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Business class seats are located in the lower deck and in the upper deck. In the lower deck there are 45 flat bed seats that have 180 degree recline. The seats of the first 4 rows have 2-2 configuration. Only the 4th row has one additional seat. Close location to the lavatories and galleys may cause discomfort to passengers of the seats 4C and 4H The problem is that you only find that type of First Class on the carrier's remaining Boeing 747-400 fleet - a transitional (upper deck) product bound to disappear during the recently started conversion to a Business, Premium Economy and Economy Class layout. Only Airbus A380s (upper deck), Boeing 747-8s (nose), Airbus A330-300s and Airbus A340. Business Class passengers on Lufthansa A380 occupy the upper deck where there are only five more rows of Economy. As you can imagine, in Business Class the cabin is very large despite the airline having split the 13 rows of Business Class seats between two cabins, one with nine and the other with four rows, separated by the galley First Class. First Class always used to be on the upper deck, at least on Lufthansa aircraft. With the introduction of the new 747-8i that was changed and the eight luxury seats are now located in the nose section of the aircraft

Review: Lufthansa B747-8 Intercontinental First Class. Staircase to upper deck. Upper deck with 32 seats. A pair of empty new Business class on main deck. 2-2-2 seating on the main deck, very spacious on a B747! Now back to First Class, lunch service is getting ready. I took a few more cabin picture and moved my seat to the middle pair for. Upper deck on new 747-8 LH Business Class - Air Travel Forum. Tripadvisor Forums ; Air Travel Forums; Upper deck on new 747-8 LH Business Class . 5 years ago-:- Message from Tripadvisor staff -:- USAirways 767-200 and Lufthansa 747-8 Business Class. 4 replies. Seats in Business Class on A380? (Qantas Headsets in business class were built into the seat and covers for the ears were found in each amenity kit. Headsets were flimsy and appeared cheap, not noise cancelling. Therefore be sure to bring your own if you have them. Lufthansa 747-8i Business Class Overall Thoughts. Lufthansa offers a solid product to get you from point A to point B

Or as Lufthansa tags it - a 74H. I am on the upper deck, in Business class! And yes, it is awesome. The seats are the best I have ever travelled on I am really looking forward to sleeping on the all-flat beds. They are a welcome upgrade from Lufthansa's old inclined 'flat' beds, better known as the 'wedgie-maker' Lufthansa Long-Haul Business Class. In Seattle, Lufthansa uses a contract lounge for business class, The Club at SEA. comprising the entire upper floor of the 747, and the forward part of the lower floor. On the upper floor, the seats are configured in a 2-2 layout, and on the lower floor in a 2-3-2 layout. 2 thoughts on Review.

My Lufthansa 747-8 Business Class Flight Was Disappointing

British Airways | Executive Club - BA A380 business class vs. Lufthansa 747-8 new business class - Hello all Another question for business class comparison. Did a quick search and couldn't find anything How would you compare BA's A380 business class vs. Lufthansa's 747-8 new business class in terms of: 1) Seat? 2) Food The Boeing 747-8 I's upper deck can't be beat for its intimacy and exclusiveness for a Business Cabin. The A380 is somehow quieter, particularly in the First Class Cabin. Aesthetically (and this is really subjective) it's advantage 747-8 Intercontinental but the A380 wing is a piece of sculpture On the Lufthansa Boeing 747-8, there are three business-class cabins. The main deck cabins are arranged in a 2-2-2 format, so people sitting at the windows have to climb over their aisle-seated neighbors. There are eight rows of business-class seats on the main deck: six in the primary business-class cabin (see the photo above) and two farther. Flight Review: Lufthansa A380 First Class Frankfurt to Bangkok Transport. Photos. Flight Review: Lufthansa A380 First Class Frankfurt to Bangkok Image 1 of 14; Flight Review: Lufthansa A380 First Class Frankfurt to Bangkok Image 2 of 14 and also has a little extra room compared to the First Class seats that you find on Lufthansa's other.

