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The old antiquated 9mm vs. .45 debate has raged now for a century and no doubt pre-dates World War 1 (1914-1918). Not to mention World War II (1939-1945). It's like the .30-06 vs. .270, M-14 vs. M-16, 12 vs. 20 gauge, or perhaps even .300 Savage vs. .35 Remington debate. Choose the gun and caliber you are comfortable, competent, and confident. The LVMPD, we'll recall, initially was disappointed with its field results with 147-grain subsonics. A few years ago, while interviewing some of the department's firearms staff, I was told that the LVMPD issues all Speer Gold Dot ammo—subsonics in .45 ACP (230 grains) and .40 S&W (180 grains), but 124-grain +P rounds in 9mms. The firearms. Shooting the .500 S&W: 500 Magnum vs. 44 Magnum When Smith & Wesson and Cor-Bon set out to make the .500 Magnum, they wanted a cartridge that could harvest all of North America's game. The cartridge they ended up with is more effective and has proven itself capable of taking any of the large game in the U.S. and more - it's capable of. However, perceived recoil, what the shooter feels, is a highly subjective matter. It is influenced by many factors. One of the most important of these, in addition to gun weight, is the fit and shape of the grip and the shooter's personal hold. These sorts of things cannot be accounted for in a recoil table. Also, please understand that there are dozens of possible loads for any given bullet weight in a given caliber that will produce the same velocity, but a different amount of recoil. Therefore, the figures in any recoil table should be taken as approximate. Never-the-less, the table below should give a reasonably accurate comparison of the recoil of most popular handgun cartridges and loads when fired in pistols of typical weight. Special Price: $255.00. As low as: $250.00. 5.56x45 - 55 Grain FMJ M193 - Hornady Frontier - 1000 Rounds. Regular Price: $330.00. Special Price: $280.00. Most Popular Ammunition For Sale by Brand. Winchester Ammo. Our real-time inventory control system ensures the quantity shown on our website is in our warehouse

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.357 Magnum emerged in the late 1920s/early 1930s. The impetus for it was a special outdoorsman variant of .38 Special called .38/44 HV, or High Velocity. This variant of .38 Special had thicker case walls and was only offered in S&W N-frame revolvers, which is their full-size revolver. Handloaders, most notably Elmer Keith, surmised correctly that the case could hold a bit more powder and started handloading it. .357 vs. 10mm Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by wheelingranger, Sep Here's a little bit of info on the 10mm vs the .357 magnum. Some commercial loadings are as follows: .357 Mag: 584 ft·lbf (792 J) for Essentially what you're doing with a .357Sig is making a 9mm Magnum. I have no problem with that and I say more power to ya. “This is what you feed your GLOCK 19, S&W M&P or — if you actually have taste in handguns — your 9mm 1911, Browning Hi Power or CZ-75.”

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The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare .454 Casull vs .460 S&W Magnum ammo rounds. Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer, bullet weight, o The .327 is not on par with the .357, and it wasn't intended to be. It's basically a reworking of the old 32-30 and has muzzle and energy in the same category as a 9mm. Not even the same game, much less the same ballpark. Personally if I wanted a 9mm I'd buy a 9mm as ammo is everywhere There is, of course, a cost to the larger round in weighing 10mm vs 9mm. According to the Chuck Hawks Handgun Recoil Table, a 2-lb pistol firing a 115-grain 9mm bullet at 1155 fps generates about 3.8 ft-lbs of recoil.A 2.75-lb pistol firing a 180-grain 10mm projectile at 1295 fps - again, close to the original Norma loading - generates 11.4 ft-lbs of recoil TAFFIN TESTS: THE 10MM MAGNUM After the infamous Miami/9MM Shootout, the FBI began taking a real serious look at the 10MM. But even though the ammunition was now downloaded from the original 200 grain bullet at over 1200 feet per second, it was still too much of a good thing. The FBI wanted it loaded so it could be handled quickly and. I have an old manual that has loads for 125 gr .357 in .35 rem. Wicked expansion from my 16″ Contender barrel.

Hey, shooting a .44 Magnum is kind of exhilarating! But the thing about big Maggies is that you're shooting a big, powerful bullet out of a big gun. When you're shooting a powerful bullet out of a small gun, you feel far more of the force because there just isn't enough mass for the pistol to absorb any. Smith & Wesson Model 500 .50-Cal. Magnum Is The King Of Handguns Smith & Wesson crowns the new king of handguns with its Model 500 S&W Magnum revolver. Sep 16, 200 500 S&W MAGNUM AMMO. 500 S&W Magnum ammunition for sale. 500 S&W Magnum ammunition for sale with free shipping on bulk ammunition orders available only at Target Sports USA. We carry 500 S&W Magnum ammo from top brand ammo manufacturers such as Federal, Remington, Winchester, Hornady, PMC and others

