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In Mesopotamian iconography, the crescent was the primary symbol of Nanna-Sîn.[252] In ancient Greek art, the Moon goddess Selene was represented wearing a crescent on her headgear in an arrangement reminiscent of horns.[253][254] The star and crescent arrangement also goes back to the Bronze Age, representing either the Sun and Moon, or the Moon and planet Venus, in combination. It came to represent the goddess Artemis or Hecate, and via the patronage of Hecate came to be used as a symbol of Byzantium. The Moon is the second-densest satellite in the Solar System, after Io.[60] However, the inner core of the Moon is small, with a radius of about 350 kilometres (220 mi) or less,[1] around 20% of the radius of the Moon. Its composition is not well understood, but is probably metallic iron alloyed with a small amount of sulphur and nickel; analyses of the Moon's time-variable rotation suggest that it is at least partly molten.[61] Moon Jae-in (Korean pronunciation: [mun.dʑɛ̝.in]; born 24 January 1953) is a South Korean politician.He is the 12th and current President of South Korea since 10 May 2017 after winning the majority vote in the 2017 presidential election.. Moon most recently served as the opposition leader of the Minjoo Party of Korea from 2015 to 2016 and a member of the 19th National Assembly

The usual English adjective pertaining to the Moon is "lunar", derived from the Latin word for the Moon, lūna. The adjective selenian /səliːniən/,[26] derived from the Greek word for the Moon, σελήνη selēnē, and used to describe the Moon as a world rather than as an object in the sky, is rare,[27] while its cognate selenic was originally a rare synonym[28] but now nearly always refers to the chemical element selenium.[29] The Greek word for the Moon does however provide us with the prefix seleno-, as in selenography, the study of the physical features of the Moon, as well as the element name selenium.[30][31] The Moon formed 4.51 billion years ago,[f] some 60 million years after the origin of the Solar System. Several forming mechanisms have been proposed,[33] including the fission of the Moon from Earth's crust through centrifugal force[34] (which would require too great an initial spin of Earth),[35] the gravitational capture of a pre-formed Moon[36] (which would require an unfeasibly extended atmosphere of Earth to dissipate the energy of the passing Moon),[35] and the co-formation of Earth and the Moon together in the primordial accretion disk (which does not explain the depletion of metals in the Moon).[35] These hypotheses also cannot account for the high angular momentum of the Earth–Moon system.[37] Moon Jae-in, the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Korea, and his wife Kim Jung-sook outside a polling station in Seoul, South Korea Moon Jae-in (en hangul: 문재인), naixito de Deoje (Coreya) o 24 de chinero de 1953, ye un politico sudcorián, actual primer President de Coreya d'o Sud dende o 10 de mayo 201 Mun Dzsein (Moon Jae-in): Mun elnök videófelvétel közben, 2017 szeptemberében. Dél-Korea 12. elnöke: Hivatalban Hivatalba lépés: 2017. május 10. Előd: Hvang Gjoan (Hwang Kyo-ahn) (ideiglenes

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South Korea East Asia ke Korean peninsula ke ek des hae. Iske capital city Seoul hae. Iske official naam Republic of Korea (Hangul (native Korean script): 대한민국; Hanja (Chinese characters Korean me ): 大韓民國) hae.. South Korea , World War II ke baad suruu bhais jab Japan ke surrender ke baad Korea ke south hissa ke America ke niche kar dewa gais rahaa In April 1972, the Apollo 16 mission recorded various astronomical photos and spectra in ultraviolet with the Far Ultraviolet Camera/Spectrograph.[242]

The Moon's average orbital distance is 384,402 km (238,856 mi),[16][17] or 1.28 light-seconds. This is about thirty times the diameter of Earth. The Moon's apparent size in the sky is almost the same as that of the Sun, since the star is about 400 times the lunar distance and diameter. Therefore, the Moon covers the Sun nearly precisely during a total solar eclipse. This matching of apparent visual size will not continue in the far future because the Moon's distance from Earth is gradually increasing. Two NASA GRAIL spacecraft began orbiting the Moon around 1 January 2012,[220] on a mission to learn more about the Moon's internal structure. NASA's LADEE probe, designed to study the lunar exosphere, achieved orbit on 6 October 2013.

Moon träffades med Kim Jong-un den 27 april 2018. [22] Privatliv. Moon Jae-in är gift och har två barn med Kim Jung-sook, de två möttes under studietiden på Kyung Hee-universitetet under 1970-talet och gifte sig 1981. [23] [24] Paret har tre husdjur, två hundar och en katt Senare samma år inledde Moon sin värnplikt där han tjänstgjorde i ett specialförband och i augusti 1976 deltog han i Operation Paul Bunyan i samband med "yxmordsincidenten", där två amerikanska soldater dödats av nordkoreanska trupper.[1][6] Efter att han slutfört sin militärtjänst 1978 återvände Moon till universitetet och han tog 1980 en juristexamen.[4] Han avlade samma år sin advokatexamen och två år senare blev han klasstvåa vid institutet för juridisk träning och forskning, han kunde dock inte bli domare på grund av sitt straffregister.[3][5] Si Moon Jae-in (Pagbabaybay sa Koreano: [mun dʑɛ̝.in]; ipinanganak noong ika-24 ng Enero 1953) ang ika-12 at kasalukuyang Pangulo ng Timog Korea. Inihalal siya matapos ang pagtataluwalag ni Park Geun-hye sa halalang pampangulo noong 2017.. Sanggunia

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Crystallization of this magma ocean would have created a mafic mantle from the precipitation and sinking of the minerals olivine, clinopyroxene, and orthopyroxene; after about three-quarters of the magma ocean had crystallised, lower-density plagioclase minerals could form and float into a crust atop.[59] The final liquids to crystallise would have been initially sandwiched between the crust and mantle, with a high abundance of incompatible and heat-producing elements.[1] The U.S. co-launched the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) and the LCROSS impactor and follow-up observation orbiter on 18 June 2009; LCROSS completed its mission by making a planned and widely observed impact in the crater Cabeus on 9 October 2009,[218] whereas LRO is currently in operation, obtaining precise lunar altimetry and high-resolution imagery. In November 2011, the LRO passed over the large and bright crater Aristarchus. NASA released photos of the crater on 25 December 2011.[219] Moon Jae-in on 2019-04-11 face detail, from- Secretary Pompeo meets with Republic of Korea President Moon Jae-in (33709604378) (cropped).jpg 263 × 316; 108 K The following is a list of international presidential trips made by Moon Jae-in, the 12th and current President of South Korea.As of May 2020, Moon Jae-in has made 35 presidential trips to 27 states internationally since his inauguration on 10 May 2017. The number of visits per country where he travelled are: One visit to Argentina, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brunei, Cambodia, Czech Republic. Moon Jae-in (Korean: 문재인; Hanja: 文在寅; Korean pronunciation: or [munt͡ɕɛin]; born January 24, 1953) is a South Korean politician serving as President of South Korea since 2017. He was elected after the impeachment of Park Geun-hye as the candidate of the Democratic Party of Korea.. A former student activist, human rights lawyer and chief of staff to then-president Roh Moo-hyun.

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Moon Jae-in (Korean pronunciation: [mun.dʑɛ̝.in]; born 24 Januar 1953) is a Sooth Korean politeecian wha is the Preses o Sooth Korea Selepas dilepaskan, beliau lulus dalam Peperiksaan Bar dan dimasukkan ke Institut Penyelidikan dan Latihan Kehakiman. Beliau lulus kali kedua di dalam kelas tetapi tidak mengakui untuk menjadi hakim atau pendakwa kerajan kerana sejarah beliau aktivisme terhadap pemerintahan diktator sebagai pelajar. Moon memilih untuk menjadi seorang peguam sebaliknya.[3] Senare under 2004 hjälpte han till att inviga Kaesong industriområde, strax norr om den demilitariserade zonen som ett led i Rohs strategi att fortsätta Solskenspolitiken.[4] Som stabschef var han också delaktig i att organisera det historiska mötet med Kim Jong Il i oktober 2007 och de följande förhandlingarna.[6] 2007 anklagades han för att ha rådfrågat Nordkorea innan han avstod FN-omröstning om en resolution gällande mänskliga rättigheter mot landet.[10] När Roh förlorade valet 2008 återvände Moon till sin juristkarriär.[4]

