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With the help of our Director of Creative, Mike Moran, I am excited to present the 2018 web design trends that you can expect to rule the online space. Responsive Logos. If you're in tune with web design, you know that responsive web design and mobile-first design has been around since 2014 and 2017, respectively This report features the December 2018 update to our US B2B digital ad spending forecast. It also explores the trends that are driving (and preventing) increased spend in 2019 and beyond. KEY STAT: This year, US B2B companies will spend over $6 billion dollars on digital advertising, up 18.7% from 2018 according to our December 2018 forecast To ensure your business keeps ahead of the competition, it's vital to stay on top of current B2B eCommerce trends. So, what will the B2B e-commerce trends be in 2018? 1. Omnichannel will continue to dominate. Omnichannel provides the choice to buy and sell through multiple channels both online and offline. In a recent Forrester survey, 60% of.

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  1. Illustrations can also be very powerful in bringing more abstract concepts to vivid life, as you can see in Shopify’s Polaris site. With a single drawing, Shopify clarifies that the Polaris design system is intended to serve as a guiding light — a north star — for every member of the team.
  2. The most obvious way to go about this visually is to add a drop shadow to the navbar, and move it a bit below the very top of the site, as seen in Reseau’s site above. But it’s doable in a flatter design as well, as you can see on the site of Anchor & Orbit.
  3. Take interesting content and attractive design in equal parts, then join them together carefully. This is the rough formula for creating your most convincing product story. However, in successful...
  4. Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invitation-only, fee-based organization comprised of the world's most successful entrepreneurs 45 and younger. YEC members…
  5. Unique photos made by professionals definitely help a website to stand out. It goes without saying that they must be of excellent quality. Being recognizable is especially important for B2B website design. Thus, the current trend of applying professional photos instead of stock ones is good.
  6. Looking at the web today, it’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, we were forced to rely on a sparse handful of typefaces to deliver all our textual content.

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Bruno La Versa, senior digital designer at Lightful, agrees. "Storytelling and personality is something that new and old brands are working on in order to capture users' attention, and animations are starting to play a bigger role in this," he says. "Animations have shown and will continue to show the brand's strength in our digital world, giving a strong personality to the brand, making it less static and more dynamic," says La Versa. In 2018, we expect to see b2b brands establish identities, positions and follow the brand design trends we have been tracking. Top 4 branding design trends in 2018: 1.) Vigorous colors that pop. Brands are no longer afraid to stand out. A great deal of b2b businesses are choosing brighter, softer and warmer colors It only takes a person 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) to form an opinion about your website. For some, this first impression of your website is the only impression they’ll ever form about your business. If (like me) that sentence leaves you scratching your head a little, focus on John Hudson’s much more direct version, in which he says that a variable font is:

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Start with a custom layout and enrich it with video, sound, charts, graphs, maps and more to tell a long yet riveting story. Media outlets such as CNN, ESPN and National Geographic are embracing this innovative way of storytelling, and now, businesses are following suit.  According to a recent Google report, nearly half of B2B buyers are millennials. This doesn't surprise me because our customers have been telling us that their buyers are young, tech-savvy and sophisticated. Unlike their older counterparts, they expect the purchasing ease-of-use they are accustomed to on consumer websites.

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  1. Here in the United States, where Webflow is based, an increasingly heated political climate is driving an intense focus on the role of diversity and inclusion in design.
  2. Finally, it’s worth noting that illustrations can also neatly resolve some of the representational challenges posed by photography.
  3. A state-change animation might sweep you away from one page, and another greet you on the new page, but those are discreet, with nothing necessarily linking them. The transition itself looks like any other switch from page to page: things go blank for a sec, then the new page loads in. Nothing fancy.
  4. g the new normal for American businesses. For proof that B2B e-commerce is intensifying, look no further than Amazon. Since launching Amazon Business in 2015, the online retail behemoth has moved aggressively into the B2B sector, attracting more than one million business customers.
  5. And brands are, per usual, right on top of the trend. UXPin launched Systems, a tool for creating and maintaining design systems. Shopify launched Polaris to high praise for its unique merger of content, design, and development guidelines (something I feel pretty passionate about). UX Power Tools launched a library that attempts to make Sketch a viable design systems tool (we’ll see!).
  6. Web gurus continue to study the latest Ecommerce Design Trends in web design for 2020, practicing new techniques to develop stylish and effective websites for tomorrow. We have compiled our own digest of trends in web design to offer you an idea of what tendencies will be the most popular and promising in 2020