Flight Review: Lufthansa (747-8) Business, DC to Frankfur

The long leg of that trip was on Lufthansa's A380 monster from Frankfurt to Johannesburg and I enjoyed myself immensely, despite the fact that the aircraft had the old Business Class cabin. This year I needed to get to JoBurg once again and had enough United miles to burn on Business Class on the Star Alliance network Air Travel - 747 - Upper Deck or Lower Deck? - For our trip to China in the fall we have business class seats with Delta frequent flier miles. On the Shanghai - Detroit return we have choice of. Lufthansa 747-8 Business Class Review- Departing Washington Dulles: While this was my first 747 flight, I have a good bit of wide-body experience in various classes. One fun quirk about boarding twin-aisle planes is that often times two gates are used. To my delight, this is the routine for the Lufthansa 747-8 at Dulles We flew on a CRJ 900 Nextgen from Luxembourg to Frankfurt. The plane is small but great and very silent, especially in the Business Class as you sit in front so far away from the engines. The flight is only 30 minutes, but we had time to enjoy a glass of Champagne together with a light tasty snack. Connecting in Frankfurt can be tricky as the airport is huge, but we know it quite well by now so we feel at ease. We had to go to a service desk to get our boarding passes for the flight to Sao Paulo, then take the skytrain to change terminal.

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Lufthansa 747-8i Business Class Upper Deck LAX-FRA. Glenn Brysen. Follow. 5 years ago | 126 views. Lufthansa Business Class. In the nose of the Boeing 747! JFK-Frankfurt Lower Deck. Fabian Rollo. 2:48. Boeing 747 Upper Deck Business Class! San Francisco to Frankfurt 10 hours non-stop. Marshal Elvie I could have check it before but somehow it didn't cross my mind. So I was really looking forward to spending 9 hours in the new seat. The layout of the cabin looks much more than an actual Business Class. The old Lufthansa Business Class really needed an update ! Lufthansa New Business Class . Lufthansa regularly changes their amenity kits Lufthansa flies three slightly different versions of the Boeing 747-400, all with new slanted lie-flat Business Class seats, and on all of them, First Class is located in the upper deck. This version has the largest number of Business Class seats. Individual LCD video screen in First and Business Class, as well as in-seat power ports

Lufthansa Business Class Boeing 747-8 Upper Deck Flight

Review of the 11 hour overnight flight from Frankfurt to Tokyo Haneda in Lufthansa business class. Flight. The flight was on a Boeing 747-800i and we were seated on the upper deck The Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 features 362 seats in a 1 cabin configuration. Business class has 32 seats in a 2-2 config; this is pretty standard for these aircraft. Legroom-wise, the Business class pitch of 163cm 64 is average, though of course what that means for you depends on how tall you are Boeing 747-800 Business Class Upper Deck, Frankfurt Airline. germany › Brandenburg Lufthansa A380 Upper Deck. Airline. 178 meters Thai Airways A380 - TG921. Airline. 137 meters Turkish Airlines from Frankfurt to Istanbul. Airline. 242 meters Business Class Lufthansa Airbus A340600 Am Flughafen Frankfurt. Airline. 315 meters LH 772.

Similar with the older Boeing 747-400, Korean Air also configured this aircraft with First Class, Prestige Business Class, and Economy Class. The first 747-8 Intercontinental was delivered to Lufthansa on May 5, 2012, and began operating the version on flights from Frankfurt to Washington, D.C., on June 1, 2012 Lufthansa is able to put 60% more business class seats in there compared to British Airways on their respective upper deck (32 vs 20 premium seats). However, Korean's 747-8i happen to boast 22 roomy Apex Suites on the upper deck. Lufthansa business class seat 85A on the upper deck of the Boeing 747-8

Lufthansa 747-8 business class stairs to upper deck. The upper deck on the 747-8 is substantially bigger than on the 747-400, and also feels much fresher, thanks to the modern overhead bins and new seats Considering that it has a great Business Class product installed in the 747-8 which is also a new aircraft, it seems a strange move. The A380 does feature Lufthansa's new First Class product, but the CEO of the German airline has explained that seat manufacturers were unable to supply the necessary quantity in time Lufthansa 747-400 and 747-8. Lufthansa is the second largest passenger 747 operator in the world. They are also the last of the 3 airlines that have both the 747-400 and 747-8. Basically, there is no need to rush here, there are not clear dates for when they want to phase them out This is my first experience with the B747-8 and I'm rather curious to see how the First Class cabin compares to that of the older -400 model, with First on the upper deck. There are three window seats on each side of the cabin and one double seat in the middle Business class seats on the main deck of the Lufthansa Boeing 747-8I Prior to flying on the 747-8I, I had heard that the noise level was higher upstairs, due to the aerodynamics of the aircraft. I personally did not notice a huge difference between the main cabin and upstairs