The maximum hour work week was reduced from 68 to 52.[5] In October 2018, a study conducted by a telecommunications firm found that in central Seoul the amount of time people spent in or near their workplace fell by 55 minutes, and time spent of leisure activities went up in residential areas.[4] However, they found little to no change elsewhere in the country.[4] Bars and restaurants in central Seoul reported a loss in business.[4] Many working-class Koreans, who rely on temporary work, also complained that because overall pay was not adjusted for the lower working hours, they took up more work to compensate. [6] Mun Džėinas (kor. 문재인 = Moon Jae-in, g.1953 m. sausio 24 d. Kodžė, Pietų Kiongsango provincija) - Pietų Korėjos teisininkas, politikas, buvęs velionio prezidento No Mu Hiono administracijos vadovas. Mun buvo išrinktas Jungtinių demokratų partijos kandidatu į šalies prezidentus 2012 m. gruodžio 16 d. vykusiuose rinkimuose.Nors laikytas vienu iš favoritų, surinkęs 48 %. The Moon has an atmosphere so tenuous as to be nearly vacuum, with a total mass of less than 10 tonnes (9.8 long tons; 11 short tons).[125] The surface pressure of this small mass is around 3 × 10−15 atm (0.3 nPa); it varies with the lunar day. Its sources include outgassing and sputtering, a product of the bombardment of lunar soil by solar wind ions.[12][126] Elements that have been detected include sodium and potassium, produced by sputtering (also found in the atmospheres of Mercury and Io); helium-4 and neon[127] from the solar wind; and argon-40, radon-222, and polonium-210, outgassed after their creation by radioactive decay within the crust and mantle.[128][129] The absence of such neutral species (atoms or molecules) as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen and magnesium, which are present in the regolith, is not understood.[128] Water vapor has been detected by Chandrayaan-1 and found to vary with latitude, with a maximum at ~60–70 degrees; it is possibly generated from the sublimation of water ice in the regolith.[130] These gases either return into the regolith because of the Moon's gravity or are lost to space, either through solar radiation pressure or, if they are ionized, by being swept away by the solar wind's magnetic field.[128] After his discharge from the military, he returned to Kyung Hee University, where he later jumped into pro-democracy movements and human rights lawyer activities. Moon Jae-in was born on 24 January 1953 in Geoje, South Korea, to father Moon Yong-hyung and mother Kang Han-ok as the eldest of their five children. His father had arrived in South Korea as a refugee from South Hamgyeong Province (currently in North Korea) who fled his native city of Hamhung during the Hamhung Retreat

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Lunar swirls are enigmatic features found across the Moon's surface. They are characterized by a high albedo, appear optically immature (i.e. the optical characteristics of a relatively young regolith), and have often a sinuous shape. Their shape is often accentuated by low albedo regions that wind between the bright swirls. Candidate was determined by a combination of votes from an evaluation commission based on 4 debates, held in different region of the country (40%), votes from the party members (30%), and public opinion polls (30%). Candidates were: This file has an extracted image: File:President of South Korea Moon Jae-in in Vladivostok, 06 September 2017.jpg. Licensing This file comes from the website of the President of the Russian Federation and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License Ele foi um grande amigo do nono Presidente da Coreia do Sul, Roh Moo-hyun (1946-2009).[5][6] Moon Jae-in também foi um membro fundador do jornal progressista sul-coreano The Hankyoreh, em 1988.[7]

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(Redirected from Moon Jae-in Cabinet) The State Council of the Republic of Korea ( Korean : 국무회의 ; Hanja : 國務 會議 ; RR : Gungmuhoeui ) is the chief executive body and national cabinet of the Republic of Korea involved in discussing important policies that fall within the power of the Executive as specified by the Constitution Moon Jae-in (Korean pronunciation: [mun dʑɛ̝.in]; born 24 January 1953) is a South Korean politician serving as the 12th and current President of South Korea since 2017. He was elected after the impeachment of Park Geun-hye as the candidate of the Democratic Party Moon Jae-in är gift och har två barn med Kim Jung-sook, de två möttes under studietiden på Kyung Hee-universitetet under 1970-talet och gifte sig 1981.[23][24] Paret har tre husdjur, två hundar och en katt. Den före detta herrelösa katten Jjing-jing blev Koreas första "första katt", Maru är en Pungsan dog och Tori är en blandras som också är den första hunden i blå huset som adopterats från ett djurhem.[25][26] The first spacecraft to perform a successful lunar soft landing was Luna 9 and the first unmanned vehicle to orbit the Moon was Luna 10, both in 1966.[72] Rock and soil samples were brought back to Earth by three Luna sample return missions (Luna 16 in 1970, Luna 20 in 1972, and Luna 24 in 1976), which returned 0.3 kg total.[192] Two pioneering robotic rovers landed on the Moon in 1970 and 1973 as a part of Soviet Lunokhod programme. Moon berkahwin dengan Kim Jung-sook, vokalis dari universiti yang sama dengan beliau. Dua kanak-kanak (seorang anak perempuan dan anak lelaki) telah dilahirkan hasil perkahwinan mereka.[18] Beliau adalah pemimpin Roman Katolik kedua selepas mendiang bekas Presiden Kim Dae-jung. Nama baptis Moon adalah "Timothy". Beliau juga dikenali sebagai "Dark king" (冥王, Myeong-wang atau Myung-wang) kerana beliau menyerupai "Silvers Rayleigh," watak dari manga Jepun, "One Piece".[19]

After the first Moon race there were years of near quietude but starting in the 1990s, many more countries have become involved in direct exploration of the Moon. In 1990, Japan became the third country to place a spacecraft into lunar orbit with its Hiten spacecraft. The spacecraft released a smaller probe, Hagoromo, in lunar orbit, but the transmitter failed, preventing further scientific use of the mission.[207] In 1994, the U.S. sent the joint Defense Department/NASA spacecraft Clementine to lunar orbit. This mission obtained the first near-global topographic map of the Moon, and the first global multispectral images of the lunar surface.[208] This was followed in 1998 by the Lunar Prospector mission, whose instruments indicated the presence of excess hydrogen at the lunar poles, which is likely to have been caused by the presence of water ice in the upper few meters of the regolith within permanently shadowed craters.[209] Moon Jae-in (en hangul, 문재인; en hanja, 文在寅; pronunciado /mun dʑɛ in/; Geoje, Gyeongsang, 24 de enero de 1953) es un político surcoreano, actual líder del Partido Democrático de Corea y presidente de Corea del Sur desde el 10 de mayo de 2017, tras resultar victorioso en las elecciones presidenciales de ese año.. Moon fue líder de la oposición en la 19.ª Asamblea Nacional.

Ligazóns externas modificadas (xaneiro 2020) Ola compañeiros editores, Acabo de modificar 1 ligazóns externas en Moon Jae-in.Por favor tomádevos un momento para revisar a miña edición.Se tedes calquera pregunta, ou precisades que o bot ignore ben estas ligazóns ou ben a páxina por completo, por favor visitade este FAQ para máis información När Roh Moo-hyun blev president 2002 erbjöd han Moon en plats i sitt kabinett.[4] Han blev Rohs ansvarige sekreterare för medborgerliga rättigheter och senare hans stabschef.[1][8] Trots att han var en av Rohs närmaste medarbetare försökte han undvika den uppmärksamhet hans uppdrag inom administrationen förde med sig.[4] När Roh i mars 2004 ställdes inför riksrätt av oppositionens lagstiftare ingick Moon i gruppen med jurister som försvarade Roh inför författningsdomstolen.[4] Roh friades i maj 2004.[9] This article was first published at 38 North, a blog of the U.S.-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins SAIS.It is republished with kind permission. South Korea's President Moon Jae-in unveiled his. In years since, signatures of water have been found to exist on the lunar surface.[103] In 1994, the bistatic radar experiment located on the Clementine spacecraft, indicated the existence of small, frozen pockets of water close to the surface. However, later radar observations by Arecibo, suggest these findings may rather be rocks ejected from young impact craters.[104] In 1998, the neutron spectrometer on the Lunar Prospector spacecraft showed that high concentrations of hydrogen are present in the first meter of depth in the regolith near the polar regions.[105] Volcanic lava beads, brought back to Earth aboard Apollo 15, showed small amounts of water in their interior.[106] Moon Jae-in (Hòn-koet-ngî: 문재인/文在寅 Vùn Chhai-yîn; 1953-ngièn 1-ngie̍t 24-ngit - ) he Hòn-koet ke chṳn-chhṳ ngìn-vu̍t, ya-he thi 19-ngin Hòn-koet chúng-thúng.. Sên-phìn. Moon Jae-in kià yà-oî he Chêu-sién ke ngin, to Hòn-koet Geoje (巨濟) heu sâng-chhut kì.. 1971-ngièn, kì chhiùng Kyungnam Kô-tén-ho̍k-káu (慶南高等學校) pit-ngia̍p, chhṳ.

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Vào năm 2012, Moon đã tham gia tranh cử một ghế thành viên của Quốc hội trong cuộc bầu cử lập pháp lần thứ 19. Moon đã giành được một ghế của quận Sasang ở Busan vào ngày 11 tháng 4 năm 2012 như một thành viên của Đảng Thống nhất Dân chủ với 55% số phiếu.[6] Moon Jae-in (Koreaans: 문재인; Hanja: 文在寅; Koreaanse uitspraak: [mundʑɛin] or [mun] [t͡ɕɛin]; gebore 24 Januarie 1953) is 'n Suid-Koreaanse politikus wat sedert 2017 as president van Suid-Korea dien. Hy is verkies na die beskuldiging van Park Geun-hye as die kandidaat van die Demokratiese Party van Korea.. Moon was 'n voormalige studentaktivis, menseregte-advokaat en stafhoof van. Moon Jae-in (en coreano: 문재인), nado en Geoje o 24 de xaneiro de 1953, é un político surcoreano que exerce como presidente de Corea do Sur dende 2017. [1] [2]Foi elixido logo da destitución de Park Geun-hye, como candidato do Partido Demócrata de Corea. [3] [4]Activista estudiantil durante a súa mocidade, avogado de dereitos humanos e xefe de gabinete do presidente Roh Moo-hyun, [5. Candidates were determined by an open primary of citizens who registered as a voter between February 15 to March 9, and March 12 to March 21. Overall, 2,144,840 people registered as a primary voter, making the 2017 primary the largest in Korean history.[10][11] Occasionally, the name Luna /ˈluːnə/ is used in scientific writing[23] and especially in science fiction to distinguish our moon from others, while in poetry "Luna" has been used to denote personification of Earth's moon.[24] Cynthia /ˈsɪnθiə/ is another poetic name, though rare, for the Moon personified as a goddess,[25] while Selene /səˈliːniː/ (literally "Moon") is the Greek goddess of the Moon.