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Archetypical .357 Magnum loads are 158-grain and 125-grain loadings, with typical velocities being in the neighborhood of 1250 fps for the former and about 1450 fps in the latter, both carrying 500 to 550 ft-lbs of energy. Typical .38 Special loads of those grain weights are around 300 fps slower, and carry about 200 fewer ft-lbs of energy, so there's definitely a power advantage in a .357 revolver.FBI recommends that between 12 to 15 inches of penetration is needed for a good self defense cartridge. So, the question is, can the 9mm meet that requirement? The answer is, yes it can with any weight bullet in its class. Most premium hollow points have what is know as, "Controlled Expansion." This means that the bullet has been engineered to expand at a controlled rate so that it can meet the penetration needed, without over penetrating. Even the lightest 9mm load can meet the penetration requirement and moreover, pack a better punch while doing it. Is the 11 grain weight advantage of the .38 Special even relevant?

The round itself was developed by Georg Luger during the design process of his famous pistol, often referred to simply as a “Luger.” The comment section will probably hate me for skipping some details, but I will just have to find a way to live with myself. The .500 Magnum Revolver is one the Gunslinger's tier 4 weapons.Upon acquiring the second revolver, .500 Magnum Revolver can be dual-wield Caliber: Bullet Wt. Grs: Bullet Type: Velocity (feet per second) Energy (foot-pounds) Mid-Range Trajectory (inches.) Barrel Length: Mzl: 50 yd: 100 yd: Mzl: 50 y I personally do not care for magnum primers period. I have used regular primers in my .357's & .44 mags, using HP38 for target loads and H110 for hot loads. Never once have I wanted to use mag primers. I would only use mag primers in a 9mm if it were Mad Max time and it was all i had to stop my family from being raped and eaten

Sportsman's Guide is your source for in-stock and ready to ship 9mm Ammo! You'll appreciate our low 9mm Bulk Ammo prices and special offers from top brands that you trust on 9mm Bullets. Shop Sportsman's Guide for your bulk ammunition needs today I guess I’m OK. I knew all that…well except if +P+ 9mm will blow up my lowly Taurus gats 😄 Complete 500 Magnum ammunition ballistics Chart. Compare all 500 Magnum ammunition manufacturers on one easy to read chart. All the ballistics from all manufacturers, finally... in one place. 9mm vs 38 Special How To Sight Your Gun Rifle Shooting Tips Gun Range Etiquette How Shooting Affects Hearing The Mag Spring Experimen The following is a 500 yard 7mm Rem Magnum ballistic chart that was created using our free online ballistic calculator and details all aspects of the bullets trajectory from the millisecond it leaves the barrel until the time it reaches the 500 yd mark. It charts everything; drop, time, energy, velocity, range, and does so in 50 yard steps that are easy to understand

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He also likes the larger 45 ammo over 9mm and carries a S&W 45 revolver in a fanny pack much of the time- so I'm not looking for a 45 vs 22 mag discussion. But for very light carry - say if you're wearing a pair of swimming trunks and a tee shirt - the naa 22 magnum is very easy to conceal 500 s&w magnum ammo for sale that's in stock at Lucky Gunner Ammo - today! Featuring cheap .500 mag ammunition and bulk 500 s&w magnum ammo

And for some inexplicable reason, gun-grabbers seem to believe criminals will finally obey the law and handover their firearms if they succeed in a ban. Yep, laws have worked so well to stop rapes, murders, drug dealings and drug use, DUIs, thefts, etc., that surely banning guns will work just as well. (sarc) Instagram YouTube Twitter RSS Trending Things That Shouldn’t Be A Thing: Negligent Discharge While Hiking Up Pants Female Concealed Carrier Survives Robbery and Drive-By-Shooting, Shoots Attacker In Head Grocery Store Attack Leads To Gun Shots, Concealed Carrier Shoots Attacker [FIREARM REVIEW] Standard manufacturing S333 Thunderstruck Contact About Terms of Use © 2020 Concealed Nation, LLC.No, they’re not scraping the bottom of the barrel. I happen to like these types of articles. I’ve learned a lot here. I’ve learned from the comment section, too. Thank you very much. For the 300 Win Mag, the load we will use is a Berger 215 Hybrid Target bullet with a G1 BC of .691 and a G7 BC of .354 pushed to a velocity of 2886 fps. For the 6.5 Creedmoor, we will look at a Hornady 147 ELD-M with a G1 BC of .697 and a G7 BC of .351 pushed to a velocity of 2700 fps. Each load will be compared at 500 and 1000 yards at an.

Can the Battle Steel soft Level IIIA armor panels stop 500 S&W Magnum loads? Let's find out! This video with the links to grab the plates: http://bit.ly/2III.. The 9mm was pretty much a boutique round in these United States until the 1950s, and even then wasn't highly regarded. It's basically halfway in terms of power between the .38 Special and the .357 Magnum.

