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I just bought the small sized bottle of this tonight and gave myself a spray after my shower. Wow! I really like it on my skin. After reading here I hope I am not disappointed to find it discontinued when I go back for the full size.This reminded me of Armani Si, which I do not like. There is something sharp about this fragrance that is off-putting. With that being said, I think Lahnna is absolutely correct, Victoria's Secret sells what it does because their market is mostly, from what I can tell, females in between the ages 14-30. And I feel the older of their pool and up is only looking for the basic neutrals

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Cookinseln, Fidschi, Französisch-Polynesien, Kiribati, Neukaledonien, Neuseeland, Norfolkinsel, Papua-Neuguinea, Salomonen, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Wallis und FutunaI love almond and nearly every note in this perfume. Unfortunately, it can be too strong for me. I think it is best worn in cold winter months. Also, am I alone in smelling pepper? Whenever I sniff my mini perfume spray, I smell sweetness, almond, and pepper. I'm thinking it could be the fizzy-ness of the champagne that smells like pepper to me. All around good scent, just too strong for me to wear frequently!Copyrights © 2006-2020 Fragrantica.com perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United StatesI love the sparkling champagne note and creamy almond together. The sweetness brings the notes together and it is so beautiful. It is a youthful gourmand. I can also smell the patchouli-sh note too.Wenn eine Bestellung an einen der Standorte von eShopWorld (Definition siehe unten) versendet wird, stimmen Sie zu, dass wir und eShopWorld (der internationale Händler von Victoria's Secret für den Versand an die Standorte von eShopWorld) Ihre Daten, die während der Transaktion zum Abschluss Ihrer Bestellung erhoben wurden, miteinander teilen dürfen; und Sie stimmen zu, dass Sie zur Bezahlseite von eShopWorld weitergeleitet werden, um Ihre Bestellung abzuschließen. Nähere Informationen finden Sie in Datenschutzrichtlinie (die zudem Details zur Cookie-Technologie enthält) und Verkaufsbedingungen von eShopWorld sowie in unserer Datenschutzrichtlinie.

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Die Standorte von eShopWorld sind folgende: Australien, Österreich, Belgien, Bulgarien, Kroatien, Zypern, Tschechische Republik, Dänemark, Estland, Finnland, Frankreich, Deutschland, Griechenland, Hongkong SAR, Ungarn, Indien, Irland, Italien, Japan, Lettland, Litauen, Luxemburg, Malta, Mexiko, Niederlande, Norwegen, Polen, Portugal, Rumänien, Singapur, Slowakei, Slowenien, Südkorea, Spanien, Schweden, Schweiz, Taiwan, Vereinigtes Königreich.I have the fragrance mist. I absolutely love it. More so than many of my perfumes. I find BBW and Victoria secrets have some really good fragrance mists. I do like a few of Victoria secret perfumes but with BBW I find I only like their fragrance mists. The same scent as a perfume don't work as nicely for me. I have not had the opportunity of trying the perfume version of this but I know I love the mist and it's relatively inexpensive, so I'll just continue stocking up on that one and using liberally. :)Verpassen Sie nicht Victoriassecret Kundenbewertungen und Meinungen , alle Informationen über Victoriassecret und KundenrezensionenI'm not a fan of B&BW perfume as they usually smell quite cheap. However when I hugged my friend I noticed she smelled very nice. Sweet and warm but not cloying. To my surprise she said that she was wearing 1000 wishes. Really nice for B&BW (at least on her it was).Take her for what she’s worth...yes it’s a Bath and Body Works fragrance but she’s fun, ready to party, and a mood lifter post holidays. I got the body wash as a gift last year and felt indifferent when I smelled the bottle. THEN I showered with it and oh my stars it reminds me of a holiday concoction I mix up for parties, I practically want to drink it! I ordered the perfume off EBay and thoroughly enjoyed it this past holiday season. I love the initial spray - the champagne is heavy and brings to mind a few fun times I have had with the girls pregaming for an exciting night out drinking almond champagne. I wore this on New Year’s Eve and it felt perfect. I reach for this one when I want to brighten up a dreary January day.

