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As a Toa of Air, Matau could control, create, or absorb air. As a Toa, he was somewhat worried about not living up to his idea of a Toa, which is part of the reason he took great risks and sometimes acted impulsively, to glorify himself. He was very proud of his Toa stature. As a result, being transformed into a Toa Hordika greatly hurt his pride and made him impatient to save the Matoran so he could work on finding a cure. After defeating the monstrous plant, Matau and the other Toa where told to stop a protodermis leak in the Archives, informed by Nuparu. Then and there, he and the other Toa had to fight numerous Rahkshi and an intelligent Shapeshifting Rahi known as Krahka. Krahka took the form of Onewa when it attacked Matau, blowing him through a wall using Vakama's fire powers. After Whenua calms them down, the group continues until they cross a narrow chasm and are attacked by a Density Control Rahkshi. Matau outwitted the Rahkshi and saved Vakama in the battle. Realizing the Krahka is a shapeshifter that was posing as Whenua, Matau hid to start a trap for the Krahka. After Nuju returned from a mission, the Toa Metru used Matau to expose that Nuju is the Krahka, and Matau pinned the Krahka to the ground. Saving Nuju and Whenua, the Toa fought Krahka and let the Rahi expend her energy. Reaching the Coliseum, Dume revealed himself to be Teridax and drew power as the Great Cataclysm happened. Rescuing six Matoran, Matau piloted the Vahki Transport on the Silver Sea until Teridax began to fight. After a long battle at the Great Barrier between Teridax and Vakama, the six Toa Metru trapped the Master of Shadows in a Protodermis prison. During the battle, Turaga Lhikan sacrificed himself to save Vakama and the Vahi, Mask of Time. The Toa then used the only six Matoran Spheres and used them to travel through the Great Barrier. They then began a search for a safe new home that the left behind Matoran could eventually be taken to. Matau was a boisterous and quick-witted Le-Matoran Test Driver native to Metru Nui who became the Toa Metru of Air, and briefly the Toa Hordika of Air. He later became one of the Turaga of Mata Nui along with the other Toa Metru, and was one of the Turaga of Metru Nui before Teridax's reign began.

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The third BIONICLE film, Web of Shadows, set between the ending of Legends of Metru Nui and the beginning of Mask of Light. Technical Specifications/Changes - Upscaled to 1080p HD - Accurate. As a Matoran, Matau was known to test numerous transportation device prototypes at the Test Track. Very few of them worked, however. Orkahm always said that Matau was too reckless in his jobs and could have taken them more seriously. Matau also made several ill-fated attempts to ride the Gukko bird, testament to the birds' infamy as impossible to be trained. One day, as he tested a prototype Moto-Sled, it broke and Toa Lhikan stopped his fall, then handed him a green stone. Matau took the stone to the Great Temple, where he met five other Matoran, one from each of the other districts. The Matoran placed their stones in the Suva at the center of the temple, and were immediately covered in beams of light. When the light subsided, they were no longer Matoran — they were Toa.

LEGO set database: Bionicle . Site Statistics. There are 16656 items in the Brickset database.; Brickset members have written 35877 set reviews.; 9906 members have logged in in the last 24 hours, 22086 in the last 7 days, 34677 in the last month.; 1004 people have joined this week. There are now 230477 members.; Between us we own 24,921,448 sets worth at least US$726,142,040 and containing. 10 product ratings - Lego Bionicle Toa Hordika Matau (#8740) 100% Complete With Instructions 2005 $9.38 Trending at $10.49 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days

