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Hallo zusammen! Sagt mal, wie setzte ich einen korrekten Gedankenstrich in InDesign? (Gibt es irgendwo eine Liste mit all den nützlich Sonderzeichen That is, the CMOS favors hyphens in instances where some other guides suggest en dashes, the 16th edition explaining that "Chicago's sense of the en dash does not extend to between", to rule out its use in "US–Canadian relations".[24]

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  2. Usage varies both within English and in other languages, but the usual convention in printed English text is as follows:
  3. In a related use, it may visually indicate the shift between speakers when they overlap in speech. For example, the em dash is used this way in Joseph Heller's Catch-22:
  4. The swung dash (U+2053 ⁓ ) resembles a lengthened tilde, and is used to separate alternatives or approximates. In dictionaries, it is frequently used to stand in for the term being defined. A dictionary entry providing an example for the term henceforth might employ the swung dash as follows:
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  6. Various style guides and national varieties of languages prescribe different guidance on dashes. Dashes have been cited as being treated differently in the US and the UK, with the former preferring the use of an em dash with no additional spacing and the latter preferring a spaced en dash.[29] As examples of the US style, The Chicago Manual of Style and The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association recommend unspaced em dashes. Style guides outside the US are more variable. For example, The Elements of Typographic Style by Canadian typographer Robert Bringhurst recommends the spaced en dash – like so – and argues that the length and visual magnitude of an em dash "belongs to the padded and corseted aesthetic of Victorian typography".[45] In the United Kingdom, the spaced en dash is the house style for certain major publishers, including the Penguin Group, the Cambridge University Press, and Routledge. However, this convention is not universal. The Oxford Guide to Style (2002, section 5.10.10) acknowledges that the spaced en dash is used by "other British publishers" but states that the Oxford University Press, like "most US publishers", uses the unspaced em dash.
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The figure dash is used within numbers (e.g. phone number 555‒0199), especially in columns for maintaining alignment. Its meaning is the same as a hyphen, as represented by the hyphen-minus glyph. In contrast, the en dash is more appropriately used to indicate a range of values.[2] The minus sign (−) also has a separate glyph, typically set a little higher. Forum: Adobe InDesign - Gedankenstrich - HilfDirSelbst als Wissensarchiv funktioniert nur, wenn Links und Bilder immer erreichbar sind. Eine Rückmeldung über Erfolg oder Misserfolg von Problemen ist jederzeit eine gefreute Sache! HilfDirSelbst.c There is another way of selecting dashes. Go to Type > Glyphs and a new floating palette will open. The glyphs palette will display a visual reference to all of the characters within the typeface you have selected. As there is a lot of content to scroll through lets narrow down our search. In the drop down menu titled 'Show' select Punctuation, within this option the dashes can be found. By hovering your cursor over each of the glyphs InDesign will display their names.mediametroVERBAND DER SCHWEIZER DRUCKINDUSTRIE (VSD) Schosshaldenstrasse 20 3006 Bern Tel.: +41 31 351 15 11 Fax: +41 31 352 37 38www.mediametro.ch/

Bindestrich und Gedankenstrich unterscheiden sich in ihrer Länge lediglich um wenige Millimeter, dennoch erfüllen sie orthografisch unterschiedliche Funktionen: Wird der Gedankenstrich vor allem dort verwendet, wo beim Sprechen eine Pause stünde, oder als Einschub innerhalb eines längeren Gedankengangs, dient der Bindestrich der Verbindung von Worten und Wortteilen.In these two uses, en dashes normally do not have spaces around them. Some make an exception when they believe avoiding spaces may cause confusion or look odd. For example, compare "12 June – 3 July" with "12 June–3 July".[25] However, other authorities disagree and state there should be no space between an en dash and the adjacent text. These authorities would not include a space in the following examples: "11:00 a.m.⁠–⁠1:00 p.m."[26] and "July 9–August 17".[27][28] An exception to the use of en dashes is usually made when prefixing an already-hyphenated compound; an en dash is generally avoided as a distraction in this case. Examples of this include:[21] The figure dash (‒) is so named because it is the same width as a digit, in fonts with digits of equal width. This is true of most fonts, not only monospaced fonts.

