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Properties. Name Type Default. var windowSize = “width=” + windowWidth + “,height=” + windowHeight + “,left=” + windowLeft + “,top=” + windowTop;

For the embedded report links that I wanted to open in a new tab/window, I set the link's action (technically, the action of the tablix cell or placeholder, depending on your design) to Go to URL and used the typically-recommended expression window.open(url, '_blank') A slightly different version if you only want to target specific URLs (I use the rel tag “external”):On the other hand it might tempt designers to use it whenever they can. NEVER open up a new window unless it is absolutely necessary or is a 100% user-friendly. Having all external links open up in a new window is neither.

// Open external links in new tab and tag in GA. $( 'a' ).each( function() { // Define our URL. const siteURL = new RegExp( '/' + window.location.host + '/' ); const currentHref = this.href; // If external link. if ( ! siteURL.test( currentHref ) && currentHref !== undefined && '' !== currentHref ) { $( this ).click( function( e ) { // Open in new tab. e.preventDefault(); e.stopPropagation(); window.open( currentHref, '_blank' ); }); } // End if. }); Reply Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * To center a popup window on the screen, you can try to run the following codeExampleLive Demo<!DOCTYPE html> The better way to altogether avoid pop-up blocking in browsers is to open a new window as a result of a user action, but fill it with content later when ajax request completes. The following code shows how to correctly call window.open() to show a pop-up, which will not be blocked by the browser

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Open content in an interactive overlay. This is the default dialog which is useful for displaying information. The dialog window can be moved, resized and closed with the 'x' icon. The basic dialog window is an overlay positioned within the viewport and is protected from page content (like select elements) shining through with an iframe Hi my page has a button or pic of Pdf. i want to konw the code to open the page in PDF when this button or image is clicked??? On click open page in new window as pdf - jQuery Forum Loading.. Questions: I want to do a Response.Redirect(MyPage.aspx) but have it open in a new browser window. I've done this before without using the JavaScript register script method. I just can't remember how? Answers: I just found the answer and it works You need to add the following to your server side link/button: OnClientClick=aspnetForm.target ='_blank';. Open a link in a new window using jQuery. There are times when you pay want to force links to open in a new window. It could be to open terms and conditions, adverts or external links. Please note that some believe that you should never force a link to open in a new window as that decision should be left to the user $(document).ready(function(){ $(‘.newWindow’).click(function (event){ var windowWidth = 700; var windowHeight = 600; var windowLeft = parseInt((screen.availWidth/2) – (windowWidth/2)); var windowTop = parseInt((screen.availHeight/2) – (windowHeight/2)); var windowSizeArray = [ “width=700,height=600”, “width=windowWidth,height=windowHeight,scrollbars=yes,top=’ + windowTop + ‘,screenX=’ + windowLeft + ‘,screenY=’+ windowTop’ “]; var url = $(this).attr(“href”); var windowName = “popUp”;//$(this).attr(“name”); var windowSize = windowSizeArray[$(this).attr(“rel”)]; window.open(url, windowName, windowSize); event.preventDefault();

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Another reason you'd want to open up links in a new window is if you're going to an external site. This time you want to check all the links on the page. Conveniently there's a collection of links on the document object. This is available in any browser with even the most basic API for the DOM implemented function externallinks() { if (!document.getElementsByTagName) return; var anchors = document.getElementsByTagName("a"); for (var i=0; i<anchors.length; i++) { var anchor = anchors[i]; anchor.tabindex = i; if (anchor.getAttribute("href")) { if (anchor.getAttribute("rel") == "external") anchor.target = "_blank"; else if (anchor.getAttribute("rel") == "parent") anchor.target = "_parent"; else if (anchor.getAttribute("rel") == "top") anchor.target = "_top"; else if (anchor.getAttribute("rel") == "popup") $('a[rel="popup"]').click(function(){return $.dbPopWin( $(this).attr('href'));} ); } } } If code is garbled, grab it here: http://www.id3.co.th/js/lib.js (look for “links and popups”)

