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Chef David Chaymol was a true delight and created masterful entrees. The atmosphere is unique and a bit loud with intimate seating to your neighbors however we were lucky to get a hightop table in the corner and enjoyed the cuisine and our friendly chef throughout the evening. Don't miss this fantastic little gem! A++++ In principle, no. Entry into the beer tents is free. A quarter of the places in the tents are not reservable. At the weekend and on the public holiday half the seats cannot be reserved until 3 pm, after that 35% are not reservable. The Käfer Wiesn-Schänke and Kuffler’s Weinzelt (wine tent) are excluded from this rule. Reservations can only be made for the interior of the tents, not for the beer gardens.STEP FOUR: Wait for your vouchers to be mailed to your address in July, or you can pick them up at their city office from end of August to early September OR pick them up in-person once Oktoberfest begins.BUT, if you want to get a taste of the Käfer’s Wies’n-Schänke tent, the process is simple. Reservations are released on April 1st for new customers, and basically you go on the online form here and select three time slots that you’re interested in, how many of the above dates you’d like to book (1, 2 or 3) and finally, your contact info.STEP FOUR: If you live in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, your reservation package will be mailed to you at the beginning of August. Otherwise, you can pick up your vouchers, etc. on the day of the reservation at the office in the tent.

How complicated! Once the teens are at University we shall be heading to Munich so thank you for this! Reservierung in Reservierungsansicht vornehmen. 1. Wählen Sie im Kalender Monat, Tag und Jahr der Reservierung aus. 2. Wählen Sie aus den vorgegebenen Werten (1-8) die Personenzahl für die Reservierung aus oder wählen Sie im Dropdown-Menü einen größeren Wert aus. 3 While you’ll get all this money back in the form of vouchers which you can spend on food, drink, etc. it’s still a pretty big upfront payment to make, especially if you’re going to be chasing money from friends who are at your table. So just a heads up, you WILL be spending a few hundred bucks to secure your spot. But in the meantime, feel free to browse this article full of amazing Oktoberfest foods you can blow your vouchers on 😉

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Okay, so this entire article is dedicated to snagging an Oktoberfest reservation on your own, but even with my overbearing tips, securing a reso takes a lot of patience and luck. If you want a 100% guaranteed reservation to ensure your dream vacay is as you always dreamt, the only way is through paying up! From early in the year: Check directly on the website of the tent whether bookings are being accepted yet. As soon as that happens, you’ve got to be quick! But just before the start of Oktoberfest, it’s worth checking or asking as some people cancel their reservation at short notice. When you’ve sent your request: You’ve got to wait for the response. After a couple of days or weeks you get a confirmation by email, transfer the money for the vouchers, collect the tokens and entry bracelets (as applicable) from the proprietor’s regular venue or have them delivered to you. And then all you have to do is look forward to it! Our shop for Oktoberfest table reservations has an extensive offer for visitors of the Wiesn. Before you go to the Oktoberfest on a day from 19th of September to the 4th of October 2020 without prior table reservation, you better rummage in our shop - we are sure you will find the right tent for you I mentioned this above, but just to be clear: while it doesn’t cost anything to reserve a table at Oktoberfest, you DO need to pay a minimum consumption per person upfront (or once they invoice you, usually sometime from June onwards).

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Reservations open: Lunch reservations available online now here, evening reservations open March 23, 2020STEP THREE: Select your meal option. If you’re not sure how much you’re going to eat, just go for the minimum (usually 1-2 1 Maß and a half chicken depending on the timeslot you book for). Final 2020 prices won’t be confirmed until June, but they give you an estimation of prices based on last year.For many of the tents where reservations are already open on the German language part of the site, forms aren’t even available or bring up a “404 error” on the English sites. So, keep that in mind when browsing – the German versions of the sites are the ones you want to be on to get the most up-to-date info.

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Seat or table reservations at Oktoberfest are free of charge.Simply buy a voucher for a certain amount of beverages and food (in most cases 2 liters of beer and 1 chicken) Daher bitten wir Sie darum Ihre Reservierung mindestens 3 Stunden im Voraus am Tag der Reservierung zu stornieren, sobald sichergestellt ist, dass Sie die Reservierung nicht in Anspruch nehmen werden. Sie können Ihre Reservierung über den in der Reservierungsbestätigung erhaltenen Link oder direkt beim Betreiber telefonisch stornieren Restaurant reservations made easy. Accept reservations and table bookings online. Quickly confirm or reject restaurant reservations, send out custom email notifications, restrict booking times and more. Includes Gutenberg restaurant block for displaying your reservation form! You can also use the handy restaurant reservation shortcode or set. Most tents start taking bookings early in the year for the next Oktoberfest, at the latest in April or May – the information is on the proprietors’ websites. Please do not: Call or email from the October of the previous year – it doesn’t work.