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  1. Bath and Body Works launches new women's fragrance called A Thousand Wishes for the winter season of 2014: Warm your heart a thousand times over with a festive blend of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies and almond crème . The fragrance opens with accords of champagne, star fruit and golden quince. Its heart blossoms with crystal peony and purple freesia, followed by the warm base of.
  2. g in joggers and converse during my daily commutes on the train, I'd get sporadic compliments from nearby passengers (usually during the morning commute when we were still fresh and joyful, unoppressed by the hectic, caging societal norms). Got a few "you smell really nice" and some "what is that scent? I'd love to buy it for my wife!" I *totally* did not douse myself in this fragrance to increase its strength. Totally. Fruity and floral, the sillage and longevity are stronger than other B&BW scents, though still fairly weak (I literally did 15-20 spritzes a day). Keep in
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  4. Bahrain, Bangladesch, Bhutan, Brunei Darussalam, Gazastreifen, Indonesien, Israel, Jemen, Jordanien, Kambodscha, Kasachstan, Katar, Kirgisistan, Kuwait, Laos, Libanon, Macau SAR, Malaysia, Malediven, Mongolei, Nepal, Oman, Osttimor, Pakistan, Philippinen, Saudi-Arabien, Sri Lanka, Tadschikistan, Thailand, Türkei, Usbekistan, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate (VAE), Vietnam
  5. A Thousand Wishes smells sweet and sharp at the same time. The copy that came with it lists the notes as follows: Pink Prosecco Sparkling Quince Crystal Peonies Gilded Amber Amaretto Creme, Mostly it is a sweet fruity-floral with a lot of almonds. Similar to Mariah Carey's Dreams, but not nearly as good. Not offensive, just not very original. Another by Adriana Medina.


@octobertragedy There are few BBW stores in my country but the price is like 2.5 times more expensive than in the US. Because the customs tax in my country for imported cosmetics/fragrances is stupidly high. The products that sold here are also limited and delayed. I've never seen EDT version in the BBW stores in my country, only body spray. However many re-sellers here sell BBW products for reasonable price and the types of product are more various than those in the official stores. (That's sound funny but it's true lol) I've never tried A Thousand Wishes yet, but it's definitely on my list :) 3 Aug 2013 - What people wore in the Vctorian Era. See more ideas about Victorian fashion, Fashion and Vintage outfits Anguilla, Antigua und Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Bonaire, Britische Jungferninseln, Curacao, Dominica, Dominikanische Republik, El Salvador, Grönland, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaika, Kaiman-Inseln, Kostarika, Martinique, Montserrat, Nikaragua, Panama, St. Kits und Nevis, St. Vincent und die Grenadinen, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin (Französischer Teil), Sint Eustatius und Saba, Sint Maarten (Niederländischer Teil), Trinidad und Tobago, Turks- und Caicosinseln

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  1. Sparen Sie mit Aktuelle Victoriassecret Gutscheine und exklusive Victoriassecret Angebote 2020, Victoriassecret Rabattcodes getestet im Mai für den kostenlosen Versand, Victoriassecret Coupons und Rabattaktionen...und andere Ermäßigungen.
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  3. Definitely get the peony and almond notes. It sounds like an odd combination, yet somehow it works perfectly! This is a gorgeous, sexy scent. It's very luxurious, quite like a glass of champagne- I do detect a hint of it in this scent, but not in a bitter, alcohol way, it's very light and subtle. I wear this any time of year, but I definitely see how it could be geared more towards fall and winter.
  4. Åland-Inseln, Albanien, Andorra, Armenien, Aserbaidschan, Bosnien und Herzegowina, Färöer, Georgien, Gibraltar, Island, Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, Kanarische Inseln, Mazedonien, Moldawien, Monaco, Montenegro, San Marino, Serbien, Vatikanstadt, Weißrussland
  5. Victoria's Secret Bras, Panties, Lingerie, Sleep, Sport, Swim, Apparel, Beauty & More. Browse Today And Discover Our Newest Styles. Free Shipping, See Site For Details
  6. Beautiful fragrance. It would hands down be my signature if it had even just a little sillage or longevity. In my opinion, the EDP doesn't have much more staying power than the mist. 12/7/17 - FYI, I believe the EDP has very recently been discontinued. It's no longer on their website or in stores. A Bath and Body works employee recently confirmed that they would no longer be carrying once they're out of stock. Stock up on Amazon while they're still available and not yet 4x the original cost.


