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Check out the "before" picture. International Dial did a phenomenal job. The results from restoration efforts are incredible, and I say that in an generalized way. Almost any watch can be brought back. On December 22, 1874, Gruen obtained a patent for an improved safety pinion, and it is the date recognized by the Gruen Watch Company as the start of its business. However, it was almost two years later when Gruen actually started making watches. In 1876, in partnership with W.J. Savage, Gruen founded the Columbus Watch Co., in Columbus, Ohio Nov 2017 - Since it's been a few months since the last major update, the addition of the Gruen Map of Movements, part of the larger Gruen Movement Catalog project.  This Catag project is a significant on, as each movement much be located, photographed, had the data collected from it, and much more research about when it was made, etc.  I'm also working on some sophisticated identification tools. Gruen Curvex 52mm Rare Extra Long Curved 17 Jewels 330 Vintage Men's Watch. $13.00 shipping. Ending Feb 9 at 10:42AM PST. Brand: Gruen Model: Gruen Curvex Gender: Men's. Vintage Gruen Men's Watch, SS Bezel & Back, Mech (Hand Wind), Day/Date, Works

These are great pieces of verification information. Indeed the watch has a caliber 707 movement. Diese Seiten befinden sich noch im Aufbau. Daher fehlen noch wesentliche Informationen, insbesondere zur Geschichte der Firma in den Jahren ab 1900. Diese Informationen werden nach und nach ergänzt. Die Quellen zu allen Informationen wurden sorgfältig gesichtet. Dennoch kann es passieren, dass sich Fehler und Ungenauigkeiten eingeschlichen haben oder wichtige Informationen nicht berücksichtigt wurden. Der Autor bittet in diesem Fall um eine Benachrichtigung.  Auch über ein sonstiges Feedback, ob Lob oder Tadel, freuen wir uns. Find great deals on Precision by Gruen Watches at Kohl's today! Sponsored Links Precision by Gruen Women's Two Tone Stainless Steel Expansion Watch sale $19.99. Reg. $24.99. Precision by Gruen Men's Watch - GP582MNKL sale $19.99.

Play stump the decoder... enter your Gruen's case serial numberSee if it can guess the manufacturer & date manufacturedHIGHLY Experimental  Use with CAUTIONIf information here was obtained from other sources, explicit permission was obtained. Please treat their information with great care.Also, if you can include the serial numbers for the movement and case it will be of GREAT USE to Gruen researchers trying to do things like, oh, decode the serial numbers.  In fact, the recent publication of serial numbers for 4 case manufacturers couldn't have been completed without the help of ebay listings. Please check out the Serial Numbers page so that you can learn the location of the serial numbers AND their PREFIXES! PLEASE check closely for a prefix letter or number.  It may be unpainted, faint, and positioned AWAY from the main serial number itself.  

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This website is dedicated to Gruen watches. Gruen was once one of the most renowned brands in watchmaking in America. Unfortunately like nearly all other American watch brands the original company did not survive the challenge of the shift to the quartz technology in the 1970’s. Although there are still modern battery operated Gruen watches for sale, most of the collectors prefer the vintage mechanical watches which were produced from 1894 until 1972. Gruen always used to produce high quality watches and most of them still work today and are highly collectable. When the Gruen Watch Co. ceased operations nearly all information concerning serial numbers, watch types etc. were destroyed or lost. Since the emergence of the internet and even before the ever growing number of Gruen lovers started researching and collecting material and up to today we already have a good insight into the brand history. Die Markennamen Gruen, Gruen Curvex, Curvex, Gruen Precision, Gruen Swiss und Embassy sind eingetragene Warenzeichen der M. Z. Berger & Co., Inc., Long Island City NY., die mit diesem Projekt nicht in Verbindung steht.

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Now you want to 'weight' your dates. The most weight goes to the Case date, #3. It's pretty much your answer if you found it.Serial numbers for cases made by Gruen, Keystone, Star have just been released. You'll find them on the Serial Numbers page.

