angry that he reverted to Bruce Banner's body with the Hulk's brain. Even in his human form he gave off enough gamma radiation to make Achilles vulnerable, and Ulysses killed him.[198]

Bollea provided his voice for the 2011 game Saints Row: The Third as Angel de la Muerte, a member of the Saints.[275] In October 2011, he released a video game called Hulk Hogan's Main Event.[276] After graduating from Science High School, Bruce studied nuclear physics in Navapo, New Mexico, at Desert State University as the star student of Professor Herbert Josiah Weller.[45] He also studied for a time at Harvard University.[citation needed] He later transferred to Pennsylvania State University where he briefly worked with Canadian student Walter Langkowski finding a similar interest in gamma radiation.[46][47] He also worked with Peter Corbeau, and Raoul Stoddard. It was during his time at Penn State that Banner found inspiration from noted scientist Albert Einstein and like the famous scientist, bought a wardrobe consisting entirely of purple suits.[48]

Informing "Mr. Blue" of the failure, noting that he had used all of the flowers and therefore the could not try it again. The scientist insisted on meeting Banner in person in the United States of America, as he noted that living with gamma poisoning could be more dangerous than the eventual risks of their meeting. Banner still refused, fearing that Thaddeus Ross could find him, however, Mr. Blue then convinced him to send a blood sample for more testing. The Incredible Hulk is a character created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. Reserved physicist Dr. Bruce Banner is accidentally exposed to the blast of a test detonation of a gamma bomb he invented while trying to save Rick Jones. Subsequently, when Banner is angry, he involuntarily transforms into a huge, incredibly strong creature known as the Hulk. Beginning in comic books in the.

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Ultimately, Stark was able to convince Banner to help him by proposing it could create peace in their time. Over the course of three days, the two scientists worked on merging the scepter's code with the Ultron Program. Believing they had hit a roadblock, Banner and Stark chose to enjoy the party being held at Avengers Tower. Once everyone left, J.A.R.V.I.S. awakened Ultron, who proceeded to eliminate him after telling about Ultron's meaning and existence.[19] The heroes engaged the Hulk and his Warbound, but were defeated. After the Hulk became allied with Hercules, Namora, and the Angel, General "Thunderbolt" Ross called in the U.S. Army to dispatch the Hulk.[246] Despite the army's best efforts, including the use of adamantium bullets, the Hulk instead defeated them. Alongside his Warbound, he transformed an area near Madison Square Garden into a gladiatorial arena.[247] The Hulk was reunited with his fellow Defenders fighting Dormammu in Rutland, Vermont,[163] stopping Xemu the Titan's attempt to change children into members of his long dead race,[164] and lastly foiling a plot by Necrodamus to sacrifice the Sub-Mariner in order to free the Undying Ones.[165]