This is the only fragrance from BBW that I own. There are no BBW stores in my country, but there are some re-sellers that sell brands like BBW and VS at extremely high prices. When I bought it, knowing that I would pay probably double the actual price, I though I would only get ONLY one. So I did and for my surprise the decision was very easy to make. Please don't judge me, but I am not such a big fan of BBW fragrances...but I simply adore this one. It is a bitter-sweet fruity sparkling juice. A fragrance for any kind of celebration (hence the name and packaging that looks like a birthday cake). The main notes that I get is quince (LOOOVE), cocoa, amber, sugar. I, like many other here, I seem to grab and sniff it every time I see it in my collection. Even though it is more suitable for cold weather, it is very sunny, positive and youthful. Due to all these appreciated features, I consider it a good buy.Sooo sweet, I really like this coz i'm into sweet scents. It last a long time too, 6-8 hours on me, that's all, it's plain and simply sweet Bath and Body Works launches new women's fragrance called A Thousand Wishes for the winter season of 2014: "Warm your heart a thousand times over with a festive blend of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies and almond crème"

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  1. utes. Nothing quite as remarkable as the champagne in amber blush though. The flowers just kind of get ignored all together and I start smelling a sugary almond dry down that is mushed up with a bit of the synthetic fruit. It isn't to die for but it's a lot better than the top notes for me. My 7.5 mL was bought mainly out of vanity and the dry down. I love that BBW offers those cute little
  2. This scent is pleasant enough, but nothing different for BBW. It smells very similar to Velvet Sugar, with a little bit of Forever Midnight thrown in (not surprising, since FM was recently discontinued). I get something a little sharp in the beginning, but it becomes nicer after it dies down some. Overall,a nice,sparkly,sweet,festive scent for the holidays.
  3. I think this scent is a really close match to a scent they had a few years ago called Jingle Billini. It's inoffensive, but in my opinion, pretty boring, and a bit too sticky sweet.
  4. Victoria's Secret pflegende Körperlotion -: Category: Beauty > pflegende Körperlotion Item number: 7429928F232 Vendor: Spartoo DE Currency: EUR Price: EUR26.38 Victoria's Secret pflegende..
  5. ds me of Christmas during the daytime! It’s so fresh and sparkly! It was my signature scent for a few years until I moved on to different scents. I still keep a travel sized bottle in my bag in case I need to freshen up.


This isn't the most unique composition I've ever smelled, but it's quite pleasant, with really good longevity and projection for a B&BW scent. I sprayed it on my arm, went to bed, and it was still projecting within a foot when I woke up the next morning. Given the ubiquity of fruity florals, I'm not certain this is a FB worthy release, but it is most definitely worth purchasing the sample size and wearing it for a time. Thumbs up!Ah. ....a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Seasons to All. With that, I will review a recent gift. Firstly, I will be gracious, and receive this with the utmost joy it brings, just because it was gifted to me. Ah, yes, fruity, with just the right balance of sweetness...in the lotion. It smells like fresh strawberries in a glass of champagne and cream, sprinkled (heavily) with peonies. Wearable, fresh, and most importantly, not cloying. A scent I have smelled many times before. Non offensive. Oh,what is this I see dancing in front of me? A boozed up, bonneted Strawberry Shortcake, the icon of the 1980's. Dare you bring vanilla here!! Back, back!! Oh, we'll fix that up with a few drops of damask rose oil.....be gone you fruited little tyke with your sneaky vanilla, and take your Blueberry Shortcake sister with you!! Feliz Navidad.One of the few B&BW scents I can actually wear. I enjoy it so much in all its forms, but especially the body spray. It's joyful, exhilarating and sensual without being too strong. I hope they never discontinue it!I agree with the previous reviewer, I have smelled this smell a *thousand* times before in B&BW. I would compare it as almost identical to Velvet Sugar, which to me is nothing special. To me, this is artificial smelling and just isn't pleasant. To me this is kind of a jumbled sweet mess. I can't detect anything specific about it. It smells practically like as I mentioned Velvet Sugar as well as Be Joyful. This is the reason I don't like B&BW too much. Same recycled notes, different order on the bottle and they slap a new name on it. The only one I like it Tahiti Island Dream. That one isn't remotely like this one but I'd recommend it if you like something sweet, a little tropical. Just throwing that out there. VERSAND VON EINKÄUFEN AN AUSGEWÄHLTE STANDORTE AUSSERHALB DER USA. Wenn eine Bestellung an einen der Standorte von eShopWorld (Definition siehe unten) versendet wird, stimmen Sie zu, dass wir und eShopWorld (der internationale Händler von Victoria's Secret für den Versand an die Standorte von eShopWorld) Ihre Daten, die während der Transaktion zum Abschluss Ihrer Bestellung erhoben wurden.