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  1. The Mahiki was the Mask of Illusion. The Great Mahiki gave its user the power to change how others perceived them. The Noble Mahiki did not allow the user this ability, and only let them project illusions. Elda, Arthron and Rode could see through the usage of a Mahiki.
  2. As a Turaga, Matau was first released as a small set, 8541 Matau in 2001 containing twenty-six pieces. It also had a promotional release with Kabaya sweets in Japan (1418 Matau). A lever on his back made him raise or lower his staff.
  3. During the Rahkshi invasion, Matau did little, keeping his villagers safe from the dangerous Rahkshi. He, along with the other Turaga, led the Matoran into Teridax's lair, where they bore witness to the duel of Takanuva and Teridax. After this, he helped tell the tales of the Toa Metru to the Toa Nuva, and finally journeyed back to Metru Nui.
  4. Toa Matau is a member of the Toa Metru (briefly the Toa Hordika), and a former Test Driver. After he fulfilled his destiny, he became the Turaga of Air. Matau is courageous to the point of recklessness and is driven by a strong desire to prove himself and gain glory. Tier: 7-B, 6-C with Nova Blas

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  1. Matau wears a Great Mahiki, a Great Mask of Illusions, which allows him to appear to shapeshift and cast illusionary images wherever he wants.
  2. Matau carried a pair of Aero Slicers that doubled as glider wings, while also allowing him to channel his Elemental powers.
  3. These are the instructions for building the LEGO Bionicle Toa Matau that was released in 2004.
  4. I got this Bionicle in hopes of adding to my collection of 2001-2005 Bionicle. Toa Hordika Matau is awesome! His spinner can launch over 50 feet in the air, and has a specialized arm that can swing when you turn the ball. I ordered this Matau from media_gold. Unfortunately, I had to wait 7 days for him to get here
  5. "I've made a lot of fool-mistakes lately, Vakama. That's what happens when you're brave-tough enough to make decisions."— Matau, Web of Shadows

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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Lego Bionicle Toa Hordika Matau (8740) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Later, Matau test-drove a prototype Moto-Sled, only for it to break and once again crash. He was saved from injury by a suddenly-appearing Toa Lhikan, who handed him a Toa Stone and a map before abuptly leaving. Deducing from the map that he was to go to the Great Temple in Ga-Metru, Matau travelled there and found five other Matoran with similar stones. He joined them in placing the stones within the Temple's Suva, subsequently being transformed into a Toa afterwards.

Matau managed to get the Matoran out and escaped before the Morbuzakh reached them. Vakama then had the Toa and Matoran split into pairs to find the Great Disks. His partner on those missions was Nokama. In Ga-Metru they were nearly trapped in flow from Protodermis Canals, but escaped. Matau helped Nokama find the Great Disk of Ga-Metru under the Great Temple by providing a distraction from the Vahki that were chasing them. Later he alone rescued the Great Disk from a Force Sphere in the Notch, nearly killing himself in the process. The six later reunited with all disks found and entered Ta-Metru to find the Morbuzakh. After nearly being killed by Morbuzakh seedlings and gaining entrance to the Great Furnace with the help of a Matoran Nui, Matau faced off against the king root with the other Toa, killing it with their Great Disks. "Maybe that is what being a Toa-hero is really about in the end. Doing the things no one else is able to do. I think I could get to like this."— Matau, Mystery of Metru NuiMatau traveled to Le-Metru, where he followed the riddle of "The Great Disk of Air will be all around you when you find it". Unattracted to the rather vagueness of the riddle, Matau made his way back to his old home, where he found his fellow test pilots waiting on him. Upon seeing him transformed, they reprimanded him for apparently skipping out on work by becoming a Toa. Matau asked them for any clues on the whereabouts of the Great Disk of Air, and was met with responses indicating that his co-worker, Orkahm, had found a strange disk earlier that day. Matau tracked the Le-Matoran and found him in the middle of moving to another part of Le-Metru. The Toa of Air tried to get Orkahm to relinquish the Great Disk to him, much to the Matoran's confusion as to what he was talking about. The conversation somehow led to Orkahm's luggage being accidentally caught in a Chute that he was waiting to board. Matau, seeing the Great Disk among the Matoran's personal belongings, dived into the Chute and chased after it. He managed to retrieve it, only to get slammed against the edge of the Chute in the process.