The Hulk and his cousin, Jennifer Walters, sought the aid of Leonard Samson to find a means to stabilize the Hulk's mutation. Samson, also mutated by gamma rays, received a blood transfusion to stabilize his mutation, and Jennifer impulsively took a transfusion as well mutating herself into the She-Hulk. They joined together as the Hulkbusters and offered their services to Tony Stark.[212] As a result of Lesnar's assault, Hogan went on hiatus and was not able to return until early 2003, shaving off his black beard and dropping "Hollywood" from his name in his return.[citation needed] Hogan battled The Rock (who had turned villainous) once again at No Way Out[138] and defeated Mr. McMahon at WrestleMania XIX in a match billed as "twenty years in the making".[139] After WrestleMania XIX, he had a run as the masked Mr. America, who was supposed to be Hogan in disguise, wearing a mask. He used Hogan's "Real American" as entrance theme and all of Hogan's signature gestures, moves, and phrases. He was the subject of a storyline that took place after Hogan was forced by Mr. McMahon to sit out the rest of his contract.[2] A WWE pre-debut push took place with mysterious Mr. America promos airing for weeks during SmackDown!.[2] There was also on-screen discussion on SmackDown! between then General Manager Stephanie McMahon and other players concerning her hiring Mr. America "sight unseen".[2] On May 1, Mr. America debuted on SmackDown! on a Piper's Pit segment. McMahon appeared and claimed that Mr. America was Hogan in disguise; Mr. America shot back by saying, "I am not Hulk Hogan, brother!" (lampooning Hogan's use of "brother" in his promos).[2] The feud continued through the month of May, with a singles match between Mr. America and Hogan's old rival Roddy Piper at Judgment Day.[140] Hulk has always been a being of destruction, unleashed by the devastating power of a gamma bomb. But in the pages of The Immortal Hulk, he’s become the being of destruction, a cosmic entity that drifts through the universe joyfully punching through planets.The Immortal Hulk smashes the Universe. I betrayed the Earth to elves, and I am still here. Roxxon West is why. I placed four B.E.S.E.R.K.E.R. units on guard. Elite Hulk-level troops. Trained to attack and destroy without hesitation. If they aren't enough... then Bruce Banner will have achieved something previously thought impossible. He will have hurt the Roxxon Corporation. (Minotaur) When Agamemnon felt it was time to venture out into the world to reconnect with the common people, he appointed the Hulk as his replacement. On his first mission as leader he traveled to the Amazon to investigate a new company that was cutting down the rain forest. There, he was jumped by the Juggernaut who was working as an enforcer for the New World Order (NWO) and their leader, the Red Skull. The Hulk was captured and brainwashed into fighting the Avengers, believing that the Juggernaut was Banner's own abusive father. The Hulk was able to shake off the mind control when the Juggernaut praised him and he realized that Banner's real father would never have shown such kindness. The psychic backlash released the creature Piecemeal from his holding container.[193] Immortal Hulk is the result of Bruce Banner and the Hulk having been through different deaths and rebirths. Unlike the other Hulk incarnations, Immortal Hulk is content with waiting inside Banner. If Banner is injured by sunset, the Immortal Hulk will emerge with his transformation being limited to night-time. The Immortal Hulk is the most powerful version of Hulk we’ve seen to date. He has a massive gamma burst ability capable of leveling a mountain. He can drain the gamma from other gamma mutates. He can sense liars. The Immortal Hulk is the most powerful incarnation to date.

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Upon resuming their conversation, the team would decide what to do with Vision, who suggested to destroy the stone even if it would kill him. Unwilling to kill their friend, Banner proposed the difficult task of removing the Stone from Vision to safely destroy it without needlessly taking Vision's life. Rogers suggested taking Vision to Wakanda, the only nation on Earth with the resources capable of achieving this.[24] Hogan created and financed a restaurant called Pastamania located in the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.[241] It opened on the Labor Day weekend of 1995 and was heavily promoted on World Championship Wrestling's live show Monday Nitro. The restaurant, which remained in operation for less than a year, featured such dishes as "Hulk-U's" and "Hulk-A-Roos".[241]