I got this today and I kept sniffing it trying to remember where I smelled this before and it hit me. Smells like Pink Vanilla Kiss from Body Fantasies, almost the same. But the Pink Vanilla kiss, which isn't in this database lasts longer and has more sweetness and the Thousand wishes has more musk. They have the same effervescent fruitiness. I like them both well enough but I wouldn't buy the Thousand Wishes, much too expensive in my country. The Body fantasies however, I keep repurchasing.So I have quite a bit of a confession to make about this fragrance, I really really like it! I've smelled this numerous times at bath and body works and I've always passed it off as "okay" or "eh, I don't like it all that much". But now, for whatever reason, I can't get enough of it. I should preface this by saying that lately I've been alternating scents like crazy (not all of the scents I alternate are bath and body works) and that I become obsessed with a scent for a small period of time and then move on. I was in Bath and Body Works today, and I was looking for some new lotions to add to my collection and I came across this one (as usual) and I decided to smell it again and I really was enchanted by the scent. I asked my boyfriend to give it a sniff and he said he really liked it too. This is going to sound insane but right off the bat of course you smell a nice fruity tone with no berries but citrus fruits, but it also smells incredibly earthy. I mean EARTHY, almost as if there is some patchouli in this. I usually am not a fan of scents that are heavy on the patchouli but some scents that have it really smell wonderful. A Thousand Wishes is definitely more sophisticated than I initially thought. It has a small masculine edge which to me is slightly unexpected. I think this scent is perfect for mixing any other sweet smelling scents or even dryer scents. I can finally see now why this scent has been so popular and loved. Trending Now: 43 Coupons, Promo Codes, & Deals at adidas + Earn 2% Cash Back With Giving Assistant. Save Money With 100% Top Verified Coupons & Support Good Causes Automatically This is one of my new favorites from B&BW,IMO this is one of their best scents ever created. **From the B&BW site..Top Notes: Sparkling Champagne, Twinkling Star Fruit, Golden Quince •Mid Notes: Crystal Peonies, Purple Freesia •Dry Notes: Gilded Amber, Almond Crème, Sugared Sandalwood, Velvet Musk I can smell hints of everything above and IMO this one is a winner,I hope they make it permanent. This body mist has really great staying power and the scent IMO is sexy,elegant and not too fruity...the champagne note,musk,almond and mix of fruit & floral is perfect!!!! It has its own uniqueness!A Thousand Wishes isn't exotic or expensive. But I get more compliments wearing this than I do wearing fragrances that cost 5x as much. I keep a travel spray in my purse from November-February. It's easy to wear and it's pleasant.