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The en dash, en rule, or nut (–) is traditionally half the width of an em dash.[4][5] In modern fonts, the length of the en dash is not standardized, and the en dash is often more than half the width of the em dash.[6] The widths of en and em dashes have also been specified as being equal to those of the upper-case letters N and M, respectively,[7][8] and at other times to the widths of the lower-case letters.[6][9] Like em dashes, en dashes can be used instead of colons or pairs of commas that mark off a nested clause or phrase. They can also be used around parenthetical expressions – such as this one – in place of the em dashes preferred by some publishers,[29] particularly where short columns are used, since em dashes can look awkward at the end of a line. In these situations, en dashes must have a single space on each side. Unlike a Hyphen the En Dash is not visible on the keyboard and must be activated. The shortcut is Option + Hyphen or you can go to Type > Insert Special Character > Hyphens and Dashes > En Dash.On the other hand, a spaced en dash may be ambiguous when it is also used for ranges, for example, in dates or between geographical locations with internal spaces.

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The Walrus and the Carpenter Were walking close at hand; They wept like anything to see Such quantities of sand: "If this were only cleared away," They said, "it would be grand!" Vor und nach dem Gedankenstrich setzt man ein Leerzeichen! Ausnahme: Wenn der Gedankenstreich für das Wort bis steht. Einen Gedankenstrich setzen Sie übrigens, indem Sie die Taste Strg und die Minus-Taste drücken Wir erlauben uns, sporadisch Informationen (etwa 8 - 12 Newsletter im Jahr) über HilfDirSelbst.ch per Mail zu versenden. Jeder Anwender/jede Anwenderin hat aber die Möglichkeit, sich vom Erhalt des Newsletters im Benutzerprofil aus- oder einzutragen.

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An en dash can be retained to avoid ambiguity, but whether any ambiguity is plausible is a judgment call. AMA style retains the en dashes in the following examples:[22] The en dash is sometimes used as a substitute for the minus sign, when the minus sign character is not available since the en dash is usually the same width as a plus sign. For example, the original 8-bit Macintosh Character Set had an en dash, useful for the minus sign, years before Unicode with a dedicated minus sign was available. The hyphen-minus is usually too narrow to make a typographically acceptable minus sign. However, the en dash cannot be used for a minus sign in programming languages because the syntax usually requires a hyphen-minus. Modern computer software typically has support for many more characters and is usually capable of rendering both the en and em dashes correctly—albeit sometimes with an inconvenient input method. Some software, though, may operate in a more limited mode. Some text editors, for example, are restricted to working with a single 8-bit character encoding, and when unencodable characters are entered—for example by pasting from the clipboard—they are often blindly converted to question marks. Sometimes this happens to em and en dashes, even when the 8-bit encoding supports them or when an alternative representation using hyphen-minuses is an option. Auch ist mir persönlich das Buch im Hintergrund zu sehr auf InDesign oder Quark Xpress ausgerichtet. Ich beschäftige mich viel mit LaTeX und daher fällt mir auf, an wie vielen Stellen eine Erwähnung dieses alternativen Textsatzsystems fehlt, gerade wenn die Autoren Funktionen beschreiben, die mithilfe von LaTeX besser gelöst wurden oder. The tick box is located at the bottom left of the palette. Activate the tick if it isn't already. However some designers like to have full control over the hyphenation and prefer to add their own. To deactivate automatic hyphenation simply select your text box/boxes and deselect the option on the paragraph palette.

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Note: Choose Window > Utilities > Tool Hints, and then select a tool to view its shortcuts and modifier keys. List of Default InDesign Fonts with Macrons. I have recently run into trouble with macrons. It seems that not all fonts have them in their range of characters, but they're kind of essential if you're using any Māori words. So I've put together a list of (probably) all the fonts that come with Adobe InDesign CS6 that have macrons available One final note to mention is don't confuse a Hyphen for a Minus Symbol. A Minus Symbol is different to a Hyphen as a minus symbol will usually match the horizontal line on a plus sign. In diesem Video erklären wir Ihnen, Setzer, Grafiker, Druckerunter Mikrotypographie verstehen, bzw. wir erklären Ihnen ganz genaugeschützte Leerzeichen, bedingte Trennstriche, harte Trennstricheund auch, wie man Gedankenstriche in der richtigen Länge erstellt.Dazu habe ich ein kleines Kochrezept vorbereitet,das Sie hier im Hintergrund sehen.Erstens ich werfe einen Blick.