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"Animation can play a huge part in making ideas and interfaces easier to understand," says interactive designer Chris Gannon. "In a world where everyone is in a hurry and time is short, animation can convey complex ideas in a short amount of time whilst at the same time engaging and informing."And the outlook may not be so good for sites making the switch either. According to the Columbia Journalism Review: In a post called, simply, “Interface.” He goes on to posit that, “Every popular design tool available today is optimized for illustration.” Web Design Trends to Try in 2018. Design Jake Rocheleau • January 29, 2018 • 7 minutes READ . Another year brings another set of design trends to the web.It seems like these trends are constantly advancing and while prior trends are still here, many new ones are ripe for the taking. For this post, I've organized my picks for the best trends to look out for in 2018

All of which seem to be striving to throw everything and the kitchen sink at you from the moment you arrive. 3 Web Design Options to Fit the Needs of Your Business, From DIY to Custom Built. Secure & Professional eCommerce Websites: DIY or Custom Tailored For Your Business 7 Effective B2B Ecommerce Trends to Watch in 2018 Our world is surrounded by eCommerce market everywhere and B2B business scenario has earned itself the rightful place of being one of the most successful forms of business

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Similar to off-grid designs, this allows for interesting juxtapositions to naturally (or purposefully) occur within the design, which provides a fun creative challenge. Early in 2017, we published an article touching on the rise of brutalism and sought to answer the why of the emerging style: One of the most tangible ways to deliver personalization is through customized and dynamic pricing. According to research firm Gartner, 2018 will see around 40% of B2B commerce sites using price optimization algorithms to deliver dynamic pricing. In practical terms, that means sophisticated personalization, taking into account such parameters as purchasing volume, frequency and long-term relationship value. A procurement agent who purchases millions of dollars of running shoes every year should expect a more attractive set of pricing incentives than a buyer who purchases footwear on an ad-hoc basis.

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  1. Independent journalism is suffering regardless — thanks, Trump — but the move to video hasn’t exactly helped.
  2. 10 Graphic Design Trends for 2018 By Laura Busche Laura Busche on Aug 31, 2018 in Design Trends Tweet This Share This As design professionals, it's important to dedicate some time every year to sit down and analyze the trends that are starting to impact our industry
  3. But rest assured: UIs are packed with written content. And that content often plays a key role in you understanding:

To explore how the state of B2B VoC has been thus far, we dive into four trends defining VoC programs in 2019 and tell you what you need to know to compete with the best-in-class. Fortunately, customized automated reporting is the newest trend from VoC platforms. But heading into 2018, we’re seeing — and will continue to see — the work of illustrators attain an all-new prominence in both marketing and product design. In this installment, we look at the works of many industry professionals who illustrate their experience and talk about the hot new design trends of 2018. Here are 10 trends to check out: 1. Asymmetric Layouts. According to Brad at Dallas Web Design, Asymmetric layouts are a trend I expect to explode in 2018. Almost every design client wants.

41% of B2B retailers expect B2B online sales to grow more than 25% in 2018. Reputation matters significantly for B2B retailers at both the awareness and consideration stage. B2B retailers have been online longer than the industry gives them credit for: at least 2 years and for most, upward of 5 years. Payment options are a vital part of the B2B. 2017 was a landmark year for the mobile web, as its usage finally overtook that of desktop browsing. And that means web designers will be more focused than ever on the mobile audience next year and beyond.

Websites Design: Trends and Examples A trend is any form, style or technique that becomes popular among a considerable group , generally as a result of being perceived as novel in some way. Trends must not be mistaken for fads, the difference between them is that a trend evolves into a relatively permanent change , while a fad is driven by. And for a world where living within the digital was a new and rare experience, that choice made a lot of sense. We need to be eased into this strange new world.  To deliver efficient and customized service, merchants will increasingly need to integrate their e-commerce systems with other core platforms, from large back-end supply chain software to customer relationship management systems. For their own survival, companies and their executives could benefit from access to a unified global view of all channel-selling activities.It is also important for online merchants to map the customer journey and to understand places where interactions are disjointed or too impersonal. Identifying areas where the destination feels unknown will help you create a seamless experience across all channels of purchase and interaction. Companies that create personalized customer experiences will be the ones that win in 2018 and beyond.Parallax may be passe these days, but that doesn’t mean designers aren’t interested in linking scrolling to element movement in intriguing ways.