In 1950, Gruen introduced its first “Autowind” series of movements for use in self-winding watches. That year, Gruen also opened of a plant in Norwood, Ohio that produced 17- and 21-jewel movements for men’s and ladies’ watches. These are the only true-American Gruens, and their presence in the marketplace was short-lived. In 1958, the firm moved to New York City, and all the facilities in Cincinnati were sold. That year is generally considered the end of Gruen watches at least as vintage collectors are concerned. This website is dedicated to Gruen watches. Gruen was once one of the most renowned brands in watchmaking in America. Unfortunately like nearly all other American watch brands the original company did not survive the challenge of the shift to the quartz technology in the 1970's We also see Techni-Quadron watches fitted with the 500 caliber movement, which came out in 1936. A lesser expensive version of a doctor’s watch is also seen with a large center sweep seconds chapter. For doctors, this served the same function as the large auxiliary seconds chapter. For collectors, however, these center-seconds doctors’ watches are not to be confused with the duo-dials, which are much more highly sought after. Step #1 for me is to locate the Style Number and use it to obtain my Foundation Date using the Style Number Dating Technique. GRUEN-UHREN waren im Programm der GRUEN-ALPINA-GILDE SA die hochwertigeren Produkte. Zeitlos berühmt und in Sammlerkreisen begehrt sind auch heute noch alle GRUEN-ALPINA - bzw.GRUEN - Doctor's Watch-Modelle, mit sogenanntem Duo Dial, d. h. mit der separaten grossen Sekunden-Anzeige auf dem Zifferblatt, zur besseren Ablesbarkeit der Sekundenzahlen, z. B. zur Pulsmessung für Doktoren

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Yes, these numbers sometimes don't mean anything, right now, but they most certainly will in the future!  These sequences will be decoded so that more accurate dating of Gruen watches can be completed.  Thank you to all the wonderful ebay sellers that have been providing this information in their listings! Advertising... yes, ads have been added here and there on the site recently.  I know some people are furious when they see ads. If you're one of those people and prefer to help keep this site running, then I've added a convenient Donate button on the About page. My goal has always been to provide people with as MUCH Gruen information that I can either buy, beg, or research, for as long as I can. 2,447 results for gruen watches. Save this search. Shipping to 98052 : Items in search results. Shop by Gender. Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} Men's. Women's. SPONSORED. Vintage Mans GRUEN *VERI-THIN* Watch 1940s 1950s VTG Square Face Doctor Dr. C $552.72; or Best Offer.

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  1. As with most watch manufacturers, it is not known exactly when Gruen made its first wristwatch for men. Our best guess is circa 1915. Several models have been documented, and more continue to surface. These early models used both outsourced movements, and Gruen’s own movements. They were made in the traditional “trench watch” style being produced at the time, basically cased in round pocket watch cases with wire lugs soldered to the ends. A man’s Gruen wristwatch with integral lugs (the next step in the evolution of the man’s wristwatch) appears in a 1918 catalog. 
  2. For me the watch to the left changed my life.  I restored it and put it up for sale on eBay.  But something about this watch spoke to me and I thought it was one of the most beautiful watches I've seen.  The dial is really creamy and deep.  The curved crystal that continued down the lugs that meet an equally curved and elegant case back.  I was hooked. 
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This site has purposely stayed away from the topic of Gruen history. Part of it was simple interest in the topic, other reasons included the priority versus other content, plenty of content on the net already, and then there's writing the content that's good.Die im folgenden dargestellten Informationen beruhen zum großen Teil auf bisher unveröffentlichten Forschungen zur Familiengeschichte der Gruens von Walter Konrad und seiner Frau Traudl, die wie der Autor dieser Seiten weitläufig mit den Gruens verwandt ist. Die Informationen zu der Geschichte in Amerika wurde aus verschiednenen Quellen zusammengetragen. Am ergiebigsten ist aber sicherlich die Veröffentlichung von Paul Schliesser aus den Jahren 1988 bis 2001, dem ich an dieser Stelle ausdrücklich für seine umfangreichen Studien danken möchte. Was die Identifizierung und altersmäßige Bestimmung von Gruen-Uhren angeht, wurde gerade in den letzten Jahren von Mike Barnett ernorme Pionierarbeit geleistet.