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I have a scenario where I need to open a child page as pop up from parent page usign Jquery. In the child page I need to enter some selection criteria based on which I will get results on Parent page. The Jquery examples I saw where using Div tag and the HTML form pop up window was written in the Div $("a").each(function () { if (this.hostname != document.location.hostname) this.target = "_blank"; }); HTMLAnchorElement also has the hostname property (which is preferred from host due to some cross-browser issues – IE8 for example will append the port 80 to the hostname even if it is not specified in the href). Home → jQuery/JavaScript → Open and Center Window with Javascript In this tutorial we will learn how to create a function in JavaScript that will open a new window and how we will center the window through some mathematics equations window.addEvent('domready',function() { var links = $(document.body).getElements('a[href^=http:]'); //link start with http != mailto links.each(function(el){ el.addEvent('click', function(e){ e.stop(); (this.href.test('/'+window.location.host+'/')) ? window.open(this.href):window.open(this.href, '_blank'); }); }); }); // domready Reply Praveen Permalink to comment# June 26, 2010 Good one. I think, this post describes good about it and a perfect solution too!!!

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Here is a snippet we’re using that works similar to Paul’s and adds support for target “_blank”, “parent”, “top” and “popup”var x=window.open(); x.document.open(); x.document.write('content'); x.document.close(); I find it works in Chrome and IE. Notice the name of the window ('myWindow') is same as the name given in form's 'target' attribute. On submitting this form, javascript will open a new window and the output of the form will get rendered in that window. Hope this helps.. ~Chandan Luthra~ chandan(AT)intelligrape(DOT)co // Opens all offsite links in a new tab $("a[href^='http']").each(function(){ if (this.href.indexOf(window.location.host)===-1) { $(this).attr("target", "_blank"); } }); NOTE: This hasn’t been tested in IE, because quite frankly this is kind of a bad idea in the first place and I don’t care if the links work like links are supposed to work in older browsers.

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var x=window.open(); x.document.open().write('content'); x.close(); Also, to force it to a new window (not a new tab), give the first line dimensions. But it has to be the third argument. So change the first line to: var x=window.open('','','width=600, height=600') There are times when you pay want to force links to open in a new window. It could be to open terms and conditions, adverts or external links. Please note that some believe that you should never force a link to open in a new window as that decision should be left to the user. I will not debate this here, but rather explain how to do it should the need arise.

How to open a new window and insert html into it using jQuery

new open window address bar hide in IE but not mozzila and chrome. how to remove title bar and address bar from popup in javascript. how to clear new browser window address bar in windowload using javascript/jquery? how to open listbox items website address in new window. C# MVC modal validation opens in new window win.document.write(codeContents); I have notice if there are iframes like youtubes videos , win.document.write loads the iframes where as document.body.innerHTML does not!

Open a popup, centered over the top of the browser, using the same window. In order to have popup windows re-use the same window the element the invokes the popup needs to have the same name attribute value. In this example, I use the name windowX to identify that both links use the same window The window.open() method is used to open a new browser window or a new tab depending on the browser setting and the parameter values. Approach: To open a new tab, we have to use _blank in second parameter of window.open(). The return value of window.open() is a reference to the newly created window or tab or null if it failed To open a new tab with a specific URL when a user clicks on a Menu item, use either of the following approaches: Utilize the select event to determine if the item has a target attribute. If it does, use window.open method

How to Open URL in New Tab using JavaScript ? - GeeksforGeek

[title=hello] { /*styles */ } jQuery attribute equals selectors This concept of attribute value selectors carries over to jQuery. If we want to force a link to a given URL to open in a new tab, we would use the following: var a = new RegExp('/' + window.location.host + '/'); ('a').each(function() { if(!a.test(this.href)) { $(this).click(function(event) { event.preventDefault(); event.stopPropagation(); window.open(this.href, '_blank'); }); } }); Also, it’s worth noting that this only works if all internal links have a full absolute path. Since it compares it to the host name, each link must contain the host name. Relative links in the form /link/to/something or link/to/something will be treated as external links. • A new window - Opens links in new Internet Explorer windows. • A new tab in the current window - Creates a new tab if an Internet Explorer window is opened; otherwise, opens a new Internet Explorer window e. Click Ok twice. f. Then check if the issue is resolved. Method 2: Or you can do a single click using the middle button of the mouse. Jquery Open Link in New Window Example By Free It Solution JQuery , PHP 0 Comments Here, i will tech you how to open link in new window on click event using jquery. we will do it using jquery open link in new window not tab. you can see a simple example of open url in new window using window.open() in jquery If you want to open URL with JavaScript, the open () method of Window interface is the best option. The JavaScript window.open () method opens a new browser window. Use _blank in the second parameter of window.open () method to open a URL in a new tab using JavaScript. The following JavaScript code will open https://www.codexworld.com in a new.