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Si President, Moon Jae-in u takua me kryetarin e Koresë së Veriut Kim Jong-un në samitët ndër-koreanë në prill, maj dhe shtator 2018 duke e bërë atë presidentin e tretë të Koresë së Jugut për të takuar homologun e Koresë së Veriut Moon Jae-in. Halaman ini bukanlah forum untuk diskusi umum mengenai subyek artikel. Letakkan teks baru di bawah teks yang sudah ada. Mohon tanda tangani komentar Anda dengan mengetikkan empat karakter tilda (~~~~). Baru bergabung dengan Wikipedia? Selamat datang! Silakan bertanya jawab atau memperkenalkan diri Anda Moon Jae-in dia mpanao politika teraka ny 24 Janoary 1953 . Jereo koa. Biôgrafia; Rohy ivelany. Ao amin'i Freebase Talk:Moon Jae-in becomes President of South Korea. From Wikinews, the free news source you can write! Jump to navigation Jump to search. Review of revision 4313287 [Passed

Politics and government Edit. South Korea is a democracy, meaning that people can vote for their government.The President of South Korea is elected to a five-year term, and cannot stand in a Presidential Election for a second time. The current president is Moon Jae-in since 10 May 2017. The previous president, Park Geun-hye, was impeached for corruption The Moon has an external magnetic field of generally less than 0.2 nanoteslas,[119] or less than one hundred thousandth that of Earth. The Moon does not currently have a global dipolar magnetic field and only has crustal magnetization likely acquired early in its history when a dynamo was still operating.[120][121] However, early in its history, 4 billion years ago, its magnetic field strength was likely close to that of Earth today.[119] This early dynamo field apparently expired by about one billion years ago, after the lunar core had completely crystallized.[119] Theoretically, some of the remnant magnetization may originate from transient magnetic fields generated during large impacts through the expansion of plasma clouds. These clouds are generated during large impacts in an ambient magnetic field. This is supported by the location of the largest crustal magnetizations situated near the antipodes of the giant impact basins.[122]

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Park Geun-hye of the conservative Saenuri Party (renamed just prior to the election in February 2017 as the Liberty Korea Party) won the previous presidential election in 2012, succeeding Lee Myung-bak of the same party. Walaupun sikap acuh tak acuh yang lebih awal untuk politik, beliau mula melibatkan diri dalam bidang politik. Beliau menerbitkan memoir yang dipanggil Moon Jae-in: The Destiny yang menjadi buku terlaris.[8] Popularitinya telah meningkat mantap menentang lawan yang mungkin dalam pilihanraya presiden, Park Geun-hye. Sebagai contoh, dalam satu tinjauan Februari 2012, Moon berjaya mendapat pariti dengan Park dalam populariti.[9] The Moon is a very slightly scalene ellipsoid due to tidal stretching, with its long axis displaced 30° from facing the Earth (due to gravitational anomalies from impact basins). Its shape is more elongated than current tidal forces can account for. This 'fossil bulge' indicates that the Moon solidified when it orbited at half its current distance to the Earth, and that it is now too cold for its shape to adjust to its orbit.[54] Dalam perdebatan presiden yang disiarkan di televisyen, Moon berkata beliau menentang homoseksual, sebagai tindak balas kepada kenyataan calon konservatif Hong Jun-pyo bahawa tentera gay adalah satu punca kelemahan dalam tentera Korea. Kata Moon, walaupun ia boleh ditafsirkan sebagai bertentangan dengan perbuatan homoseksual di kalangan tentera khususnya, mendorong kritikan serta-merta semasa perbahasan dari Sim Sang-jung, calon presiden tunggal untuk menyokong hak LGBT dan ahli Parti Keadilan berhaluan kiri.[15] Kata-kata itu juga mendorong kemarahan aktivis hak gay, menimbangkan representasi Moon sebagai calon liberal terkemuka dan bekas peguam hak asasi manusia. Beberapa penyokong Moon menolak komen sebagai satu keperluan untuk menang, seperti Korea Selatan cenderung ke sisi konservatif dalam isu-isu sosial.[16] Moon kemudian menjelaskan komen beliau mencadangkan beliau masih percaya tidak ada diskriminasi berdasarkan orientasi seksual seseorang.[17] The illuminated area of the visible sphere (degree of illumination) is given by ( 1 − cos ⁡ e ) / 2 = sin 2 ⁡ ( e / 2 ) {\displaystyle (1-\cos e)/2=\sin ^{2}(e/2)} , where e {\displaystyle e} is the elongation (i.e., the angle between Moon, the observer (on Earth) and the Sun).

Moon Jae-in Net Worth. Moon Jae-in estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & many more details have been updated below.Let's check, How Rich is Moon Jae-in in 2019-2020? According to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb & Various Online resources, famous Politician Moon Jae-in's net worth is $53 Million at the age of 66 years old In Proto-Indo-European religion, the Moon was personified as the male god *Meh1not.[250] The ancient Sumerians believed that the Moon was the god Nanna,[251][252] who was the father of Inanna, the goddess of the planet Venus,[251][252] and Utu, the god of the sun.[251][252] Nanna was later known as Sîn,[252][251] and was particularly associated with magic and sorcery.[251] In Greco-Roman mythology, the Sun and the Moon are represented as male and female, respectively (Helios/Sol and Selene/Luna);[250] this is a development unique to the eastern Mediterranean[250] and traces of an earlier male moon god in the Greek tradition are preserved in the figure of Menelaus.[250] Solar System → Local Interstellar Cloud → Local Bubble → Gould Belt → Orion Arm → Milky Way → Milky Way subgroup → Local Group → Local Sheet → Virgo Supercluster → Laniakea Supercluster → Observable universe → UniverseEach arrow (→) may be read as "within" or "part of".

Moon in 2017. Moon was considered the frontrunner to win Korea's 2017 presidential election, which would be the 19th term of the country's presidency, following the Impeachment of Park Geun-hye.. He won the Democratic Party's nomination against fellow party members Ahn Hee-jung, Lee Jae-myung, and Choi Sung with 57% of the votes.. The general election originally had 15 announced candidates The discovery of fault scarp cliffs by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter suggest that the Moon has shrunk within the past billion years, by about 90 metres (300 ft).[67] Similar shrinkage features exist on Mercury. A recent study of over 12000 images from the orbiter has observed that Mare Frigoris near the north pole, a vast basin assumed to be geologically dead, has been cracking and shifting. Since the Moon doesn't have tectonic plates, its tectonic activity is slow and cracks develop as it loses heat over the years.[68]

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The 2018 inter-Korean summit (South Korea: 2018년 남북정상회담, North Korea: 2018년 북남수뇌상봉) took place on April 27, 2018, on the South Korean side of the Joint Security Area, between Moon Jae-in, President of South Korea, and Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader of North Korea.. It was the third inter-Korean summit - and the first in eleven years Dilahirkan di Geoje, Korea Selatan, Moon Jae-in merupakan anak lelaki pertama bapa Moon Yong-hyung dan ibu Kang Han-ok antara lima kanak-kanak. Bapanya adalah seorang pelarian dari Wilayah Hamgyeong Selatan (kini di Korea Utara) yang melarikan diri di bandar asalnya Hamhung semasa Pengunduran Hamhung. Bapanya menetap di Geoje sebagai buruh untuk Kem POW Geoje. Ballot numbers for party candidates were given according to the candidate's party seat distribution in the National Assembly. Ballot numbers for independent and minor party candidates were determined through a random lottery by the National Election Commission.

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  1. 1982 grundade Moon Jae-in en advokatfirma tillsammans med sin vän Roh Moo-hyun, de specialiserade sig på mänskliga och medborgerliga rättigheter samt arbetsrätt.[3][7] De försvarade fackligt aktiva och studentaktivister som förföljdes under president Chun Doo-hwan. I samband med återinförandet av demokrati gav sig Roh in i politiken medan Moon fortsatte sin juristkarriär.[4]
  2. In May 2011, 615–1410 ppm water in melt inclusions in lunar sample 74220 was reported,[112] the famous high-titanium "orange glass soil" of volcanic origin collected during the Apollo 17 mission in 1972. The inclusions were formed during explosive eruptions on the Moon approximately 3.7 billion years ago. This concentration is comparable with that of magma in Earth's upper mantle. Although of considerable selenological interest, this announcement affords little comfort to would-be lunar colonists – the sample originated many kilometers below the surface, and the inclusions are so difficult to access that it took 39 years to find them with a state-of-the-art ion microprobe instrument.
  3. Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the Moon as the commander of the American mission Apollo 11 by first setting foot on the Moon at 02:56 UTC on 21 July 1969.[198] An estimated 500 million people worldwide watched the transmission by the Apollo TV camera, the largest television audience for a live broadcast at that time.[199][200] The Apollo missions 11 to 17 (except Apollo 13, which aborted its planned lunar landing) removed 380.05 kilograms (837.87 lb) of lunar rock and soil in 2,196 separate samples.[201] The American Moon landing and return was enabled by considerable technological advances in the early 1960s, in domains such as ablation chemistry, software engineering, and atmospheric re-entry technology, and by highly competent management of the enormous technical undertaking.[202][203]
  4. One of the earliest-discovered possible depictions of the Moon is a 5000-year-old rock carving Orthostat 47 at Knowth, Ireland.[176][177]
  5. President of the United States Donald John Trump & President of South Korea Moon Jae-in in Seoul, South Korea, November 7, 2017 (38223673882).jpg 1,800 × 1,198; 554 KB President Trump's Trip to Asia (24396608748).jpg 2,048 × 1,365; 581 K
  6. orities. He opposed homosexuality in the military, but at the same time stated that there should be no discri
  7. Biografi Uppväxt och utbildning. Moon Jae-in föddes 24 januari 1953 i Geoje i Södra Gyeongsang, hans föräldrar var flyktingar från Hungnam i nuvarande Nordkorea. [3] [4] Familjen flyttade till Pusan där Moon växte upp och blev politiskt medveten, 1969 deltog han i protesterna mot president Park Chung-hee som försökte ändra grundlagen för att sitta kvar en tredje mandatperiod. [3