We build our digital products for a staggeringly diverse array of human beings — but the moment you capture a photo of a real human being and pop that photo into your website’s hero, that human being personifies your user. And leaves all other users unrepresented. In 2018 the buzzword in web design is: Performance. Specifically, we're talking about Mobile Performance. Each year, web design trends are driven by popular platforms and technology trends. In 2016, mobile usage finally overtook desktop browsing in the race for the digital space. So in 2018, we'll see innovations to fully utilize mobile. This site is designed as landings. Instead of surfing through numerous pages, you scroll down and see everything the website offers step by step.“With these new opportunities have come the first steps towards treating a single email campaign as a journey in itself; B&Q treated us to another impressive carousel that worked in more email clients than ever before, Litmus gave us the ability to have a basket process in its summit email and Rebel (formerly Rebelmail) is now selling the ability to complete the whole checkout process within the email – the only web page you see is a confirmation page at the end. Here, the page transition keeps the experience cohesive and on-brand. You’re not so much “navigating to a new page” as you are accessing another “view” within a library of views. It’s a nice layer of polish to round out the presentation of a design-centric brand.

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(Though it should be noted that he categorizes “illustration” as any design work that results in “an image, icon, illustration, typeface, advertisements, print media, or some other visual communication medium without native interactivity,” which is a debatable assertion. Aren’t reading and seeing forms of interaction, after all?) When you hire an agency to design and build a website, a lot happens behind the scenes. Designing a website from start to finish involves many specialized team members and can take hundreds of hours. As the client, you see probably 20% of the entire design process, so we are providing a glimpse of what's happening behind the scenes at your B2B web design agency Put simply, a UX writer focuses on the content found within UIs, mostly for larger digital products and web apps. Now, when I’ve explained that I write in-product content for companies like Webflow and, in the past, LinkedIn, people have a remarkable tendency to say “what?”I’m no Ray Dalio, but I’ve seen principles work wonders in our company’s web design and believe they can do the same for you. The Google News Initiative is our effort to work with the news industry to help journalism thrive in the digital age. If you're interested in learning how to use Google's tools, explore our training center for over 40 lessons on Google products, including Google Trends

But UX writing can do much more than that. The words within an interface can also be a powerful tool for shaping perceptions of the brands behind our favorite UIs. Just think of all the tweets you’ve seen highlighting a hilarious line of copy in a web app, or all the 404-page showcases with witty messaging designed to drive action in a suboptimal moment. Since 2007, gradients have conjured images of corporate Powerpoint presentations, 00s era web headers, and dated logo designs. “But in 2018 they’re back, albeit evolved,” Morr continues. “Gradients are now rocking vibrant, updated colours palettes and softer, subtler transitions." That was the design world in the era of minimalism. Deeply influenced by Dieter Rams’ principles of good design, as well as the influential essay on typography, “The Crystal Goblet,” visual designers have long sought to get out of users’ way by offering as few choices and visual distractions as possible. Sign up below to get the latest from Creative Bloq, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! According to the 2018 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends, 90% of B2B organizations use content marketing, and 38% of those companies are planning to increase their budget in 2018

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And it’s not just those primary elements growing more organic shapes. Backgrounds now abound with almost amoeboid blobs of color, dramatic diagonals, even dashes of the real world rendered almost cartoonish. As we approach the end of 2019, it's time to take a look at key B2B marketing trends that will emerge in the year ahead. Continuing a pattern from previous years, 2020 will see the ongoing evolution of many B2B marketing trends from recent years and the increasing influence of B2C marketing will make a big impact

Creative Bloq ART AND DESIGN INSPIRATION Search Subscribe News Inspiration How to Features Reviews Buying Guides Magazines ImagineFX 3D World Events Generate Vertex Brand Impact Awards JobsAlthough the area of design leaves a lot space for creativity, the key rule of business to business web design development is keeping a professional tone. It is necessary to choose colors thoroughly according to your brandbook, organize a site in an understandable way and use professional-looking fonts.Why should you actually do usability testing and improve user experience? What are the reasons you should try to make your web product user-friendly? Why does UX matter? In this article we’ll...

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You’ll also notice the emergence of “flashing” or “vibrating” colors in many website UIs. While these color combinations create incredibly striking effects — including ghostly afterimages that seem to linger in your eye as you scroll on — it’s worth noting that they represent iffy territory from an accessibility perspective. 2018 Website Design Color Trends. If you design a website in 2018, keep in mind that COLOR is what's hot. We've seen a range of colors used in website design recently, color palettes from several past eras, from the '60s to the '90s. It's an exciting time to be a website designer Why this is happening fascinates me, and I can’t decide exactly what it is. Perhaps it’s just the same cyclicality we’ve long observed in the world of fashion — after all, illustration dominated the advertising world up till the late 60s or so.