This number 752 resulted in a date of 1952 using the Style Number Dating Technique. So, 1952 is my Foundation Date.The result from this research and simple steps using the tools....   I can, with a fair amount of confidence, say that this particular watch is from 1930.You may recall that I said the 1920s era watches are special because of the names found in The Gruen Watch Catalog matching those in the 1927 Stock Record and 1929 Guild books.We will all learn together what kind of writer Fred Gruen was as the pages are being transcribed and released a few at a time.

Uhren der Marke Gruen werden bis heute hergestellt und verkauft, auch wenn die heutigen Quarzuhren japanischer und chinesischer Produktion mit der Ursprungsfirma nur noch den Namen gemein haben.We're on a roll!  We've located a "name" in The Catalog. Now let's go see what else we can learn about it. Because it's a 1920s watch, we can check the two resources dedicated to those years, the 1927 Stock Record Book and the 1929 Guild Book. More Gruen Annual reports. A generous reader has located and provided to me the "missing years" and in the process almost doubled the number of pages to 342 pages!It says our watch is a "Strap 99".  The Catalog goes on to tell us the case is make from Nickel and the movement caliber is a 707.

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Enter your Style Number in the box below to find your watch's date and additional Style Number information. You are encouraged to read the article for important information about using Style Numbers.The other immensely popular type of Gruen is the duo-dial doctor’s watch, which Gruen purists refer to as the "Techni-Quadron." The name duo-dial came into use because of the prominent auxiliary seconds chapter that is as large as the hour/minute dial above. The watch looks like it has two dials, hence the name "duo-dial." Doctors and technicians used the oversized seconds dial for various timing functions, notably taking patients’ pulses. The first Techni-Quadron watches used the 877 caliber movement, produced in 1928 by the Aegler Co. of Bienne/La Chaux de Fonds. These 877s are especially prized by collectors because they were also sold to Rolex and used in that company’s prized “Prince” models. For many years, collectors thought the caliber 877 was the first and only joint project of Gruen/Aegler/Rolex. But we have recently learned the relationship between these three companies goes back much farther. Common as they are today, wristwatches are a relatively new entry into the world of timepieces. In fact, as recently as the early decades of the 20th century, men considered wristwatches too effeminate, instead favoring traditional pocket watches.While a variety of factors helped shift consumer tastes, Gruen did more than perhaps any other watch company to make the wristwatch popular The Caliber 440 Curvex's movement serial numbers were recently decoded entirely through the use of ebay listings.I hope you enjoy this site. Explore the many different facets that make Gruen unique among all other watches. It's an attempt to be a repository and library, tools and tutorials. Call it what you want... I call it fun!

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This father and son family were brilliant and seemed to attract really good people to work with them, to see their collective visions through to reality. As you become more educated and read the details of what this Gruen family accomplished, it doesn't take long to see that these were geniuses at work.  That 2-30 date is a key piece of information. That watch was not in the 1927 book, nor was it printed on a 1929 page. So, it was introduced to us first in 1930 in this catalog. The stars that you see with the illustration from the book also have meaning that you will learn when reading more from the Guild Book.  


  1. New movement serial number logging form! Want to help out with the current caliber 440 + Wadsworth case effort?  Then fill out the form on the serial number page and your data will get merged into the graph on that page.
  2. RARE treat! The family of Gruen designer Richard G. Gersch has been SO amazingly generous in their submission of photographs of materials saved by Richard after he left Gruen in 1954. The new homepage graphics come from these materials. Watch for more!
  3. Of course, not all identifications are going to be this easy, but a great number are thanks to the publications now available.
  4. Mobile and tablet users - This site best viewed in  "Desktop mode". The fonts are fairly large and the galleries work better in this mode.
  5. You can help Gruen research GREATLY with your ebay Gruen watch listing.  PLEASE consider taking clear pictures of the case interior & movement and embedding them into the listing itself.  This is critical so that researchers can save your listing in PDF format and pull it up in the future for studying.  
  6. [Gruen] Vintage Gruen Precision. Album: The Company: In 1874, a German immigrant named Dietrich Gruen patented a new design for a safety pinion, intended to prevent damage to the watch movement in the event of a mainspring breakage. Gruen would soon found the Columbus Watch Manufacturing Company in Columbus, Ohio's German Village
  7. Reading a bit more on that page you'll notice also that a large number of the watches on the page were made from nickel. This is quite unusual for Gruen. When you take one small step back and read the page as a whole like this it adds "color" to the story of the watch. These books bring context to the watches, something you can't get from looking at a typical price guide. It is one of the reasons I believe these 1920s books are special. You get the story, not just the identification.