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  1. imum consumption amount beforehand which is then given to you in the form of vouchers to spend throughout Oktoberfest. If you are a party of 4 but are happy to pay for 10 people’s worth of vouchers, then you can, in theory, still reserve a table.
  2. When reservations for the Marstall Festzelt open mid-March, requests can be made ONLY through the online form on their website (or in person if you live in Munich and qualify for their “München-Kontingent” tables, but more on this later).
  3. g in June. Pay it ASAP to secure your reservation.
  4. Below, I’ve broken down the individual reservation system step by step for 16 of Oktoberfest’s biggest tents. Enjoy! Or feel free to click here and watch a video version.
  5. A reservation in advance makes a stress-free visit to the Oktoberfest possible. So you can confidently stroll along the Theresienwiese without prior or subsequent hectic table searching in a tent that might have one table available. Have a relaxed visit in a group, without the danger that not everyone has a seat in the same beer tent, and if they do, then perhaps not at the same table. So take advantage of an Oktoberfest table reservation and book your favourite spot in any tent you like.
  6. Reservierung. FIND YOUR TABLE. MAKE A RESERVATION. Finde den perfekten Tisch für jede Gelegenheit einfach und schnell. Jetzt reservieren! LINZ. Mail to Linz. BOOK NOW. SALZBURG. Mail to Salzburg. BOOK NOW. INNSBRUCK. Mail to Innsbruck

As I mentioned earlier, every tent at Oktoberfest has its own separate system set up for reservations, which means every tent starts taking reservations at different times of the year and has a different system in place. Here are the reservation systems step by step for 16 of the biggest tents at Oktoberfest. There are a lot of smaller tents too that handle reservations differently, but then this article would be ten million words long.There is no central reservation point. Table reservations are always made via the respective tent. In most of the small Wiesn tents you can and should make a reservation in good time, especially if you’re in a group and want to go in the evening. Most reservations are made online, sometimes also by telephone. Find the tents with their reservation info here!STEP FOUR: Wait for your invoice which will be sent in June. You must pay within 14 days of receiving the invoice. Apparently you can also pay in-person with cash or EC card, and vouchers can be mailed within Germany if you’ve paid in July or August.


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Our diverse selection makes it possible that you don not have to limit yourself to just the offer of one tent, you can inquire about all tents of the Oktoberfest in advance and then choose your favourite one. Often criteria such as the brewery serving the beer, the concert band and of course the location or availability of a table are decisive for the choice of the beer tent.STEP TWO: Wait until June, at which point you’ll get an email back regarding whether or not your reservation request has been accepted.

The reservation process for Oktoberfest’s cozy wine tent is already open for 2020 and is surprisingly simple. All you need to do is visit the GERMAN version of the Reservation page here, enter your contact information and then choose the time slot of your desired reservation, along with the number of people you’re reserving for. This by no means secures your reservation though – you’ll need to wait for an official confirmation, but it’s a straight-forward, electronic process! The prices you see correspond to the amount of vouchers you’re required to purchase, so for example, it’s small amount (10 euros) if you’re popping in for lunch on a Monday, but it’s way more if you’re booking for a Sunday evening until closing time (80 euros).STEP ONE: Starting mid-March, you can submit your reservation request through their official online form which shows the dates they have available.While no reservations can be made in the evenings or weekends at Löwenbräu-Festhalle, their process for weekday afternoon table reservations is relatively straightforward. According to their official website, reservations for Monday – Thursday lunch slots (12-4:30pm) can be made by emailing [email protected] from March 4 onwards.STEP THREE: If your request has been accepted, you must fill out the attached order form for vouchers and send it back via email or fax. Remember, vouchers must be paid for by the beginning of September or you forfeit your reservation.

A little known secret is the Ochsenbraterei actually has special tables they release a day or two before the actual dates that you can book instantly online. They call these their “Spontan-Kontingent” and you can find them through the “Spontan-Kontingent” tab on the GERMAN version of the Reservation page here. This is probably the best way to secure a last-minute table.Details have not yet been released for 2020, but will be released in March/April according to the official site. reservation definition: 1. an arrangement in which something such as a seat on an aircraft or a table at a restaurant is. Learn more This is by far one of the most exclusive tents at Oktoberfest, and is known for being the “celeb” hang-out – a cozy, intimate tent with gourmet food options. It’s so exclusive in fact that reservations aren’t even allowed in the evenings and weekends.