Quite of bit of business class award tickets opened on United for Lufthansa. I have to position to a new city for the flight, so the origin does not matter. I was wondering if anyone had a preference for what plane to fly? There is availability on the a380, a330, a340, 747-8, 747-4. Does anyone have a preference for which plane to fly There are 8 First Class seats onboard this Lufthansa Boeing 747-8. The seats are located at the lower deck right at the nose of the aircraft. I chose seat 1A which is the seat right at the nose, fun fact the pilots are actually sitting behind me on the upper deck

Lufthansa Business Class 747-8 Review, JFK to Frankfur

  1. This is a three-class configuration, with 262 economy seats, 92 business and 8 first class seats. Those 92 business class seats are distributed with 60 on the main deck, and 32 seats on the upper.
  2. icabin directly behind with just 12 seats, plus 32 on the upper deck
  3. Uncategorized October 13, 2018 Elcho Table 0. cabin version of the boeing 747 800 748 v1 lufthansa 747 business class review seats are controlled electronically lufthansa 747 8 748 upper deck business class cabin boeing 747 8. Pics of : Best Seats Lufthansa 747 8

The arrangement on the upper deck is a 2-2 setup. There is minimal privacy in this business class setup. The seat was clean and tidy with my pillow and blanket. There is plenty of storage in the overhead bins for your personal items. If you're sitting in a window seat, you can store bags and such in the cubby's between your seat and the window Used on routes like Frankfurt-Hong Kong, where there is high demand for premium seating, the 747-8 offers eight redesigned first class seats in the nose and a whopping 80 in business, including on the extended upper deck. Access to this upper deck, with its 32 new business class seats, is via a redesigned staircase which is much wider and. I flew business class on the upper deck of the Korean Air 747 - there is something magic about flying on the upper deck of the Queen of the Skies - much more so than the upper deck of the A380. Sadly the 747 is slowly disappearing from our skies so I was very happy to be able to experience it But remember that I compare business class products for a living and this flight once again confirmed that Lufthansa is uncompetitive in many ways on longhaul flights in business. I flew upstairs on the 747-8. The upper deck is arranged in a 2-2 configuration with eight rows (32 seats) on the upper deck

Review: Flying Upstairs on the Lufthansa 747-8 to and from

  1. Lufthansa business class, upper deck, 747-8 Upstairs on the 747-8 there are 32 additional business-class seats in a business-only cabin, arranged in a 2-2 configuration. What awaits passengers on the upper deck is a very different vibe and the ambience of a private jet
  2. For most airlines, it's just regular business class seating. First class these days is situated on the lower deck in the very front, which makes it easier to segregate from hoi polloi. This is what it looks like on British Airways. Club World on t..
  3. Lufthansa B747-8 main deck seat map. Image Credit: Lufthansa Lufthansa B747-8 upper deck seat map. Image Credit: Lufthansa Cabin. For first class passengers, boarding was through the L1 door on the main deck and at the door of the aircraft, Annabelle handed me over to the cabin crew

Lufthansa 747-8 - upper deck? - SeatGuru Forum - Tripadviso

Business Class features Lufthansa's new flat bed business class seat in 2-2-2 configuration on the main deck and 2-2 on the upper deck. Economy class features individual television monitors. The first class seat is a jaw-dropping 31 inches wide, 83 inches in pitch, and 81 inches in bed mode Lufthansa Business Class Boeing 747-8 - Configuration. The 747 is divided into two decks. The lower deck contains the Economy Class, part of the Business Class and the First Class. The upper deck is a cosy exclusive Business Class cabin with rows of two seats on each side. We were lucky to sit on the upper deck and had one row for the four of us

The best business class seats on Lufthansa's Boeing 747-8s

Lufthansa Business Class is a very nice way to fly longhaul. It's handsome and reliably accessible via transfer partners, but it comes with its drawbacks. First and foremost the taxes and fees are almost uniformly expensive across partner programs ( Avianca and United do provide ways to minimize these), and it lacks all aisle access Once I received the confirmation, I called Lufthansa for a seat assignment. I checked on ExpertFlyer and saw 1K was available. Row 1 on the Boeing 747-8i places you in front of the pilots as you are on the lower deck in the nose as they are on the upper deck. The Lufthansa agent was able to confirm 1K Yes I wanted to try Lufthansa in business, especially on the 747-8i sitting in the upper deck. At least I can scratch it off the bucket list. Sure it was better than the other non-stop alternative from Frankfurt to Chicago on United. But to/from Europe, Austrian and SAS are far better choices for the same points as Lufthansa in my opinion I've flown the Boeing 747-8i before, but this was my first time in the newest Lufthansa Business Class product. The seat isn't all cutting edge, but it is a big improvement on their previous product. Despite the price premium, this was a much better experience than what United offers Feb 8, 2017 - Lufthansa Business Class Boeing 747-8 upper deck flight Review from Frankfurt to Sao Paulo with our Kids for the first part of the 5 weeks summer trip Stay safe and healthy. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times