KEO Marketing, Inc., leading B2B digital marketing agency in Arizona, discusses some web design trends for 2018 you need to optimize your site It’s also been fascinating to see a lot of leading brands ditch the familiar gated PDF approach to ebook distribution and fully embrace the web’s potential for publishing longform content in what I like to call “webooks.”Understanding the unique purchasing preferences of these younger buyers will be increasingly critical to the long-term growth of B2B merchants. Buyers are no longer willing to tolerate cumbersome or circuitous purchasing processes that require significant human interaction. They demand intuitive, self-service interfaces and 24/7 e-commerce availability. So, how do you make a good first impression -- and make it last? Understand and, more importantly, employ the web design trends that are shown to impress potential customers and make your business stand out.Every time I put together one of these lists, I’m overwhelmed by how much I could talk about — and how much my constraint of year + 1 forces me to prioritize.

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A feature that is quite popular in 2018 is a living picture that moves while you scroll. Animation, if done correctly, is a great way to catch visitors’ eyes. Otherwise, a site overloaded with animation will look cumbersome and hamper the customer making an order. Top 10 Web Design Trends for 2018 As 2017 fades into memory, the web design world is ready to push forward and embrace a new year and all the challenges and developments it may bring. In a tech-savvy world, web design will always be racing to catch up, get ahead of the curve, and deliver the best results possible

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Designer and engineer Adam Michela hit many of the same notes in “I’m a Designer at Facebook, and This Is What’s Missing in Design Tools Today.” There, he argues that most designers spend the vast majority of their time creating artifacts of little to no tangible value because they merely represent the final product — the digital interfaces that quickly diverge from said representations. Ahead of Gartner Sales & Marketing Conference 2018, October 9 - 11, 2018, in Las Vegas, NV, we asked Gartner experts to share the most important trends impacting sales and marketing leaders in today's complex buying environment The story comes as close to literally taking you there as it can. Which is vital for an issue that still seems abstract — unreal even — to far too many. It also smartly turns a complex topic into a series of easily-digestible paragraphs. You never feel overwhelmed by the total volume of content, because it doesn’t call attention to itself. Instead, you find yourself reading every word because it’s just so darn easy and absorbing. Predicting Ecommerce Web Design Trends 2018 Jul 20, 2017. 1103 Irene Fatyanova . Get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Email * By clicking on the button, you consent to the processing of your personal data. Online shopping has become a daily routine — more and more people are purchasing stuff on the web. Naturally, e-shop.

2017 was a big year for in-depth discussion of the nature of design tools and how well-suited they are to our work. Awwwards just published an article to summarize Trendy Gradients in Web Design. This shows they are ruling the web. 12. Big Bold & Creative Typography. Web Designers are turning Typography into a tool to create exciting innovative artworks. In 2018 Web Designs don't revolve around a few typos. A combination of 5-6 typos are used It’s worth noting that these more diverse approaches to longform can play with either a broken grid, or with a standard column, as seen in the New York Times piece above.Concerns over the definitions of illustration and interactivity aside, it’s not hard to see Jackson’s point: at base, most modern design tools fixate on the production of images, not interfaces.  

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Both web and mobile design have been dominated by card-based UIs for several years now. Until recently, most of those cards were (mostly) sharp-edged and right-angled, exposing the geometry of their underlying divs in an almost modernist concern for the materials of web design. Let's start by surveying the Top 10 web design winners of 2018. These trends will have legs to carry them through 2019 -- and maybe beyond -- or will come into full bloom in the coming year. 1. Hamburger Menus . By now you know those three lines that, when clicked, show the entire navigation system of a website If you are a web designer then you must know the most trending website design ideas for the year 2018 to impress your client. If you are a website owner then you must adopt few modern website design trends that will help your website to stand out in the competition

For beginners looking to start exploring simpler data visualisation, there are plenty of new tools available. "Libraries like D3.JS are great but can be a little intimidating for non-developers," says data visualisation expert Mike Brondbjerg. "But there are lots of platforms now that will import, visualise and host your data projects. Platforms like Datawrapper are great for easily producing a range of standard charts, and Flourish are doing great things with journalistic, storytelling style visualisations."Increasingly, as you scroll through the web, information isn’t just presented for your approval, but slides up into your awareness, calling attention to itself piece by piece. Keep reading to find out which trends will shape B2B web design in 2018. The year is almost over, which means it's time to look ahead. Over time, the online landscape has altered considerably, but that's nothing compared to the up-and-coming trends that will shape the web design industry in the coming year To be fair, this is hardly a “new” trend — in fact, I’d call it a keystone of the long-running conversation around web publishing — but with all the tools for web publishing arising right now, ourselves included, it seems like the perfect time for this facet to become even more prominent in 2018. /PRNewswire/ -- B2B marketers are scaling and optimizing their content marketing strategies, finding it valuable and effective to strengthen brand positioning,..