Analysis of the findings of the Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3) revealed in August 2018 for the first time "definitive evidence" for water-ice on the lunar surface.[113][114] The data revealed the distinct reflective signatures of water-ice, as opposed to dust and other reflective substances.[115] The ice deposits were found on the North and South poles, although it is more abundant in the South, where water is trapped in permanently shadowed craters and crevices, allowing it to persist as ice on the surface since they are shielded from the sun.[113][115] The usual English proper name for Earth's natural satellite is simply the Moon, with a capital M.[18][19] The noun moon is derived from Old English mōna, which (like all its Germanic cognates) stems from Proto-Germanic *mēnōn,[20] which in turn comes from Proto-Indo-European *mēnsis "month"[21] (from earlier *mēnōt, genitive *mēneses) which may be related to the verb "measure" (of time).[22] The impact released a lot of energy and then the released material re-accreted into the Earth–Moon system. This would have melted the outer shell of Earth, and thus formed a magma ocean.[48][49] Similarly, the newly formed Moon would also have been affected and had its own lunar magma ocean; its depth is estimated from about 500 km (300 miles) to 1,737 km (1,079 miles).[48] In a like manner, the lunar surface experiences tides of around 10 cm (4 in) amplitude over 27 days, with two components: a fixed one due to Earth, because they are in synchronous rotation, and a varying component from the Sun.[162] The Earth-induced component arises from libration, a result of the Moon's orbital eccentricity (if the Moon's orbit were perfectly circular, there would only be solar tides).[162] Libration also changes the angle from which the Moon is seen, allowing a total of about 59% of its surface to be seen from Earth over time.[72] The cumulative effects of stress built up by these tidal forces produces moonquakes. Moonquakes are much less common and weaker than are earthquakes, although moonquakes can last for up to an hour – significantly longer than terrestrial quakes – because of the absence of water to damp out the seismic vibrations. The existence of moonquakes was an unexpected discovery from seismometers placed on the Moon by Apollo astronauts from 1969 through 1972.[168] Moon đã ủng hộ việc thống nhất đất nước một cách hòa bình giữa hai miền Triều Tiên. Ông bị chỉ trích nhưng cũng được ca ngợi rất nhiều vì những bình luận của ông nêu rõ chuyến thăm đầu tiên nếu bản thân được bầu làm Tổng thống là sẽ tới thăm Bắc Triều Tiên, và chuyến thăm đó sẽ không khác gì chuyến thăm của ông Roh Moo-hyun tới đất nước này trong năm 2007. Tương tự như vậy, chính sách đối ngoại của Moon đối với Bắc Triều Tiên được xem là gần gũi với Chính sách Ánh dương của các cựu chủ tịch phe tự do là Kim Dae-jung và Roh Moo-hyun.[10]

Moon Jae-in, ganet d'ar 24 a viz Genver 1953, eo 12vet prezidant Sukorea.Dilennet eo bet goude ma vefe bet skarzhet Park Geun-hye eus he fost er bloavezh 2017.. Studier ha stourmer, difenner gwirioù Mab-Den, penn ministred ar prezidant Roh Moo-hyun, Moon a zo bet e penn ar strollad Minjoo (2015-2016). Bet eo ivez ezel eus an 19vet bodadeg vroadel (2012-2016) Upcoming lunar missions include Russia's Luna-Glob: an unmanned lander with a set of seismometers, and an orbiter based on its failed Martian Fobos-Grunt mission.[221] Privately funded lunar exploration has been promoted by the Google Lunar X Prize, announced 13 September 2007, which offers US$20 million to anyone who can land a robotic rover on the Moon and meet other specified criteria.[222] Shackleton Energy Company is building a program to establish operations on the south pole of the Moon to harvest water and supply their Propellant Depots.[223]

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  1. While the giant impact hypothesis might explain many lines of evidence, some questions are still unresolved, most of which involve the Moon's composition.[50]
  2. In April 2018, Kim and Moon Jae-in formally attended the inter-Korean summit of 2018 and agreed to formally end the Korean War before 2019. In April and May 2018, Kim met with Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China. In May 2018, Donald Trump said on Twitter that he would meet with Kim on June 12 in Singapore for peace talks
  3. South Korean President Moon Jae-in is greeted by his Indonesian counterpart Joko Widodo during their meeting at the presidential palace in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, November 9, 2017
  4. Genom att redogöra för sin Nordkoreanska-strategi i ett tal i Berlin, Tyskland, den 6 juli 2017, Moon kännetecknade processen som ledande till sammanslutning som ett långsiktigt projekt, snarare än att lägga ut några detaljerade planer för ett enat Korea. Han betonade alliansen med USA och specificerade behovet av att försäkra avvecklingen av Nordkoreas kärnvapenprogram. Samtidigt presenterade han frågan om sammanslutning i ett regionalt sammanhang och signalerade hans förhoppningar om att arbeta i samarbete med det internationella samfundet. Han stödjer sanktioner mot Nordkorea, medan de lämnar möjligheten att upphäva och angav att det är avgörande att upprätta en fredsöverenskommelse med Nordkorea för att avsluta Koreakriget officiellt i utbyte mot nedrustning.[21]

Moon svors in till ämbetet omedelbart efter att officiella röster räknades 10 maj, Moon ersatte tillförordnad president och premiärminister Hwang Kyo-ahn. Det fanns ingen övergångsperiod mellan valet och invigningen, till skillnad från andra presidentval på grund av karaktären av ett val som följde ett presidentiell riksrättsåtal.[19] Han kommer att tjäna ut den typiska enkla femårsperioden som avslutas år 2022.[20] The Moon's regular phases make it a very convenient timepiece, and the periods of its waxing and waning form the basis of many of the oldest calendars. Tally sticks, notched bones dating as far back as 20–30,000 years ago, are believed by some to mark the phases of the Moon.[257][258][259] The ~30-day month is an approximation of the lunar cycle. The English noun month and its cognates in other Germanic languages stem from Proto-Germanic *mǣnṓth-, which is connected to the above-mentioned Proto-Germanic *mǣnōn, indicating the usage of a lunar calendar among the Germanic peoples (Germanic calendar) prior to the adoption of a solar calendar.[260] The PIE root of moon, *méh1nōt, derives from the PIE verbal root *meh1-, "to measure", "indicat[ing] a functional conception of the Moon, i.e. marker of the month" (cf. the English words measure and menstrual),[261][262][263] and echoing the Moon's importance to many ancient cultures in measuring time (see Latin mensis and Ancient Greek μείς (meis) or μήν (mēn), meaning "month").[264][265][266][267] Most historical calendars are lunisolar. The 7th-century Islamic calendar is an exceptional example of a purely lunar calendar. Months are traditionally determined by the visual sighting of the hilal, or earliest crescent moon, over the horizon.[268] The Earth revolves around the Earth-Moon barycentre once a sidereal month, with 1/81 the speed of the Moon, or about 12.5 metres (41 ft) per second. This motion is superimposed on the much larger revolution of the Earth around the Sun at a speed of about 30 kilometres (19 mi) per second.

Moon cũng hứa hẹn sự minh bạch trong nhiệm kỳ của ông, trước hết ở việc chuyển nơi ở và làm việc của Tổng thống từ khu vực Nhà Xanh sang trọng và biệt lập đến một khu phức hợp của chính phủ hiện có ở trung tâm thành phố Seoul.[25] The prevailing hypothesis is that the Earth–Moon system formed after an impact of a Mars-sized body (named Theia) with the proto-Earth (giant impact). The impact blasted material into Earth's orbit and then the material accreted and formed the Moon.[38][39]

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Si Moon Jae-in (Koreano: 문재인; Hanja: 文在寅; namundag 24 Enero 1953) iyo an ika-12 asin presenteng Presidente kan South Korea. Alagad, sa bilang kan mismong gobyerno kaini, siya dapat iyo an ika-19 ta an pagkapresidente binabase sa termino nin pagtukaw kaini. Siya dati abogado sa pangtawong deretso asin aktibistang estudyante I februari 2015 valdes Moon till ledare för Demokratiska Partiet med 45,3 procent av rösterna.[16] Efter att Park Geun-hye avsatts efter den politiska skandalen 2016 utlystes i mars 2017 extraval.[17] Han kandiderade och utsågs snabbt till favorit då den före detta generalsekreteraren för FN Ban Ki-moon dragit tillbaka sin kandidatur.[4] Den 3 april 2017 nominerades han formellt som Demokratiska partiets kandidat.[5] In August 2016, the US government granted permission to US-based start-up Moon Express to land on the Moon.[235] This marked the first time that a private enterprise was given the right to do so. The decision is regarded as a precedent helping to define regulatory standards for deep-space commercial activity in the future, as thus far companies' operation had been restricted to being on or around Earth.[235] Moon Jae-in, former human rights lawyer and chief of staff to then-President Roh Moo-hyun, became President of South Korea on 10 May 2017. If the National Assembly votes against a presidential decision, it will be declared void immediately. Powers and duties of the president. The president is required to:. In 1609, Galileo Galilei drew one of the first telescopic drawings of the Moon in his book Sidereus Nuncius and noted that it was not smooth but had mountains and craters. Thomas Harriot had made, but not published such drawings a few months earlier. Telescopic mapping of the Moon followed: later in the 17th century, the efforts of Giovanni Battista Riccioli and Francesco Maria Grimaldi led to the system of naming of lunar features in use today. The more exact 1834–36 Mappa Selenographica of Wilhelm Beer and Johann Heinrich Mädler, and their associated 1837 book Der Mond, the first trigonometrically accurate study of lunar features, included the heights of more than a thousand mountains, and introduced the study of the Moon at accuracies possible in earthly geography.[189] Lunar craters, first noted by Galileo, were thought to be volcanic until the 1870s proposal of Richard Proctor that they were formed by collisions.[72] This view gained support in 1892 from the experimentation of geologist Grove Karl Gilbert, and from comparative studies from 1920 to the 1940s,[190] leading to the development of lunar stratigraphy, which by the 1950s was becoming a new and growing branch of astrogeology.[72]