LEGO Set 8605-1 Toa Matau - building instructions and parts inventory 8541 Matau is a BIONICLE set released in 2001, featuring Turaga Matau. During the wars against the Brotherhood of Makuta, Matau, along with the other Turaga, was trapped for not cooperating with Helryx, leader of the Order of Mata Nui. The Turaga were imprisoned there when Makuta Teridax took over the Matoran Universe. The set includes the Kau Kau Staff (which has nothing to do with the mask. Bionicle: The Spherus Magna Saga - Book I: The Gathering by H.R.C. Stanley. Continuing where Greg Farshtey left off, the Saga follows the many tales and trials of several beings after the restoration of Spherus Magna. After the last war, it seemed that peace shall be forever permanent, this would prove to be a deception. A surviving Great Being. Instructions For LEGO 8605 Matau. These are the instructions for building the LEGO Bionicle Toa Matau that was released in 2004 Matau, along with the other Toa Metru, sought to rescue the rest of the Matoran trapped in the Coliseum. They built the "Lhikan II" out of wood from the Karzahni and transport parts, and they washed ashore on the Le-Metru beach. Seeing the Metru shattered and deserted, the Toa scouted the deserted city. Matau and Whenua took the lead, and encountered Rorzakh speaking normally, who attacked them. Whenua defeated them using his Earth powers, and the two reported it to Vakama. Onewa took the groups to the main Vahki power plant in the Metru at the Moto-Hub, and showed that the electric shock from the Great Cataclysm had fried the Vahki's systems, damaging their circuits. Then Nuurakh and Keerakh arrived, and Matau shifted into a Rorzakh, but the Vahki decided to attack him anyway. Matau escaped but was attacked by the Sonic Entity, but created a vacuum, defeating its sound powers. After the Metru saw the Visorak that Whenua identified, a mutant Lohrak attacked. In the battle Matau shape-shifted into another Lohrak until Nuju convinced him ton switch back. After fighting more Vahki, Suukorak moved into attack, but the Toa Metru's numbers caused them to retreat. They then healed Graalok, an Ash Bear with Toa Power. Near to the Coliseum Keelerak paralyzed the Metru with Rhotuka and hung them in cocoons above the streets. The Metru were then injected with Hordika Venom.

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  1. As the Toa Metru approached the Great Barrier, a huge earthquake struck the world. A large crack opened in the barrier and a large tide of water burst through, flooding most of the world. The transport was destroyed and all if not most of the Matoran Spheres were scattered across the Planet.
  2. As a Matoran, Matau wore a powerless Kanohi Mahiki, the Mask of Illusion. His Mahiki transformed into a Great Kanohi when he was transformed into a Toa. As a Toa Metru, he carried twin Aero Slicers which doubled as his wings.
  3. Matau VOICE Brian Drummond. Arturo Mercado Jr. Comments Add a Comment. FRANCHISE RELATED. Shows: LEGO Bionicle: The Journey of One. Movies: Bionicle: Mask of Light: The Movie, Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows, Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui

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At the last battle against the Visorak, while the other Toa were fending off the spiders, Matau searched for Vakama in the Visorak's tower. Vakama, hiding in the Visorak webs, attacked him. After a furious battle, Vakama knocked him to the edge of the tower with a Rhotuka spinner. Hanging by one hand, Matau was able to convince Vakama to abandon the side of evil by revealing that he respected Vakama as a leader, and telling Vakama of their destiny to rescue the Matoran. Vakama returned to the side of the Toa, and Matau realized the meaning of unity and leadership. Later, Matau contributed to the firing of six Elemental spinners at Roodaka which, inadvertently freed Teridax from his Protodermis prison. When the Bohrok awakened, the Lehvak quickly arrived and conquered Le-Koro, despite the attempts to defend it by Matau and his villagers. He was enslaved by a Krana Za and became an agent of the swarm, burning through his beloved forest and assisting in the destruction of Le-Koro (along with the acidic Lehvak). He also 'greeted' Toa Lewa and enslaved him as well. Matau was freed when the Boxors attacked, along with Takua, Tamaru and Kongu, upon which the Turaga began the process of rebuilding his village. 8605 Toa Matau is a BIONICLE set released in 2004. This is the second form of Matau released, the first being a Turaga. The third and last is his Hordika form. In the BIONICLE story-line Toa Matau is a member of the Toa Metru. The model is about the average height of the other Toa Metru. Matau also has a similar build to the other Toa Metru. It has three exclusive parts. Part 47311 in Dark.