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Loaded up 25 rounds of 9mm last night and then realized I was using small pistol magnum primers (CCI 550) instead of small pistol primers (CCI 500). Loaded them with 5.2 grains of Power Pistol and X-Treme 115 grain copper plated bullets #N#327 Magnum Ballistics Chart. --> Get your 327 Magnum Ammo from our friends at AmmunitionToGo.com <-- Buffalo Bore Ammunition Ballistics. Muzzle Energy ft·lb. Muzzle Velocity ft/sec. ** Loads Below 5.5 BBL ** Federal Ammunition Ballistics. Muzzle Energy ft·lb. Muzzle Velocity ft/sec. Speer Ammunition Ballistics. Muzzle Energy ft·lb most 9mm and 40 are 1-2 rounds different. most have 12+. if you cant get it done with 12+ you need more practice or a bigger gun. in most 9mm and 40 cal the rounds are 17 vs 15 and 15 vs 14 so the more rounds is a moot point. its not worth to me trading the power for 1 or 2 rounds. physics dont lie the 9mm will never be as good as the 40. and. That attribution arose from the fact that the French can’t admit that a German could do anything greater than they can.

The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare 9mm Luger (Parabellum) vs .327 Federal Magnum ammo rounds. Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer, bullet weight, or jacketing type Its very telling that so many rounds are built around a .356 diameter bullet. The powder charges vary widely but there is a definite compromise on that size. you get penetration with enough weight to accomplish the goal.

And the commercial cartridges in no particular order, 300 Whisper (remember that one?), 300 Blackout, 300 Winchester Magnum, 300 Weatherby Magnum, 308 Norma Magnum, 30-378, and many Wildcats. 338 WIN MAG. When I elk hunt in grizzly country, I normally use a 338 Win. Mag. With proper ammo, the 338 Win Mag. is a decisive grizzly stopper. See the following items: ★ (Item 52A) -- BUFFALO-BARNES PREMIUM LEAD-FREE 338 WIN. MAG. SUPERCHARGED - 250 gr. Barnes TS

Oh yes. .50 caliber pistol bullets are like these (along with some smaller ones for reference): Here's some 500 S&W in a hand for scale: They are big, sure, especially compared to the 9mm that most people probably have some frame of reference for... Copyright © 2020 Alien Gear Holsters. All Rights Reserved.

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.307 Winchester. Not a typo. It’s basically a rimmed .308 intended for tubular lever actions with .300 Savage performance.@AO no you are not a troll to nice of a term trolls are like closet racists they think no one knows about them but we all can smell their soul burning.Rotting flesh is hard to conceal to sum it all up they are certified IDIOTS !! With nothing else better to do , stay in the closet @AO most humans enjoy intelligent conversation stop trying to spoil it for the majority of people who really can use a little Ammo knowledge.”STAY THIRSTY MY FRIENDS “ 9mm (115gr vs 124gr vs 147 HP) The 9mm gives you the best of all worlds: magazine capacity, control, and power. It's not hard to see why it's not only the favored service pistol around the world, but also one of the most popular calibers time and time again.. While the.380 might just look like the 9mm's shorter cousin, but in actuality, these two rounds function quite differently A .357 Magnum is formidable as hell, but that doesn't mean anything when you can't hit a charging bear. For my money, I wouldn't trust a 9mm, even though it seems to pass the test here. I'd go a little heavier — my .357 Magnum is the likely choice for me — and practice, practice, practice. It doesn't hurt if you have bear spray. Pick up a trusted Wilson Combat 1911 Elite Tactical Magazine for the most reliable reloading experience possible.Wilson Combat crafted each of these Magazines from aircraft-grade certified stainless steel for maximum durability that is also resistant to corrosion. Every Wilson Combat 1911 Elite Tactical Pistol Magazine contains a fiber-fill nylon self-lubricating follower that easily slides.

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It’s also worth noting that the man who had to fire nine times to get out alive immediately went and bought a 10mm afterward.Another variant, which found some adoption among European police agencies, was the 9x18mm Ultra. The 9x18mm Ultra uses a slightly longer case than the .380 ACP — 18mm vs 17mm — and nets about 20 fps and 60+ ft-lbs more. You won’t find it anywhere, though you might find the odd SIG P230 or P232 chambered for it.Another variant is 9x21mm, also called 9mm IMI. This round was developed by Israel Military Industries for use in countries where civilians are forbidden to purchase firearms chambered in “military calibers.” 9x21mm IMI is basically the same as 9mm Parabellum. IMI being some clever folks, they seat the bullet deeper in the case so it’s the same overall length as 9mm Para.

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  1. Thanks to this article, I am now getting a chamber reamer and a field gague and converting all my pistols to 9X21…and yes, even my 38 special and 357 magnum.
  2. The .50 Action Express (AE, 12.7×33mm) is a large- caliber handgun cartridge. Developed in 1988 by American Evan Whildin of Action Arms, the .50 AE is one of the most powerful pistol cartridges in production. The Arcadia Machine and Tool AMT Automag V was the first handgun chambered for the .50 AE. The actual cartridge has a .547 inch (13.9 mm.
  3. Smith & Wesson M&P9 Compact Magazine 9mm Luger 12 Rounds Steel Black 194540000 Smith & Wesson M&P9 Compact Magazine 9mm Luger 12 Our Low Price $53.98 QuickVie
  4. The cartridge was used to thwart attacks from black bear, brown bear, grizzly, and even a Kodiak Bear. It even killed the Kodiak bear. That’s more than enough for me.