The fragrance opens with accords of champagne, star fruit and golden quince. Its heart blossoms with crystal peony and purple freesia, followed by the warm base of amber, almond crème, sugared sandalwood and velvet musk. The fragrance is available as 75 ml Eau de Parfum with an accompanying collection. A Thousand Wishes was created by Calice Becker, Adriana Medina-Baez, John Gamba and Aurelien Guichard.I agree entirely with some of the posters here; this is not juvenile, girly or immature at all. It is light, because it is BBW and that's kind of just what they do...everything is relatively light. However, this is a beautiful and grown up scent. When compared with popular fragrances like Versace Bright Crystal, LVEB, celebrity perfumes, and a few others, it's quite decidedly adult. Yes, it does have a bit of sugar and freesia (which may be where folks are pulling similarities to other popular juvenile scents), but it's all blended so well between the starfruit, quince (which is rather bitter), and amber that it doesn't register as childish. The notes are harmonizing so well together that it creates a symphony of classy notes. With the amaretto tagging along, it feels very smooth and again, quite balanced indeed. This feels very well thought out and well executed. It doesn't seem like another hurried BBW production, and for that reason I love it! It's tame and office/church friendly, but it's pretty enough to be enjoyable and not become boring. It's EXCELLENT on rainy/damp days for some reason. It really tends to sing when it's overcast. Definitely a mood lifter <3 *Good merciful heavens this smells amazing with Michael Kors Wonderlust 😃 Power combo!I guess I'm the odd ball in this group but I've never purchased a B&BW Perfume before but with this one I had to! Most of the fragrances from B&BW are all the same to me, very sweet and one dimensional well Thousand Wishes is nothing like those! This fragrance reminds me a lot of With Love and more recently Untold but with more of a sparkling champagne note and smoother finish. The lasting ability is very good but isn't overbearing or artificial. I've only been wearing this fragrance for a couple weeks but receive a compliment on it almost every time I go out! I'm in my 30's and this fragrance is far from childish or old fashioned, I absolutely love it.well when i smelled it the first time i had to check the bottle again cause i was sure i smelled this before. dark kiss? be enchanted? twilight woods? that bourbon and strawberry thing? honestly this is like most of their other "famous" scents repackaged in a different bottle under a different name. you can basically group the bbw scents together by generic smell. like this and all the ones i mentioned above are in one group. country chic, endless weekend, forever sunshine, love and sunshine in another... and so on. unfortunately for me, this is one of the generic bbw smells that i really dislike.Fruity , sugary , young girly , attractive bottle. It lingers in the air and you automatically feel happy and bubbly. Takes your cares away...used the 2nd bottle of mist and have a bit remaining. I think its a timeless perfume.

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June7Rose, I concur lol I love Vanilla Bean Noel, its my favorite but everything is same old, same old any scents that were somewhat distinctive get discountinued :(I agree that this is nothing special, as are most B&BW releases, but it is a fun, sparkly frag. For those who love fizzy champagne in a frag, this is a lighthearted, festive one. I agree the opening can be a little on the sharp side, and that could be the champagne note. The dry down is more gourmand and creamier though. I had a coupon, so I got the shower gel and body cream. It seems to be inoffensive, so if anything I can wear it to work.

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It's sweet, kind of fruity and VERY boring. Not good, not bad. It's just...there. At least it's inoffensive.Q: Gibt es Einschränkungen beim Versand in mein Land/an meinen Standort? A: Siehe Einschränkungen beim internationalen Versand.

This is a rather light fragrance, especially in the "fragrance mist" form. Initially it is a sparkling, summery fruity floral(interesting because of the starfruit) with a touch of almond, then the almond disappears for a while and a quince/peony accord dominates, but A Thousand Wishes still remains soft. The drydown is a bit musky, with the amber that BBW likes to include in many of their fragrances, but the almond and starfruit also return. This scent seems to gain strength in warmer or more humid conditions, so I think it would be ideal for a summer perfume. Longevity is decent, while the sillage is close to a "skin scent". I suspect the EDT is a touch more powerful but this is still not a "loud" scent by any means.This page contains information, reviews, perfume notes, pictures, new ads, vintage posters and videos about Bath and Body Works A Thousand Wishes fragrance but we do not warrant the accuracy of information. Trademarks and logos belong to respected companies and manufacturers and are used solely to identify products and companies. If you have more information about Bath and Body Works A Thousand Wishes , you can expand it by adding a personal perfume review. Fragrantica has a unique user-driven classification system and you may classify A Thousand Wishes by Bath and Body Works. Click on the appropriate options on the fragrance classification form below the perfume picture. Also, you can find links to 3rd party websites/Internet stores, but Fragrantica has no access or control over those websites. We do not make guarantees nor accept responsibility for what you might find as a result of these links, or for any future consequences including but not limited to money loss. User reviews of A Thousand Wishes by Bath and Body Works represent the views of the credited authors alone and do not reflect Fragrantica's views. These Are the Best Dressed Victoria& Secret Models According to the Angels Auf Amazon Fashion findet sich eine riesige Auswahl beliebter Marken zu günstigen Preisen versandkostenfrei bestellbar ab 29 Euro versandkostenfrei für Prime-Mitglieder schnell geliefert kostenloser Rückversand innerhalb 30 Tagen..