Immortal Hulk is a Marvel Comics series that was launched with issue #1 on June 6, 2018. The series features characters and creators with some degree of recognizability. Immortal Hulk series writer Al Ewing pens this one-shot, giving some much-needed nuance to Bruce and the Hulk's side of this story – and also revealing more about the Banner/Hulk dynamic at the core of Immortal Hulk. The Immortal Hulk #1-10 is written by Al Ewing, penciled by Joe Bennett, and releases with multiple publisher covers by such incredible artists as Alex Ross, Kaare Andrews, Clayton Crain, Sal Buscema, & Joe Bennet. Exclusive variant covers are brought to us by a myriad of some of the best artists in the game, including Dale Keown, In Hyuk Lee, Gabrielle Dell’Otto, Lee Garbett, Arthur Adams, and Marko Djurdjevic. The Immortal Hulk #11-20 is written by Al Ewing, penciled by Joe Bennett, with a main cover by the amazing Alex Ross. Exclusive variant covers feature such talented artists as Will Sliney, Geoff Shaw, Chris Stevens, Matthew DiMasi, & Gabriele Dell'Otto. Before he wielded the gauntlet, Stark reminded Hulk to only bring back the victims of the Snap, and not kill anyone who had been born afterwards. Hulk understood Stark's instructions as F.R.I.D.A.Y. locked down the New Avengers Facility. As the gauntlet expanded onto Hulk's right hand, Banner reminded himself that everyone would come home, should he succeed. The gauntlet sent electricity through Hulk's arm, burning him from his hand to his shoulder. Long-Range Leaping: Can make huge leaps from one place to another; some can be seen from space; jumps thousands of miles in a single bound. Gamma Radiation Draining: The Hulk is sometimes portrayed as vulnerable to gamma radiation draining by sufficiently powerful energy manipulators.[524][525] However, the Hulk is eventually characterized as possessing high degree of immunity to this weakness.[526] For example, the mutant Darwin was unable to drain his gamma radiation, and Hulk deliberately transferred his energy into an entire race of absorbing entities without collapsing. Even previous to these events the Hulk has displayed this potential. For example, the hero Rom was unable to cure Banner from his condition, and the Hulk intentionally overloaded the Armageddon absorption mechanism.

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Traveling to Earth, Hulk crashed through the roof of the New York Sanctum in New York City, creating a massive crater in the building's staircase. As Doctor Strange and Wong investigated, they found Hulk reverting to the form of Bruce Banner, warning them that Thanos was coming. Shocked, Strange asked Banner who Thanos was,[24] but Banner insisted on contacting Tony Stark first.[25] Doctor Strange summoned a portal to Stark, and Banner was reunited with Tony and Pepper Potts. Hulk had eventually reverted back into his original human form as Banner overnight and Betty Ross awoke while still hiding out in the Smoky Mountain National Forest. With Banner struggling to even stand due to the trauma of his latest Hulk transformation during the Battle at Culver University, Ross helped him walk as they made their way out of the mountains and chose to hide out in a motel outside of Ashwood, North Carolina in the foothills of the Smokies. Once there, Banner took a shower to relax but was haunted by visions of Emil Blonsky and the helicopter fired at him during the last battle. A soundtrack album was released on June 17, 2003 by Decca Records.[49] It features the song "Set Me Free" by Velvet Revolver, which is played during the film's end credits.

Hogan returned to NJPW in October 2003, when he defeated Masahiro Chono at Ultimate Crush II in the Tokyo Dome. Hogan was defeated by Sting at Bound For Glory, ending his storyline as the president of TNA. After the match, Immortal attacked Sting, but Hogan turned into a fan favorite once again by turning on Immortal and helping Sting.[186] On the following episode of Impact Wrestling, Hogan, wearing his trademark yellow and red again, admitted to his mistakes, and put over Sting for winning.[187] Banner, attempted to escape to Canada, but upon being discovered by border patrol officers, Banner transformed into his monstrous form and tore up the freeway, before making his way to Canada. Eventually making his way to South America, Banner helped a lost boy Miguel when they were attacked by Espinoza. After being brutally beaten down by the criminal, Banner then transformed and destroyed their entire terrorist hideout.[3]