Buy lego bionicle 8541 turaga matau toa metru of air free shipping complete figure Buy lego bionicle le-koro turaga matau 8541 and po-koro turaga onewa 8542 Buy 8541 turaga matau lego bionicle 2001 set new & sealed set retro techni 8605 Toa Matau was released in early 2004 in North America and summer 2004 for European buyers. His Aero Slicers could be stored on his back, from which position they could then be spread to act as wings. His arms swung in opposite directions when one spun a gear located on his back. The set had forty-six pieces, which could be combined with those from Toa Vakama and Onewa to build a Kralhi or pieces from all five other Toa Metru to create the Rahi Krahka.

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  1. Mahiki were carved out of a mixture of Reconstitute At Random and Weaken Kanoka on Metru Nui. Example Usages. Toa Mata Kopaka using a Noble Mahiki. Great: In BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui, Toa Matau tricked Nidhiki and Krekka by using his Mahiki to pose as each of them in turn; later, he shapeshifted into a Vahki for disguise
  2. Once Matau became a Toa Metru, he became more concerned about the fame and glamor of being a hero, rather than the work. Once Vakama had the vision of the six Great Disks, Matau was immediately ordered by Vakama to go find the Le-Matoran Orkahm. At his house, Matau saw a Chute Station marked, and a Ko-Metru Chute pass. Tuuli then told Matau that Orkahm's Ussal cart was near the station, and Matau got in a chute but was bounced around out of control. He escaped and finds Orkahm's logbook and follows clues within to Sector Three where he found Orkahm. Meeting with the others at the Great Temple, the Metru deduced that Ahkmou was a traitor.
  3. Matau is the Toa Metru of Air and the helmsman of the Lhikan who resides in the Pirates Universe. As a Matoran, Matau was a reckless and boisterous Test Pilot for numerous experimental transportation prototypes. While he was successful in testing out the devices' full capabilities, his drives always end with crashes. This reputation led to his colleagues trying to avoid him as much as possible.
  4. ded him of the Chute systems in Le-Metru. Later Vakama pressured the Toa to place a

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As a Matoran, Matau was a reckless and boisterous Test Pilot for numerous experimental transportation prototypes. While he was successful in testing out the devices' full capabilities, his drives always end with crashes. This reputation led to his colleagues trying to avoid him as much as possible. Subconsciously distraught at the lack of companionship, Matau attempted to ignore this by continuously keeping up a confident exterior, eventually leading to him wanting fame and glory some day. He would often attempt to display this confidence by occasionally trying to tame and ride the Gukko bird, but his failures only managed to cement the Rahi's infamy as impossible to train. During the Matoran Civil War, Matau drove transportation for the Po-Metru side of the war. Many of those he drove regarded his driving as being more tense and scary than being in battle. Matau was then told of the need to get the Makoki Stones. During the quest, Nuju was trapped at the edge of a Knowledge tower by Visorak. Matau was below and told his friend to jump. Matau caught the Toa of Ice, and used an Air Rhotuka to blow the Visorak away. He then went in search of his stone, the last stone needed. He discovered his stone in a vehicle factory in Le-Metru. Followed by Visorak, Matau locked a door and escaped by jumping in a vat. At the Great Temple, the six Toa met and used the stones to unlock the mask. They then escaped with the mask just before the room exploded. The venom they were injected with caused the Toa to mutate into bestial forms of themselves, though they were rescued by the Rahaga. Sickened by the transformation into Hordika, Matau blamed Vakama for it, but tried to keep his humor. He agreed to Vakama's plan of making airships to rescue the Matoran, and went to Le-Metru with Iruini to find envelopes for the Airships to be able to float. Along the way, Iruini revealed that Roodaka, the Visorak viceroy, had mutated the Rahaga from Toa. Matau (Bionicle) Nuju (Bionicle) The Rahaga (Bionicle) Roodaka (Bionicle) Sidorak (Bionicle) Visorak (Bionicle) mention of past rape; Fear; Rape/Non-con Elements; Bondage; Summary. OK! I decided to a drabble in my mind and it turned into THIS! I don't know how or why, it just did. Set in a sort of AU of Web of Shadows, I made Sidorak a tiny.