Moon Jae-in (Korece: 문재인, 文在寅; 24 Ocak 1953), Güney Kore'nin 10 Mayıs 2017 tarihi itibarı ile Cumhurbaşkanı olan Güney Koreli siyasetçi.. Moon Jae-in, eski bir öğrenci aktivisti ve insan hakları avukatı olup Roh Moo-hyun'un Cumhurbaşkanlığı sırasında genel sekreteri olarak görev yaptı. Moon, önceki Cumhurbaşkanı Park Geun-hye'nin görevden alınması sonrası. When the actual reduction is 1.00 / 1.30, or about 0.770, the perceived reduction is about 0.877, or 1.00 / 1.14. This gives a maximum perceived increase of 14% between apogee and perigee moons of the same phase.[156] Khi các công tố viên bắt đầu điều tra những cáo buộc tham nhũng của Roh, Moon khi ấy đang là cố vấn pháp lý cho Roh. Sau khi Roh tự tử, Moon phụ trách tổ chức tang lễ và giải quyết các vấn đề đời tư. Sự tiếp xúc của Moon với công chúng sau đó khiến cho mọi người nhìn nhận ông như là một phụ tá luôn sẵn sàng cống hiến và đáng tin cậy, từ đó, Moon đã thành công trong việc gây ấn tượng với tất cả mọi người, và nhiều người theo chủ nghĩa tự do ở Hàn Quốc, họ bắt đầu tin rằng Moon là một ứng cử viên hấp dẫn đối lập với ứng cử viên Đảng Hàn Quốc Tự do là Park Geun-hye[12]. Moon keluar dalam memansuhkan undang-undang keselamatan negara Korea, yang telah didakwa oleh golongan liberal Korea untuk menjadi alat penubuhan sejarah sayap kanan Korea Selatan untuk menyekat dan menindas suara sayap kiri dalam politik Korea.[petikan diperlukan] Beliau juga berjanji untuk menghapuskan sayap domestik NIS (Perkhidmatan Perisikan Negara) untuk mengekalkan keberkecualian politik mereka, memindahkan hal ehwal domestik kepada pasukan polis.[petikan diperlukan]

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  1. Kim Jung-sook is a professionally trained vocalist and is widely regarded as a classical singer. Prior to her marriage she was member of the Seoul city choir. Following her 1981 marriage to Moon Jae-in she became the mother to the couple's two children a son, Moon Jun-yong; and a daughter, Da-Hye
  2. NASA began to plan to resume manned missions following the call by U.S. President George W. Bush on 14 January 2004 for a manned mission to the Moon by 2019 and the construction of a lunar base by 2024.[224] The Constellation program was funded and construction and testing begun on a manned spacecraft and launch vehicle,[225] and design studies for a lunar base.[226] However, that program has been canceled in favor of a manned asteroid landing by 2025 and a manned Mars orbit by 2035.[227] India has also expressed its hope to send a manned mission to the Moon by 2020.[228]
  3. Moon Jae-in, su Treccani.it - Enciclopedie on line, Istituto dell'Enciclopedia Italiana. (EN) Moon Jae-in, su Enciclopedia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Predecessore Presidente della Corea del Sud Successore Hwang Kyo-ahn (ad interim) dal 10 maggio 2017
  4. Na sua plataforma eleitoral para a eleição de 2017, Jae-in, visto como um liberal, comprometeu-se a melhorar os laços com a vizinha Coreia do Norte, aumentar os salários, criar empregos, potencializar as pequenas e médias empresas para reduzir a concentração de riqueza, e revisar a implantação de um sistema anti-mísseis em seu país.[5][6]
  5. h an ninh quốc phòng với Hoa Kỳ, nhưng đồng thời tuyên bố ông muốn Hàn Quốc "hoàn toàn có thể đi đầu và chủ động hơn nữa trong các vấn đề chính trị nóng, nhạy cảm và phức tạp trong khu vực Đông Á và trên Bán đảo Triều Tiên".[10]

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  1. During the Middle Ages, before the invention of the telescope, the Moon was increasingly recognised as a sphere, though many believed that it was "perfectly smooth".[188]
  2. Moon most recently served as the opposition leader of the Minjoo Party of Korea from 2015 to 2016 and a member of the 19th National Assembly. He was the Democratic United Party's candidate for the 2012 presidential election after winning a majority in the party primaries, but lost the election to Park Geun-hye.
  3. utes, taking 5
  4. South Korean President Moon Jae-in. Photo: EPA. Like many of his peers, 21-year-old Do Sang-won had high hopes for . Moon Jae-in. when he voted for him for president. After his predecessor
  5. Moon Jae-in (bahasa Korea: 문재인; Hanja: 文在寅; Sebutan bahasa Korea: [mun.dʑɛ̝.in]; lahir 24 Januari 1953) ialah Presiden Korea Selatan ke-12 dan yang terkini serta bekas peguam hak asasi manusia.. Seorang bekas ketua kakitangan kepada mendiang Presiden Roh Moo-hyun, Moon baru berkhidmat sebagai pemimpin pembangkang Parti Minjoo Korea 2015-2016 dan ahli Dewan Negara ke-19
  6. Moon đã tuyên thệ nhậm chức ngay sau khi các phiếu bầu chính thức được tính vào ngày 10 tháng 5, thay thế cho Quyền Tổng thống và Thủ tướng Hwang Kyo-ahn. Không có giai đoạn chuyển tiếp giữa cuộc bầu cử và lễ nhậm chức cũng như quá trình nhậm chức này không giống như các cuộc bầu cử Tổng thống khác do bản chất của cuộc bầu cử được diễn ra sau khi tổng thống bị Quốc hội luận tội.[20] Ông sẽ phục vụ phần còn lại của nhiệm kỳ gốc của bà Park Geun-hye, dự kiến ​​kết thúc vào tháng 2 năm 2018, trước khi bắt đầu nhiệm kỳ 5 năm chính thức của mình.[21]

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The Moon's highest altitude at culmination varies by its phase and time of year. The full moon is highest in the sky during winter (for each hemisphere). The 18.61-year nodal cycle has an influence on lunar standstill. When the ascending node of the lunar orbit is in the vernal equinox[disambiguation needed], the lunar declination can reach up to plus or minus 28° each month. This means the Moon can pass overhead if viewed from latitudes up to 28° north or south (of the Equator), instead of only 18°. The orientation of the Moon's crescent also depends on the latitude of the viewing location; an observer in the tropics can see a smile-shaped crescent Moon.[146] The Moon is visible for two weeks every 27.3 days at the North and South Poles. Zooplankton in the Arctic use moonlight when the Sun is below the horizon for months on end.[147] The Moon is thought to have formed about 4.51 billion years ago, not long after Earth. The most widely accepted explanation is that the Moon formed from the debris left over after a giant impact between Earth and a hypothetical Mars-sized body called Theia. New research of Moon rocks, although not rejecting the Theia hypothesis, suggests that the Moon may be older than previously thought.[14] Vào ngày 16 tháng 9 năm 2012, Moon đã được bổ nhiệm làm chủ tịch Đảng Thống nhất Dân chủ. Although Luna landers scattered pennants of the Soviet Union on the Moon, and U.S. flags were symbolically planted at their landing sites by the Apollo astronauts, no nation claims ownership of any part of the Moon's surface.[243] Russia, China, India, and the U.S. are party to the 1967 Outer Space Treaty,[244] which defines the Moon and all outer space as the "province of all mankind".[243] This treaty also restricts the use of the Moon to peaceful purposes, explicitly banning military installations and weapons of mass destruction.[245] The 1979 Moon Agreement was created to restrict the exploitation of the Moon's resources by any single nation, but as of November 2016, it has been signed and ratified by only 18 nations, none of which engages in self-launched human space exploration or has plans to do so.[246] Although several individuals have made claims to the Moon in whole or in part, none of these are considered credible.[247][248][249]

Moon Jae-in, former human rights lawyer and chief of staff to then-President Roh Moo-hyun, became President of South Korea on 10 May 2017. If the National Assembly votes against a presidential decision, it will be declared void immediately Because the Moon is continuously blocking our view of a half-degree-wide circular area of the sky,[m][174] the related phenomenon of occultation occurs when a bright star or planet passes behind the Moon and is occulted: hidden from view. In this way, a solar eclipse is an occultation of the Sun. Because the Moon is comparatively close to Earth, occultations of individual stars are not visible everywhere on the planet, nor at the same time. Because of the precession of the lunar orbit, each year different stars are occulted.[175]