Hulk scored his first goal for his new club in only his second league match, against FC Krylia Sovetov Samara, finding the net with a trademark shot from outside the box in a 2–2 away draw.[32] Betty visits Bruce in the hospital and remarks that he should be dead, but Bruce feels great. A new janitor at the lab claims that he is Bruce's biological father, whom Bruce forgot. Bruce presumes the janitor was lying until he finds it was truth when he checks his own genes. When under extreme stress, Bruce transforms into the Hulk, a huge, humanoid, green-skinned monstrous being who destroys the laboratory, though Bruce forgets soon after. General Ross suspects Bruce of collaborating with David Banner. While Betty meets with David, General Ross interrogates Bruce but deduces he has repressed memories after questioning and orders Bruce to be put under house arrest. Prior to WrestleMania 22 in April 2006, Hogan inducted friend and former announcer "Mean" Gene Okerlund into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2006. Hogan returned on Saturday Night's Main Event XXXIII with his daughter Brooke. During the show, Randy Orton kayfabe flirted with Brooke and later attacked Hogan in the parking lot.[149] He later challenged Hogan to a match at SummerSlam, which Hogan won.[150]

Following the controversial loss (which was due to a "contract clause"), the WCW World Heavyweight Championship became vacant and a new champion to be crowned in a 60-man three-ring battle royal at World War III, where The Giant cost Hogan the title.[103] This led to a steel cage match between Hogan and The Giant at SuperBrawl VI, where Hogan won to end their feud.[104] In early 1996, Hogan reformed The Mega Powers with Randy Savage to feud with The Alliance to End Hulkamania, which culminated at Uncensored in a Doomsday Cage match that Hogan and Savage won.[105] After coming out victorious from his feuds, Hogan began to only appear occasionally on WCW programming. In the years that followed the Snap, Banner started to see Hulk as a cure to his woes instead of a disease in need of curing. His 18-month-long transformation into his current form, which combined his intelligence with Hulk's strength, helped him feel peace and acceptance in his life, a balance that the separation of Hulk and Banner would never have allowed as long as it remained. At this time, news sources began to allege that Dr. George Zahorian, a doctor for the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission, had been selling steroids illegally to wrestlers in general and Hogan in particular. Hogan appeared on an episode of The Arsenio Hall Show to deny the allegations. Due to intense public scrutiny, Hogan took a leave of absence from the company.[93] Hogan returned to the WWF in February 1993, helping out his friend Brutus Beefcake in his feud with Money Inc. (Irwin R. Schyster and "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase), and officially renaming themselves The Mega-Maniacs, taking on Money Inc.'s former manager "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart (a long-time friend of Hogan's outside of wrestling) as their manager in what was the first time WWF audiences had seen Hart as a fan favorite.[80] At WrestleMania IX, Hogan and Beefcake took on Money Inc. for the WWF Tag Team Championship. Hogan went into the match sporting a cut above a black eye. The WWF used Hogan's injury in a storyline that had DiBiase allegedly paying a group of thugs in a failed attempt to take Hogan out before WrestleMania.[80][94] Later that night, Hogan won his fifth WWF Championship by pinning Yokozuna only moments after Yokozuna had defeated Bret Hart.[94][95]