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This watch gallery grows nearly every day. Next to the own watches of the author there are many watches from other sellers and collectors. More than 200 people mostly with watches which were sold on ebay already gave their permsssion to publish their pictures. Sometimes those pictures did not fit the style and format of this gallery and were adjusted accordingly.All material are copyright ©  2015 by  Second Hand Press.  Permission for re-use or distribution, in any format, is not implied nor granted.

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  1. 4. Bonus points.  Find the serial number on your movement.  Look it up on the same serial number page as #3. Write it down.
  2. Curvex with a capital “C” always refers to a Gruen. Curved watches and curvex-type watches (note the small c) is used by many dealers and collectors to denote a curved watch bearing any number of brand names. But in the strictest sense, when you are talking about a “Curvex” you’re talking singularly about a Gruen watch and only those Gruens that are fitted with a caliber movement designated as a Curvex movement. The caliber movements that are designated “Curvex” are as follows, along with their year of introduction in parentheses: 
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  4. e the date a Gruen case was manufactured. While these tables appear simple, like all Gruen research work, considerable effort was expended by these individuals to create them
  5. Addition of a handy Inflation Calculator makes it easy to understand the dollar figures found in old ads and price lists.
  6. I can now go on to verify my find, or stop, satisfied that I successfully identified my watch.  In this case, I stopped.  The match is solid and I'm happy with the results.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass diese Homepage ein privates Projekt ist. Bei offensichtlichen inhaltlichen Fehlern, Rechtschreibfehlern, fehlenden Quellenangaben oder sonstigen Fehlern bittet der Autor um einen Hinweis an die im Impressum angegebene E-Mail-Adresse. sollten Sie über weitere Informationen, Abbildungen etc. verfügen, die thematisch zum Inhalt dieses Internetauftritts passen, freuen wir uns um Hinweise bzw. Zusendung entsprechender Unterlagen.I'm making available another newly discovered Gruen document. For the price of $0.00 you can download or read online the Gruen Watchmaking Institute's course materials. You'll find the 88 page document on the page titled FREE Watchmaking Course.  Enjoy and happy watchmaking!Great for eBay sellers that need to quickly find movement Caliber Numbers for their movement listings!What this all means is that the site may feel a little scattered.  Where there is plenty to discover here, no everyone wants to spend the time 'discovering' and wants to get on with getting their questions answered.  I totally understand if there is some frustration along the way. I appreciate hearing from anyone with feedback.  It helps me make a better site for you. I will work to get a couple of smaller tutorials or posts of historical material between now and the opening of the larger projects areas.

Zu den hochwertigen Produkten kam aber auch eine außergewöhnliche und sehr eigenständige Vermarktung hinzu. So setzte Frederick Gruen nach dem Tod seines Vaters im Jahr 1911 einen ganzheitlichen Marktauftritt um, der die Firma in die Tradition der alten Handwerksgilden stellte.  Von der Beschriftung der Uhrwerke ("Gruen Guild") über die Gestaltung der Werbeanzeigen mit der noch heute existierenden Werbeagentur J. Walter Thompson, bis hin zur Architektur der Firmensitze in Cincinnati/Ohio und Biel/Schweiz schuf man eine konsistente Markenwelt, die es bis dato noch nicht gegeben hatte. Yellow gold-filled Gruen Curvex Precision, produced in the 1940's, is a rare curved rectangular driver's edge-of-wrist watch. The 20mm x 36mm curved case has a snapback with dedication that can be removed, a stepped bezel, and hooded ridged lugs Gruen Style Numbers that are found in cases of vintage Gruen watches can be used to date Gruen watches accurately. This Style Number Dating Technique is described in detail. The page is a peer reviewed and published paper in the NAWCC and the AWCI horological journal