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Bolivien, Brasilien, Chile, Ecuador, Französisch-Guyana, Guyana, Kolumbien, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay, VenezuelaThis is one of my favourite BBW scents. I buy the lotion and shower gel to layer it and it will last for hours. It's sweet and I get a bit of floral but not much fruit. It's a pretty, feminine scent and if you wait for their sales, you can get it for a great price. I like the sparkling packaging too. I think they market this towards Christmas but it's a great scent for any time of the year. The sweetness is not too much for summer because the fragrance as a whole is so light. Great scent that I'll always re-buy.8 Victoriassecret Gutscheine im 2020 Mai → gratis Versand, Alle Victoriassecret Rabattcodes ( jetzt bis zu 10% Rabatt) und andere Victoriassecret Angebote ✂ (neue Victoriassecret coupons & aktionen).My husband loves this fragrance and he rarely says anything about any scent that I wear, so I was definitely surprised when he grabbed the wallflower refill at the store. He normally shows zero interest in mall shopping. Actually, he hates being there, period! It has a beautiful sparkle and fizz to it and the amber isn't overwhelming. I find it really nicely balanced and easy to wear year-round.

I love this scent. It makes me want to celebrate with champagne in hand. It is a very pretty scent just doesn't last for a perfume! I want to smell it every time I see it on my vanity. It has a way of making you long for it. It's pure perfection, again wished it had more lasting power. It has won awards for BBW's. I am happy to see it's offered year round. The movie that this scent reminds me of is "Auntie Mame" with Rosalind Russell. It's a very exciting, Happy, generous movie. Victoriassecret gutscheincode | Angebote im Mai 2020. 8 Victoriassecret Gutscheine im 2020 Mai → gratis Versand, Alle Victoriassecret Rabattcodes ( jetzt bis zu 10% Rabatt) und andere Victoriassecret Angebote (neue Victoriassecret coupons & aktionen) This scent is Adorable!! Layer this one with Demeter Fragrance Ginger Cookie (It cuts down the sweetness, whilst, keeping it Christmasy!) ...And you'll have guys chasing down the street, wanting to bite you!! (....Not in a Zombie Apocalyptic sort of way!) Sorry,"Walking Dead" Fandoms!

I agree with most on this. Everything smells the same. With few exceptions, everything they make is an uber fruity floral with a cheap teenage vibe, and it's difficult to tell one from the other. I wish they'd get a little more creative sometimes. I know you can't expect the sky for the price, but they should try harder. But then you smell Vanilla Bean Noel, and want to buy stock in the company. :PI may surprise some of you when I say this doesn’t come off as a sugar bomb. It’s quite feminine but I also would not classify it as girly, as I think of scents such as Ariana Grande and Britney Spears when I hear the term girly. This is not one of those perfumes. Nothing wrong with those either, I own many “girly” scents and love them. But A Thousand Wishes is what I’d call more sophisticated and classy. A bit more grown up in a sense. It reminds me a lot of Elizabeth Arden’s Always Red, except it’s much nicer without that smothering, screechy opening. I wanted to love Always Red but the opening ruined it for me and I didn’t feel like waiting thirty minutes for it to settle down every time I wore it. A Thousand Wishes smells exactly like Always Red on the drydown, and it’s more balanced. I’m so happy because that’s the scent I wanted from Always Red and A Thousand Wishes delivered on it! It’s a perfect cool weather fragrance for me, I really enjoy how well-blended it is with no single note really dominating. Not that the bottle matters, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how adorable it is with it’s sparkly ribbon and cute bow. I’m tickled to add this one to my collection of cold weather scents. :-) Scent 9/10 Sillage 6/10 Longevity 7/10Perfume rating: 4.02 out of 5 with 338 votes. Shop 29 top Victoria's Secret Women's Fashion and earn Cash Back from retailers such as Amazon.com, Bloomingdale's, and Kohl's and others such as Verishop and Vestiaire Collective all in one place. Also set Sale Alerts and shop Exclusive Offers only on ShopStyle I wrote a review on this few years back when it first came out and at the time I had rather lukewarm feelings on it. I was in BBW recently to get something else and I saw this scent again. On the spur of the moment, I decided to get edt-so I think I do like it after all but its nothing ground breaking. Its basically light sweet, sparkling scent, that is sort of a cross between light floral and gourmand if that makes sense. BBW seem to have redone their bottles for many fragrances and they all look sort of the same now-small glass cube. I can't say its my favorite. And lasting power is not great on this so I spray it all over me as sort of a body spray. It is however, appropriate for work or any professional situation where you do want to smell nice but don't want to come across as too sexy or wear strong fragrance