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You can help the wiki by adding some. Sketches of a Toa awakening. Key visuals for Toa Lewa 's environment. Tahu and a Krana facing off. Tahnok Va, Vakama, Kohrak Va, and Nuju. Concept art that appeared on BIONICLE.com. Matau fighting a Morbuzakh vine from the cancelled City of Legends video game A large statue of Matau in his Toa Metru form stands by the sign for the LEGO City area at LEGOLAND. Unlike many large models of BIONICLE characters, it is not made of LEGO System Bricks.[3]

ItemName: Lego Toa Matau, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: 8605-1, Buy and sell LEGO parts, Minifigs and sets, both new or used from the world's largest online LEGO marketplace. BrickLink - Set 8605-1 : Lego Toa Matau [Bionicle:Toa Metru] - BrickLink Reference Catalo Matau was a Toa of Air on Metru Nui. He later became a Turaga of Le-Koro, and later Le-Metru, as an adviser for Turaga Dume. As a Matoran, Matau was a Ussal-cart driver. He was also known to be a volunteer Test Driver in his spare time. Unfortunately, very few of the prototype vehicles worked. Orkahm always said that Matau was too reckless in his jobs and could've taken them more seriously. With the re-population of Metru Nui, repairs began on the city until the Staff of Artakha repaired it completely. Meanwhile, Matau, the other Turaga, and the Toa Nuva were called into a conference by Dume. He revealed that Mata Nui was dying, and only the Kanohi Ignika could save him. Dume then led Matau and the other Turaga beneath Onu-Metru to a chamber with six Toa Canisters, and watched as the Toa Nuva entered them and set out for Voya Nui.

Matau was finally returned to his Toa Metru form by Keetongu. He helped load the Matoran onto Airships, and piloted the ships back to their newfound home, Mata Nui. Matau and the other Toa were ready to be hailed as Toa by Turaga Dume and the Matoran as they then reached the Turaga. Instead, they were branded as impostors. Unbeknownst to the Toa, there really was an impostor — Dume himself. Makuta Teridax, under the guise of Dume, planned to place the Matoran into hibernation and then wake them up to serve him and him alone Nuju, Onewa, and Whenua were all trapped under the Coliseum while Vakama, Nokama, and Matau escaped to safety. Taking a Chute, they arrived in Ga-Metru where Bordakh pinned the group on a rooftop, a Staff of Loyalty hitting Nokama. Nokama pushed Vakama off the edge and Matau fought her, but she fell off. As Vakama saved her, Matau took a Chute to flee but Vorzakh broke it, causing Matau to have to stop in the middle of the Chute. The group hid on an Airship, but were attacked by Nuurakh who they easily defeated. Then the Dark Hunters Nidhiki and Krekka attacked the group, Matau saving Vakama's life after Krekka froze him, followed by Nidhiki and Krekka being defeated. Finally the group jumped off in Ta-Metru where a Tahtorak was faced, but defeated by letting it fall deep under Metru Nui. In 2005, 8740 Toa Hordika Matau, a canister set, was released in winter in North America and during the summer in Europe. Spinning a gear on his right shoulder made him bend his right arm at the elbow. This set had forty-eight pieces including two silver Rhotuka spinners and could be combined with Toa Hordika Onewa to make a Rock Raptor, or with Toa Hordika Whenua and Toa Hordika Vakama to make a Protocairn.