Die Gruen Watch Company war eine führende Uhrenmanufaktur des 20. Jahrhunderts. Bereits früh, als andere Hersteller ihre Uhrwerke noch fremd produzieren ließen, baute Gruen zunächst in Deutschland, später in der Schweiz und den USA eine eigene Uhren-Produktion auf, die nahezu sämtliche Schritte der Uhrenherstellung, von der Produktion der Uhrwerke und teilweise auch der Uhrwerksgehäuse bis hin zur Justierung, dem Zusammenbau und der Vermarktung in eigener Regie betrieb. Somit kann Gruen zu Recht als eine der ersten und führenden Uhrenmanufakturen mit Firmensitz außerhalb Europas bezeichnet werden. Gruen Watch Model Identification Guide Volumes 1 and Vol 2 - These were the first of the color identification Guides published for Gruen watches and remain the books that will provide you the most data. Watches typically have a life-sized illustration, date (typically the date of Introduction for sale), the number of jewels of the movement, the. Gruen Men's Analog Watches . Choose a Gruen analog men's watch for a traditional design and a timeless feel. Thanks to their stylish and functional displays, you can match them with a range of outfits. These Gruen watches have different kinds of dial features, so you can choose between Roman numerals, thick lines, and standard numbers It should be emphasized at this point that, while Gruen cased and timed its watches in the United States, Gruens are generally considered Swiss watches because the movements were imported from Switzerland. There was a brief period in the 1950s when some movements were made in the United States, and that will be mentioned shortly. That small anomaly notwithstanding, Gruen watches are generally considered Swiss.

Discover a large selection of Gruen watches on Chrono24 - the worldwide marketplace for luxury watches. Compare all Gruen models Buy safely & securel A LOT!  One is that the watch is on a page printed in 1930. The page number "2-30 93" tells us that.  The prefix 2-30 indicates that the page was from Feb 1930.  That is the naming scheme you'll find in both the 1927 and 1929/30/31 books.  Other prized models include Gruen’s drivers’ watches. These are designed to be worn on the side of the wrist so the wearer, driving an automobile, can glance down at the side of his wrist and see the the time. Gruen made these in two varieties: a solid-lug version which look like a “C” when placed on its side; and a hinged-lug variety. The latter has oversized lugs that are ornately engraved. It’s fitted with a caliber 440 movement, so it’s technically a Curvex also. new gruen watches in reply to stillincontrol May 11, 2008 10:33:05 AM. mirrorman13. Enthusiast May 11, 2008 10:33:05 AM. i just bought a gruen watch, i dont know to much about watchesand i cant seem to find this paticular watch. could someone help me identify it? on the face it has gruen, swiss, 330ft water resistant, swiss movt. , annd 2 small.

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Dieser Erfolg wurde möglich, da die Firma über mehr als ein halbes Jahrhundert von Mitgliedern der Gründerfamilie Gruen geführt wurde, die selber Uhrmacher waren und ihr Handwerk von der Pike auf in Deutschland und der Schweiz gelernt hatten.I've helped several families figure out not only something about the items they own, but I can sometimes point them to employee newsletters that described what life inside the company.  Head over to the "About" page and leave feedback with your contact info.  You would be surprised at how one small bit of info can help solve some very big questions, longstanding questions. On Chrono24 you can compare 98 pre-owned Gruen watches and buy a pre-owned Gruen watch or sell watches