What if I want to open external site links (further pages) in same div where the site displays, without moving to next page or without changing URL. Just need to open in same div where external site already show.…and still nothing that involves using [rel=””] works for me. I’m using the latest jQuery library from the jQuery CDN (1.7.1 minified @ the time I’m writing this comment). Am I missing something? Does this version of jQuery not pick up on [rel=””]? Use jQuery to dynamically open external links in a new window with this simple snippet

JQUERY: Open external links and PDFs in a new window or tab - application.j Hello Andrew, What you should do is to have the partial view loaded through an action that fetches the model need. Next, you need to adjust the logic that opens the Kendo Window by using the refresh method in order to point to the action's url and pass the data as id.. The code samples next use the logic and the model from the demo, but this should be demonstrative enough I hope Introduction. Opening documents such as PDFs in a new window should be automated using JavaScript for the following reasons:. Users will often close the web browser when a PDF is opened, mistakenly believing the document has been opened in Adobe Reader ; The attribute historically used to open a new window, target, has been removed from the HTML 4.01 Strict specification (it's now deprecated jQuery Open Files In New Window. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets There actually IS a need for links to open in a new windows sometimes. I am designing and coding a site which collects data from users which requires them to upload files (images and pdf documents). The overall process involves employees filling out a form and then uploading receipt scans/images for reimbursement

$(function() { $(“.targetBlank”).click(function() { window.open(this.href); return false; }); });$(function() { $("a[href^='http']:not([href*='zaha.in'])").each(function() { $(this).click(function(event) { event.preventDefault(); event.stopPropagation(); window.open(this.href, '_blank'); }).addClass('externalLink'); }); }); Kris Millsap Permalink to comment# September 22, 2009 Is there a way to resize the window that pops up as well?

Open External Links In New Window CSS-Trick

  1. Use the JavaScript function to open a new window in SharePoint 2010. Create the function to open your target window as sample provide below. function load_url(externallink) {window.open(externallink,target='_blank')} Place the function load_url in JavaScript file. Click site actions, select manage content and structure
  2. jQuery has the ability add and remove classes based on actions (like clicking). So, if we program the jQuery to add a class called active when the open button is clicked, we can use the active class in CSS to show the pop-up. Append the active class to the pop-up classes and create a new styling for when the pop-up is.
  3. About the Site. WP-Mix is where I share code snippets, tricks, and tips. WP-Mix was launched in October 2012, and now features 382 posts. You can check out the latest post published on May 1, 2020. Learn more
  4. This is awesome. Just what I needed for a client’s website. And thanks Paul, that works wonderful.
  5. Yet another jQuery plugin which allows to open all the external links on your current page in a new window or tab, by automatically adding 'target=_blank' attribute to external links of your web page
  6. I written full example that will help you how to one new window like new chrome browser, firefox etc on click event. so let's see bellow example:
  7. Fullscreen Document. To open the whole page in fullscreen, use the document.documentElement instead of document.getElementById(element). In this example, we also use a close function to close the fullscreen

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open a new window using javascript or jquery [Answered] RSS. Hello when I click on click here , it should open up a new window. I am not sure why this is not working. However if I remove the javascript part, the href takes me to the new page, on the same ie window In CSS, attribute selectors allow us to style a particular element with a given attribute. You can also style an element with a given attribute and a given value. This is known as a attribute value selector. For example:var windowSizeArray = [ “width=1000,height=700,scrollbars=yes,status=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,fullscreen=yes,location=no”] After adding the script, click on any Hyperlink value in the list and it will open in Modal dialog window. We can change the size, title and other properties of the Modal dialog in the function ModalDailog (urlvalue). I hope this would be helpful to you. Thank you for reading. Category : JavaScript, JQuery, Office 365, SharePoint

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Draft saved Draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign up using Facebook Sign up using Email and Password Submit Post as a guest Name Email Required, but never shown Re: How to open a new window from a controller Mar 30, 2010 04:36 PM | ignatandrei | LINK you can not use directly to a view , but use a , for example, Ajax.ActionLin

On click open page in new window as pdf - jQuery Foru

There is also one more behavior that I think jquery can improve is with the IE compatibility view settings, in this area IE disables the default behavior of jquery, if anybody has any idea, do lemme know…cheers… I created two way to open link in new tab in jquery. first one is a using window.open() and another is 'target=_blank' on anchor tag. so i added both example bellow you have to just check that you can see how it will helps us. Let's see both example and you can use anyone as you need

Frontend Masters is the best place to get it. They have courses on all the most important front-end technologies, from React to CSS, from Vue to D3, and beyond with Node.js and Full Stack.Yo all, I cant seem to figure out how to open this one up in a new window when dropped. Its a Drag and Drop function. It works, but it does not open up a new window.