In the tug of war between the United States and North Korea over the tentative summit in Singapore, South Korean President Moon Jae-in is the man in the precarious middle, trying to broker a high. De Moon Jae-in, gebuer de 24.Januar 1953 zu Geoje, ass e südkoreanesche Politiker vun der sozialliberaler Minju-Partei an zanter dem dem 10. Mee 2017 den 12. President vun der Republik Korea. Hien ass vu Beruff Affekot, spezialiséiert op Mënscherechter, a war e Mataarbechter vum fréiere President Roh Moo-hyun. 2012 war hie Kandidat bei der Presidentschaftswal, déi e géint d'Park Geun-hye. Seorang bekas ketua kakitangan kepada mendiang Presiden Roh Moo-hyun, Moon baru berkhidmat sebagai pemimpin pembangkang Parti Minjoo Korea 2015-2016 dan ahli Dewan Negara ke-19. Sebelum ini, beliau merupakan calon Parti Demokrat Bersatu untuk pilihan raya presiden 2012 selepas memenangi majoriti dalam pemilihan pendahuluan parti, tetapi kalah tipis kepada Park Geun-hye. Beliau telah dipilih menjadi presiden ke-12 dalam pilihan raya 2017 dengan jumlah majoriti yang besar terhadap dua calon utama yang lain.

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Moon telah dipilih sebagai pemimpin Politik Pakatan Baharu untuk Demokrasi pada 2 Februari 2015. Selepas bekas pemimpin parti dan presiden calon saingan berlepas Ahn Cheol-Soo, Moon diintip beberapa orang politik terkemuka termasuk bekas polis Pyo Chang-won, pengkritik politik Lee Chul-hee dan terutamanya setiausaha bekas Presiden Park, Cho Ung-chun untuk persiapan menghadapi pilihan raya perundangan akan datang Korea Selatan pada 2016.[11] Moon Jae-in (Hangul: 문재인; Hanja: 文在寅; Hán-Việt: Văn Tại Dần, phát âm tiếng Triều Tiên: [mun.dʑɛ̝.in], sinh ngày 24 tháng 1 năm 1953) là Tổng thống thứ 12 và đương nhiệm của Đại Hàn Dân Quốc.. Ông xuất thân là một cựu luật sư chuyên hoạt động về nhân quyền tại Hàn Quốc và là cựu Chánh Văn phòng Phủ. Ông đã tham gia chạy đua trong cuộc tranh cử tổng thống năm 2012 với vai trò ứng viên của Đảng Thống nhất Dân chủ trong một cuộc chạy đua ba người cùng Park Geun-hye, ứng viên của đảng cầm quyền đương nhiệm và là con gái của cố tổng thống Park Chung-hee,[16] cũng như chính trị gia kiêm doanh nhân kinh doanh phần mềm Ahn Cheol-soo. Ahn rút khỏi cuộc đua và xác nhận không thể chạy đua với Moon sau khi kết quả kiểm phiếu sơ bộ cho thấy một thất bại rõ ràng của Ahn trước hai ứng viên còn lại trong cuộc đua ba người, tuy nhiên, sau đó Moon cũng thất bại trong cuộc tranh cử. Moon Jae-in of the Democratic Party of Korea won the plurality of the votes (41.08% in contrast to 24.03% won by his closest opponent Hong Jun-pyo), thus winning this election. He assumed the office as the President of South Korea immediately upon the confirmation of the results at 8:09 am on 10 May 2017 (Local time) and was inaugurated in the. Moon Jae-in (Geoje, 24. siječnja 1953 -) je južnokorejski političar koji služi kao predsjednik Južne Koreje od 2017. godine.. Izvor

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Moon Jae-in テンプレートを表示 文在寅 (ムン・ジェイン、日本語 漢音 読み: ぶん・ざいいん [6] 、 韓国語 : 문재인 、 1953年 1月24日 [7] - )は、 韓国 の 政治家 、 弁護士 、 市民活動家 Moon Jae-in was elected lawmaker representing Busan in 2012, thus he began his full-scale political activity.

Moon Jae-in, former human rights lawyer and chief of staff to then-President Roh Moo-hyun, assumed post of President of South Korea on 10 May 2017 immediately upon being elected with a plurality of 41.1%, in contrast to 24.0% and 21.4% won by his major opponents, conservative Hong Joon-pyo and centrist Ahn Cheol-soo, respectively The other major geologic process that has affected the Moon's surface is impact cratering,[90] with craters formed when asteroids and comets collide with the lunar surface. There are estimated to be roughly 300,000 craters wider than 1 km (0.6 mi) on the Moon's near side alone.[91] The lunar geologic timescale is based on the most prominent impact events, including Nectaris, Imbrium, and Orientale, structures characterized by multiple rings of uplifted material, between hundreds and thousands of kilometers in diameter and associated with a broad apron of ejecta deposits that form a regional stratigraphic horizon.[92] The lack of an atmosphere, weather and recent geological processes mean that many of these craters are well-preserved. Although only a few multi-ring basins have been definitively dated, they are useful for assigning relative ages. Because impact craters accumulate at a nearly constant rate, counting the number of craters per unit area can be used to estimate the age of the surface.[92] The radiometric ages of impact-melted rocks collected during the Apollo missions cluster between 3.8 and 4.1 billion years old: this has been used to propose a Late Heavy Bombardment of impacts.[93] President Donald J. Trump with the President of the Republic of South Korea Moon Jae-in at a bilateral meeting Monday, Sept. 24, 2018, at the Lotte New York Palace in New York. (43981530725).jpg 3,000 × 2,000; 656 K The Moon makes a complete orbit around Earth with respect to the fixed stars about once every 27.3 days[g] (its sidereal period). However, because Earth is moving in its orbit around the Sun at the same time, it takes slightly longer for the Moon to show the same phase to Earth, which is about 29.5 days[h] (its synodic period).[72] Unlike most satellites of other planets, the Moon orbits closer to the ecliptic plane than to the planet's equatorial plane. The Moon's orbit is subtly perturbed by the Sun and Earth in many small, complex and interacting ways. For example, the plane of the Moon's orbit gradually rotates once every 18.61 years,[138] which affects other aspects of lunar motion. These follow-on effects are mathematically described by Cassini's laws.[139] Mun Chje In ( kar 문재인, tug. Sanasi 24-yanvar 2017) - Koreya Respulikasiningning 19-prezidenti, huquqshunos, siyosatchi va davlat arbobi. Moon Jae-in Koreya Respublikasi sobiq prezidenti Park Geun-hye mamlakatda yuzaga kelgan siyosiy mojaro tufayli isteʼfoga bergandan soʻng sayland

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Moon Jae-in (Korean pronunciation: [mun.dʑɛ̝.in]; born 24 January 1953) is a South Korean politician. He is the 12th and current President of South Korea since 10 May 2017 after winning the majority vote in the 2017 presidential election.[1] North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has sent a personal letter to his South Korean counterpart President Moon Jae-in, expressing a willingness to meet and discuss denuclearization in 2019 Dasar Moon terhadap rasuah korporat, khususnya dalam hal konglomerat Korea di chaebol adalah untuk memberi "pemegang saham minoriti lebih kuasa dalam memilih ahli lembaga pengarah" syarikat-syarikat.[13] The topography of the Moon has been measured with laser altimetry and stereo image analysis.[62] Its most visible topographic feature is the giant far-side South Pole–Aitken basin, some 2,240 km (1,390 mi) in diameter, the largest crater on the Moon and the second-largest confirmed impact crater in the Solar System.[63][64] At 13 km (8.1 mi) deep, its floor is the lowest point on the surface of the Moon.[63][65] The highest elevations of the surface are located directly to the northeast, and it has been suggested might have been thickened by the oblique formation impact of the South Pole–Aitken basin.[66] Other large impact basins such as Imbrium, Serenitatis, Crisium, Smythii, and Orientale also possess regionally low elevations and elevated rims.[63] The far side of the lunar surface is on average about 1.9 km (1.2 mi) higher than that of the near side.[1]

Trong chiến dịch tranh cử Tổng thống của mình, Moon cam kết rằng vào năm 2017, chính phủ của ông lãnh đạo nếu trúng cử sẽ đưa ra các gói kích thích tài chính với tổng trị giá hơn 10 nghìn tỷ won (khoảng hơn 10 tỷ đô la Mỹ) để hỗ trợ tạo việc làm, khởi nghiệp và bảo vệ cho các doanh nghiệp nhỏ và vừa. Mục tiêu mà ông đã tuyên bố là tạo ra 810.000 việc làm trong khu vực công thông qua việc tăng thuế tài sản và đồng thời cũng sẽ cho tiến hành cải cách toàn bộ nền kinh tế.[24] Moon Jae-in of the Democratic Party of Korea won the plurality of the votes (41.08% in contrast to 24.03% won by his closest opponent Hong Jun-pyo), thus winning this election. He assumed the office as the President of South Korea immediately upon the confirmation of the results at 8:09 am on 10 May 2017 (Local time) and was inaugurated in the National Assembly at afternoon on the same day.[37] Moon Jae-in. From Wikispooks. Jump to navigation Jump to search Moon Jae-in. On 29 November 2018 NASA announced that nine commercial companies would compete to win a contract to send small payloads to the Moon in what is known as Commercial Lunar Payload Services. According to NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine, "We are building a domestic American capability to get back and forth to the surface of the moon.".[236] The Moon is in synchronous rotation with Earth, and thus always shows the same side to Earth, the near side. Because of libration, slightly more than half (about 59%) of the total lunar surface can be viewed from Earth.[15] The near side is marked by dark volcanic maria that fill the spaces between the bright ancient crustal highlands and the prominent impact craters. After the Sun, the Moon is the second-brightest celestial object regularly visible in Earth's sky. Its surface is actually dark, although compared to the night sky it appears very bright, with a reflectance just slightly higher than that of worn asphalt. Its gravitational influence produces the ocean tides, body tides, and the slight lengthening of the day.