If you want to support this project, please submit pictures of your watches to the author. Ideally you show a picture of the front, at least two sides and the back. Very important is also a picture of the inner watch cover and the movement. If you are not sure just have a look at the other watches in the gallery. If possible the format should be 3 times the height and 4 times the length, eg. 400 x 600, 600 x 800, 750 x 1000, 900 x 1200 or higher pixels . Other sizes will be adjusted to fit the format. The resolution of the pictures should be as high as possible but also pictures with a lower resolution will be published. I prefer single-colored backgrounds because they do not distract the viewer from the watch and they are easier to adopt to the standard format. Nevertheless I am happy about every picture for the gallery, especially of those watches which are not already in the gallery or where your pictures are better than the ones I have already published. I will for sure also credit the photograher. This website does not sell any watches but if you want to sell yours just state the link of your website or your ebay name and I will include it in the gallery next to the pictures. I am sure this will also enhance your chance to sell a watch becuase it increases traffic on your offer or website.Ligne conversion tool! Want to know how many Lignes your movement is? Just use the new handy tool on the homepage and in new Movement CatalogIn 1894, Dietrich, along with his eldest son, Frederick G. Gruen, started again as D. Gruen & Son. A few years later, the second son, George J., joined the firm and the name was changed to D. Gruen & Sons. The company’s first pocket watches were signed on the movement and dial as “DGS,” and many people do not realize that these are early Gruen pocket watches. At this time, Gruen moved its headquarters to Cincinnati, Ohio. It was patterned after the Medieval guild halls seen in Belgium, and remained one of the most unique headquarters in the United States for any watch manufacturer. In the early 1900s, the D. Gruen & Sons name was dropped, and just the name Gruen was seen on watches.

If you find something in these pages that both excites and motivates you, please share it with others! Dietrich Gruen. Dietrich Gruen, was born in Germany in 1847. At 15 years of age, he was sent away from home to become a watchmaker's apprentice. Later he worked for three years in Switzerland before going to the United States. In 1874 he took out a patent for a safety pinion (U.S. patent no 157'913) for pocket watches, which prevented damage to the watch movement if the watch's mainspring broke Style Number 752 = 1952..... So, I turned to the section for the year 1951.  Typically I search beginning the year PRIOR to the one given by the date table.  I do this because the margin of error for Style Numbers is +/- 1 year.  3. Find the date your Case was manufactured. Look up the serial number on the Serial Number Page.  This is THE most important of the dates as it's really your watch's "birthday". Write it down. Original Gruen Watches Collection. Shop the World's Finest Dealers

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The Style Number Date tells you the MAXIMUM age of your watch. Your watch was NOT made before the Style Number Date... period.There's something in this table for everyone as it applies to every Gruen watch you'll encounter*    More info about this table in the Movement Catalog section. TEXT version now online!This is our watch that we want to ID.  It has a 1920s look about it so step one is to find it in The Gruen Watch Catalog.  Even if you didn't know it was from the 1920s, you will learn something by locating it in The Catalog. No harm in adding even the smallest amount of information to your pool of knowledge on the watch.However, it was almost two years later when Gruen actually started making watches. In 1876, in partnership with W.J. Savage, Gruen founded the Columbus Watch Co., in Columbus, Ohio. The venture fell with the onset of economic depression in 1893. The machinery was purchased and moved to South Bend, Indiana and used to start the South Bend Watch Co.

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If no Case Date, then the other 3 become your best guess.  The movement can be swapped, so careful with the date.  The Style Number and the Caliber-Date tell you the OLDEST your watch can be.  It will never be older than the Style Number. Dedicated 100% to Vintage Gruen Watches... All Gruen, All the Time The latest Gruen movement serial numbers to fall, the 440 AND the 295 Curvex movements... The lookup table is located below and on the Serial Number page. Happy New Year 2018! Another year, another new Gruen research tool. The Gruen Movement Catalog Caliber-Date Table Stop #1, the Gruen Watch Model Identification Guides.  Why there? They contain the most information about Gruen watches of any of the other books and are organized very well by date.The Caliber 440 Curvex movements' serial numbers have been [maybe] [partially] decoded!!  Exciting news that we can finally determine the date a cal 440 movement was manufactured.