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If you don’t know how to design a successful business to business website, begin with simple navigation. Visitors want to find what they’re searching for immediately and move from page to page easily. In this case, they are more likely to take actions and won’t drown among numerous pages seeking information.In 2017, it seems like not a day has gone past without a new app, tool or feature from the likes of InVision, Adobe XD, Figma, Axure, Marvel, Vectr and others. And that includes Sketch, whose open file format update, Sketch 43, has been a real game changer. (You can learn more about that in this guide.)Now that design has earned its “place at the table,” the conversation has shifted away from assertions of value to a more mature analysis of how to make design’s successes more systematic, scalable, and cohesive across a brand’s many outputs and environments. 6 Extraordinary E-commerce Web Design Trends To Implement In 2018 It is one of the most significant parts of the business world in today's era. But, it is usually tough to predict the future of the e-commerce market But, We bet you’ve heard a lot about B2B web design and are wondering how to design a successful B2B website. In this article we’ll dwell on what B2B web design is and highlight its main trends in 2018. We’ve also provided some examples of B2B web design.

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What's working, what isn't, and what's about to explode onto the B2B content scene. Paying attention to the latest developments will also give you a head start on your competition. Get the best start possible to 2019 by learning from the top B2B content marketing trends of 2018. About the Autho To compel your audience, bring your products and services to life, and demonstrate your expertise in the ecosystem you play in, you must create an experience.

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  1. B2B Marketing Trends for 2018 How to amplify your business marketing strategy this year. is only going to continue into 2018, with 89% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers reporting they are using content marketing to increase leads and drive their brand forward3
  2. “You could almost hear the client feedback, saying: ‘Can it be less boxy’, and designers responded.” New technologies meant that in 2017, the traditional rules of web design were getting broken left, right and centre.
  3. And we’re realizing that if our teams aren’t diverse and inclusive, our design solutions can’t be either.
  4. g to the idea that our work shouldn’t start with design or content.
  5. Part Three of the Predictions Series for 2018 Covers Futuristic Insights on Marketing to the Millennials, Mobile Marketing Trends, and the Changing Face of Contextual Targeting The Holiday Season is over, and the New Year has brought a fresh battery of B2B marketing ideas to showcase what modern marketers are set to achieve in 2018. 2017 has been a big year for B2B tech with the rise of Alexa.
  6. With business e-commerce in the U.S. on track to hit $1.2 trillion by 2021, according to Forrester, it’s crucial for B2B merchants to accelerate their moves toward digital transformation. Here are a few thoughts on how the industry will evolve in 2018.
  7. As with any trend it's important not to include it for the sake of including it – it's got to be right for your project. "We all have a responsibility to our audience to choose when and when not to use animation," warns Gannon. 

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There’s more good news for the SEO buffs out there. According to Video Explainers (via MarTech), adding a video to your website can increase the chance of a front-page Google result by 53 times. That is, if it’s good. We Can Help Build A Beautiful New Website To Grow Your Business. Get A Discount If You Call Us Toda That’s changed in a big, big way in 2017. Now, every app from Google Now to Twitter to Facebook boasts almost aggressively rounded corners on their cards, input boxes, profile avatars, and more. This Year's B2B Content Marketing Top Performers At-A-Glance 2018 B2B Content Marketing Trends—North America: Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs Chart term definitions: A top performer (aka most successful) is one who characterizes his or her organization's overall content marketing approach as extremely or very successful

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Follow. B2B is different - that's the common opinion, and not just when it comes to marketing and communication. Here, are my marketing and communication trends for 2018 in the B2B environment.. If the answer is yes, you’ve just stumbled upon a stellar and subtle content marketing strategy: web books. Web books are the ebooks of the future built for the web. Smart business-to-business (B2B) companies pay attention to trends, listen to customers, and take actions to improve their business. In the coming year, for many in the B2B world this will mean developing a B2B ecommerce strategy that provides a great, omnichannel customer experience.. This article presents the five B2B ecommerce trends you'll want to watch in 2018 One of the most distinct web design trends of 2018 focuses on geometric themes, specifically polygons and layered shapes. Chances are you recognize this style when you see it, but to put a precise definition on it, a polygon is any closed-off shape with straight lines, typically 3-5 sides It goes without saying that applying the latest web design trends on your website is a great advantage. We bet you've heard a lot about B2B web design and are wondering how to design a successful B2B website. In this article we'll dwell on what B2B web design is and highlight its main trends in 2018

He ends the piece on a hopeful note, saying “there is opportunity to create tools that blend (rather than bridge) design and implementation.” The B2B eCommerce is running smoothly in the internet sphere. And it is growing by millions every year. At the starting of every year, many business experts seat together, decide and anticipate what can go wrong and what can go right. Let's look at the five most fruitful B2B eCommerce trends to watch this year