This is a quotation dash. It may be distinct from an em dash in its coding (see Horizontal bar). It may be used to indicate turns in a dialog, in which case each dash starts a paragraph.[37] It replaces other quotation marks, and was preferred by authors such as James Joyce:[38] The en dash is commonly used to indicate a closed range of values – a range with clearly defined and finite upper and lower boundaries – roughly signifying what might otherwise be communicated by the word "through".[10] This may include ranges such as those between dates, times, or numbers.[11][12][13][14] Various style guides restrict this range indication style to only parenthetical or tabular matter, requiring "to" or "through" in running text. Preference for hyphen vs. en dash in ranges varies. For example, the APA style (named after the American Psychological Association) uses an en dash in ranges, but the AMA style (named after the American Medical Association) uses a hyphen: Some style guides (including the Guide for the Use of the International System of Units (SI) and the AMA Manual of Style) recommend that when a number range might be misconstrued as subtraction, the word "to" should be used instead of an en dash. For example, "a voltage of 50 V to 100 V" is preferable to using "a voltage of 50–100 V". Relatedly, in ranges that include negative numbers, "to" is used to avoid ambiguity or awkwardness (for example, "temperatures ranged from −18 °C to −34 °C.") It is also considered poor style (best avoided) to use the en dash in place of the words to or and in phrases that follow the forms from X to Y and between X and Y.[12][13] Preference for an en dash instead of a hyphen in these coordinate/relationship/connection types of terms is a matter of style, not inherent orthographic "correctness"; both are equally "correct", and each is the preferred style in some style guides. For example, the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, the AMA Manual of Style, and Dorland's medical reference works use hyphens, not en dashes, in coordinate terms (such as "blood-brain barrier"), in eponyms (such as "Cheyne-Stokes respiration", "Kaplan-Meier method"), and so on.

Das nachträgliche Löschen von Benutzern und von Beiträgen ist nur gegen Aufwand-Entschädigung möglich. Zudem würde das Löschen von Beiträgen ganze Themen unbrauchbar machen. Es werden also nur Beiträge gelöscht, welche Themenzusammenhänge unberührt lassen.Spacebar (with no text insertion point), Alt-drag (with text insertion point), or Alt+spacebar (in both text and non-text modes)Corpus studies indicate that em dashes are more commonly used in Russian than in English.[50] In Russian, the em dash is used for the present copula (meaning "am"/"is"/"are"), which is unpronounced in spoken Russian. Alt+0150 (kurzer Gedankenstrich) Alt+0151 (langer Gedankenstrich) Seit AI 11 gibt es auch die Glyphenpalette. Frühere Versionen lassen sich von der Windows-Zeichentabelle helfen (Aufruf mit Windows-Taste+R, dann 'charmap' tippen). Listen gibt es zuhauf. Such einfach im google nach: alt code und die Listen fliegen Dir nur so um die Ohren. Gru - as Gedankenstrich, used like in the US the M-Dash in its meaning, but with typographic differences: it musst be used between a normal space and another space, a comma after the dash is allowed and it should never be at the start of a new line. - as new Streckenstrich in replacement of the M-Dash

*After you select a transformation tool, hold down the mouse button, and then hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) and drag. Press Shift to constrain movement to 45° angles. Since the late 1990s, the music industry has been undergoing a period of significant and cri- sis-ridden changes. This period was launched and driven forward by a new set of technolo- gies. Easily design brilliant brand graphics with new global editing tools. Join now

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  1. InDesign provides shortcuts to help you quickly work in documents without using the mouse. Many keyboard shortcuts appear next to the command names in menus. You can use the default InDesign shortcut set or a shortcut set that you create. You can share shortcut sets with others using InDesign on the same platform.
  2. The em dash, em rule, or mutton[31] (—) is longer than an en dash. The character is called an em dash because it is one em wide, a length that varies depending on the font size. One em is the same length as the font's height (which is typically measured in points). So in 9-point type, an em dash is nine points wide, while in 24-point type the em dash is 24 points wide. By comparison, the en dash, with its 1 en width, is in most fonts either a half-em wide[32] or the width of an uppercase "N".[33]
  3. Adobe InDesign provides shortcuts to help you quickly work in documents without using the mouse. Many keyboard shortcuts appear next to the command names in menus. You can use the default InDesign shortcut set, the QuarkXPress 4.0 or Adobe PageMaker 7.0 shortcut set, or a shortcut set that you create. You can share shortcut sets with others using InDesign on the same platform.