You can do this straight with HTML, but that is invalid markup, this takes care of business without invalid code and unnecessary markup. Great. But, I want to open external links in new window except some links. Those links should be opened in _self target. Please help me. Popup Window is a lightweight and easy to use jQuery plugin which allows you to open a new browser window with lots of customization options. Free jQuery Plugins and Tutorials jQuery Script - Free jQuery Plugins and Tutorial

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Need some front-end development training? Frontend Masters is the best place to get it. They have courses on all the most important front-end technologies, from React to CSS, from Vue to D3, and beyond with Node.js and Full Stack.if you’re using jquery, you should use delagate. that way, you create 1 event binding on the body element, instead of hundreds, one on each link.$('a').filter(function () { return this.hostname != window.location.hostname; }).attr('target', '_blank'); Reply Teresa Cutson Permalink to comment# December 22, 2017 All these code snippets are great. I have a situation where I need to identify multiple hostnames which are internal links and should not open in a new window. I’m not sure how to modify the code examples for this scenario. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. link brightness_4 code First of all I set the target attribute of my form (form1) to 'myActionWin' which is the name of the target window (or can be the target frame). Then Open the new window having the name 'myActionWin' and set the window property whatever you want with the window.open. And Lastly submit the form. Dem

If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article using contribute.geeksforgeeks.org or mail your article to contribute@geeksforgeeks.org. See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main page and help other Geeks. The unload event is sent to the window element when the user navigates away from the page. This could mean one of many things. The user could have clicked on a link to leave the page, or typed in a new URL in the address bar. The forward and back buttons will trigger the event. Closing the browser window will cause the event to be triggered. I very often have new windows open behind existing windows. I don't want always on top or any of that type of nonsense. I just want new windows to open in front of existing windows. I tried changing ForegroundFlashCount and ForegroundLockTimeout, but to no avail. I currently have them set to 3 and 200,000 respectively

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A good start is to sign up for our weekly hand-written newsletter. We bring you the best articles and ideas from around the web, and what we think about them. Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained how to display a modal popup window using window.open method in JavaScript. JavaScript already has ShowModalDialog function but it does not work in all browser and hence I have come up with a trick where using Modal DIV background we can freeze the Parent Page content until Modal Window is closed. TAGs: JavaScrip Because, even in 2010, people still don’t understand the role of validation. It’s a tool, not an achievement. Remember the compliance badge craze!? exLink is a simle, heavily customizable jQuery plugin which allows to open external links of your webpage in a new window (or new tab) with a confirmation dialog which verifies whether the user really wants to go to the external site before directing Demo. Basic Generated Close Button Fade Scroll-lock Fade & scale Slide-in Stand-alone Active Bg Active Bg Absolute Tooltip Callback events Other. Features. Positioned with CSS: Overlays are horizontally and vertically centered with CSS, without any JavaScript offset calculations, therefore remain centered even if their height change. Suitable for responsive web design: Overlays are fully.

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  1. These related posts were algorithmically generated and displayed here without any load on my server at all, thanks to Jetpack.
  2. If I take the [rel=”external”] out, it works, but for every link (which is to be expected since there’s no conditional). I wrote something else that works that’s a derivative, but the [rel=”external”] just seems so much more elegant and I’d rather use that.
  3. e if we're operating against a browser window (such as the current window or an iframe)
  4. clean and simple solution – Saurabh Solanki Dec 9 '17 at 11:56 Thanks! @LucVH Adding to the solution, if your browser block the popup you can check it adding if(!x) alert('Enable popups please!) Source: link – Euler Ribeiro Sudbrack May 11 '18 at 3:04 Didn't seem to work for me in Chrome 70 - opens new tab – DropHit Nov 17 '18 at 19:10 add a comment  |  25 Building upon @Emre's answer.