Opinion polling before April consistently placed the Democratic Party's candidate, Moon Jae-in, runner-up in the 2012 election, as the front-runner. Second place in the opinion polls was initially held by former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who declined to run in February, followed by Ahn Hee-jung, whilst he lost the Democratic primaries to Moon. Support for People's Party founder Ahn Cheol-soo then surged, threatening Moon's lead in the polls throughout early April, before descending to approximately equal that of Liberty Korea Party's candidate, Hong Jun-pyo, in final polls. Moon Jae-In, (born January 24, 1953, Koje [Geoje] Island, South Kyŏngsang [South Gyeongsangnam] do [province], South Korea), South Korean lawyer and civil rights activist who was the president of South Korea (2017- ) and leader of the liberal Democratic Party of Korea (2015-16).. Early life and education. Moon's parents were refugees who fled North Korea ahead of the 1950 Chinese winter. Moon Jae-in (korea keeles 문재인; sündinud 24. jaanuaril 1953 Geojes) on Lõuna-Korea poliitik, alates 10. maist 2017 Lõuna-Korea president Kehidupan awal. Dilahirkan di Geoje, Korea Selatan, Moon Jae-in merupakan anak lelaki pertama bapa Moon Yong-hyung dan ibu Kang Han-ok antara lima kanak-kanak.Bapanya adalah seorang pelarian dari Wilayah Hamgyeong Selatan (kini di Korea Utara) yang melarikan diri di bandar asalnya Hamhung semasa Pengunduran Hamhung. Bapanya menetap di Geoje sebagai buruh untuk Kem POW Geoje The splitting of the moon (Arabic: انشقاق القمر‎) is a miracle attributed to Muhammad.[255] A song titled 'Moon Anthem' was released on the occasion of landing of India's Chandrayan-II on the Moon.[256]

The Moon's appearance, like the Sun's, can be affected by Earth's atmosphere. Common optical effects are the 22° halo ring, formed when the Moon's light is refracted through the ice crystals of high cirrostratus clouds, and smaller coronal rings when the Moon is seen through thin clouds.[159]

Seoul: Moon Jae In. 2011. pp. 196~205. ISBN 978-89-7777-188-8. ^ Evan Ramstad Wall Street Journal, Moon Jae-in Steps Back Into the Spotlight, July 21, 2011 ^ Presidential poll: Moon Jae-in neck-and-neck with Park Geun-hye Andy Jackson Feb 18, 2012 ^ Moon rises in open South Korea presidential race Reuter Moon Jae-in (문재인, born 24 January 1953) is a South Korean politician serving as the 19th and current President of South Korea.

Moon's 17.1% margin of victory is the largest percentage margin for any liberal candidate since the beginning of free and fair direct elections in 1987. Because the Moon's orbit around Earth is inclined by about 5.145° (5° 9') to the orbit of Earth around the Sun, eclipses do not occur at every full and new moon. For an eclipse to occur, the Moon must be near the intersection of the two orbital planes.[172] The periodicity and recurrence of eclipses of the Sun by the Moon, and of the Moon by Earth, is described by the saros, which has a period of approximately 18 years.[173] Early Years Moon Jae-in was born on Geoje Island, South Korea, on January 24, 1953. His parents, who had fled the North Korean communist regime, struggled to keep the family out of poverty; Moon. During the late 1950s at the height of the Cold War, the United States Army conducted a classified feasibility study that proposed the construction of a manned military outpost on the Moon called Project Horizon with the potential to conduct a wide range of missions from scientific research to nuclear Earth bombardment. The study included the possibility of conducting a lunar-based nuclear test.[193][194] The Air Force, which at the time was in competition with the Army for a leading role in the space program, developed its own similar plan called Lunex.[195][196][193] However, both these proposals were ultimately passed over as the space program was largely transferred from the military to the civilian agency NASA.[196]

The contrast between the brighter highlands and the darker maria creates the patterns seen by different cultures as the Man in the Moon, the rabbit and the buffalo, among others. In many prehistoric and ancient cultures, the Moon was personified as a deity or other supernatural phenomenon, and astrological views of the Moon continue to be propagated today. Moon Jae-in. Jump to navigation Jump to search. He mea kēia no ke kāpae wikiwiki ʻana! ʻO ia ke kumu: Non-minister content. Inā kū like ʻole ʻoe me ke kāpae wikiwiki ʻana o kēia ʻaoʻao, e hoʻākāka i kāu mau manaʻo i ko kēia ʻaoʻao kūkākūkā, ke ʻoluʻolu. Inā aniani ke koʻikoʻi o kēia ʻaoʻao, a i ʻole makemake. Moon Jae-in (Geoje, 24. siječnja 1953 -) je južnokorejski političar koji služi kao predsjednik Južne Koreje od 2017. godine Moon Jae-in (문재인, 文在寅, pr. Mon Tgèïn, AFI [mun.dʑɛ̝.in]; Geoje, 24 de genièr de 1953) es un advocat e òme politic de la Corèa del Sud.Lo 9 de mai de 2017 es elegit president de la Republica

Moon Jae-in (Hangul: 문재인; Hanja: 文在寅; Hán-Việt: Văn Tại Dần, phát âm tiếng Triều Tiên: [mun.dʑɛ̝.in], sinh ngày 24 tháng 1 năm 1953) là Tổng thống thứ 12 và đương nhiệm của Đại Hàn Dân Quốc.[2][3][4] The ambitious Chinese Lunar Exploration Program began with Chang'e 1, which successfully orbited the Moon from 5 November 2007 until its controlled lunar impact on 1 March 2009.[211] It obtained a full image map of the Moon. Chang'e 2, beginning in October 2010, reached the Moon more quickly, mapped the Moon at a higher resolution over an eight-month period, then left lunar orbit for an extended stay at the Earth–Sun L2 Lagrangian point, before finally performing a flyby of asteroid 4179 Toutatis on 13 December 2012, and then heading off into deep space. On 14 December 2013, Chang'e 3 landed a lunar lander onto the Moon's surface, which in turn deployed a lunar rover, named Yutu (Chinese: 玉兔; literally "Jade Rabbit"). This was the first lunar soft landing since Luna 24 in 1976, and the first lunar rover mission since Lunokhod 2 in 1973. Another rover mission (Chang'e 4) was launched in 2019, becoming the first ever spacecraft to land on the Moon's far side. China intends to following this up with a sample return mission (Chang'e 5) in 2020.[212] Moon menyukai penyatuan semula secara aman antara kedua-dua negara Korea. Beliau dikritik secara meluas dan dipuji kerana komen beliau menyatakan bahawa lawatan pertama beliau jika dipilih sebagai presiden ialah Korea Utara, lawatan yang tidak akan menjadi tidak seperti lawatan Roh Moo-hyun ke negara itu pada tahun 2007.[6] Moon Jae-in (Korean:문재인) bangera Akɔ̈nythi tle 4, san 1953 (tanikɔnɔntɔn biwɔrɔ ni kelen), ‎Korea Keleyalen Jamanaw ka binaani ni naaninan ani sisan jamanakuntigi don.Nofanbru tle 16, san 2017 ka ‎sabu k'a sugantili jamanakutigi ye Han gick 2011 med i oppositionspartiet Förenade demokratiska partiet.[12] 2012 vann han en plats i Sydkoreas nationalförsamling för distriktet Sasang-gu i Pusan.[13] Moon Jae-in ställde upp i presidentvalet 2012 med vallöften om att slutföra Roh Moo-hyuns arbete med att bekämpa korruption, minska inflytandet hos familjeägda konglomerat och vad han kallade "politiskt motiverade åklagare", samt att arbeta för fred med Nordkorea.[7] Han förlorade valet med 48 procent gentemot 51,6 procent för Park Geun-hye, dotter till diktatorn Park Chung-hee och representant för konservativa Saenuri-dang.[14][15]

The Greek goddess of the wilderness and the hunt, Artemis, equated with the Roman Diana, one of whose symbols was the Moon and who was often regarded as the goddess of the Moon, was also called Cynthia, from her legendary birthplace on Mount Cynthus.[32] These names – Luna, Cynthia and Selene – are reflected in technical terms for lunar orbits such as apolune, pericynthion and selenocentric. An iconographic tradition of representing Sun and Moon with faces developed in the late medieval period. The most obvious effect of tidal forces is to cause two bulges in the Earth's oceans, one on the side facing the Moon and the other on the side opposite. This results in elevated sea levels called ocean tides.[160] As the Earth spins on its axis, one of the ocean bulges (high tide) is held in place "under" the Moon, while another such tide is opposite. As a result, there are two high tides, and two low tides in about 24 hours.[160] Since the Moon is orbiting the Earth in the same direction of the Earth's rotation, the high tides occur about every 12 hours and 25 minutes; the 25 minutes is due to the Moon's time to orbit the Earth. The Sun has the same tidal effect on the Earth, but its forces of attraction are only 40% that of the Moon's; the Sun's and Moon's interplay is responsible for spring and neap tides.[160] If the Earth were a water world (one with no continents) it would produce a tide of only one meter, and that tide would be very predictable, but the ocean tides are greatly modified by other effects: the frictional coupling of water to Earth's rotation through the ocean floors, the inertia of water's movement, ocean basins that grow shallower near land, the sloshing of water between different ocean basins.[161] As a result, the timing of the tides at most points on the Earth is a product of observations that are explained, incidentally, by theory. このファイルはクリエイティブ・コモンズ 表示-継承 4.0 国際ライセンスのもとに利用を許諾されています。: あなたは以下の条件に従う場合に限り、自由に 共有 - 本作品を複製、頒布、展示、実演することができます。; 再構成 - 二次的著作物を作成することができます Narendra Modi and the President of the Republic of South Korea, Mr. Moon Jae-in in a group photograph at the inauguration of the Samsung manufacturing plant, World's Largest Mobile Factory, in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.JPG 2,200 × 1,336; 367 K