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  1. InDesign CS5 Tastaturkürzel Typografie Satzarten Linksbündig u r L Rechtsbündig u r R Zentriert u r C Blocksatz u r J Blocksatz erzwingen u r F Schriftgrad + Abstände Schriftgrad größer u r. Schriftgrad größer × 5 u ! r
  2. This table isn’t a complete list of keyboard shortcuts. It lists only those shortcuts that aren’t displayed in menu commands or tool tips.
  3. 99% of the time I prefer to avoid using hyphens, however if it is necessary to use a hyphen I try to stick to these points. Only occasionally split a word at the end of the sentence. And try to split the word between syllables, for example, Design would be split De-sign. Always keep a dictionary handy for checking syllable breaks.
  4. The Australian government's Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers (6th ed.), also specifies that em dashes inserted between words, a word and numeral, or two numerals, should be set closed. A section on the 2-em rule (⸺) also explains that the 2-em can be used to mark an abrupt break in direct or reported speech, but a space is used before the 2-em if a complete word is missing, while no space is used if part of a word exists before the sudden break. Two examples of this are as follows (properly typeset 2-em and 3-em dashes should appear as a single dash, but they may show on this page as several em dashes with spaces in between):
  5. Techniques for generating em and en dashes in various operating systems, word processors and markup languages are provided in the following table:
  6. First up is the Hyphen. It has two main functions, to divide a word that needs to be split at the end of a line and to join a compound word.

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P/B/U Beratungs AG Oberdorfstrasse 3CH-8156 Rümlang Fon +041 (0)1 817 32 17 Fax +041 (0)1 817 02 37 www.pbu-online.ch > Gedankenstrich zum literarischen Gebrauch in Romanen, die > nur zäh vorankommen? Der war in der ersten Hälfte des vergangenen Jahrhunderts auch in deutschen Drucken noch verbreitet. Und in der Tat: in englischen Drucken dient er als Gedankenstrich. Dort wird er m. W. in der Regel kompreß, also ohne Leerzeichen davor und danach, gesetzt

Once you start to notice the different ways Dashes are used, you'll be able to spot them in everything you read. This is a great skill for any designer to have, I hope you've enjoyed this tut.According to most American sources (such as The Chicago Manual of Style) and some British sources (such as The Oxford Guide to Style), an em dash should always be set closed, meaning it should not be surrounded by spaces. But the practice in some parts of the English-speaking world, including the style recommended by The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage for printed newspapers and the AP Stylebook, sets it open, separating it from its surrounding words by using spaces or hair spaces (U+200A) when it is being used parenthetically.[40][41] The AP Stylebook rejects the use of the open em dash to set off introductory items in lists. However, the "space, en dash, space" sequence is the predominant style in German and French typography. (See En dash versus em dash below.) Indesign will hyphenate your body copy automatically if the "Hyphenate" tick box is selected, it can be found within the paragraph panel. If it is not activated go to Window > Type and Tables > Paragraph. Manche Wörter möchte man beim Schreiben in Word nicht trennen, auch wenn Sie am Ende einer Zeile stehen. Ein Beispiel ist E-Mail. Wenn Sie diesen Absatz mit.

Impressed GmbH Bahrenfelder Chaussee 49D-22761 Hamburg Tel: +49 40-89 71 89 0Fax: +49 40-89 71 89 71www.impressed.deAs discussed above, the en dash is sometimes recommended instead of a hyphen in compound adjectives where neither part of the adjective modifies the other—that is, when each modifies the noun, as in love–hate relationship. In diesem kostenlosen ca. halbstündigen Webinar stellen wir Ihnen das neueste Produkt aus dem Hause Impressed vor: Der Impressed Workflow Server (IWS) ist eine automatisiert arbeitende PDF-Workflow-Lösung für Druckereien mit einer zentralen, Datenbank-gestützten Jobverwaltung und einer Browser-basierten Jobsteuerung. Die Bedienoberfläche des IWS ermöglicht eine Übersicht über die aktuellen in der Produktion befindlichen Dateien und kann deren weiteren Verlauf steuern. Der IWS automatisiert und standardisiert somit die Produktion. Eine kleine Navigationshilfe zur weiteren Beschäftigung mit dem gesellschaftlichen Wandel, der durch die Onlinetechnologien angestoßen worden ist, bietet dieser Studienbrief, der seinen. - Open Indesign CC and place your image. - Select the Color Theme Tool and click on the image. - The main 5 colors will be added to your Swatches. (Go to WINDOW > COLOR > SWATCHES) Here is a tutorial directly from Adobe: Indesign Color Themes. Here are your possibilities: - Select the arrow to choose different color combinations