My new signature!!! Reminds me of Amber blush some due to the champagne and Amber notes but this is much softer and joy as spicy in me. The Amber blush was very strong in my skin and I got a lot of compliments but I often felt insecure wearing it. I also like VS Amber romance but I don't wear it anymore due to the same issue I had with Amber blush and I was wearing the mists of those! This is so fantastic because it truly does smell differenton everyone. I work at a women's shelter and a client of mine owns his and shares it with several other women who live there. On her, it's very fruity and sugary like velvet sugar and on another client more of the champagne and star fruit come forward. On me, the champagne scent lasts only 10 minutes, which is fine, and the fruit doesn't come forward at all. Instead it leaves my skin a beautiful almond and Amber with a slight peony floralness to it. it lays very close to the skin which is how I'm comfortable. Also, I only wear the triple moisture cream of this because the cream has less of a fruit smell. At the store, the mists seemed very top heavy and I wanted more of the Amber and almond the cream has to offer. PRODUKTBESCHREIBUNG . Das blumig-fruchtige Eau de Parfum The Key von Justin Bieber wurde 2013 eingeführt. Im Gegensatz zu dem Duft Someday, der vor allem romantische Mädchen anspricht, eignet sich The Key für Damen aller Alterskategorien To me, this is a version of Forever Red. This version replaced Rum with Champagne...and what could be better than champagne? (Nothing.) Maybe Bath & Body Works has developed a "Guerlainade" that I'm smelling in both scents (I doubt it), but having owned and enjoyed Forever Red for 4 years, I stand by my comparison of the similarities in Forever Red and A Thousand Wishes. Forever Red was meant to be BBW's "high end" fragrance, and I'm sure it didn't take long for the company to notice that BBW customers generally don't care in the least about "expensive perfumes" and they definitely don't want to pay more for one scent when there are 50 other scents available for 1/2 the cost. For what it is, I personally love Forever Red as an uplifting scent that helps cheer me up on drab days in Autumn. I've used it mostly in the shower or as body cream, and, occasionally, as room spray too. I use BBW hand washes in all my bathrooms, all the time, and I carry the hand sanitizers with me everywhere, so I am familiar with almost all BBW fragrances. A Thousand Wishes calls to mind Amber Blush, Pink Chiffon, Velvet Sugar, Mad About You, Cashmere Glow...cuddly fragrances that are wonderful to wear at bedtime. (And huge sellers). A Thousand Wishes, for me, has replaced Forever Red and my Fall excitement scent because it goes beyond the candelit coziness and leaves openings for adventures. It's very much fun to wear at any time of day or night...anywhere.I only smelled it once but it seemed very similar to Velvet Sugar and Pink Chiffon(as another reviewer said). I don't know what is happening with BBW lately, everything smells the sameOne of my favorite Perfume for tons of compliments from people man you smell good lol but I'm picking all the scents to it all the way one thousand wishes

Victoria Secret Parfum Eternity Calvin Klein Best Perfume For Men Perfume Collection Vintage Perfume Parfum Spray Body Spray Perfume Bottles Fragrance luxurious. romantic. timeless. inspired by a simple band of diamonds and the ideal of lasting love and intimacy, the floral scent is a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary style Fragrantica in your language: | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Sri | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | Beauty Almanac | Falls Sie Ihre Bestellung telefonisch aufgeben möchten, klicken Sie bitte hier, um Versandkosten einzusehen.This smells similiar to Mad About You, but it's lighter. My friend agress. I perfer this over Mad About You. I also think it's a lighter version of Forever Midnight. Lately BBW fragrances are silmilar to each other. They really need to come out with something more original. The body cream smells more like Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj mainly because of the star fruit which is one of my favorite notes. I prefer the smell of the body cream vs the perfume. Overall I give this fragrance 8/10.

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