So, frustrated and tipsy (the name of my autobiography, really), I busted out my Google translate and pawed through a cesspool of broken links, redirects and confusing German reservation systems, all to bring you this step by step, no BS guide to securing table reservations at Oktoberfest (whether you’re a local or a tourist).

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I hope you enjoyed that step by step guide to scoring a table reservation at Oktoberfest! Good luck and have an awesome time at Oktoberfest!Moreover, based on the FAQ page, here’s what we do know: reservation requests will not be taken for any weekend or evening tables, only select dates for lunch. If we assume this year’s process is the same as last year’s, requests are only processed via their online form and through their reservation page which is updated frequently once they open up for “new inquiries” in March/April. That means that people who have had reservations in the past (“repeat customers”) get first dibs.

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  1. Unless you’re a big group of people and you want to make sure you get a full table together, then I wouldn’t be too stressed over getting a reservation. It’s still 100% possible to have an awesome time since the tents are all free to enter and they save a portion of the tables for walk-ins anyway. If you’re smart, arrive early and plan to visit during off-peak periods like weekdays, then you’ll have no trouble finding a table to slot in, even without a reservation. I explain a bit more in this Oktoberfest “tickets” guide.
  2. Basically, you can request a reservation by fax or by post, with certain dates bookable through this online form. Some time slots will soon be blacked out/fully booked, so refer to the colour coded chart they’ve provided to help you understand. Green slots are bookable via the online form or fax/post, blue and yellow slots are bookable only by fax and post, while red ones are fully booked or unbookable.
  3. The reservation itself – just like entry to the Wiesn and the beer tents – is free. However you need to buy and pay for vouchers in advance. These are tokens, for example for 2 liters of beer and a half chicken per person.
  4. If you live in Munich, you may be eligible for what they call their “München-Kontingent” tables reserved solely for Munich residents.

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Several tents offer them and you’ll find the specific details on which tents do in their respective sections below. BUT in previous years, many of the big tents offered them, including the ever-so-exclusive Augustiner Festhalle.*FYI - this post may contain affiliate links, which means we earn a commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase from them. Check out our Privacy Policy and Disclosure. for more info.

STEP TWO: If your booking is successful, then you must go in person to their office at the end of August/early September (exact dates TBA) and pay a ten euro processing fee in CASH to secure your reservation. Oktoberfest Reservation Package. We have been involved with the Munich Oktoberfest since 1997 the way we have more experience than anyone else. Initially we only worked B2B. Since shortly we address to everyone the way anyone can book with us now Reservierung Nach Erhalt der E-Mail-Bestätigung durch das 1990-Restaurant ist Ihre Reservierung verbindlich. 1 Person 2 Personen 3 Personen 4 Personen 5 Personen 6 Personen 7 Personen 8 Personen 9 Personen 10 Personen 11 Personen 12 Personen 13 Personen 14 Personen 15 Personen 16 Personen 17 Personen 18 Personen 19 Personen 20 Persone Since 2015 there has been a special rule for Munich residents at Oktoberfest: in the main tents at the weekend, the proprietors are allowed to give 15% of the non-reservable places to Munich residents. (Correct as of 2018) If you’re interested, you must have Munich as your primary residence and see the respective proprietor with your identification card before the Wiesn, mostly from June. There is no minimum consumption here but most proprietors charge a small handling fee. Information on this is on the proprietors’ websites.

STEP FIVE: Pick up your vouchers after your payment has been received. Up until early September, you can get them from their city ​​office (Hofbräukeller, Innere Wiener Str. 19, 81667 Munich) OR otherwise, you can pick up your vouchers in the tent office when you actually arrive at Oktoberfest.– Date and time of your reservation – Number of people in your party (must be in groups of 10) – Complete name/company name and address including email address – Fax number – Customer number (if available, assuming this is for customers who have reserved in the past)