In French, em or en dashes can be used as parentheses (brackets), but the use of a second dash as a closing parenthesis is optional. When a closing dash is not used the sentence is ended with a period (full-stop) as usual. Dashes are, however, much less common than parentheses. The En Dash is commonly used to substitute the word 'to' when adding dates. Notice how the En Dash has a space on either side.

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The en dash is used to contrast values or illustrate a relationship between two things.[11][14] Examples of this usage include: In many languages, such as Polish, the em dash is used as an opening quotation mark. There is no matching closing quotation mark; typically a new paragraph will be started, introduced by a dash, for each turn in the dialog. Option-click Number of characters Horizontal, Number of Characters Vertical, Character Aki, Line Aki, Vertical Scale, Horizontal Scale, Grid View, Font Size, Number of Columns, or Column Gutter iconThe em dash is used in several ways. Primarily in places where a set of parentheses or a colon might otherwise be used,[34][full citation needed] it can show an abrupt change in thought or be used where a full stop (period) is too strong and a comma too weak. Em dashes are also used to set off summaries or definitions.[35] Common uses and definitions are cited below with examples. Monospaced fonts that mimic the look of a typewriter have the same width for all characters. Some of these fonts have em and en dashes that more or less fill the monospaced width they have available. For example, the sequence "hyphen, en dash, em dash, minus" shows as "- – — −" in a monospace font.

The dash is a punctuation mark that is similar in appearance to the hyphen and minus sign but differs from these symbols in length and, in some fonts, height above the baseline.The most common versions of the dash are the en dash (-), longer than a hyphen; the em dash (—), longer than the en dash; and the horizontal bar (―), whose length varies across typefaces but tends to be between. Legal Notices   |   Online Privacy Policy Bindestrich und Gedankenstrich unterscheiden sich in ihrer Länge lediglich um wenige Millimeter, dennoch erfüllen sie orthografisch unterschiedliche Funktionen: Wird der Gedankenstrich vor allem dort verwendet, wo beim Sprechen eine Pause stünde, oder als Einschub innerhalb eines längeren Gedankengangs, dient der Bindestrich der Verbindung von Worten und Wortteilen In Spanish, em dashes can be used to mark off parenthetical phrases. Unlike in English, the em dashes are spaced like brackets, i.e., there is a space between main sentence and dash, but not between parenthetical phrase and dash.[51] Alt-click Number of characters Horizontal, Number of Characters Vertical, Character Aki, Line Aki, Vertical Scale, Horizontal Scale, Grid View, Font Size, Number of Columns, or Column Gutter icon

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Quick Tip: Importing Graphics Using InDesign CS5 When using dashes you have three options available, a hyphen, an en dash and an em dash. Choosing the right dash for the job in hand is usually overlooked and misunderstood In Canada, The Canadian Style: A Guide to Writing and Editing, The Oxford Canadian A to Z of Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation: Guide to Canadian English Usage (2nd ed.), Editing Canadian English, and the Canadian Oxford Dictionary all specify that an em dash should be set closed when used between words, a word and numeral, or two numerals. In Unicode, the en dash is U+2013 (decimal 8211). In HTML, one may use the numeric forms – or –; there is also the HTML entity –. InDesign provides shortcuts to help you quickly work in documents without using the mouse. Many keyboard shortcuts appear next to the command names in menus. You can use the default InDesign shortcut set or a shortcut set that you create. You can share shortcut sets with others using InDesign on the same platform

Because early comic book letterers were not aware of the typographic convention of replacing a typewritten double hyphen with an em dash, the double hyphen became traditional in American comics. This practice has continued despite the development of computer lettering.[42][43] Da der Gedankenstrich schwieriger zu erreichen ist, wird oft der Bindestrich fälschlicherweise an seiner statt verwendet. Dieser Fehler lässt sich leicht vermeiden, wenn Sie das entsprechende Tastaturkürzel kennen. Das zeigen wir Ihnen hier.