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Mun Če-in (korejsky 문재인 nebo 文在寅 , anglický přepis: Moon Jae-in; * 24. ledna 1953 Kodže) je jihokorejský politik a od 10. května 2017 prezident Jižní Koreje. Zvolen byl ve volbách v roce 2017, které se konaly po sesazení prezidentky Pak Kun-hje Vào ngày 9 tháng 5 năm 2017, Moon kết thúc chiến dịch của mình bằng việc giành được 41% phiếu bầu để giành được đa số để trở thành vị Tổng thống kế tiếp của Hàn Quốc.[18][19] The Moon had once rotated at a faster rate, but early in its history its rotation slowed and became tidally locked in this orientation as a result of frictional effects associated with tidal deformations caused by Earth.[142] With time, the energy of rotation of the Moon on its axis was dissipated as heat, until there was no rotation of the Moon relative to Earth. In 2016, planetary scientists using data collected on the much earlier NASA Lunar Prospector mission, found two hydrogen-rich areas (most likely former water ice) on opposite sides of the Moon. It is speculated that these patches were the poles of the Moon billions of years ago before it was tidally locked to Earth.[143]

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Moon Jae-in Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Dating, Marriage, Relationship Stats, Family, Career, Wiki.Scroll below and check our most recent updates about about Moon Jae-in's Biography, Salary, Estimated Net worth, Expenses, Income Reports & Financial Breakdown 2020 Oleh kerana desakan Roh itu, Moon menjadi pengurus kempen Roh semasa kepresidenan.[7] Selepas kemenangan Roh itu, Moon menjadi ketua kakitangan Roh dan pembantu. Peranan beliau dalam pentadbiran Roh itu termasuk: Moon Jae-in, hangul: 문재인; hanja: 文在寅, (s. 24. tammikuuta 1953) on eteläkorealainen poliitikko, entinen ihmisoikeusjuristi ja Etelä-Korean 12. presidentti.Hän toimi myös presidentti Roh Moo-hyunin avustajana. Moon oli Minjoo-puolueen ehdokas toukokuun 2017 presidentinvaalissa.Hän sai äänistä 41,1 prosenttia, kun toiseksi eniten ääniä, noin 24 prosenttia, keräsi.

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Candidate was determined by a combination of opinion polls, conducted between March 30 to March 31 (50%), and the votes cast by the delegates at the party convention held in March 31 (50%). Candidates were: Beside the traces of human activity on the Moon, there have been some intended permanent installations like the Moon Museum art piece, Apollo 11 goodwill messages, Lunar plaque, Fallen Astronaut memorial and other artifacts. The presidential election had previously been scheduled for 20 December, with Park barred from running due to the constitutional ban on any sort of presidential reelection. However, with Park's removal from office, the elections were brought forward to 8 May in order to ensure that a new president would be able to take office within 60 days of Park's removal, as required by the Constitution.

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Moon Jae-in (Korean pronunciation: [mun.dʑɛ̝.in]; born 24 Januar 1953) is a Sooth Korean politeecian wha is the Preses o Sooth Korea.. Reference Moon Jae-in (en coreà: 문재인) (Geoje, 24 de gener de 1953) és un polític sud-coreà, President de Corea del Sud des de 2017.. Moon va ser líder de l'oposició a la 19a Assemblea Nacional abans de d'esdevenir-ne president el 2015. Prèviament, va ser candidat presidencial pel Partit Democràtic de Cora a les eleccions presidencials de Corea del Sud de 2012 després de guanyar per.

Si President, Moon Jae-in u takua me kryetarin e Koresë së Veriut Kim Jong-un në samitët ndër-koreanë në prill, maj dhe shtator 2018 duke e bërë atë presidentin e tretë të Koresë së Jugut për të takuar homologun e Koresë së Veriut. Last edited on 14 maj 2019, at 00:54. Sau khi trở thành luật sư, ông hợp tác và làm việc với Tổng thống tương lai Roh Moo-hyun.[8] Họ được xem là hai người bạn cùng tiến, một cặp bài trùng của nhau cho đến khi Roh tự sát vì các cáo buộc tham nhũng vào năm 2009. Trong thời gian làm việc chung cùng với Roh, ông đã đưa ra các vụ án liên quan đến vấn đề nhân quyền và quyền công dân. Ông là một thành viên của Minbyun và Chủ tịch của một tổ chức ủng hộ và đấu tranh cho nhân quyền tại thành phố Busan.

For many years, the Moon has been recognized as an excellent site for telescopes.[238] It is relatively nearby; astronomical seeing is not a concern; certain craters near the poles are permanently dark and cold, and thus especially useful for infrared telescopes; and radio telescopes on the far side would be shielded from the radio chatter of Earth.[239] The lunar soil, although it poses a problem for any moving parts of telescopes, can be mixed with carbon nanotubes and epoxies and employed in the construction of mirrors up to 50 meters in diameter.[240] A lunar zenith telescope can be made cheaply with an ionic liquid.[241] The gravitational field of the Moon has been measured through tracking the Doppler shift of radio signals emitted by orbiting spacecraft. The main lunar gravity features are mascons, large positive gravitational anomalies associated with some of the giant impact basins, partly caused by the dense mare basaltic lava flows that fill those basins.[116][117] The anomalies greatly influence the orbit of spacecraft about the Moon. There are some puzzles: lava flows by themselves cannot explain all of the gravitational signature, and some mascons exist that are not linked to mare volcanism.[118] The 2008 Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft has since confirmed the existence of surface water ice, using the on-board Moon Mineralogy Mapper. The spectrometer observed absorption lines common to hydroxyl, in reflected sunlight, providing evidence of large quantities of water ice, on the lunar surface. The spacecraft showed that concentrations may possibly be as high as 1,000 ppm.[107] Using the mapper's reflectance spectra, indirect lighting of areas in shadow confirmed water ice within 20° latitude of both poles in 2018.[108] In 2009, LCROSS sent a 2,300 kg (5,100 lb) impactor into a permanently shadowed polar crater, and detected at least 100 kg (220 lb) of water in a plume of ejected material.[109][110] Another examination of the LCROSS data showed the amount of detected water to be closer to 155 ± 12 kg (342 ± 26 lb).[111] Moon Jae-in (문재인 á kóresku) (24. janúar 1953) er núverandi forseti Suður-Kóreu. Hann var kjörinn forseti árið 2017 eftir að forvera hans, Park Geun-hye, var vikið úr embætti. Moon er fyrrverandi aðgerðasinni og mannréttindalögfræðingur og hafði verið aðalforsetaritari þáverandi forseta Suður-Kóreu, Roh Moo-hyun. Moon var eitt sinn leiðtogi kóreska. The Moon has long been associated with insanity and irrationality; the words lunacy and lunatic (popular shortening loony) are derived from the Latin name for the Moon, Luna. Philosophers Aristotle and Pliny the Elder argued that the full moon induced insanity in susceptible individuals, believing that the brain, which is mostly water, must be affected by the Moon and its power over the tides, but the Moon's gravity is too slight to affect any single person.[269] Even today, people who believe in a lunar effect claim that admissions to psychiatric hospitals, traffic accidents, homicides or suicides increase during a full moon, but dozens of studies invalidate these claims.[269][270][271][272][273]

The gravitational attraction that masses have for one another decreases inversely with the square of the distance of those masses from each other. As a result, the slightly greater attraction that the Moon has for the side of Earth closest to the Moon, as compared to the part of the Earth opposite the Moon, results in tidal forces. Tidal forces affect both the Earth's crust and oceans. Beliau merupakan ahli pengasas akhbar Korea Selatan progresif, The Hankyoreh, pada tahun 1988.[5][6] Moon Jae-in (Korean waa: [mun dмәкɛ̝.in]; wuxuu dhashay 24 Janaayo 1953) wuxuu ahaa siyasi Kuuriyaanka ah oo u shaqeeya madaxweynaha 19aad iyo haatan ee koonfurta Kuuriya tan iyo sannadkii 2017. [2] [4] Waxa loo doortay kaddib markii loo doortay Park Geun-hye oo ah musharaxa Xisbiga Dimuqraadiga In April 2018, Moon and Kim Jong-un formally attended the inter-Korean summit of 2018 and agreed to formally end the Korean War before 2019.[2][3] Moon Jae-in; Nom original (ko) 문재인 (ko) 文在寅 Biografia; Naixement: 24 gener 1953 (67 anys) Geoje (Corea del Sud) 19è President de Corea del Sud; 10 maig 2017 - ← Park Geun-hye Diputat de l'Assemblea Nacional de Corea del Su

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