More research and digging into the high res photos. Matching them against the book "Worthy Company". Read about it here.In 1925, Gruen introduced its first “Quadron” movement, the Caliber 117. This breakthrough movement was rectangular (or more accurately tonneau) in shape versus round, which made for easier use in slimmer, more rectangular cases. And so we begin to see a notable departure (and a thankful one in terms of aesthetics!) in watch designs from the venerable round, cushion, and tank-style designs. And it was during this period, from 1925 to about 1935, that Gruen came out with some truly fine and ornately designed watch cases.Then the real magic took hold when I started researching this new-to-me brand, Gruen.  What did I find?  Almost nothing... that's what :-(  That meant there was pretty much nothing but improvement ahead!!  Gruen was WIDE OPEN to be researched, discovered, decoded, and deducted. What a rare thing to us all to share.In this series of PDF posts contains pages from Fred's hand-written diary chronicling the train trip he took with George Gruen in Aug of 1934 (I think). The trip was from Chicago to Yellowstone and was over a week. There are 200 small hand-written pages. The handwriting is difficult to read, so I'm having this document transcribed.

Movement Catalog additions. It's growing... slowly.  Looking at making a WALL CHART of Gruen movements. Fun!  Since I've got these high-resolution photos, why not blow them up and put something useful on them??  It's likely I can have a choice of several backgrounds. Throughout its history, Gruen watches were considered to be both luxurious and innovative. Today, a Gruen watch is still considered to be a masterful timepiece. One of the original ambitions of Dietrich Gruen was to create smaller watches. As a result, he was the one who introduced the first 16-size watches (as opposed to the traditional 18-size) zu konstruieren. Mit diesen Innovationen setzte Gruen über Jahrzehnte wichtige Impulse in der Branche und wurde daher auch von vielen seiner Mitbewerber kopiert.The story of Gruen watches begins in the small German village of Ostofen, on the banks of the Rhine River. It was from there, in the mid 1800s, that Dietrich Gruen emigrated to America. Having apprenticed for some time in some of the Swiss watch factories, Gruen worked for a jeweler and watchmaker in Delaware, Ohio. On December 22, 1874, Gruen obtained a patent for an improved safety pinion, and it is the date recognized by the Gruen Watch Company as the start of its business.All photographs, digital documents, movies, and any other digital material ( galleries, etc ) are copyright ©  2013 by  Second Hand Press.  Permission for re-use or distribution, in any format, is not implied nor granted. Information contained here was purchased, collected, created and assembled for personal consumption.

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If you wanted to go even further, you could exhaust all of the resources at your disposal. Perhaps look in The 1930s Decade Series book. Go all out! Learn all you can about your watch. Read about Strap watches in general in the 1929 Guild book.  There are many opportunities for you to learn while you investigate your specific watch. Take advantage of all of the material you can. Be a Gruen sponge! And then tell us about your watch and what you learned!Obwohl das Unternehmen die Wirren der Wirtschaftskrisen und Weltkriege relativ gut überstand, geriet die Gruen Watch Company nach dem Rückzug der Familie in Schieflage und die eigene Produktion in Cincinnati wurde 1958 aufgelöst. Der Firmensitz wurde nach New York verlegt und bis weit in die 1970er Jahre wurden noch zum Teil sehr hochwertige mechanische Uhren mit teilweise eigenen und teilweise fremden Schweizer Uhrwerken unter der Marke Gruen verkauft.

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1935 kam die Gruen Curvex auf den Markt, die wohl bekannteste Gruen Uhr. Diese Uhren waren eines der großartigsten Beispiele des Uhrendesigns der 1930er und 1940er Jahre. Es gab vier unterschiedliche Uhrenmodelle für Herren. Das 1935 herausgebrachte erste Curvex Kaliber war das Kaliber Gruen 311, das gleichzeitig längste der Curvex Baureihe Let's take a typical and straightforward example. Let's assume you have everything discussed at your disposal. Access to the web, the Identification books, etc. Lowest Price On Watch Gruen. Free shipping, in stock. Buy now Have you discovered a box of Gruen stuff from a former employee and want to get more information about what you have???[a]  Herrenarmbanduhr Gruen Precison im Art Deco Stil der Quadron-Reihe aus den 1920er Jahren, Foto: Peter Schill [b]  Quelle: History of the city of Columbus, Capital of Ohio, OH977.13C72L, volume 2, page 288 [c]  "Time Hill", Postkarte von 1937, Quelle: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gruen_Watch_Co.

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