"I'm sorry. I don't know what's gotten into me. Oh, that's right, some kind of monster!"— Matau, Web of ShadowsDemonstrating its transformation and destructive power on multiple Rahi, the Toa fought back in struggle which resulted in escaping with a sample of the protodermis and destroying the creature's chamber. Returning to Karzahni, the plant gave Nokama the antidote for her wounds and the plant was engulfed the substance. It was not destined to transform however, and was destroyed by the Energized Protodermis power.

Afterward, Jaller organized a labor strike because of the Toa Nuva's disappearance and the Turaga's refusal to tell them what happened. After Nokama revealed the events to Jaller, Matau was present at a meeting called by Dume, who accused one of the Turaga of telling the Matoran what had occurred until Nokama came forth. If you have LEGO news, new images or something else to tell us about, send us a message. If you have a lot to tell us, use this contact form.During an attack on Le-Koro, Matau was captured by the Nui-Rama, along with many of the other Le-Matoran. Kongu and Takua later entered the hive intending to free them, but were captured as well. Matau spoke to Takua of events happening there, including Lewa's infection. Onua then arrived and confronted the infected Lewa, and in the ensuing fight, Matau helped Onua by telling him about Lewa's mask which was being held by a Nui-Kopen. Lewa was restored to the light, and the Le-Matoran were all taken back to Le-Koro.

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LEGO Set 8541-1 Matau - building instructions and parts inventory Prying himself off of the tube, Matau solemnly made his way back to the Great Temple, exhausted and somewhat demoralized by the experience. However, it didn't stop him from exaggerating his tale of how he got the Disk to the other Toa. His interpretation of passed events was soon interrupted by Vakama's arrival, which was accompanied by news from the Toa of Fire about the discovery of the Morbuzahk plant's King Root in Ta-Metru's Great Furnace. Skeptical at first the other Toa traveled to the furnace to confront the Root. LEGO Bionicle: Toa Matau - Green Have a question? Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews There was a problem completing your request. Please try your search again later. All Product Information Customer Q&A's Customer Reviews Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of. Log in Create accountLog in Navigation Main PageCommunity PortalCurrent EventsRecent ChangesRandom PageHelpSandboxMaintenance BS01 Pages Articles for DeletionArticles for CreationThe BS01 PodcastBS01 on Facebook@AskBS01 on TwitterBS01 on YouTube donate Wiki tools Special pages In other languages DeutschFrançais Matau Page Discussion View View source History Page toolsWhat links here Related changes Printable version Permanent link Page information

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When struck by the sudden appearance of the Rahi Nui, that had been hunting Toa, the team was easily outmatched in the conflict and Nokama was fatally wounded. After Vakama and Nuju learned of a weakness the creature contained, they utilized it and dispersed the Rahi's mass, thus defeating it. Nokama was carried by Matau as they journeyed deeper, hoping to find a cure, until they came upon Teridax's creation, Karzahni. Revealing his past, Karzahni struck a deal with the Toa with the request that they obtain Energized Protodermis to which could bestowed him power. In exchange, he temporarily revived Nokama with the promise to fully heal her after the job was done. Once the Toa found the vial needed to hold the substance, during which Onewa was given a forced vision by a mysterious creature, they entered an Energized Protodermis spring and met the entity. Matau continued his search with Iruini, and after being spotted by the Visorak, he ended up trapped in a warehouse by the horde. He was tricked into opening the door that they had barricaded by an Oohnorak, and let the Visorak in. The other Toa Hordika and Rahaga came to his rescue, along with Krahka and the Tahtorak. After rescuing Whenua and Bomonga from being eaten by the Zivon, Krahka, Tahtorak and the Zivon were all trapped in the Field of Shadows. The Toa Hordika captured the tower which Sidorak and the Visorak were building, named it the Tower of Toa, and charged it with elemental energy to protect themselves.