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Dabei ist auch zu bedenken, dass viele Freiwillige bemüht sind, rasch, kompetent, sachlich und erst noch kostenfrei Fragen zu beantworten. Es wäre unfär diesen Benutzern gegenüber, wenn ihr Einsatz hiermit ausgenützt würde. Das Forum soll ebenfalls ein Nachschlagewerk sein und wird mit dem Löschen von Themen und Beiträgen unbrauchbar.Either the en dash or the em dash may be used as a bullet at the start of each item in a bulleted list. (This is a matter of graphic design rather than orthography.)

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Word-Ärgernis: Bindestrich contra Gedankenstrich • Für 2013, 2010,2007 • Markus Hahner® - Duration: 4:10. Markus Hahner 2,218 view It may indicate an interpolation stronger than that demarcated by parentheses, as in the following from Nicholson Baker's The Mezzanine (the degree of difference is subjective). Glitter, felt, yarn, and buttons—his kitchen looked as if a clown had exploded.A flock of sparrows – some of them juveniles – alighted and sang.Envato Tuts+ tutorials are translated into other languages by our community members—you can be involved too!

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pre2media gmbh Eichtalstrasse 54Postfach 158 CH-8634 Hombrechtikon Tel +41 (0)55 244 42 75Mobile +41 (0)79 297 95 70 www.pre2media.chThe dash is a punctuation mark that is similar in appearance to the hyphen and minus sign but differs from these symbols in length and, in some fonts, height above the baseline. The most common versions of the dash are the en dash (–), longer than a hyphen; the em dash (—), longer than the en dash; and the horizontal bar (―), whose length varies across typefaces but tends to be between those of the en and em dashes.[a] InDesign Einzüge und Aufzählungen (I) Absätze gliedern Text in einzelne Gedanken. Innerhalb eines Absatzes kann Text mittels Gedankenstrich oder Bulletpoint gegliedert werden. So wirds gemacht. Ralf Turtschi Ralf Turtschi ist Inhaber der Agenturtschi, R. Turtschi AG, visuelle Kommunikation, 8800 Thalwil. Der Autor zahlreicher Büche Publisher – Schweizer Fachzeitschrift für Publishing und Digitaldruck Digipress GmbH Schulgasse 5 8400 Winterthur Tel: 052 269 18 30 www.publisher.chThe en dash – always with spaces in running text when, as discussed in this section, indicating a parenthesis or pause – and the spaced em dash both have a certain technical advantage over the unspaced em dash. Most typesetting and word processing expects word spacing to vary to support full justification. Alone among punctuation that marks pauses or logical relations in text, the unspaced em dash disables this for the words it falls between. This can cause uneven spacing in the text, but can be mitigated by the use of thin spaces, hair spaces, or even zero-width spaces on the sides of the em dash. This provides the appearance of an unspaced em dash, but allows the words and dashes to break between lines. The spaced em dash risks introducing excessive separation of words. In full justification, the adjacent spaces may be stretched, and the separation of words further exaggerated. En dashes may also be preferred to em dashes when text is set in narrow columns, such as in newspapers and similar publications, since the en dash is smaller. In such cases, its use is based purely on space considerations and is not necessarily related to other typographical concerns.

Seven social sins: politics without principles, wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, and worship without sacrifice. The principial difference in punctuation between German and English is: While English uses punctuation to support finding a proper melody for the reader (and is, thus, a matter of taste in a lot of areas), German punctuation is much more strict and has nothing to do with melody, but rather keeps apart grammatical components of a sentence The horizontal bar (.mw-parser-output .monospaced{font-family:monospace,monospace}U+2015 ― ), also known as a quotation dash, is used to introduce quoted text. This is the standard method of printing dialogue in some languages. The em dash is equally suitable if the quotation dash is unavailable or is contrary to the house style being used. Spacebar (with no text insertion point), Option–drag (with text insertion point), or Option+spacebar (in both text and nontext modes)**Amount is set in Edit > Preferences > Units & Increments (Windows) or InDesign > Preferences > Units & Increments (Mac OS).