In this trip report I review my flight on Lufthansa B747-8 in Business Class from Buenos Aires to Frankfurt.This was the homeward bound flight at the end of an extensive tour of South America. We had flown around the continent for five weeks with LATAM, Avianca and Aerolineas Argentinas Lufthansa used to have its first class in the 747 on the upper deck. old F config on 744 was 16 seats on the upper deck. new 744 config is 8 seats each with a bed

Lufthansa 747-8 Business Class Review I One Mile At A Tim

On long-haul flights in Business Class you will experience culinary highlights on every route. Exquisite food, fine wines, top-quality tableware and attentive service are the cornerstones of our Business Class in-flight service. The motto of the new Lufthansa Business Class restaurant service is Exclusivity born of tradition There are 22 upper deck seats spread across six rows (Rows 81-86) in a 2-2 pattern, with Row 86 by the staircase having only two seats. From reading other reviews, it seems that the footwells on Lufthansa business class tend to be rather restrictive, so it's recommended to nab a bulkhead row (i.e., without other seats immediately in front of it) if you can

Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 business class (New York JFK

The Lufthansa Business Class of the Boeing 747-8 from Los Angeles (LAX) to Frankfurt am Main (FRA). Flight report, registration number of the machine: D-ABYH First flight: 09.03.2013 ︎ All info. Lufthansa Business Class. Flying on the 747-8 from the US to Frankfurt, I opted to fly in the all-Business Class upper deck of the plane. It's not often one gets to enjoy the top deck and I liked the idea of a separated cabin It's sad that the best comment one can make about LH's J business class is pretty much Well, at least it's not The Slider anymore. My boarding pass was scanned and I was on board. The door closed behind me. - Oooo, the exclusive last to board experience. Glad you made the flight. Bins on the upper deck of the 747-8i are small

Review: Lufthansa 747-8 Business Class Frankfurt to Los

Interior view of a Boeing 747-8 passenger jumbo jet. Although U.S. airlines will cease using 747 jets for passenger flights by the end of 2017, the plane will still be in service with some. Aug 2, 2012 - Airchive was privileged to be onboard the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental Inaugural Flight on June 1, 2012 as Lufthansa flight 416 from Frankfurt, Germany to Washington D.C. Dulles. The Queen of the Skies of the 21st Century has arrived. See more ideas about Boeing 747 8 intercontinental, Boeing 747 8 and Boeing 747 A further perk is that upper deck economy class passengers board through the rear stairs, so there isn't foot traffic during boarding either. That's great, since the disadvantage of sitting in business class mini-cabins on smaller aircraft is eliminated on Lufthansa's A380

Trip Report: Lufthansa 747-8 Business Class Frankfurt to

  1. Regardless of upper or lower deck, LH business-class seats on the 747-8 all feature 64 inches of pitch and 20 inches of width. Compared to other business-class products, the 20-inch width is.
  2. Part of this is due to the new fully lie-flat business seats that fill the upper deck and part of the lower, as well as the eight first-class seats at the nose of the plane. Boeing 747-8 upper deck Both aircraft offer eight super luxurious first-class seats and a similar number of business-class seats (98 in the A380, 92 in the 747-8)
  3. Trip Reports - Lufthansa 747-8 Business Class - Hi all, a while back I posted a Lufthansa new business class review on Altimtr, a FRA-IAD flight on the 747-8I, and wanted to share it with y'all here. Hope you enjoy. For the full report including more photos, you can go here . Meanwhile, here are the highlights
  4. The lower 2 Business Class cabins and 1 First Class cabin were completely occupied by revenue passengers and VIP's. The 2 economy cabins did have a scattering of empty seats. Lufthansa's Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental seating capacity is a total of 344: 8 First, 92 Business (60 lower-deck and 32 upper-deck), and 262 in economy
  5. Aircraft: Boeing 747-8 Seat: 81A (Business Class) I love the windows to the right of the stairs to the upper deck, a unique feature of the Boeing 747-8. Lufthansa 747-8 Business Class Seat. I chose row 81, the front row of business class, because the foot cutout is slightly larger. The upper deck features eight rows of 2-2 fully lie-flat seat.