After he sacrificed his Toa Power and became a Turaga, Matau now carries a Kau Kau Staff and wears a Noble Mahiki. He was given Lewa's Noble Kanohi after Lewa's transformation into a Toa Nuva. Upon transformation, Matau became more concerned with the potential fame and glory to be gained as a hero, rather than the work. In his energetic burst of excitement, Matau made a fool of himself in front of his fellow Toa by accidentally smashing into a pillar, unfortunately cementing himself as a joke to the others. It was also during this that Matau developed a crush on the Toa of Water named Nokama. As a Turaga, he still has power over air, though it has decreased to a great extent. He continued to be known for his courage and humorous streak, and played pranks on Turaga Nuju for his own enjoyment. Disclaimer: LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies (https://www.lego.com) which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site Website version: v2.2.1In 2006, a cake decorating kit was released based on the 2005 toy line. It included a cake topper of Toa Hordika Matau, alongside Vakama. This figure was incompatible with LEGO parts. The arms are connected via ball and socket joints, so they can be moved.[2]

The resident Toa of Fire, Vakama, claimed to have experienced a vision where he saw Metru Nui destroyed by a monstrous plant life named the Morbuzahk and the Great Disks they needed to retrieve to defeat it. Initially reluctant to follow Vakama's orders, Matau agreed to search Le-Metru when met with the prospect of gaining fame from doing so. Taking another Chute to Ko-Metru, the Chute flow was reversed, and the three Toa barely escaped in time. Vakama then found Lhikan's Spirit Star, and the Toa followed it in a Vahki Transport to an Assembler's Village where Nidhiki and Krekka attacked again. However Kikanalo herds created a quake, and Nokama communicated with them using her Rau, and the Metru escaped. The Kikanalo brought them to the Canyon of Unending Whispers and as the Zadakh guarding were dealt with by the others, Matau used his Mahiki to fool Nidhiki and Krekka. The Toa then entered the Prison of the Dark Hunters, Matau the first to reunite with now Turaga Lhikan and the other Metru. Fighting Lohrak, they escaped on a Vahki Transport, having found the real Dume and knowing that there was an impostor. Once Matau became a Toa Hordika, his Aero Slicers were transformed into twin Fang Blades. Matau also acquired a Rhotuka Launcher that fired Air Rhotuka. He lost the launcher when he was transformed back into a Toa Metru, and his Fang Blades reverted to their original form. While a Toa Hordika, Matau also used a Combat Staff.

As a Matoran, Matau presented himself as a confident glory-seeker. His constant desire to appear more brave and self-assured than he actually was resulted in others being annoyed by his boastfulness. As a Turaga, Matau directed the Le-Matoran, who had lost their memories and been shrunken, in the creation of Le-Koro, with material from the Airships the Toa had made use of in transporting the Matoran. Matau was the leader of the Le-Koro Matoran for a thousand years. He was called the Singer of Le-Koro by his people. He and his Matoran were constantly on guard for wild Rahi and Teridax's attacks, and he aided the Matoran in the defense of the Koro with his weakened mask and elemental powers. Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This Is The New eBay. Find Great Deals Now! Buy Top Products On eBay. Money Back Guarantee

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Instructions For LEGO 8740 Toa Matau Hordika These are the instructions for building the LEGO Bionicle Toa Toa Matau Hordika that was released in 2005. Unfortunately we don't have the PDF of these instructions LEGO set database: 8740-1: Toa Hordika Matau. Site Statistics. There are 16579 items in the Brickset database.; Brickset members have written 35756 set reviews.; 9066 members have logged in in the last 24 hours, 19590 in the last 7 days, 30209 in the last month.; 984 people have joined this week. There are now 226143 members.; Between us we own 24,412,353 sets worth at least US$709,802,320 and. After the death of Teridax and the destruction of the Great Spirit Robot, Matau, along with the Turaga and surviving Matoran of Metru Nui, migrated to the reformed Spherus Magna.[OGDi: Apr 4 2010, 12:11 PM][OGDi: Apr 7 2010, 01:19 PM] "We quick-save Matoran. We defeat evil. We get to explore ever-strange places like this. A little discomfort is not so very bad compared to that."— Toa Metru Matau, The Darkness Below

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