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  1. After a brief fall out with McMahon and WWE,[151] Hogan was lured to Memphis Wrestling with the proposal of wrestling Jerry Lawler.[152] The match had been promoted on Memphis Wrestling Prime Time for several months. On April 12, 2007, however, Lawler announced in a news conference that WWE had barred him from wrestling Hogan on the basis that NBC performers (including Lawler, on the basis of co-hosting the NBC-owned USA Network's Raw and his appearances on the biannual WWE's Saturday Night's Main Event) are contractually prohibited from appearing on VH1, the channel on which Hogan Knows Best airs.[152] The situation resulted in a lawsuit being filed against WWE by event promoter Corey Maclin.[153] Lawler was replaced with Paul Wight.[152] Hogan defeated Wight at Memphis Wrestling's PMG Clash of Legends on April 27, 2007 when he picked up and hit a body slam on Wight before pinned him following his signature running leg drop.
  2. Following the September 11 attacks, Thaddeus Ross was commissioned by the United States Armed Forces to rekindle Project Rebirth from the 1940s in order to create super soldiers akin to Captain America. Ross enlisted Banner into the Bio-Tech Force Enhancement Project due to Banner's prowess in biochemistry and radiation, but elected not to inform Banner that his task was to recreate Abraham Erskine's Super Soldier Serum.[2] Believing he was recreating a serum designed to prevent radiation poisoning, Banner chose to substitute the original formula's vita radiation with gamma radiation.[5]
  3. ded Hulk of the sunrise, he responded that he thinks he would watch it, to her bafflement. He explained that Banner showed him that, working together, they could fight the sun from reverting him back to Banner. Standing triumphantly to the sunrise, he declared that together, they were the strongest there was.[349]
  4. g back for more with a stunning twist to a problem no one saw co
  5. The next day, Hulk did as Thor requested and had Valkyrie come up to his chamber, as together they playfully sparring with each other as Hulk played with the Sakaaran War Hammer while Valkyrie kicked him over. Thor then revealed himself in the room, awkwardly trying to look impressive before Valkyrie simply ignored him and prepared to leave the room, as she claimed that Thor was too thick headed to see she was in Sakaar only to hide away from her problems.
  6. BannerTech Shield/Gamma Dome Generator: Banner has created a gamma and old power fueled shield that protects him from most physical harm. It has been shown to protect him from beings as strong as Skaar and the Juggernaut. Banner is able to extend this shield to cover several other people and also redirect the energy to increase his strength.

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  1. As Mr. Blue had advised him to try a high dose of the component extracted from the plant and wished him good luck, Banner was able to produce a serum using homemade laboratory equipment, using every bit of the flower to ensure he had enough to likely cure himself. Banner tried the serum on a drop of his own blood to undo all the effects of the gamma radiation, and while it seemed to be successful at first as all the green gamma-infected blood was reduced, after just a few seconds it triggered a reaction that made all of the cells explode, marking this latest experiment as a failure.
  2. Bollea was a regular guest on Bubba the Love Sponge's radio show. He also served as the best man at Bubba's January 2007 wedding.[273] On March 12, 2010, Bollea hosted his own radio show, titled Hogan Uncensored, on Sirius Satellite Radio's Howard 101.[274]
  3. The Incredible Hulk is a character created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. Reserved physicist Dr. Bruce Banner is accidentally exposed to the blast of a test detonation of a gamma bomb he invented while trying to save Rick Jones. Subsequently, when Banner is angry, he involuntarily transforms into a huge, incredibly strong creature known as the Hulk.

The Incredible Hulk is a 2008 superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero Hulk. A reboot of the Hulk franchise, it is the second film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the second film of Phase One. The film is directed by Louis Leterrier and stars Edward Norton as Bruce Banner/Hulk, Liv Tyler as Betty Ross, Tim Roth as Emil Blonsky/Abomination, Tim Blake Nelson as Samuel Sterns, Ty. Hulk eventually transformed back into Banner and woke up naked in the warehouse. A security guard at the warehouse informed Banner that he did not harm anyone during his crash-landing and that he believed that Hulk had controlled his fall to prevent casualties. The security guard then asked him if he was an alien, to which Banner assured him he was not. Giving Banner clothes, the guard asked Banner if there was someplace he had to be. Deciding to help the Avengers, Banner informs the man that he needs to go to New York, and the guard allows Banner to use his motorcycle.[5]