In early July I got the opportunity to fly on the new Lufthansa B747-8i in business class. This new aircraft was the first to have LH's new flatbed Business class seats. Over all it is a major improvement from the old LH seats in Business class. I was able to score a seat in the upper deck, and to make it even better the seat next to me was open Because while Lufthansa rolled out its new First Class on the A380, it kept the same old angled bed in Business Class on that airplane. The 747-8, however, introduced the new flat beds in Business Class, and that is way more important for most people

Where to sit (and not to sit!) on the Lufthansa 747-8i

Video: Flying Business Class on the Upper Deck of a Lufthansa

Each 747 has 12 First Class seats, 26 Business Class seats and 385 Economy Class seats. First Class is in the nose of the aircraft on the lower deck in a 2-2 configuration. Business Class occupies the entire upper deck, again in a 2-2 configuration. Economy Class seats, in a 3-4-3 layout, are also on the lower deck behind the First Class cabin Die Lufthansa Business Class der Boeing 747-8 von Los Angeles (LAX) nach Frankfurt am Main (FRA). Flugreport, Registrierungsnummer der Maschine: D-ABYH Erster Flug: 09.03.201 Aboard its Boeing 747-8s, Lufthansa splits business class across both the main and upper decks, with a 2-2-2 layout downstairs as rows 4 to 11/14, and a 2-2 configuration above, oddly numbered as rows 81-88 - so don't be alarmed if your boarding pass sports a high row number: you haven't been downgraded to economy Lufthansa's Boeing 747-8 jets feature on the German airline's key routes to Asia (including Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo) and the United States, including Los Angeles and New York to Frankfurt.. With up to 92 business class seats to choose from on any given flight - spanning both the main deck and the jumbo's iconic upper deck - the seat you select can have a big impact on your journey, so.

Business Class. Upper Deck: Main Deck: With 86 92 (apparently I cannot count) Business Class seats on the plane there are plenty to choose from, at least in theory. That said, there are definitely some which are more comfortable and spacious than others. On the upper deck I like row 84 for the extra bit of space in front of the seats Alexandra boarding the business class upper deck - Lufthansa 747-8. The upper deck of the Boeing 747-8 features a 2-2 configuration that is a bit more comfortable than the larger 2-2-2 configuration on the main level in business class. There are fewer passengers upstairs, which often results in a quieter cabin and easier access to restrooms

Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 business class (New York JFK

Trip Report: Lufthansa Business Class Frankfurt to

Lufthansa Business Class flight on the 747-8i from Frankfurt to Mexico City LH, Boeing, FRA, MEX, Premium, Business Class Trip Report VLog: Lufthansa 747-8i Business Class Upper Deck Frankfurt to Mexico + Lounge It's farewell to the unique Lufthansa 747-400 upper deck first class product with its separate seat and bed, a notably popular combo among passengers with the money (or miles) to spend on it. Interestingly, that cabin only lasted four years, since the refit of the old corrugated blue first class seats in 2011 Before service start on this short 2 hour 45 minutes flight, I visited Business Class behind First Class and also on the upper deck which is very quiet with few passengers. The seat convert to a full flat bed and the configuration is staggered with all aisle access. I really like the design of this seat The food was really good. Inflight entertainment is good. The flight was on time. My only complaint is the attitude of the flight attendants. Fairly arrogant from the beginning and not very attentive as too caught up being fabulous. Which is a shame, cause all in all, LH business class in the 747-8, especially in the upper deck, is a great product

Korean Air Boeing 747-8 Business Class Cabin (Lower Deck) Additionally, Korean Air has five and a half rows of business class on the upper deck, which is where I initially selected my seat. The advantage of the upper deck, apart from being quieter, is that there are storage compartments by the side of every seat This version of Lufthansa's 747-400 offers 67 business-class seats, including 17 in the nose — 28 behind Door 1 and 22 in a private-feeling upper deck. Most of the seats are in a four-row cabin behind the nose in a dense 2-3-2 configuration

Lufthansa uses a 2-2 configuration on the upper deck (I often wonder how an airline would implement all aisle access on the upper deck of a 747- it's way too narrow for a 1-2-1 configuration, and a bit too spacious for a 1-1 configuration Lufthansa has done a great job of keeping the 747-400 updated. The business class seats are high tech and very comfortable. Flights from SEA FRA and return in seats 2A and 2C were great in all respects. Location means that you are served first and there is no traffic to rest rooms except for row 1. That row is also a good location except it is. Lufthansa (LH) releases First Class reward space 14 days prior to departure, which is the only downside to the experience and resulting in a rating of 4 instead of 5 planes. Many routes have consistent availability, especially mid week