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  1. I’m know nothing about jQuery, i just paste that code in HTML head, and i get this error in Chrome web inspector:
  2. Very nice but you should update this post now with latest jQuery code to make all external links rel=”nofollow”.
  3. $('a').each(function() { var a = new RegExp('/' + window.location.host + '/'); if(!a.test(this.href)) { $(this).click(function(event) { event.preventDefault(); event.stopPropagation(); window.open(this.href, '_blank'); }); } }); You can do this straight with HTML, but that is invalid markup, this takes care of business without invalid code and unnecessary markup.
  4. This works great, but the code does interfere with some Google Analytics features. For instance, we lost all of our outbound link tracking when using this.

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By default, only one modal can be open at a time. If you open a new modal while an existing modal is open, the existing modal is closed first. Open Modals. However, if you need to stack multiple modals at the same time, just set the closeExisting option to false. $('#sub-modal').modal({ closeExisting: false }); Open Modal To refer to an existing Window instance, use the jQuery.data(). Once a reference has been established, use the Window API to control its behavior. var win = $(#window).data(kendoWindow); To obtain a reference to a Kendo UI Window instance from within its non-iframe content, use DOM traversal See the jQuery tooltip demo here. The qTip jQuery plugin has a huge set of customizable options. See the documentation. Popup on clicking a link. Colorbox is another good Popup jQuery plugin. The example below shows how to open a modal popup when a link is clicked. First, the link A small optimization: since the RegExp doesn’t change , move it outside the loop so it is only defined (and compiled) once. No sense in redefining it on each loop occurrence.

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The most common way to open links in a new tab is to middle click the link in the web browser or right-click. To open a link in a new tab by default you need to add to the hyperlink PopUpWindow License. Popupwindow is using the MIT license. Special Thanks Jason Holden (jasonholden.com) - getting onUnload events working Examples. Takes a link and will create a popupwindow based on the href of the link. You can over ride the default setting by passing your own settings or profile name in the REL attribute of the link. If code is garbled, check the source of http://www.id3.co.th/ (look for “.ready(function”)

How to open AJAX response in new window Hi, I am currently working on an HTML/JavaScript/Python project. I am creating a web dashboard that has a list of options and, when you click on an option, an AJAX request is submitted to a Python CGI file that sends an HTML template back SharePoint Link list: Open in a New Window February 21, 2011 Customizations , jQuery , SharePoint , SharePoint 2007 , SharePoint 2010 , SharePoint Designer , UI Enhancement In SharePoint, We can put any URLs in the Links list Also, usability experts recommend against opening links in new windows because it breaks the back button, and users can easily open a link in a new browser window or tab if they choose. Javascript Solutions using window.open() There are a few ways we can open the link in a new window that will validate, which involve using window.open(

jQuery Quick Tip: This time I'm gonna show you how to redirect a page to another page or website when a user selected a value from a dropdown list and clicked a button. We have two buttons here, the first one will redirect you to a website in the same page and the second one will redirect you in new tab (or window, in safari. How can I open a link in a new window? Ask Question Asked 10 years ago. Active 2 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 295k times 93. 29. I have a click handler for a specific link, inside that I want to do something similar to the following: window.location = url Jquery Open in new Tab (_blank) 113 The target-new property specifies whether new destination links should open in a new window or in a new tab of an existing window. Note: The target-new property only works if the target-name property creates a new tab or a new window

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Sorry, I could be wrong, but the examples shown here do not work if the attribute with the “external” there is some attribute, such as, “nofollow” or “author”. I used to blog a little bit different code, taken from the plugin:This is a pretty silly statement, as the code in the example adds the “invalid markup”. Whether or not it is in the document source or not, when rendered in the browser it is part of the document either way.