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Three em dashes one after another can be used in a footnote, endnote, or another form of bibliographic entry to indicate repetition of the same author's name as that of the previous work,[39] which is similar to the use of ibid. Gedankenstrich (Halbgeviertstrich) dient zum Einklammern von Sätzen und wird dann mit Leerzeichen davor und danach gesetzt. Er ist länger als der Bindestrich. Indesign, QuarkExpress, Macromedia Freehand, etc.) bieten oft die Möglichkeit solche Leerräume und die oben beschriebe Binde- und Gedanken­strich von Christoph Koeberlin. Ein kleiner Unterschied mit großer Wirkung - und häufig falsch gemacht. Die beiden Geschwister Bindestrich »-« und Gedankenstrich » - « unterscheidet meistens nur ihre Länge, und dennoch ist es alles andere als egal, welchen der beiden man verwendet.. Bindestric Möchtest du deine Online-Reichweite vergrössern und deine digitale Präsenz optimieren? Dann könnte dich der #DigitalMarketingSummit vom 25. bis 29. Mai 2020 interessieren. An 10 Sessions zu verschiedenen Themen erhältst du je drei sofort umsetzbare Tipps. Montag 25.05.2020 Facebook für Unternehmen LinkedIn Profil und mehr Dienstag 26.05.2020 Twitter für Unternehmen Inhalt & Funktion der Webseite überprüfen Mittwoch 27.05.2020 E-Commerce (mit WooCommerce) Grundlagen für die Digitalisierung Donnerstag 28.05.2020 Google Search Ads (SEA) Google My Business (Maps Eintrag) Freitag 29.05.2020 Xing für Unternehmen Storytelling mit Instagram

In TeX, the standard fonts have no figure dash; however, the digits normally all have the same width as the en dash, so an en dash can be substituted when using standard TeX fonts. In XeLaTeX, one can use \char"2012.[3] Linux Libertine font also has the figure dash glyph. Verband der Schweizer Druckindustrie (VSD) Schosshaldenstrasse 20 3006 Bern Tel.: +41 31 351 15 11 Fax: +41 31 352 37 38www.druckindustrie.chIn most uses of en dashes, such as when used in indicating ranges, they are closed up to the joined words. It is only when en dashes take the role of em dashes – for example, in setting off parenthetical statements such as this one – that they take spaces around them.[30][full citation needed] For more on the choice of em versus en in this context, see En dash versus em dash. Like the en dash the em dash is not visible on keyboard and must be activated. The shortcut is Option + Shift + Hyphen or you can go to Type > Insert Special Character > Hyphens and Dashes > Em Dash.

Typewriters and early computers have traditionally had only a limited character set, often having no key that produces a dash. In consequence, it became common to substitute the nearest available punctuation mark or symbol. Em dashes are often represented in British usage by a single hyphen-minus surrounded by spaces, or in American usage by two hyphen-minuses surrounded by spaces. An em dash may be used to indicate omitted letters in a word redacted to an initial or single letter or to fillet a word, by leaving the start and end letters whilst replacing the middle letters with a dash or dashes (for the purposes of censorship or simply data anonymization). In this use, it is sometimes doubled. In English, the en dash is usually used instead of a hyphen in compound (phrasal) attributives in which one or both elements is itself a compound, especially when the compound element is an open compound, meaning it is not itself hyphenated. This manner of usage may include such examples as:[12][13][19][20]

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  1. When an en dash is unavailable in a particular character encoding environment—as in the ASCII character set—there are some conventional substitutions. Often two hyphens are the substitute.
  2. The disambiguating value of the en dash in these patterns was illustrated by Strunk and White in The Elements of Style with the following example: When Chattanooga News and Chattanooga Free Press merged, the joint company was inaptly named Chattanooga News-Free Press (using a hyphen), which could be interpreted as meaning that their newspapers were news-free.[21]
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  1. A&F Computersysteme AG Stefan Schärer Leiter Verkauf und Marketing Stv. Geschäftsführer | VR | Mitinhaber Sandgruebestrasse 4 6210 Sursee, Switzerland www.a-f.ch/
  2. Der Halbgeviertstrich (-), auch Langstrich, ist in der Typografie ein waagerechter Strich, der ein Halbgeviert lang ist. Er wird als Gedankenstrich, Bis-Strich und Streckenstrich sowie bei Geldbeträgen verwendet. Andere waagerechte Striche, mit denen der Halbgeviertstrich häufig verwechselt wird, sind das Minuszeichen, der Viertelgeviertstrich, der Geviertstrich und der Doppelgeviertstrich.
  3. There is no support in the standard TeX fonts, but one can use \hbox{---}\kern-.5em--- instead, or simply an em dash.
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