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  1. If you’re completely new to the process of booking tables for Oktoberfest, here are some basic ground rules for you:
  2. Special notes: This is a very small tent and it’s located in the “Oide Wiesn” part of Oktoberfest which has a 3 euro admission fee, but your reservation package will come with entry bracelets. Bracelets and tickets are ONLY available via mail, and will be sent to you after you’d paid your invoice.
  3. The details are spotty so far on how to get a table reservation for the Paulaner Festzelt, BUT we do know that all requests will be handled through their online reservation system which opens up in April 2020. For now, keep an eye on the website in case any additional details pop up, but this is all we can see on the website so far:
  4. Hi! My name is Christina Guan and I'm a clumsy Canadian who is obsessed with seeing the world. When I'm not frolicking abroad, you'll likely find me faceplanting into burrito bowls & doing important work in my Monsters Inc onesie. New to the blog and my very lame jokes? Click here to visit my Start Here page!
  5. According to the tent’s official website, 2020 lunchtime reservations for the Armbrustschützenzelt are already available via online request here, and evening reservations will open on March 23, 2020 via fax and post.
  6. STEP THREE: If you have received a confirmation, congratulations! You’re in! Attached in the email you’ll find a “Reply” form that must be sent by mail or by fax (089/448 35 87) within 14 days. You apparently won’t receive any further confirmation automatically until…

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Free Shipping on All Orders Over $50. Shop Accent Tables, Furniture, Décor & More! Best-Selling Furniture, Shop More to Save More STEP TWO: You have to wait to hear back – processing can take up to ten weeks. If they have space for you, you’ll get an offer via email which you can accept through a special activation code. The confirmation and payment request will come to you via email by the end of May at the latest.“Table for two at the Wiesn” – we don’t do that at Oktoberfest. Companionship is the order of the day and reservations are only taken for whole tables. Our tables seat 8 to 10 people. The vouchers for a table cost on average about 350 euros in total, in some tents more. Dear Guests, Reservations can be placed daily in our Bar (1st floor) from 10.00 am till 11.00 am and from 6.00 pm till 11.30 pm. Gerstner Brunc

So, are you hoping to snag a reservation for this year’s Oktoberfest? Not all the tents have opened up for bookings yet, but some have, so get to it! Hopefully this guide will help you get the Oktoberfest table reservation of your dreams.In principle, of course yes. But it won’t be worth trying to book the table next to the tapping of the barrel in the Schottenhamel-Festhalle on the first Saturday of the Wiesn! At the weekend and before the public holiday, the tables in the evening are particularly in demand. It’s a bit easier during the week, at lunchtime and at the Oide Wiesn (Old Oktoberfest). We are the world's largest independent provider of table reservations at the Oktoberfest in Munich. We offer a wide range of reservations on every d

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Oktoberfest has been on my bucketlist for so long. It seems a little complicated/intimidating but this guide is so helpful. So many useful tips and suggestions. Thank you!!STEP ONE: Starting in January 2020, send your reservation request via email to [email protected] You can download a template from their website here with all the info you need to include, but make sure your request has:NOTE: For all its convenience, this is one Oktoberfest tent that DOES charge a fee for reservations, but don’t worry, it’s only 1 euro per person.Last but not least, if you’re currently living in Munich, that makes you eligible for a special class of tables that they call the München-Kontingent tables.

GTCs Copyright 2020 © Tischreservierung-Oktoberfest.de Deutsch Deutsch English Search for: Home Shop Oktoberfest tents Marstall Fischer Vroni Oktoberfest tent Armbrustschützen beer tent Ochsenbraterei Hofbräu beer tent Hacker beer tent Augustiner beer tent Schottenhamel beer tent Pschorr Bräurosl Schützen beer tent Paulaner beer tent Löwenbräu beer tent Käfer Wiesn Schänke Kufflers wine tent Information 2020 Oktoberfest Blog Offers for business customers How to get there Program 2020 Service & Contact Contact FAQ About Munich sightseeing +49 89 231414718   info@tischreservierung-oktoberfest.de Login Username or email address * No I’m not joking – you actually can’t. This is definitely one of the most popular tents among locals at Oktoberfest, and they’ve announced that they have so many repeat reservations (i.e. people who reserve every year) that they aren’t able to accept any new customers. You can keep an eye on their official website here in case anything changes, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.The truth is, most articles will try to sell you on expensive packaged tours, or otherwise skimp out on important details like when and HOW you actually make these reservations for yourself. Book now at Dhaba in New York, NY. Explore menu, see photos and read 701 reviews: Food delicious as usual. Bathroom needs complete overhaul

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STEP ONE: Wait for München-Kontingent bookings to open by the end of May and then send an email to [email protected] with your Munich address, contact person (in this case, also your pick-up person) alongside your email address to confirm the reservation.STEP TWO: Wait to hear back. If successful, you should get a confirmation in April with your specific terms and conditions. Otherwise, you are put on a waiting list and will be notified if you can be accommodated.If you live in Munich and have a Munich address on your ID card, then you’re eligible to book a special “München-Kontingent ” table which is reserved for locals. Here’s how that process works for the Ochsenbraterei: reservation meaning: 1. an arrangement in which something such as a seat on an aircraft or a table at a restaurant is. Learn more But hey, having a reservation at Oktoberfest certainly doesn’t hurt, and it can help you do the trip on a budget (through dodging 3rd party reservation sellers). So, I’m hoping this guide de-mystifies that process a little! It’s surprisingly simple if you know where to look and when to start booking.