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Further compounding the confusion, NATO decided to make it their standard pistol round. NATO has their own handloading manual and created a standard load for it. The standard 9mm NATO round is a 124-grain FMJ, loaded to 36,500 psi, which is a bit hotter than the CIP standard of about 34,000 psi. (SAAMI standards are 35,000 psi.) Thus, 9mm NATO is an overpressure variant.The handloader can get a lot out of .357 Magnum, including more velocity and heavier projectiles; the 9mm round limits at about 147 to 150 grains but the .357 can easily go up to 200 grains. The 9mm LCR is the same weight and cost as the 357. Ballistics only, 357 beats 9. The main reason to get 9mm LCR is ammo cost, availability, and compatibility with your other guns. I have 2 LCRs, and may get more as new models are introduced

The French and Belgians thought .32acp was a good trench sweeping pistol. We came in and decided the .45acp wasn’t enough and switched to the 12ga pump. Ok heres how it happened... I asked bi mart for small pistol primers, and was handed magnum small pistol... so I hit the bench.. processed 500 or so cases, grabbed my hand primer and went to priming, dropped in the second batch of 100 was 75 or so cases in when glancing at the box I saw magnum... stopped and looked yes I have 3 boxes of the 15 or so I have purchased over the last year.

Handgun rounds in the .38 caliber family have always been the most popular, but since some (.38 Special, .380) are a bit weak the most popular are .357 Magnum vs 9mm. Each of these rounds has a long history and pedigree of efficacy in the realm of self-defense, so that both are good carry rounds is not in dispute.Do not forget that gun weight is a crucial factor in the recoil equation, inversely proportional to recoil. Increase the gun weight by, say, 25% and the recoil goes down by 25%. In the real world, firearms chambered for smaller cartridges are traditionally lighter than firearms chambered for more powerful cartridges. A dramatic increase in kick results (and accuracy suffers equally dramatically) when powerful cartridges and loads intended for full size service pistols are chambered in lightweight, subcompact pistols. Choose a gun weight appropriate for the loads you intend to shoot. Handgun Recoil Table By Chuck Hawks. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; that is one of the physical laws of our universe


Note: For an expanded version of this table with more entries, see the Expanded Handgun Recoil Table.I’ve learned that not all 9mm are the same. Some brands seat the bullet a little bit deeper in the casing. My Walther P38 likes those and jams a lot on the “longer” ones. I’ve wondered if it is the same for a Luger.

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  1. 500 S&W Mag HANDGUN AMMO 500 S&W Mag Ammo For Sale- live Inventory & Top Brands. The .500 S&W Magnum is a fifty-caliber semi-rimmed handgun cartridge developed by Cor-Bon in partnership with the Smith & Wesson. Its primary design purpose was as a hunting handgun cartridge capable of taking all North American game species. At Outdoor Limited, We cover your cheap ammo needs for box, case & bulk.
  2. A 9mm, a 38 Special and a .357 Magnum all muse a 0.356 to 0.358 bullet diameter. A Colt 38/40 is a 40 caliber bullet. A 44 is a 43 caliber, 0.429 diameter to 0.431″
  3. Bulk Winchester 9mm Luger (9x19) ammo in-stock at AmmoToGo.com. 500 round packs of 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) with fast shipping today
  4. That means 2-3 hits per mag in 9mm vs 1-2 hits in .45 ACP. And this is all before we even talk about the lack of concealability of .45 ACP double stack. Overall, I'll carry 9mm when outside my home, eventually acquire a double stack .45 ACP for home defense, and will shoot the 1911 for fun :
  5. The 7.62 NATO (1954) was derived from the .308 Winchester (1952) but the first list was named military cartridges. I suppose .308 Win could have been added to the commercial cartridges.

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Secondly, the caliber of the firearm used seems to matter less than the ability of the shooter under pressure. A .357 Magnum is formidable as hell, but that doesn’t mean anything when you can’t hit a charging bear.There were three instances in which .357 Magnum was used for bear defense, and here is where we find our failure. I’m almost tempted to call it a failure-and-a-half, because another victim was wounded. In one instance, the victim fired three shots, only grazing the animal. In another, the man, a game warden, didn’t fire until a grizzly bear was biting his arm, at which point he unloaded the revolver into the grizzly, killing it. While he conceided that the 9mm wasnt better than the 357, with the right rounds it wasnt at all insufficient.-Capacity; Statistically, gunfights with civilians on the street wont empty a revolver, however there isnt much of a cushion if youre the exception to that rule. Better to have the option vs forced to reload .38 is the diameter of the chamber, not the bullet or land or grooves of the barrel. The .357/.358 bullet has a .375 case, that fits in a .38 chamber. Similarly, a .44 Special is a .427 bullet, but when they called the magnum version .44 Magnum, unlike the .357 Magnum.During the Obama ammo drought, the only thing that was always on the shelves at my local WalMart was .40. Things have gotten so bad in California , however, that Walmart stopped selling ammo all together. With a new gubner and an anti-gun US House, there may be another drought aborning.