As a long-time fan of serifs and their ability to evoke feelings of elegance, refinement, and literary polish, I warmly welcome our new footed overlords. The responsive design movement of the 2010s has revolutionised web design and enabled designers to build sites that adapt seamlessly to different devices. “This year, we’ve seen an increase in designs that rebelled against the constraints of responsive design with an attempt to be more ‘creative’,” says Bearne. But we’re starting to see more and more sites make that change in state something beautiful to behold. Take for example these transitions on the site of agency 3drops: Bearne, however, notes that this trend does pose a particular challenge for agencies. “2017 has seen a plethora of tools race forth in the hope of being the ‘chosen tool’ for the industry, but simultaneously, the flood of products has become frustrating, as all have claimed to live up to huge expectations.

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(Please note that if you include links in your comments, they’ll be flagged as possible spam. So feel free to leave out the links — give us enough to Google it and we should be good to go.) We're also seeing the return of the GIF – partly thanks to the fact that basic animated GIFs can be read by almost anything. "It seems the world is ready (and indeed is crying out for) animation of everything, whether it be comedy loops of cats falling off tables or adding a sense of fun to the logo in your email signature," says Lee Fasciani, founder of Territory Projects. 

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B2B marketers are making more data driven decisions with LinkedIn than ever before, and the trend is expected to continue in 2018 as well. Related: 18 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018 Here are our top SaaS web design trends to watch for in 2018. SaaS Web Design Trends You'll Want to Use. The top SaaS web design trends we found are all about being bold, bright, and unique. While it's true there are some formulas and basic plans you can follow to layout your SaaS website; these trends think outside of the box

If you’re selling a conceptual product or service, video is especially important. Take Stripe Sigma’s feature page, for example, which seamlessly incorporates video into its design to portray a complicated concept in a digestible and engaging way. Get Ready for 2018. These trends are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg when we look at what changes may impact website developers and business owners in 2018. Whether a company is B2B or B2C, the trends above are sure to influence message delivery and the use of website and app interfaces “What has been highlighted in 2017 is a drive to constantly differentiate and break away from rules. Good designers accept rules; they like them, they work with them. But they also find ways to push them and to create new ways of presenting content. It’s something I hope continues into 2018.”"Simply put, intuitively navigable sites convert better; G-Star has put this into practice extremely well.”Bryant Chou is the CTO and Co-Founder of Webflow, a software company that provides a completely visual way to develop responsive websites.

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6 Key Growth Trends for 2018 Our recent survey shows that growth is high on the agenda of marketing and insight departments right now. Through the survey findings, we've identified the 6 key areas of focus for 2018, including the top marketing strategies and the biggest challenges and opportunities that lie ahead So you can imagine our surprise when, of all site types, two ecommerce outlets jumped on the brutal bandwagon: As she explains in this post, what’s called ‘artificial narrow intelligence’ (ANI) is already hard at work powering voice assistants like Google Home and Apple’s Siri. It also runs recommendation technologies for the likes of Amazon, Spotify and Netflix, not to mention smart home devices, self-driving cars and chatbots.Here’s what Sergie Magdalin, Ryan Morrison, Linsey Peterson, Nathan Romero, and Darin Dimitroff had to say. (Along with a few of my own thoughts, of course.) Web design may be maturing, but it's still subject to fads, fashions and whims. If we're lucky, who knows, some trends might just be user friendly. So, what's coming in 2018? Here are a few predictions (And don't forget that subcribers can download our User Experience & Interaction Design for Mobile & Web Best Practice Guide) 1

What are the top priorities, challenges, and trends in B2B marketing as we head into the final stretch of 2018? September 18, 2018 11 AM PST, 2 PM EST, 7 PM GMTWe conducted in-depth interviews with senior B2B technology marketers to find out — B2B Marketing Trends for 2018, Act-On Blog Marketing Automation: Though marketing automation software is already widely adopted by B2B marketers, four contributors predicted more sophisticated use of these systems in the coming year, by combining automated communications with AI and expanded data sets to better target content

That’s variable fonts in a nutshell: a single font file, capable of going from Thin to Black in a jiff. Without calling 16 different fonts in your CSS. Top Web Design Trends 2018 Telmo Sampaio. Loading... Unsubscribe from Telmo Sampaio? 12 Trends in Web Design for Designers and Entrepreneurs - Duration: 7:04 For a more web design trends to look out for in 2018, pick up net magazine issue 302 – on sale now. Take this gorgeous site Heco Partners built for the agency Black Sheep. As you scroll down, the highlighting of the “current” line helps keep you focused on the very well-written copy. Then a series of boldly designed tooltips start vying for your attention with the copy, crying out for you to stop reading and click over to another page. It’s a creative solution to the challenge of building an inline navigational system — but it can also add unnecessary tension to the experience for some users. I touched on this a bit in last year’s design trends piece, but today I’d like to focus even more on the rise of the disciple called “UX writing.”