November 19, 2013 Last year, Lufthansa became the launch carrier of Boeings 747-8i, the longest aircraft in the world. And since they have the newest business class seats installed in these aircrafts, I made sure Mike and I would be able to test them one day First class in the late '70's & early '80's had a 2 - 2 layout in the nose of KLM's 747-200's when the upper deck was reserved for the F class lounge. If you are travelling with a companion or you don't like some of these super dingy & claustrophobic so called 'private' c class spaces offered on some airlines, I'd prefer this layout

Review: Lufthansa Business Class Toronto to Frankfurt

Lufthansa Flight 572 Frankfurt (FRA) - Johannesburg (JNB) on Wednesday April 15, 2015 Class flown: Lufthansa New Business Class Departure time: 22:05 Arrival time: 08:40 Duration: 10 hours, 35 minutes Business Class configuration: 78 seats on upper deck in 2-2-2 layout. On board-internet: No Type of seat: 180 degree fully-flat Seat width: 26 Lufthansa 747-8i New Business Class FRA-IAD July 14, 2013 · by travelvirtuoso · in Lufthansa , Trip Reports . A word of warning - I never get on flights with the intention of taking lots of photos to share on the internet of a trip report, especially when I'm flying Lufthansa Lufthansa's 747-400 offers a rare opportunity for business-class flyers to score a seat in the nose. I also had an opportunity to experience both Lufthansa 747 variants, sitting in the nose on the Boeing 747-400 for this first leg from Seattle to Frankfurt (FRA), and on the upper deck of the much newer.. Lufthansa 747-8 business class cabin

Seat map Boeing 747-800 Lufthansa

I flew the Lufthansa 748 two weeks ago, and was upgraded to Business courtesy of a United system-wide upgrade (thanks Lufty, you saved me from the torture of your economy class). I was assigned 88K (the yellow one), and upon checking reviews switched to the lower deck (7G) Folks at our sister site Jaunted snagged a business class seat on Lufthansa's shiny new 747-8i—Boeing's newest 747 model. Click through for a photo tour of the plane TRIP REPORT | Lufthansa | 747-400 | Business Class | New York JFK To Frankfurt | Full Flight This is a Business Class Upper Deck review of my Lufthansa flight from New York JFK to Frankfurt on a 747-400 flight LH401. 04:17 Take-off 07:18 Dinner Service 09:51 Watch the sun set 10:31 Checking out the loo 11:25 Breakfast Service 12:32 Landin

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  1. Cabin and Business Class Seat. The business class cabin on this Boeing 747-8 is huge. There are two sections downstairs and we were in the smaller section with just two rows of seats. I chose two seats in the center of this 2-2-2 configured cabin on the lower deck. The upper deck was all business class and looked good too
  2. Enough to take a closer look at the seat and the product New Lufthansa Business Class. Currently just a few machines (this Boeing 747-8 and a few Aribusses) are equipped with it. I had to go for two days to Washington DC business wise and on this track the new seat comes into play in the 747-8. Check-in at TXL
  3. Lufthansa Business Class Boeing 747-8 Upper Deck | Check-In und Boarding Die Boeing 747-8 für den Flug nach Chicago wurde an einem der neueren Z-Gates im Flugsteig A Plus abgefertigt. Dieser neue Teil des Frankfurter Flughafens hat den enormen Vorteil, dass man am Gate viel Platz hat, anders als bei den älteren Z- Gates
  4. The 747-8 has surpassed the Airbus A340-600 as the world's longest airliner. The first -8I was delivered in May 2012 to Lufthansa. The 747-8 has received 154 total orders, including 107 for the -8F and 47 for the -8I as of May 2019. Government, military, and other variant
  5. Those 92 business class seats are distributed with 60 on the main deck, and 32 seats on the upper deck, with the lower deck being 2-2-2 and the upper deck being 2-2
  6. SeatGuru Seat Map Lufthansa
  7. Lufthansa Business Class - Boeing 747-8 'Upper Deck

Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 V4 Upperdeck Seating Chart

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5th Anniversary: Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental InauguralLufthansa 747-8i Business Class FRA-IAD - Travel Codex
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  • Wohnberechtigungsschein münchen.
  • Fabriken in china finden.