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The Americans insisted on a .45 not to bring down cavalry horses, but Indian ponies. In the Civil War, they relied on .44 caliber cap and ball pistols. And they liked Sam Colt who’d just come out with a spanking new cartridge called the .45 Colt as the Indian Wars were gaining steam. There were plenty of the olde reliable .44s around, Remington was still making them and in a cartridge pistol to boot. Winchester made a fancy lever action rifle in a matching caliber. But again the Army took a pass, instead buying up a bunch of .50-70 caliber single shot carbines and muskets, switching to a .45-70 shortly before the advent of smokeless powder and jacketed bullets (which rendered the .45-70 obsolete).In previous times, the 9mm was wanting for performance, so a lot of people used 115-gr +P or +P+ loads to make up for it, or sized up to 147-grain. Even those weren't the best in the days of cup-and-core hollow points. Said ammunition didn't work the best in compact pistols either. When modern JHPs came out, those issues vanished, so today...those criticisms are basically moot.A similar round developed in Spain around the same time as the 9mm Parabellum was the 9mm Largo. 9mm Largo, or 9x23mm, employs a longer case than the 9mm Parabellum (23mm vs 19mm) and an ever-so-slightly lesser powder charge. Basically, knock 50 fps off a 9mm Luger and you got it.

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Most of the time, when a person says “9mm,” they mean is 9x19mm, which is the most common handgun round. This is what you feed your GLOCK 19, S&W M&P or — if you actually have taste in handguns — your 9mm 1911, Browning Hi Power or CZ-75.The 9mm Makarov, or 9x18mm Makarov, however, is different. 9mm Makarov employs a .365-in diameter projectile, so it’s technically 9.27mm Makarov. However, the most important thing you should know about that minor detail is that nobody really cares.The mot popular cartridge used against bears — in terms of this compilation — was the .44 Magnum, which is often cited by internet and forum warriors as the absolute smallest you should go in bear defense.

While it's also true that the perceived need for capacity for concealed carry is overblown (you aren't John Wick and you won't be taking on an entire terrorist cell at the Walmart) there is something to be said for carrying more than five or six shots. Scroll down! You have reached one of the index pages on the Member Side of Guns and Shooting Online. The articles are listed below. Please Read These Instructions:. To read the articles listed below you will need to join if you have not already done so.; If you are a member but have not logged-in, just click the article you wish to read and a log-in dialog box will appear

Armscor USA .357 Magnum Ammunition 50 Rounds FMJ 158 Grains F AC 357-6N Armscor USA .357 Magnum Ammunition 50 Rounds FMJ 1.. From the searching that Ive been doing both in this forum and elsewhere it seems that CCI Small Pistol primers (500) and CCI Magnum Small Pistol primers (550) can be used in 9mm. My question comes with regard to faster vs slower powders ie. Titegroup/CFE Pistol. Any disadvantage to using 550s wit.. The .327 Federal Magnum (super magnum) is based of the .32 H&R Magnum cartridge that has much more energy, speed, and power than its parent case. The .327 Magnum was first designed just a few years ago back in 2006-2007. This cartridge has an average speed of 1427fps making it faster than most every other handgun cartridge including the fast. He did mention the 9mm Corto. Even if not under that name. It’s your old .380 ACP aka 9mm Browning short. As opposed to 9mm Browning long that was not mentioned.

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Copper Plated Bullets X-Treme Bullets are proudly made out of the finest materials available in the United States in order to ensure performance delivered down range with each and every shot. Our process starts with a lead billet that is extruded into wire .357 Magnum Ammo.308 Winchester Ammo.380 ACP Ammo.38 Special Ammo.30-30 Winchester Ammo 9mm Luger or 9x19mm 50 Items American Quality 9mm Luger Ammunition 500 Rounds FMJ 115 Grain Winchester Brass American Quality 9mm Luger Ammunition 500 Rounds F..

.357 Magnum Vs 9mm: Melee Of The Medium Bores. Handgun rounds in the .38 caliber family have always been the most popular, but since some (.38 Special, .380) are a bit weak the most popular are .357 Magnum vs 9mm.Each of these rounds has a long history and pedigree of efficacy in the realm of self-defense, so that both are good carry rounds is not in dispute A LOOK AT THE FACTS Lets clear this up first and foremost. The 9mm is not puny. Compared to a 50 Cal.? Sure, but compared to a .38 Special? Nope. The .38 Special and 9mm are the same size bullet as far as I am concerned. Yes, the same size. They are within two thousandths of an inch of each other. The .38 Special measures .357" in diameter. The 9mm measures .355" in diameter. The slight difference in diameter is not relevant to any degree worth debating.