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The New Year is a great time to resolve to take a hard look at your site and spot the dead giveaways of obsolescence, recognize enduring design classics, sort fad from trend, and take advantage of the latest web design thinking. Get started with this quick survey of the Top 10 web design trends that will carry over from last year or emerge in 2018 As buyers are getting younger, they are increasingly mobile. According to Google’s recent report, “The Changing Face of B2B Marketing,” 42% of B2B customers use mobile devices during their purchasing process. From researching products and comparing prices and feature sets to contacting merchants and completing transactions, business buyers depend on mobile devices along the entire purchase path.  But like most things in tech, this is hardly a neutral development. Thousands of journalists have lost their jobs in this pivot away from text toward the moving image. If you want to learn about creating your own chatbot, check out our How to build a chatbot interface post, How to design a chatbot experience tips and these 5 essential chatbot learning resources.

As the first month of 2018 draws to a close, we pull together the top five B2B marketing trends for 2018. The B2B marketing landscape has never been more competitive. Which makes it essential to keep on top of the latest developments and adapt your strategies accordingly Below are 10 major trends for 2018 that will impact both B2B and B2C. Personalization If your websites and marketing channels are still delivering product-centric, one-sized fits all messaging, prepared to be left in the dust We create rough sketches using graphite, then pair them with colorful, abstract shapes to bring the creative process to life. Our style is inspired by the moment when you first have an idea, and serves as a reminder that the “canvas is only blank until you make the first mark.”This trend isn’t only about being whimsical, though. “Illustrations can be extremely practical ways of presenting or explaining information. Nobody wants a boring website, and custom drawings are a human touch that can breathe life into otherwise dry content. 

When we’re looking to publish longform content, it can be tempting to just throw a long text field onto the page and call it a day — especially when our longform content is powered by a CMS, where a single layout does the heavy lifting for content ranging from 200-word blurbs to detailed, short-story-length tutorials. Whether you use these trends to be inspired or move steadfastly in the opposite direction, the information here can help inform your design choices in 2018. Read on for our predictions of the biggest graphic design trends of 2018 01. The 'Little Big Idea' Moonpig's rebrand was about sweating the small stuf Which is exactly what we’re trying to build here at Webflow. Like Michela, we envision a design deliverable that isn’t a schematic of a website, but is the website itself. Not a documentation of the interface, but the interface itself. Constantly evolving in perfect sync with the site, but continuously generating a timeline of versions that can be reviewed and even restored with the click of a button. Based on some new research and studies, I've accumulated the top 11 marketing trends that every B2B marketer needs to know today: 1. The Rise Of B2B Personalization. Today consumers expect a lot from the brands they interact with. They want to know that when they interact with a business, they are speaking with humans on the other end

For a more web design trends to look out for in 2018, pick up net magazine issue 302 - on sale now. Related articles: 30 web design tools to speed up your workflow in 2018; 5 free apps that can boost your creativity; 10 visual storytelling tips from top agencie Flat design isn’t dying, but in 2018 it’s certainly having to learn to adapt to stay relevant, believes Morr. “This new, so-called Flat 2.0 or semi-flat design, relies on adding nuance and depth to its prior ascetic identity. How is it doing that? By indulging in a few design taboos: gradients and shadows. But don’t worry, it’s only in moderation.”The former emphasizes the in-product experience, features, and functionality, while the latter tries to emphasize the product’s human dimension: the effect it has on people’s lives. Hence, you as B2B Marketer, if you are talking the researcher’s digital language and making it easier for them to search and give value upfront, then you will rank high in the consideration list of the B2B buyer.

Staying current on the latest web design trends is crucial to the success of your website. Here are the top web design trends for 2020. Like most things, what's hot in web design changes over the years. Certain design trends and elements can instantly make your site look like a relic from the days of internet past As a content geek, I’ve been thrilled to see a bunch of beautiful, content-focused websites serving up heaping helpings of helpful, well-written information in 2017. And I’m guessing we’ll see many more in 2018, given all the success 2017’s batch has seen.