The emotional response to seeing Dr. Ross being tackled coupled with the effects of the gas triggered Banner to transform. His monstrous persona then destroyed the overpass, leaping out into the lawn and roaring at the soldiers. As the green beast stepped towards them all, he was attacked by the SOCC soldiers under the direct orders of General Ross, who was still determined to capture him. Having spent several hours asleep while still on the road, Banner was eventually awoken by Ross as she had just seen the New York City Police Department were currently searching all the vehicles which were attempting to get into New York City, clearly searching for the fugitives. Fearing this would mean that the SOCC would be able to locate them, Banner and Ross got out of their truck and got off the bridge, instead of using their remaining cash to hire a boat. With Abomination finally defeated, members of the New York City Police Department as well as the Strategic Operations Command Center arrived on the scene with the guns aimed directly at Hulk. However, Ross ordered all the men to lower the weapons as Hulk and Betty had a moment as they briefly looked at one another. As more soldiers arrived in a helicopter, Hulk was left with no other option and fled the scene to avoid capture.[2] Taking the stairs down, Hulk was irritated at the amount of stairs he would have to walk in order to get downstairs. Doing so increased his anger, which caused him to burst through the door when he finally reached the lobby. As the people in the lobby screamed and fled at the sight of him, Hulk roared in frustration and punched a hole in the wall.[12] Having calmed down and returned to his human form, Banner joined the other Avengers and silently ate lunch at the Shawarma Palace.[13] They were interrupted by War Machine, who arrived too late to aid in the battle.[14]

In the 2009–10 season, Hulk established as an automatic first-choice. However, following a tunnel brawl during the league loss against S.L. Benfica (1–0) on 20 December 2009, he received a four-month ban (if the disciplinary hearing upheld the ban, he faced up to three years on the sidelines), only for the domestic competitions, as did his teammate Cristian Săpunaru.[14] The ban was later reduced to four matches, and the player returned to league action on 28 March 2010 after missing 3 months and 18 matches, scoring in a 3–0 win at Belenenses. One week later, he also scored in a 4–1 home victory over C.S. Marítimo. With six less matches played than the previous season, he ended with five league goals. On August 9, 1999, Hogan started the night dressed in the typical black and white, but after a backstage scene with his son came out dressed in the traditional red and yellow for his main event six-man tag team match. Hogan then defeated Nash in a retirement match at Road Wild to retain the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Injuries and frustrations were mounting up however, and he was absent from television from October 1999 to February 2000. In his book Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Bollea said that he was asked to take time off by newly hired head of creative booking Vince Russo and was not told when he would be brought back at the time. Despite some reservations, he agreed to do so. On October 24 at Halloween Havoc, Hogan was to face Sting for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.[125] However, Hogan came to the ring in street clothes, lay down for the pin, and left the ring.[126] Bollea is a Christian. Bollea has spoken about his faith in his life saying, "[I've] leaned on my religion. I was saved when I was 14. I accepted Christ as my savior. He died on the cross and paid for my sins ... I could have went [sic] the wrong way. I could have self-destructed, but I took the high road".[305] In order to test the antidote's effectiveness, Stern would be forced to trigger a Hulk transformation, and an underdose would prove futile and make Hulk wreak havoc again, while an overdose could kill him. Despite the risks, Banner agreed to test Stern's antidote and was restrained, becoming quite nervous when Stern had begun kicking the machinery to get it all working. With Ross standing close by him, Banner attempted to relax as Stern began the experiment. Sterns then gave Banner an electric shock directly to his head, which caused him to undergo his transformation into Hulk, with Sterns looking on in amazement at the power Banner was manifesting. The Hulk ended up in the nation of Morvania and helped the resistance remove its dictator, Václav Draxon.[136] Trapped in the future and seeking revenge against the Avengers, Kang the Conqueror sent the Hulk back in time to World War I to kill the Phantom Eagle. The Hulk foiled this plot and successfully returned to his own time.[137]