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STEP TWO: Select your desired date and then look for green tables which are available. Click on the table you want to reserve.It’s a little complicated though: you make your reservation request, then you get an email within a few days to confirm it, BUT the reservation isn’t binding until you actually pay for your vouchers, which takes place in July. Apparently, you are sent a voucher order form in mid-June, where you need to request a bill for the vouchers, and must pay within 14 days, otherwise you lose the reservation. Last year, if you didn’t pay up by July 23, you forfeited your reservation, SO remember, even if you get through the online reservation system, your reservation isn’t confirmed until you actually pay for your vouchers.

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Join over 80,000 followers who love what I have to say! Enter your email here & you'll gain instant access to my special VIP zone, featuring freebies like checklists and printables... plus exclusive content, tips and updates!NOTE: These tables are usually not released until May-June, so hang tight. Again, details are added for these tables below if they’ve been made publicly available, and I’ll be regularly updating this list as I learn more.For Marstall Festzelt, reservations for these special tables must be made in person at their office (Lindberghstraße 4, 80939) from July onwards (exact date TBA).There are several third party companies now that sell tours and packages which include a reserved table. The pros here are numerous – you have a table guaranteed, you don’t need to worry about all the info below, and your only job is to show up and get drunk! The con? These packages can be very very expensive.

With Restaurant-Reservierung direct at the table. Everybody knows this question: Where do we go tonight for dinner? With the portal for online table booking, Restaurant-Reservierung.de, this question is a thing of the past. The restaurant portal finds amazing culinary establishments in the whole country If they do things the same as in 2018, you’ll be able to see a list of dates and their availability on their Reservations page when they open.

This tour which is actually pretty reasonably priced (compared to others), and includes a 1.5 hour walking tour, 2 beers + a chicken, a Ferris Wheel ride, gingerbread hearts and a guaranteed seat in one of the most popular Oktoberfest tents Reserved tables can be held up to a maximum of 20 minutes after the confirmed reservation time. In cases of high visitor frequency on the fairground Cannstatter Wasen, failure of buses and trains as well as with heavy traffic on the access ways, we will keep your tables at least 45 - 60 minutes starting from your reservation beginning Unsere Öffnungszeiten. Dienstag bis Samstag 19:00 und 20:00 Uhr. Sonntag und Montag Ruhetag. Urlaub 2020. Vom 12.04.2020 bis 20.04.2020. Vom 13.07.2020 bis 02.08.202 Booking a table has never been so easy with free and instant online restaurant reservations in 19 countries. Make your online restaurant booking now

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Reservations are taken until all the spots are claimed. For this, you must pay in cash or debit card and you pay a processing fee of 20 euros.Lastly, this very expensive (and rare) evening reservation, which includes food/drink vouchers for 10 people. Please contact them in advance as the availability calendar is glitchy and shows more weekend dates than they should (i.e. ones past the Oktoberfest dates)With our shop for your Oktoberfest table reservation you can secure your favourite ambience. Business customers, companies as well as private groups will find a suitable offer for Oktoberfest table reservations in the online shop. Raise your glasses! Your Oktoberfest table reservation 2020. On the stroke of midday on September 19, 2020, Munich's Lord Mayor will once again declare O'zapft is! as he hammers a tap into the first keg of beer to kick off the 187th Oktoberfest.Long queues already form in the early morning in front of the entrances to the fourteen large beer tents in eager anticipation of another two. Unlike other online reservation services which rely on faxes or table allocations, OpenTable has a live internet connection into the restaurants' table availability. So, information is accurate and up-to-date, ensuring that your reservations are confirmed instantly. The-Secret-Behind-OpenTable-s-Real-Time-Reservations-1505260791871

Reservations made by: [In previous years] Online only (according to their official site) OR by phone on Thursdays and Fridays from 10am-2pm at 089 – 45 21 50 57Anyways, in alphabetical order, here’s how you make Oktoberfest table reservations for each tent, along with important info like WHEN reservations open and how reservations are made. You can read a full breakdown of the different tents/their vibes in this post.

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