So what has caused this enthusiasm for animation? Well, the volume of creation tools now available to designers has played a big part. "Many of these tools are aimed at designers, developers or other non-animators and have interfaces that are designed to simplify the complexities of building them," says Gannon.  These four words are accompanied by a downward arrow and from there, B2B the web design takes over. You're led down, down, down, and every step of the way you're greeted with simple but eye-catching graphics and a short paragraph on what Quid can do for you Lately, we’re seeing designers take the idea a step further by visually detaching the nav from the rest of the site design, and moving it a bit below the browser’s chrome. This reinforces the feeling that the navigation is a global object, not necessarily a part of any one page, but there to follow you reassuringly through the site.  This becomes most obvious in the UI format known as the chatbot. Generally speaking, these UIs consist of nothing but words. Words become the UI. The chatbot’s personality — or brand — can only be expressed through language. With maybe a few carefully chosen emoji thrown in for spice. A system that seamlessly combines e-commerce data with detailed customer interaction history gives every team member access to the same holistic overview. This type of fully integrated solution knocks down functional silos, giving sales, marketing and customer service teams the ability to cooperate efficiently. Tomorrow’s B2B winners will be the companies that can integrate disparate technology platforms and make them work together in a way that maximizes their utility to all members of an organization.

Enter what Taylor calls the information storyteller. “There is now a huge emphasis on effective storytelling through design, conveying often complex information as simply and as engagingly as possible to a variety of audiences,” he explains. “Designers are thinking outside the box with new, bespoke creations – the muted palettes of old ditched in favour of vibrant colour transitions paired with minimalist yet bold typography.”It’s been the first year, he says, that Adestra has seen regular use of ‘kinetic’ emails: using CSS3 and HTML to create interactivity within an email. This trend stems from the fact that users are so comfortable with the UI language of mobile apps and websites, they’re happy to see it in other places, including email.Yup, video! 72% of B2B Marketers use video as their content marketing tool. Still not convinced? Check these stats-The Web Video Marketing Council research shows that 96% of B2B respondents are engaged in video content marketing and 73% confirm that video has positively impacted marketing results.  Video is one of the dominant reasons why LinkedIn is also growing fast right now – LinkedIn is the number one social media of choice for B2B marketers Video on your website is the least you can do. Then, understand how you can bring video to every content page that you have.

But there's no arguing – when it's done well, animation can transform a good project to a great one. To get on board with the trend, check out our 5 steps to mastering web animation and 10 brilliant web animations by Chris Gannon.Owner of Dowson Design Co, Christopher Dowson, explains: "We are consumers by nature. We always need more things... and the internet is full of things. Sites like Deliveroo and Just Eat own no restaurants, but can bring almost any food right to our doors. Amazon owns no shops but we can have almost anything delivered next day. We're only just beginning to see the possibilities of ecommerce now we are moving away from the traditional storefront-on-the-web business model." In 2018, talk of content personalization and creating content experiences has been growing louder. And in 2019, it'll likely hit a fever pitch. Econsultancy and Adobe's 2018 Digital Trends report revealed that delivering personalized experiences in real-time is the most exciting opportunity for digital and marketing professionals

Web design plays a significant role for B2B and B2C businesses alike. While the B2C business industry has long realized the significance of action-oriented site design and reaping maximum benefits out of it, B2B businesses are clearly leaving a lot of potential on the table. Here's why a B2B centric web design is important for your business Modals have been an effective user interface for several years and are common on many ecommerce websites. What may change for 2018 is the use of full-screen modals for search and forms. The trend comes from mobile-first web design. On a mobile device, many modals take up most or all of the available space on the screen You see it everywhere: from the news sites that practically insist that you watch the video rather than read to the shortform “stories” pushed by first Snapchat, then Instagram, and finally Facebook. Surely Excel will hop on the bandwagon soon! Or, maybe Dropbox’s design team was onto something with this explanation of their new illustration style: On the other hand, we’re also seeing gender bias rear its ugly head in obviously contradictory and marginalizing ways — turning conversations we usually regard as mostly virtuous, such as providing feedback, into glaring examples of double standards.   

So it’s no surprise we’re seeing the video element spring up all over the web, from our very own homepage to feature pages like Stripe Sigma.“As we move into 2018, I expect innovations to fully utilise mobile functionality we’ve never seen on the desktop,” says Morr. “2018 will continue to see designers develop clever ways to organise information beautifully and intuitively, leading to more sophisticated user experiences, with focuses on micro-interactions and gestures over icons and buttons. That last point may make you scratch your head. But I’d encourage you to hop over to whatever major social networks and take a scroll. Unless you’re hitting up Instagram, Pinterest, or Snapchat, chances are you’re seeing a whole lot of writing. And even on those visuals-first platforms, text still plays a key supporting role.

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