In January 2013, Bollea filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the Laser Spine Institute for $50 million, citing that the medical firm persuaded him to undergo a half-dozen "unnecessary and ineffective" spinal operations that worsened his back problems. He claimed that the six procedures he underwent over a period of 19 months only gave him short-term relief. After the procedures failed to cure his back problems, Bollea underwent traditional spinal fusion surgery in December 2010, which enabled him to return to his professional activities. In addition, the Laser Spine Institute used his name on their advertisements without his permission.[307] On May 19 at Judgment Day, Hogan lost the title to The Undertaker.[135] After losing a number one contender match for the WWE Undisputed Championship to Triple H on June 6, Hogan began feuding with Kurt Angle resulting in a match between the two at the King of the Ring, which Angle won by submission. On the July 4 episode of SmackDown!, Hogan teamed with Edge to defeat Billy and Chuck and capture the WWE Tag Team Championship for the first time.[136] They celebrated by waving the American flag as the overjoyed audience sang along to Hogan's theme song "Real American". They later dropped the titles to The Un-Americans (Christian and Lance Storm), at Vengeance.[137] In August 2002, Hogan was used in an angle with Brock Lesnar, culminating in a main event singles match, which Lesnar won by submission (the match was called after Hogan became unconscious from a bear hug hold). Lesnar became only the second WWE wrestler to defeat Hogan by submission (after Kurt Angle), and the first to defeat Hogan by having the match called. Following the match, Lesnar continued to beat on Hogan, leaving him bloody and unconscious in the ring.

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When his girlfriend, Jailbait, died, he started losing his mind. He went to a church during Sunday services and held the congregation hostage in order to force the priest to perform last rites on Jailbait all while ranting that Jailbait was possessed by the devil and that he saw a green door, when she had been taken over by the spirit of Brian Banner. He was eventually confronted by the Hulk who broke both of his hands and knocked him out. The police then arrested Lembert. Still grieving over the loss of Jailbait, Lambert committed suicide while in prison by hanging himself. Demonstrating the ability to possess gamma mutates, Brian Banner took possession of Jailbait, causing her powers to go out of control and making her boyfriend Hotshot believe she was possessed by the Devil. Hulk was named by UEFA as one of the top XI players of the 2015–16 UEFA Champions League group stage.[43][44] After a wishing well's power was unleashed, the Hulk found himself facing some of his mightiest foes. One of them was the alien warlord Arm'Cheddon. He defeated and depowered the She-Hulk and A-Bomb as part of his revenge scheme against the Hulk. He then revealed that he had reconfigured his power-channeling abilities so that he could channel the Hulk's energy; the stronger the Hulk got, the stronger he got. When the Red She-Hulk interfered with the conflict, he hit her with the full force of his power. In a rage, the Hulk defeated Arm'Cheddon.[270] Hogan gave an interview with ABC on August 31 in which he pleaded forgiveness for his racist comments, attributing these to a racial bias inherited from his neighborhood while growing up.[227] Hogan claimed that the term "nigger" was used liberally among friends in Tampa; however, former neighbors have disputed this claim.[228] In the Sanctum, Wong and Strange explained the Infinity Stones to Stark and Banner. Upon Banner once again telling Thanos' name to Stark, he revealed that he is the culprit of the Chitauri Invasion from some years ago and that he has the Space and Power Stones. When Strange and Stark argued over what to do with Strange's Time Stone, Banner quickly stopped their bickering, stating that they must find Vision to protect his Mind Stone, only for Stark to reveal that he is off the grid. When Stark suggests that Steve Rogers could find him, Banner told Stark to call Rogers. However, Stark revealed that the Avengers had separated after a fight between Stark and Rogers.[24]