Word of caution here: there are so many legacy terms and historical quirks in nomenclature, whereby the same ammunition goes by multiple names, that you could almost be forgiven for assuming two different cartridges are probably the same thing, so long as there’s some similarity in their labels. Be careful with that and the “close enough” mindset. What you don’t know, sometimes can hurt you.I can list 6 service .30 caliber cartridges off the top of my head and add many more commercial cartridges as well.Firstly, and most surprisingly to yours truly, there were four cases in which the 9mm cartridge was used to defend against bears — every single one of them was successful, and at least three of the four were against grizzly bears. All three of those bears died, and one of them was killed from less than five feet away.

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There are two, it seems. Firstly, higher penetration seems to be key — that would be why 9mm came out ahead. Complete 45 ACP ammunition ballistics Chart. Compare all 45 ACP ammunition manufacturers on one easy to read chart

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  1. THE BOTTOM LINE The old misconception that the .38 Special is the King of Kings, and the 9mm is weak and puny, is a farce. Mere hogwash. While I feel either is sufficient to get the job done, the 9mm boasts a much better advantage. The 9mm has 3x the ammo capacity and produces near double the energy. Let's not forget to mention that in todays market, many 9mm weapons are smaller and easier to carry than a snub nose revolver. Technology has evolved.
  2. I was mentioning specifically those named 7.62 or .30x. Adding in any other approximate 30 cals increases the numbers even more.
  3. At a certain point, it just hurts. What this means is follow-up shots take longer. You WILL find reasons not to shoot regularly and keep up your skills. You'll find yourself flinching prior to squeezing the trigger.
  4. If you shoot +p vs standard loads you would see that 9mm and 45 both produce energy in the high 300's and 40 does between 400 and 500. It is all about the ammo. But the comparison should be fair
  5. ishing margin of returns - and a di
  6. Another tidbit to chew on: London, UK, has exceeded NYC, US, in homicides. The population of these 2 cities is virtually the same. Check out the gun restrictions in the UK.
  7. Winchester Ammo Brown Box Service Grade 9mm Luger 115 GR Full Metal Jacket - 50 Rds / Box - 500 Round Case Out of stock View Details » View Details » Out of stoc

I believe you could kill a grizzly with a 9mm actually, as it would blead to death if shot enough, but it certainly wouldn't bleed out before getting to you. Grizzly are fast. To the OP. A .44 mag would definately perform better than a .357 out of a rifle. As others have stated, practice a lot. Post 5 from Craig says it all A .40 caliber handgun was used three times — each one of which was successful. It is worth noting, however, that each of these instances involved black bears, rather than grizzlies.

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A 9mm will stop a human or cougar with a decent shot. I .357 Mag will make them double dead. The 9mm ammo is cheaper if you want to target practice a lot. You can shoot .38 Special in a .357 Mag since it is cheaper to target shoot and plink. I have a .357 Mag mostly because I hunt deer with it. The Kel-Tec would probably be lighter to carry around H andgun: PSI: R ifle: PSI: R ifle (Cont.): PSI: 17 Rem-52,000 cup: 22 Hornet-25,000 CUP: 30-30 Winchester-42,000: 22 RF Short-21,000: 222 Remington-50,000: 303.

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  1. And the Author forgot to mention the 9mm Largo, 9mm Steyr, and the 9mm Mauser Export, 9mm Corto,9mm Glisenti (not the 9×19 Parabelleum but an real odd ball Italian Cartridge)
  2. I’d bet which terms are used may also be rooted in geography, too. Different terms spring up from different places, after all. They probably linger in certain places, too.
  3. THIS is why I come here. You could dig up the same info online yourself if you had hours to kill, but TTAG has a knack for cutting away the fluff and giving you the facts you wanted. Well done.
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7.62 is NOT a 30 cal. It actually is a 29.99999 cal if you do the conversion……….That’ll teach you 🙂Ammoland was kind enough to make a little compilation of 35 instances since 1987 in which handguns were used against bears in defense, and funnily enough the calibers ranged from 9mm to .454 Casull. Large Rifle Magnum. CCI 250 . CCI #34 - commercial version of the fully-qualified DOD primer for use in U.S. military ammo. Federal 215 - original magnum primer. Remington 9 ½ M - mildest magnum primer. RWS 5333. Winchester WLRM. Wolf Large Rifle Magnum LRM - all brass. 50 BM The 9mm round was introduced in 1902 by George Luger. Thus the term 9mm Luger. Which is also known as 9mm Parabellum or 9x19. This cartridge was designed to use the more volatile, higher pressure smokeless powder, thus the shorter case length. The maximum pressure for a standard load is 35,000PSI. Standard +P loading would be around 38,500PSI. Common weights for the round will vary from about 115 to 147 Grains. The height of a loaded cartridge is 1.169 inches (29.69 mm).To answer that question, you have to understand that the .38 was one of the first pistol cartridges developed at the end of the Civil War, and that many (all except the S&Ws) were formerly .36 caliber cap and ball pistols with conversion cylinders that accept cartridges. But the .36 caliber pistols were referring to the muzzle diameter at the end of the barrel; they were typically loaded with a.375 soft lead ball that are shaved down by the loading process to fit tightly in the cylinder, and then squeezed further down as they traveled down the barrel.