How to Open Button Link in New Tab Using jQuery

On the other hand it might tempt designers to use it whenever they can. NEVER open up a new window unless it is absolutely necessary or is a 100% user-friendly. Having all external links open up in a new window is neither jQuery Modal Tutorial A basic modal is actually easy to code, and is sometimes more appropriate than a feature-full modal or lightbox plugin. This guide will walk through writing the necessary CSS and JavaScript The information in this page relates to customisations. Consequently, Atlassian Support cannot guarantee to provide any support for the steps described on this page as customisations are not covered under Atlassian Support Offerings.Please be aware that this material is provided for your information only and that you use it at your own risk

I think my comment comes quite late with respect to this post but I have written a small jQuery plugin for the same based on knowledge gain my this post and my readings about jQuery plugin development in the last week or so. Please find the link to the plugin and associated post hope its upto the jQuery plugin development standards.I would have to change the code a little but to get you started you could do something like this: var windowWidth = 200; var windowHeight = 200; var windowLeft = parseInt((screen.availWidth/2) - (windowWidth/2)); var windowTop = parseInt((screen.availHeight/2) - (windowHeight/2)); var windowSize = "width=" + windowWidth + ",height=" + windowHeight + "left=" + windowLeft + ",top=" + windowTop + "screenX=" + windowLeft + ",screenY=" + windowTop;

Related jQuery Plugins. Auto Open External Links In New Tabs - jold.external-hrefs.js. Add Favicons To External Links Using jQuery - faviconize. Displaying A Confirm Dialog When Opening External Links - Redirect Confirm. jQuery Plugin To Open External Links In A New Window / Tab - exLink. jQuery Plugin To Add Icons To External Links - External. You can open them in the same or new window one by one depending upon the overall interest of the visitor. User visits each page with the internal links present on the web page. Opening internal links in the same tab give better user experience to read each post one by one

I am using sp2013. I have a document library with pdf files. When I click on the pdf file it opens directly in the same window. How can I make it possible the pdf file opens in a new window? In Central Admin I have on my webapplication the option Browser File Handling set on permissive The javascript code to open the new window looks like it's ding with it should be going correctly. The code behind is asp and is using visual basic to work with the querystring Here, i will tech you how to open link in new window on click event using jquery. we will do it using jquery open link in new window not tab. you can see a simple example of open url in new window using window.open() in jquery.

How to open a URL in new tab instead of new window programatically? Thats not programatically... - FabianCook Nov 8 '13 at 4:52. There is nothing you can do to make it open in a window rather than a tab. What does _blank do in this call? - Kolob Canyon Feb 13 '17 at 20:22. This is as simple as this. name is a name of the window jQuery code snippet to load/open a link in new window. This code adds an event to the anchor tags that are given the new-window class and forces them to open in a new window

$(document).ready(function(){ $('a[href=http://www.google.com]').click(function(){ window.open(this.href); return false; }); }); In this example, we are targeting a href attribute with a value of http://www.google.com. This is known as an attribute equals selector. window.open will open a new window with the link that has just been clicked (this.href). return false will prevent normal browser behaviour from occurring. In this case, when you click on a link, normal browser behaviour would be for the link to open in the same window, which is what we are trying to override. So in this example, when a user clicks on any link to http://www.google.com, it will open in a new window. It does not matter where the link is on the website, as long as this jQuery has been loaded on the page. And we do not need to add any additional markup, as jQuery handles it all.I have to say that I like your code but I wanted the same effect but with less. So this is what I used on a project that I am updating. Simple jQuery Plugin For Opening A Popup Window On Page load 269075 views - 08/14/2014 Super Simple Modal Popups with jQuery and CSS3 Transitions 250828 views - 12/03/2014 Responsive jQuery Lightbox With Amazing CSS3 Effects - Fancy Box 3 92804 views - 03/12/201

How to open a page in new tab in javascript or jquery? Note: Not in New window (window.open)... duplicateWindow is a small jQuery plugin that checks if the current window is duplicate window to prevent your webpage from being opened in multiple browser tabs. Based on the HTML5 local storage and session storage It is common to open links in a new window by targeting a class. In the example below, the link is for terms and conditions and the class is called terms. jQuery snippet to open external links in a new window - example.ht This is a fantastic improvement on the current JS code I am using. I will also definitely be using the centre-screen code you replied to Veronica with.

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$('body').on('click', 'a[rel="external"]', function() { window.open($(this).attr('href')); return false; }); Reply yuvaraj Permalink to comment# March 13, 2013 $(this).attr(“target”, “_blank”); u can use this.it works fine…any queries msg me…[email protected]All comments are held for moderation. We'll publish all comments that are on topic, not rude, and adhere to our Code of Conduct. You'll even get little stars if you do an extra good job.Please Improve this article if you find anything incorrect by clicking on the "Improve Article" button below.

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