Hogan lost the WCW World Heavyweight Championship to Ric Flair at Uncensored in a steel cage First Blood match.[2][122] Later, Hogan was severely injured in a Texas tornado match for the world title featuring him, Diamond Dallas Page, Flair, and Sting at Spring Stampede[123] On the July 12 episode of Nitro, Hogan made his return as a fan favorite for the first time in three years and accepted an open challenge from Savage, who had gained the world title at Bash at the Beach the night before in a tag team match by pinning Kevin Nash. Thanks to interference from Nash, Hogan defeated Savage to win his sixth and final WCW World Heavyweight Championship.[124] However, Nash turned on him the next week, and the two began a feud that lasted until Road Wild. The Mandarin sent the Sandman against the Hulk, resulting in the Sandman being fused into glass. The Hulk was once again captured by General Ross.[117] With the Hulk in captivity, the Leader returned alive and well and offered his services to neutralize the threat of the Hulk once and for all. To this end he trapped the Hulk in a Plasticine prison.[118] Betty freed the Hulk, but by then it was too late to stop the Leader from attempting to use the base's nuclear weapons to jump start World War III.[119] Although Bruce Banner stopped most of the missiles, the Leader launched a second one, prompting Banner to become the Hulk again to stop it.[120] The Hulk aided the world's heroes in stopping Galactus.[213][214][215][216] The Hulk also aided the world's heroes when the Counter-Earth dimension was briefly merged with a universe from a distant cosmos (designated Earth-50) to create Earth-13 and prevented an invasion from the Skrulls and the Negative Zone before the proper status quo was restored.[217][218][219][220] Banner's self-image skyrocketed as he embraced his new form, becoming as beloved as the other Avengers after being feared as Hulk in the past. He coined the catchphrase "Hulk out" to capitalize on his newfound popularity.[12] The Hulk family, composed of Skaar, Korg, A-Bomb, the Hulk, the She-Hulk, the Savage She-Hulk, and the Red She-Hulk all went into seclusion, ignoring the attempts of the government to bring them out of hiding. The Hulk's other son, and Skaar's twin, Hiro-Kala, set his sights on Earth, planning to destroy it with the planet K'ai. Hiro-Kala was confronted by his father. Skaar used his own old power to seal Hiro-Kala in a sphere of stone. Hiro-Kala was merged with the Worldmind to create a miniature sun, to use the Old Power to warm K'ai.[269]

While Banner attempted to sleep that night, he became alerted upon hearing one of the nearby dogs yelping out in pain. As it turned out, Thaddeus Ross had tracked Banner's location due to his infected blood falling into a Pingo Doce bottle, and sent his team led by Emil Blonsky to capture him. They attempted to break into his home and take Banner back into custody by force. BannerTech Flyspy Cams: A spybot with hosts of scanners that are constantly performing advanced diagnostics on everyone within 50 feet of him, he also uses them to carry out thorough bioscans of a particular set of individuals under his surveillance. The Hulk refused to ally himself with the Leader. Realizing something was wrong, the Leader bombarded him with more gamma radiation and removed the shrapnel from his brain. He then sent the Hulk to the Watcher's home planet in order to steal the Ultimate Machine.[82] There the Hulk clashed with the Amphibion, an alien who also sought the Ultimate Machine; after the Hulk had bested the Amphibion in combat, he was returned to Earth. The Leader took the Ultimate Machine from the Hulk and attempted to use the device. The Leader's plan backfired, as the machine seemingly killed him.[83] Within seventeen days, Banner made enough money and managed to return to the United States of America, heading to Culver University where he knew his research was being kept. While he was still keeping a low profile and hiding behind a Culver University Press newspaper, Banner saw that Betty Ross had continued working at the university and was dating another man, a psychiatrist named Leonard Samson, and Banner quietly left there without being seen. At night, Thor attempted to rip out of his Obedience Disk out of his neck once again to which he had no luck as it had instead caused him considerable pain. Waking up in his bed and seeing this, Hulk noted how sad Thor looked, to which Thor simply told him to shut up as he sat alone and contemplating his next move. Hulk pushed him over and still continued teasing him, the annoyed Thor rebutted that he was furious to what had happened to his home, the death of father and losing his hammer before he had become imprisoned by the Grandmaster. After Romanoff had imposed with Banner, Nick Fury had arrived at the farm and spoke with the group at length about stopping Ultron. Banner then realized that Ultron wanted to evolve after observing a drawing of a butterfly by Lila. So he needed Helen Cho and the Cradle device to build for him the ultimate body. While Banner was brought back to the Avengers Tower by Fury, the Avengers flew to Seoul to take the synthetic body from Ultron, and Stark went to the NEXUS Internet Hub in Oslo.[19]

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