.500 S&W Magnum Ammo as cheap as $1.00 per roun

Magnum Research Baby Eagle II Semi-Auto Pistol BE9900BL, 9mm, 3.64 in Compact, Black High Impact Nylon Grip, B... $ 590 .93 MPN : BE9900BL UPC : 76122608432 .41 Magnum, a caliber I’ll be the first to say I have absolutely no experience with, was involved in the defense of two different victims — both survived, although one man was badly mauled before he even had the chance to draw his sidearm.It isn't so much that you can't find a compact .357 Magnum revolver; there are a good number of them available and from several different manufacturers. However, snubby revolvers in .357 Magnum and even compact medium frame pistols with round-butt frames and short barrels are known for sharing a particular attribute: Ive shot and own the 357 mag and the 500 mag,but not mentioned.Ive shot the 460.The 357 can be painfull after a few dozen rounds,the 460 hurts after a few rounds But the 500 hurts after a couple rounds lol.So between the 357 and 460 its kinda right in the middle of the 3 mentioned.I bet after 6 rounds of 460 ur ready to put it down for a few minutes.But thier ALL FUN!!!!

Personal decision really. Some people believe the increased velocity of the .357 sig causes more damage or will have a hydrostatic effect. Some .357 sig ammo will come close to .357 magnum velocity, and .357 mag has a very good rep as a man stopper Jun 03, 2019 · We did this test about one year ago and the 500 S&W Magnum was the winner. Now it's time for the rematch! I hope you enjoy the video and thanks. Handgun Recoil Table By Chuck Hawks. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; that is one of the physical [

But I digress. To get it out of the way, the 9x19mm round itself is the 9mm Luger round. It’s also 9mm Parabellum AND 9mm NATO. It’s all the same bullet and cartridge.I’m not sure whether either of these partial failures can be fairly blamed on the cartridge, however — these seem like user error. .357 Magnum Vs 9mm: Melee Of The Medium Bores Handgun rounds in the .38 caliber family have always been the most popular, but since some (.38 Special, .380) are a bit weak the most popular are .357 Magnum vs 9mm.Each of these rounds has a long history and pedigree of efficacy in the realm of self-defense, so that both are good carry rounds is not in dispute Whether you call it the 9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum, 9mm NATO, 9 millimeter, or just plain 9mm, 9x19mm ammunition is the most popular cartridge for handguns in the world - with more than 60% of the world's law enforcement agencies currently using this ammo. The role of 9mm Luger bullets in World War I and its continued popularity today testifies to its capabilities as an efficient and. It used to be that .357 Magnum was the standard by which personal protection rounds were judged, and for some good reasons.

9mm Parabellum is a proven defensive caliber. It's easier on the shooter. It's cheaper. If you prefer a revolver, there are a growing number of 9mm concealed carry revolvers out there.Why do people get them confused? Mostly it’s because of colloquial usage, as we here in the USA like our brevity, but also because we don’t like that there metric system and it’s witchery.So, the 9mm is better for the target shooter and concealed carrier. However, the .357 Magnum shines in particular niches the 9mm is not suited for.That particular kill was credited partly to the use of FMJ ammo, but still. That’s far more than I would have credited a 9mm cartridge’s capability. 45 Winchester Magnum (1) 460 Smith & Wesson Magnum (2) 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum (3) 7.62 X 25 Tokarev (1) 9 X 23 Winchester (2) 9mm Luger +P (1) 9mm Makarov (1) Active Duty (2) Platinum Tip (4) Super Clean (3) Super Suppressed (2) W Train and Defend (10) WWII Victory Series (1) Competitive Shooting (5) Personal Defense (46

Dual-caliber Revolver vs. Convertible Semi-auto. One interesting thing to think about when it comes to comparing handgun calibers is the concept of caliber conversion.For this particular comparison, the possibility of buying a handgun that can be converted to shoot a totally different caliber is another thing that makes choosing the 9mm over the .38 Special more appealing I consider the .380 a 9mm short, the 38 Special as 9mm long, the 9mm Lugar is a 9mm long rifle, and the 357 Magnum as a 9mm Magnum. (I have them all). Federal .22 WMR. Federal 22 WIN MAG 40 GR. FMJ 1880 FPS 50 RDS (737), 9 in Stock Federal .22 WMR Bulk. Federal 22 WIN MAG 40 GR. FMJ 1880 FPS 500 RDS (737), 23 in Stock Fiocchi .22 WMR. Fiocchi 22 WIN MAG 40 GR JSP 50 RDS (22FWMA) SALE!, 540 in Stock Fiocchi .22 WMR Bulk. Fiocchi 22 WIN MAG 40 GR JHP 500 RDS (22FWMB), 8 in. The difference between 9mm and 9mm Luger is either nothing or the latter is part of the former. Depending on how you define it. Most of the time, when a person says 9mm, they mean is 9x19mm, which is the most common handgun round. This is what you feed your GLOCK 19, S&W M&P or — if you actually have taste in handguns — your 9mm 1911. 45 Vs 9mm For Defense And Other Purposes. The oldest debate in the handgun book at this point is 9mm vs 45 for concealed carry and/or self-defense. This has been a talking point for decades, partially on historical grounds (which we'll get to) and partially because people just love to have things to argue about

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500 S&W 9MM+P 9x25 Dillon Rifle Cartridge All 8mm Mag ammo is temporarily out of stock. This is what the 8mm Rem. Mag. was supposed to be!. $82.25 Ex Tax: $82.25. Add to Wish List. Add to Compare. 8mm Remington Magnum 160gr DT Lead Free 20rds. This is what the 8mm Rem. Mag. was supposed to be!. Are there any drawbacks to 9mm? Not really, unless you pick a bad carry load for your gun. If you carry a small 9mm, such as a S&W Shield or Sig P938, make sure to select a short barrel load. Russia: home to the frozen tundra, vodka, and brown bears - and, also, this Brown Bear 9mm 115 grain FMJ ammunition. Brown Bear is operated as a subsidiary of Barnhaul Ammunition, and after almost 150 years of production experience, they've come up with a great way to provide high-volume shooters with target rounds they can actually afford to burn through at amazing rates .357 mag vs 9mm vs 45acp? Which is better for backup while predater hunting and deer hunting where coyotes and bobcats are abundant. I was thinking the .357 mag, but my buddy said the .45acp would do just as good of job and you can carry more rounds, then the 9mm has 15 shots vs 6 in the .357 mag so what do yall thin

Corto is Spanish for “short”, so that makes sense. I’ve never heard that usage, though. You’ll often find .380 ACP referred to as 9mm Kurz, however, where kurz is German for “short.” The diameter is basically the same, though grain weight is typically just 95 gr. and the case is shorter. .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum ammunition is a semi-rimmed, straight walled, .50 caliber, revolver cartridge developed by Cor-Bon in partnership with Smith & Wesson's X Generation Team for use in their new x-frame, model 500, revolver. Introduced in 2003 at the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Show (S.H.O.T.), the primary purpose of this cartridge is.

One of the most important items you need is a reliable revolver holster, especially if you like to shoot competitively. Shop with us to find a wide range of high-quality holsters, including Speed Beez holsters, as well as holsters from brands like Galco Gunleather Okay, so the 9mm Parabellum is just part of a family of handgun rounds that chamber the same 0.355-in (that’s 9 millimeters) projectile. There are a number of them, though only a few are popular in the United States.The other thing, though, is that revolver rounds are best-served by medium- to full-size pistols to get the best performance. Recoil is lighter with, say, a Model 19 or Ruger GP100 than in a .357 snubbie and always will be. That means better control, better accuracy and better performance at long range as well. That's the kind of gun the .357 Magnum was designed for, and that's where it really shines. Penetration: .45 ACP vs. 9mm (FMJ) Ammo Can. 9mm will penetrate most materials better than a .45ACP but both are woefully pathetic making it a real non-issue. car doors which could convievably be encountered in real life defensive shooting are excellent armour on-the-fly if the windows are down. just about any reasonably solid object will stop both rounds with the notable exception of plywood.

Load Data - Powder Charges, OAL, and Velocities for EM鋼彈鋼彈

9mm vs. 38 special . It is strange how myth and legend can somehow evolve into fact. Truth is, 92% of statistics are made up on the spot. The only reliable statistics are those that have been proven and recorded. 500 Magnum: 223 Remington 243 Winchester 270 Winchester 300 Winchester Magnum 300 AAC Blackout 30-30 Winchester 30-06 Springfield. Tulammo TA919150 Handgun 9mm Luger 115 GR Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) 50 Bx/ 20 Cs. White Birch Armory. #N#9mm - 115 Grain FMJ - Tula - 1000 Rounds With a little shopping smarts, you can purchase a good, solid .357 Magnum revolver at about half the cost of a semi-automatic in 9mm, .40S&W, or .45ACP. Ammo is available in just about any weight/velocity you want. Additionally, you can still find .38 Special/.357 Magnum ammo in many drug stores and auto parts stores (at least out West) We understand the absurdity of a 9mm or .357 Mag round being used for a 500-yard shot. And even though the numbers are pretty useless for a real-life shooting scenario, the differences between the two rounds at this range lets you visualize the differences in trajectory more clearly. And within 100 yards, there doesn't appear to be any.

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